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Batman: Through the Looking Glass
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Batman: Through the Looking Glass (Batman)

2.81 of 5 stars 2.81  ·  rating details  ·  294 ratings  ·  62 reviews
In this original graphic novel, Batman meets his foe The Mad Hatter for the very first time - landing The Dark Knight in a Won-derland he could never have imagined, hot on the heels of a white rabbit. But is this strange place real, or a hallucination? Robinand Alfred have to believe he's deep in delirium - but if that's the case, how does he manage to resolve several myst ...more
Hardcover, 112 pages
Published January 17th 2012 by DC Comics (first published January 1st 2012)
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Sam Quixote
I’m not sure when or even why Lewis Carroll came to be so closely associated with Batman but today there’s a very strong Wonderland presence in Gotham thanks to the character of Jervis Tetch aka The Mad Hatter. To be fair to ol’ Jervy, he’s had his moments. In New 52 The Dark Knight Vol 3: Mad, we got an enthralling Hatter origin and a thrilling Batman tale, and his part of the Arkham City video game was easily one of its highlights, not to mention quite atmospheric.

Then there’s Batman: Through
Don't misread the 3 star rating.
This is definitely not a comic book for fans of Batman.
This is a graphic novel for folks who like Alice In Wonderland, and might find it cool to see Batman thrown in the mix.

The art is whimsical (READ: stretchy and weird), and the storyline has a very trippy feel to it.
But, in it's defense, Batman has been drugged.

The ghost/hallucination of a little girl (Bruce used to be friends with her when he was a child) is his tour guide though the Looking Glass.
The sto
Dec 26, 2013 Jeff rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: comix
The Mad Hatter, named for the Alice in Wonderland character, has been a villain of the Batman for quite some time. A somewhat lame villain, but a member of Batman’s rogues gallery nonetheless. His shtick is he basically uses his hats to mind control his victims. It was only a matter of time before some enterprising writer added elements of Alice in Wonderland into a Batman/Mad Hatter story. On paper, it has the makings of a fairly interesting saga; however, we’ll have to wait before someone actu ...more
Callie Rose Tyler
What the hell did i just read? Obviously the writters were trying to entice a wider market by using Alice in Wonderland??? It wasn't much of a mystery, it wasn't much of a story, it wasn't much of anything really. I hate when the story of Alice in Wonderland is regurgetated as nonsense, if the books were just nonsense they wouldn't still be read today.

The book tried too hard to be edgy/trippy, and I saw nothing about this "Batman" that was true to character. It was just some flat nobody dressed
Real Supergirl
Art is classic Sam Kieth, and he's a master. The reviewers of this graphic novel who were so shocked by the art just display their ignorance about who Sam Kieth is. His art is very recognizable, and personally I think he's a welcome and much needed new visual look for classic comic book characters. But if you're coming to this book looking for your classic Batman comic style, it's not going to be for you. If you like some of the archetypes of the comic book classics but think they need a breath ...more
This story had a *very* Sam Kieth feel, so I enjoyed it.

But it only felt *somewhat* Batman. So if that's all you're looking for here, you're probably going to be disappointed.
The only thing worse than the derivative story is the childish art. Avoid at all costs.
This book is more for Alice in Wonderland fans and not as much Batman fans. It was a good story but Batman was so out of character throughout the whole thing. It was still an interesting story
I love Batman, and I love Alice. This was a gift from a fellow comic friend that knows me well. I thought it was a fun story and didn't take it as seriously as some if the other fans did here. I just looked at it as a quirky one-off that was just for kicks. I did get a little bothered by the inconsistent art, but I also just attributed to the twisted world that is Wonderland and left it alone. I thought overall it was an enjoyable story and it was fun seeing Batman running around with my favorit ...more
Michael Foley
... Not as good as I would have hoped. They story and art were all over the place making everything hard to follow. Jones has given us a pleasant (but completely disposable) tale. There is nothing here that is going to thoroughly grip the reader. Sadly, not even the art couldn't lift story into something more redeeming. Some of Kieth's panels were very well rendered whereas others seemed like rough sketches. With these two at the helm, this should have been much more creative and exciting than i ...more
William Rodriguez
While I do enjoy the influence of Lewis Carroll in Batman, I must sadly say that Through the Looking Glass falls quite short of an enjoyable usage of the Wonderland charm. The story is led by a random sequence of events that, while trying to make you believe it is going through Bruce's usual detective work, is highly abusive of the hallucinogenic mushrooms mentioned at the beginning of the story. It simply feels like there is no real link in between the occurrences in the real world and those ha ...more
I liked this quite a bit more than I thought I would based on reading reviews. It's a quirky, heavily themed (Alice in Wonderland) standalone mystery. Yet, the mystery, and its solving, though done while hallucinating, is interesting and logical. The art was very well done and added to the mystique of the story. This is currently one of my favorite Batman stories.
Although the storyline's nothing new and Hatter proves to be a very 2D Batman villian, I can't help but love the Alice In Wonderland inspired Batman graphic novels. I really enjoyed this and I loved the real rough and ready artwork, it went great with the grungey world of Alice.
So, the plot is this: Batman,m as a result of accidentally eating magic mushrooms, is trippin' balls and doing a whole Wonderland thing wherein the role of Alice is played by a dead childhood friend. Add in a lame mystery, the Mad Hatter, and a stripper with a heart of gold, chuck into a blender with the art of Sam Kieth, and out comes this concoction. The stylized art isn't going to sit well with many people, but ity really does work for the story (although it's a strain when it's doing real wo ...more
This is an original graphic novel featuring Batman and (surprise, surprise) the Mad Hatter. It was written by Bruce Jones whose only other work I have read was a Deadman series for Vertigo though he has written other things for DC and Marvel - probably most notably on The Incredible Hulk. The art was by Sam Kieth thecreator of the Maxx and Zero Girl but who I first came across on the Epicurus the Sage books and most lately on the Arkham Asylum: Madness graphic novel.

The story is set in the days
I do often enjoy the works written by Bruce Jones and I do consider myself a fan of Sam Keith, I only wish I could recommend this effort. This effort unfortunately pales in comparison to either creator's earlier attempts of Batman stories. I only wish this story was half as interesting as the last Batman story by Bruce Jones I read where the Scarecrow was the villain and Sean Gordon Murphy drew the heck out of it. Keith's art was a bit all over the place. Some pages had neat, dynamic composition ...more
zaCk S
read it for sam keith!

despite my love of both Batman and the Alice books, i've never been a big fan of jervis tetch. his stories always seem a little too contrived (even for gotham) and because there are only the 2 alice books, it seems as though just about every single case involving the Mad Hatter has to include every single major Wonderland / Looking Glass character. this one is no different (in fact, with characters named 'mr. carpenter,' 'mr. russwall' and 'harry march,' it might even be w
Batman takes a tumble into Wonderland thanks to writer Bruce Jones and artist Sam Keith. After the death of politician Dunphrey Tweedle, Batman finds himself under a powerful hallucinogenic that is affecting his worldly perceptions. Faced with an apparition of childhood friend Celia, the Dark Knight traverses a weirdly familiar landscape of Gotham that leads directly to the door of the Mad Hatter. While Sam Keith does his contorted artistic magic to typical perfection, the Bruce Jones story feel ...more
Graham Bailey
It's been a while since I've been so disappointed with a graphic novel. The art is unique, reminiscent of Sergio Aragones and is definitely work checking out but for some reason I just didn't click with this book.

As far as I can tell, this story is outside of regular continuity. As the title suggests, it's a Alice in Wonderland meets Batman story - yes, another one...

Long-time fans will know that the Mad Hatter is a recurring character in Batman's rogues gallery; Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee have
Perfection. I don't know what it is about Batman but he attracts the most amazing artists and writers. I love anything Wonderland related so this was amazing for me. The art is the real star of this piece--incredibly expressive, funny, charming and beautiful and above all different from the average comic book art today. The colorist gets high marks for this one too. Absolutely adored it.
an unfortunate train wreck: might have been an okay story under there somewhere, but it's too long, too convoluted, and too hampered by artwork that is beyond inappropriate for the subject matter (in my opinion). if you don't mind bobble-headed cartoon renditions of superheros the art might not bother you as much, but i didn't turn a single page without wondering whether this would have been one thousand times more interesting and effective if it had been "played straight" instead of as if seen ...more
A murder mystery that leads Batman on a journey through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. It makes many references to Alice in Wonderland including plot and characters. I want to read the original text of Alice in order to understand all the references, I am primarily familiar with the Disney film. Bruce has a soft spot for Celia, his childhood friend, she serves as quite the effective guide for him through "Wonderland." A fun first meeting of the Mad Hatter good for comic and Alice fa ...more
Asellus Claudum
Sam Kieth's art is absolutely amazing. The story, however, leaves a lot to be desired. In that there isn't much of one. But every single page is beautiful. Any other artist would have landed it 2 stars tops.
Through the Looking Glass is done by Bruce Jones and Sam Kieth. The Boy admires Kieth's work, so we picked it up as part of the second-hand bookstore exchange. The art is intricate and pretty in some places and comic-strip simplistic in others, so it was fun to read as the art style complemented nicely the various turns the story took. The story itself was highly disjointed, though. It was very hard to follow and felt more like the goal was to cram in Wonderland references rather than tell a coh ...more
Linnea Gesch
I love this book,Batman and Alice in Wonderland are two of my favorite things. I love the art and attention to detail, and also the backstory and storyline. I just love this overall.
uhhhhh Batman solving crimes while hallucinating on psychedelics. Maybe that's lost on those who gave it a 2 star rating - but when you realize what's going on - brilliant.

Artwork is wild, too.
I don't know why I even try Sam Kieth illustrated graphic novels. His style always bothers me. I'll admit that it fit the hallucinogenic tone of the story, but I think that just highlights the sheer insanity of the collected series. This is another take on Alice in Wonderland, weirdly literal in its approach, all the while painting the whole story as an illusion. The line between reality and dream is completely smudged out, to strange effect. The story also posits another tragedy in young Bruce ...more
I liked it because of Sam Kieth's art, but the story was not something to be admired. It didn't feel like a Batman story at all.
Batman experiences an Alice-in-Wonderland-esq hallucination as part of an adventure in this stand-alone graphic novel. It was strange to see these two disparate stories/worlds combined, but I think that for the most part, it worked here. This graphic novel did not seem to fit into any set moment in Batman continuity and while the art style is not a typical of the superhero genre, it somehow works here. This work was pleasant enough for a once-off read through and while I probably will not be see ...more
Yosef Shapiro
Batman meets Alice in Wonderland.
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