Blood Ties (Little Town, #1)
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Blood Ties (Little Town #1)

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Beautiful, arrogant and lawless, the Bycrafts have menaced the tiny isolated mountain settlement of ‘Little Town’ for generations in a one-family crime wave. The Bycraft women are uncontrollable, the men violently obsessive and their kids feral. And nobody in town has suffered at their hands as much as the Fuller family.

Surviving a traumatic childhood and the continued foc...more
Published July 7th 2011 by Smashwords
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Jul 25, 2013 Jill rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Jill by: Searock

3.5 stars
4 STARS!!!!

What can I say, I'm still hooked on J D Nixon. I just LOVE her incredibly endearing characters and her fabulously witty and gritty humor all tied together with a gripping storyline, an off-limits alluring alpha and a trouble-magnet heroine that never fails to capture not only my heart but everyone else's as well.

This one takes place in an incredibly small mountain town in Australia, where Tess Fuller just happens to be one of the two police officers presiding in a two-cop town. And le...more
4.5 stars!! Looks like I found another great series! I'm a huge Heller series fan so I should have known that the Little Town series would be great, too. On to book 2!
Lisa *-* GiViNg It To YoU * LoCk StOcK & TwO SmOkiNg BaRrELs
3 StArS

Although the start was a little slow, this story was full of action. Nixon has a wonderful knack for creating quirky characters that keep you entertained, and slow burning romantic love interests keep you wondering if anything will happen.

The Fullers and the Bycrafts have been at odds with each other for centuries.

Tess Fuller is a police officer in Little Town where the Bycrafts pretty much do as they want, and have menaced the small town for far too long!!

In steps the new sergeant Finn M...more
She Picked This Book
Gahh I love this author and everything she writes.I was in the mood for something that would totally blow me away that was amazeballs so
I decided to read another JD nixon book (the author of heller). I started her little town series and finished book 1. I loved it! lt was fantastic. Hilarious & engaging. Such a great story. Unlike anything I have ever read before. I shall move onto book 2 tonight. Her books are fantastic.

The good
1) Unique story line fantastic characters engaging plot
2) Amazi...more

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about reading this book because I have read her Heller book series and have a love/hate relationship with it. I enjoy the story and the secondary characters but HATE Heller and Tilly's ridiculous relationship. I figured this first book was a free download so I might as well give it a try and I enjoyed this story a lot more but this author seems to enjoy writing her characters in a very similar way and that is probably the thing I disliked most about t...more
K.A. Jordan
This was a thoroughly engrossing book I picked up for free for my NOOK. I tend to be wary of free books, quality varies greatly. However, I finished this book and immediately picked up the next.

The main character Tess Fuller is a police officer in a very small town. Her arch enemies the Bycraft clan make her life miserable. The bad blood between the Bycrafts and the Fullers goes back a very long ways. The MC gets the hell beat out of her a number of times. She has a new boss who doesn't think m...more
Enjoyed this and plan on picking up the next book to read. I read Nixon's Heller series first, and I realistically think this one is better written (but think that I prefer the Heller books). The two intertwined but separate stories (Tessa's job & Finn) and her conflict with the Bycraft family. I do have to say that I'm not a big fan of her boyfriend. He just annoys me. Its like he pays lip-service to not liking how his family treats her, but is unwilling to do anything about it...I really d...more
I found this book annoying and unsatisfying. Tess, the small town cop, is simply not believable. On the one hand, she sleeps with a knife because she feels that she's in constant danger, but on the other hand, when her enemies are around, she acts foolishly and gets into trouble. Her profanity, overreacting, and lack of a feel for appropriate behaviour when she's speaking to her boyfriend in the presence of others, make her a difficult character to sympathize with. Her relationship with her boyf...more
CJ Hines
Apparently there are tons of books titled "Blood Ties." This one is written by an Australian author, J.D. Nixon and she uses a lot of slang, which is one thing I had to get used to. The main character, Tess Fuller, is a deputy sheriff in a small town (called "Little Town), and her family has a long history of feuding with the Bycraft family (like the Hatfields and McCoys). She continually confronts the Bycrafts and gets beat up all the time. It doesn't occur to her to maybe get into a different...more
Lady Nicole
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a free friday selection via my nook. It started out slow, but really picked up. Some of the story line was a bit unbelievable, but if you look past some of the exaggerations then you will get a pretty good read. I really thought that the two cops would get together by the end of the book, but actually that would likely be a bit far-fetched. It's a fairly large book, with roughly 800 pages, but it held my interest.
Good read!
Karl Jones
I absolutely love the characters in this book, and its sequel. At times I loved them, at times they annoyed the hell out of me, but at the same time I still loved them because they were so human.
The small town which is the setting for this novel is full of a wide variety of characters, some good, some bad, all interesting in their own way. I can't wait to read more of this series.
JD Nixon's Little Town series features another strong-willed, opinionated protagonist named Theresa (Tess) Fuller. Nixon puts her heroines into occupations generally thought of as masculine. Tess is a police officer, while Tilly of the Heller series is in private security. The Little Town series is darker than the Heller series, because Tess is stalked by a member of a crime-prone family with a history of killing the women in her family. Tess keeps a knife strapped to her hip and knows how to us...more
Jan 17, 2014 Pattianne marked it as to-read
Beautiful, arrogant and lawless, the Bycrafts have menaced the tiny isolated mountain settlement of ‘Little Town’ for generations in a one-family crime wave. The Bycraft women are uncontrollable, the men violently obsessive and their kids feral. And nobody in town has suffered at their hands as much as the Fuller family.

Surviving a traumatic childhood and the continued focus of sustained aggression from the Bycrafts, Tess Fuller has grown up scarred and wary, highly skilled in self-defence and a...more
I got this book as a free Nook Book. COULD NOT put it down! The writing was so captivating at times my stomach was in knots hoping Tessa was going to be OK.
Can't wait to find the next one.
RE Schobernd
A great read, full of interesting and kooky good characters and a bunch of evil ones. There are twist and turns galore and conflict at the end of each page. I'll read more of J.D. Nixon's books
So much language! That’s the only reason I gave it 3 instead of 4 stars. Tess was a strong, resilient police officer full of girl power and it was awesome!

Appalling. This book contained so much violence against women, and almost normalized this, it turned my stomach.
written with intention of becoming a series. engaging story about a young woman police officer in a mountain village in Australia. Her family history is the source of her personal problems with the local family of unredeemable thugs-except for Jakey Bycraft, Tess' beloved.. She explains how that impossibility came about, but readers know it can't last thanks to Tess' assurances that she knows it too. She is just almost believable as a character with flaws and baggage in addition to her strength,...more
The first in a series about a small Australian town where a lawless family have terrorised the residents for generations, and the young female police officer trying to keep them under control. I'd read and enjoyed her other books, the Heller series, so was expecting more of the same, but this was harder to read, partly because of the unrelenting aggression and violence, and partly because Tess is such an annoying character. Yes she's brave and moral and selfless, but she's also completely inappr...more
Jeanie Jackson
Tess has been doing her job in her own way for years. Her old boss didn't care as long as she didn't bother him. Now Sarge arrives ready to run things by the book in a town where the troublemakers could not find the book if they wanted to. They don't; rules are not made for Bycrafts except for the sweet Jake whom Tess loves. All of the Bycraft men are gorgeous and sexy but only Jakey is as good a he looks.
Between training under Sarge, and training him a little on the way, Tess deals with the cha...more
Erin Shara
Freekin Wow!!!!,For a free book this was wonderful. You know as well as I do that quality varies wildly in some of these free books. I have found a jem in JD Nixon. The author has created a Modern Day Hatfield and MC Coy type story. The story tells of the bad blood between the Fullers and Bycrafts. The Author is Australian and I believe the story is set in Australia. The book has a very Brittish flavor to it. The language used and slang are fresh and like music to me. I ma a huge fan of British...more
Bill Thibadeau
I had no idea that this free book (the first in a series) would be so memorable. Many others had commented on the Hatfield/McCoy like storyline so I will not rehash except to say that there are a huge multi-generation family of Bycrafts that are firmly set on ending the Fuller line which now consists of only one - Tess.

I was immediately engrossed in the writing style. There is a real life quality to the writing. There is always something happening so you will not be bored with the storyline. The...more
When I first started reading the book, I was planning to give it 4 stars since the Bycrafts had no redeeming qualities. The story revolved around the long-standing feud between the Bycrafts and the Fullers. Tess the main character, a Fuller, was a police officer of Little Town and surprisingly dating a Bycraft. There was no love lost for the Bycrafts and their "groupies" since they had absolutely no morals and led lives of debauchery. However, as the story progressed, I became more vested in Tes...more
A tad long here and there, but bonus points for an interesting, strong MC with flaws and the settingin Australia. Not for the faint-hearted who clutch their pearls whenever someone utters a curse: Fiona must be one of the most foul-mouthed secondary characters I've ever come across, but she made me laugh. And this book needs a bit of humour to compensate for all the darker bits.
I enjoyed this book immensely. At times I couldn't put it down. When a book makes me feel that way, it gets at least four stars from me. Ive read the complaints of other readers in their reviews and i have to admit, there were a few times when I found that the main character, Tess, a strong female police officer in a small town, acted in ways that didn't make sense. But as I got to know her and her history, she made more sense to me. I came to really like her by the end of this book. The only pa...more
Tracey Farley
Excellent read! This was a free download from Barnes and Noble on my Nook. I was very pleasantly surprised! I love that the protagonist is a law enforcment officer (me too) but shows some vulnerability beneath her physical and psychological strength. The story involves her family history, bad lawless community and her attempts to protect herself and the ones she loves. The author has hot men (yay!), strong characters and a wonderful talent for great descriptions without being patronizing and bor...more
Raquel Valldeperas
Gosh, I hate to rate this book so low, because I seriously loved Heller and the rest of that series, but I could not, for the life of me, finish this book. I mean, yes, I read the last page, so technically I "finished it" but I seriously skipped the whole middle of it. Literally skimmed at least half and then decided, fuck this and skipped ahead entire pages. There were just sooooo. manyyyyy. wooooords. About...I don't even know? Descriptions? Emotions? Back story? Front story? Ramblings and inn...more
Sue Shepherd
After reading and loving her Heller series, I was excited to find another book of hers to read. And yes it was as good as Heller. I love her humour and grit in the crime story woven throughout the book. She is one hell of a tough cop.
I have to say that I had a bit of a hard time starting this one out. There were so many names being thrown around and the newspaper clippings in the beginning were hard to go through.

But after getting through the first couple of chapters it became a rather addictive read. The main character Tessie Fuller is an amazingly strong woman and it's hard not to love her. And JD Nixon does such a good job with leaving a lot of things unanswered to keep the air of mystery. And it's very obvious that she'...more
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I am an indie Australian author with seven ebooks published through Smashwords: Heller, Blood Ties, Heller's Revenge, Blood Sport, Heller's Girlfriend, Heller's Punishment and Blood Feud. I'm currently working on the fifth in the Heller series, titled Heller's Decision.
More about J.D. Nixon...
Heller (Heller, #1) Heller's Revenge (Heller, #2) Heller's Girlfriend (Heller, #3) Heller's Punishment (Heller, #4) Heller's Decision (Heller, #5)

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