Dark Soul Vol. 2 (Dark Soul, #2)
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Dark Soul Vol. 2 (Dark Soul #2)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  1,038 ratings  ·  203 reviews
The second volume in the Dark Soul series features the stories "Dark Whisper" and "Dark Night."

In "Dark Whisper," Gianbattista may have broken Silvio's heart and sent him off to the States, but he's still just a phone call away. When Silvio returns from a sex shop with a bag full of goodies, Gianbattista can't resist topping his boy one more time, even if they are 4,000 mi...more
ebook, 55 pages
Published November 21st 2011 by Riptide Publishing (first published 2011)
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Rosalinda *KRASNORADA*

Vol.2 was good. I didn’t love it but I liked it. Silvio is still confusing me but I guess I’m getting used to him somehow. What the hell do you feel for Falchi?!

And Stefano, do you remember you are not single? Just asking in case you forgot about that wife of yours that you love so much! Whatever, I don’t even mind cheating on books but you’re also confusing me.

Who the hell is Diego?!

I have more questions now and no answers, NIENTE!

BUT, overall I enjoyed this instalment because I love the way...more
Rach  *Feisty kitty*
OMG another great book from Aleksandr Voinov.

I cannot believe I have only just been introduced to this author. I am already completely addicted to his way of writing and his characters.

[image error]

The books are very short, which doesn't bother me as I can keep track better. But the story is fast faced and full of tension, anguish and heat.

Silvio does not disappoint yet again and I love his dark, mysterious character. He is definitely my NUMBER 1 bad boy.
Anna  (Bananas!)
This vol was even better than the first - and mainly because of the Dark Night section. I'll explain more in a second. But first, Silvio. Mmmmmmmm

And his gun.
Why is there an Uzi on the cover when this gun is so beautiful?

And Stefano

And Vince (get better,*hugs*)

**Battista doesn't get a picture. I want him to go away.

The lst section, Dark Whisper, was hot despite primarily involving Battista rather than Stefano. We get Silvio's perspective and find out more about him. He's dysl...more
It's just me Shelly B
This book was short and GOOD!! Silvio and Stefano never fail to keep my undivided attention!!

The build up and anticipation is absolutely fabulous!!! It has me bouncing and biting my nails waiting for the next page and the next book!!! I want more, I have to more of these characters!!

Silvio is my NEW favorite, he is beyond words! I love that MAN!!!!

This book was short, so my review will be also:)

So basically here's the run down of what we get in this installment.....

Phone sex....check

Dramatic mo...more
Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter
Ask me again when you're inside me, and I might even whisper the truth.

Dark Soul Vol. 2 pales compared to Dark Soul Vol. 1. It left me oddly dissatisfied (no pun intended). Aleks, don't take it personal because it's only my irrelevant opinion. :D


Admittedly, the phone sex between Silvio and the very unpopular Battista was pretty hot, however, what spoiled this little read for me was the fact that I had to suspend belief a few times. The mean Russians w...more
Since last summer I'm on this journey into m/m territory. And leave it to Aleksandr Voinov to make my adventure interesting. He doesn't know it, but he helps me figuring out what makes me all hot & bothered and what...err...doesn't (a (view spoiler) in Counterpunch? Really? Eek dude! I got so much spam for Viagra and those in my old email account that, no matter how amazing the scene is, any reference to those things will snap me right out of it).

Dark Soul 2 opens...more
Sammy, the Cyborg Slut  & Lover of Books
Vol.2 has pulled me in deeper, and Silvio and Stefano are now officially ingrained in my heart! There is such depth to these characters. Nothing is black or white as Stefano not only struggles with his attraction to Silvio. But as a faithful man, he also struggles with his desire to cheat on his wife.

Battista makes a cameo!
Gianbattista was gorgeous and the most attentive lover any man could want-charming, extremely educated, and often very funny.

Silvio struggles with unrequited love
"What else
Monique ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
This series, is so un-bloody-believably brilliant that I devoured each and every one of the books back to back! I could not put them down.

Because of this I will do a review as a whole on Dark Soul Vol. 5 I have also rated the series as a whole rather than individually.
How am I supposed to rate this? It riled me up even worse!!!! Argh!!!

Seriously. These stories feel like snapshots, Polaroids capturing Silvio and Stefano's moments, but with all the fine emotional nuances and the details of a work of fine art.

Where I heard Therapy? in my head while reading the first installment, paintings of Edvard Munch popped in my head while devouring this one.

Images like this one


or this one


or this one


Kinda of makes me wonder what kind of hallucinogenic effect the third ins...more
Why oh why did no one tell me, made me, FORCED me to read this?!

This IS the mafia/family story, I've been waiting to find. This second installment actually made me giddy...Giddy!!

Like the first this was divided into two stories:

Dark Whisper Here Silvio now settled in the US and working to aid Stefano, receives a phone call from Gianbattista, and even though he is still mending his broken heart, there is just too much history between them. To much knowledge of each other's needs. So they do a l...more
Emanuela ~plastic duck~
More, please!

In the first part of this installment, I liked seeing something more of Silvio, even if I don't feel I really learned something more about him, and that's not something bad. His relationship with Battista really made me wonder. Silvio was clearly an old soul, older than his biological age when he met Battista, but since Battista liked Silvio's young age, his young physical appearance, it was as if Silvio's growing up as an individual was hindered and limited by the older man's sexua...more
Overseas orgasm. Brutal beat-down. Forbidden fire.
I was swerving, weaving and unstable from the first book and hoped to be grounded in this next volume….
I’d be lying if I said I’m on even ground again.

First part begins with a phone call….

My revulsion for the man grew tenfold. Can he please go away and not come back? Ugh, he makes me sick!
Silvio…I still don’t know how to take you. Truly, you are a mystery to me.
*deep breath*
I have survived the creepy old man and frankly, I'm nervous for what's...more
I don't know if the following can be classified as a "review". This is just my personal impression and my own thoughts, and I am certainly not trying to convince anyone whether this is a good or bad read.


This is getting betterer and betterer! Forgive my English, but I am under the influence of a truly amazing work here @.@

I love books about mafia, even if it's about very evil Russian mafia (and they are, usually, they are). This is also the first book ever for me that contains phone sex scene...more

Vol 2 was WAY too short! Gack...I need more than these teasers! :)

3 things I loved about this volume:

*Phone call between Gianbattista and Silvio - so erotic, yet so heartbreaking
*Stefano's need for Silvio to take care of him after his run-in w/ the Russians & Silvio's gentle yet firm way of doing it
*This quote had my lol'ing: "'I was about to fuck him.' 'Not the other way around?' 'His dick was too small. But you're a grower, aren't you?'"

God, I adore Silvio.

Now, what I NEED from Mr. Voinov...more

Well, we now know where Silvio is, but is he under orders from that old fart in Italy?? (Apologies to all old farts in Italy of course, I'm talking about one in particular Gianbattista Falchi).

Those 'stupid' Russians to quote Boney M (Ra, Ra Rasputin of course). We're coming to getcha!!
These books are designed to drive me insane! There's just enough drama, sexual tension and honest emotion to drag you into the story and then they end. As I said in my review of vol 1, I need to know more - so I guess I'm off to buy volume 3 :)

4, 5 stars


Like this part more than the first one.

Why it has to be that short?!

I have some thoughts I want to share about it but yet don't know if I'll do it here or by the next part...
Marita Hansen


The image above is picture perfect for Silvio, who is irresistible, intense and fascinating. Though, I do prefer reading about him from other characters points of view best, especially Stefano's, because I didn't really get into the phone sex at the beginning, Silvio's old lover out of the picture for me, and I want it to stay that way. So, I'm onto Volume 5 now and the ex hasn't shown again, so that's good.

The section with the Russians was exciting, and also shows just how dangerous Stef...more
Becs - Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
How deliciously Dark.

Firstly, I think I hate Battista. There's something decidedly unhealthy that he keeps a portrait of the young Silvio in the attic - how very Oscar Wilde.

Secondly, I think I love Silvio. There's something ethereal about him.

Thirdly, I pity Stefano. He's almost powerless to resist his powerful attraction to Silvio yet is riddled with guilt about cheating on Donata.

Wonderful stuff - full review to come when I've read all the volumes.
Getting into these now.

Awww poor Stefano, He must be so lonely!

In this one we are continuing Silvio's and Stefano's stories.
Silvio is in America and away from Battista his ex-lover (who is an odd character....I want more of him). So We catch up with him and witness a very eventful phone call.
Then we move onto Stefano, who get's somewhat ambushed by the Russians and we see the fallout of that.

I can't help but feel sorry for Stefano right now. Poor guy. I like the continuation of his sentences...more
LisaT - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog LisaT131
Jan 15, 2013 LisaT - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog LisaT131 rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: m-m, m-m romance, gay, assassin, thriller, mafia, mafioso

Spoiler Free - Just quotes.

Fear, isolation, longing. The gripping first scene is tender and mental and erotic as hell.

"I'll never forget turning you into a lover."

I think the term "God-father" takes on a whole new meaning when Voinov applies it. Gianbattista fills that roll for Silvio carnally, mentally and spiritually. Their profane relationship is quite intriguing and a bit wrenching. Do you want to see reparation or separation? And, who do you really feel for here? Intriguing.

"the strength...more
Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
3.5 stars

I liked this short read more than Dark Soul #1. I got into the groove of the characters and understood their vibe. I am just buzzing with excitment- I can't wait for the BIG HOOK UP! It just has to happen soon. This series is a money suck for me. I keep spending $2.99 every hour to read the next installment. It is like a dirty slot machine. A oh so kinky, dom-loving slot machine... must move on to the next one... must....
Daniel Kaine
I swear I just started reading this, and then... BAM! It's over, and I'm left wondering how the hell that happened without me even noticing. These books just flow so smoothly that reading them is almost effortless.
Aleksandr Voinov, sure knows how to deliver a story. He gives you snippets into the characters mind and have your curiosity level on overdrive. Loved this one too!
Wow!…Silvio Spadaro just wrapped himself around my soul and squeezed!

Grammy 1
You know, sometimes you find the best things by accident. This saying is sooo true. Recently I had the good fortune of reading a book written by a favorite author of mine, Amy Lane. She had paired up with another author, Aleksandr Voinov, to write a wonderful story called Country Mouse.

Knowing the feel of Amy's work, I could feel her voice and knew where her words were in the story. I also found the other voice of Aleksandr. His words were a little darker, a little different; and I wanted to rea...more
I'm totally blown away with this story about power, mind games and craving, but also vulnerability and love. It's dramatic, hot, sad and delicate at the same time. I absolutely LOVE the way Voinov tells the story straightforward - taking no easy road. He really keeps me on the edge all the time and yet he manages to surprise me with the turns of events! This second Dark Soul book also reveals further details about the events of Dark Soul # 1 in a delicious way...

The best part is that we get to k...more
Just as good as the Dark Soul Vol. 1.

I was hoping that maybe in the Vol. 2 Voinov will put me out of my misery and finaly bring those two together :). But no, he likes to do it slow and painful. Ok, I'll wait :).

It was fun to read about Silvio playing mind games with Stefano and how big bad boss tried not to loose his sh** everytime Silvio walked in to the room :).

I wonder how their story is going to end and where will that gonna leave Stefano's wife. I do believe that he really loves her and...more

Aleks has done it again...I enjoyed this book even better than the first one. It's going on with Mafia power and mind games, but also with love, devotion and cravings. It's getting darker, more violent and more dangerous.
The end is heartbreaking and devastating. Once again I'm grateful that I can continue reading without waiting for the next installment!
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“Ask me again when you're inside me, and I might even whisper the truth.” 18 likes
“Not...good." Stefano pressed his lips together.
"Okay. Don't speak I'll touch you, okay?"
"You do," Stefano answered. You do touch me.”
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