Mist (Mist, #1)
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Mist (Mist #1)

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Midnight: a mist-haunted wood with a bad reputation. A sweet sixteen party, and thirteen-year-old Nell is trying to keep her sister, spoilt birthday-girl Gwen, out of trouble. No chance. Trouble finds Gwen and drags her through the mist. Only Nell guesses who's behind the kidnap - the boy she hoped was her friend, the gorgeous but mysterious Evan River. Evan is no ordinary...more
Kindle Edition, 331 pages
Published (first published September 1st 2011)
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Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
You wouldn’t think it possible, but when I was a little girl, I used to read even more than I do now, or just as much at the very least. (Now people are going, “Yeeah, right”, but I promise it’s true.) We moved around a lot in those years, and it was a difficult time for me. I was never very social to begin with, and having to make new friends and adjust to a new environment every couple of years didn’t help much in that department. So I read. And I read and I read and I read. I read Enid Blyton...more
THREE WORDS: Hauntingly Beautiful & Spellbinding

MY REVIEW: Kathryn James’ Mist has enchanted and captivated me completely. If this book were an Elven hoping to lure me into its magical otherworld, well, I’d blissfully follow it into the mist, with dancing feet and all ;)

Thirteen year old Nell has always felt a bit different, like an outsider, even in her own family. She isn’t close with her father, her mother is always busy at work and her soon to be sixteen year old sister, Gwen, is too bus...more
Lynne weir
I liked this book, it was addictive and a fun read. I had it read in 2 days I loved it so much.My only problem with it was the age of the girl, 13 years old. But it not a major problem, just that it was hard sometimes to see from her eyes when I myself am nearly 17. Also it meant that any romance in the book was a sort of sweet first crush type. But who knows maybe as the series goes on, she gets older or maybe just for once as a reader I can try and enjoy love back when it was simple and sweet...more
This book really exceeded my expectations! I loved the main character, Nell, and I felt I could really connect with her. I liked that she was younger than the protagonists you usually get in YA novels, it was nice to have a different prospective of the whole thing.

The characters really came to life for me, and I loved the enchanting descriptions of the Elven and really wanted them to be real! I also loved that it was based on traditional folktales, instead of being the whole vampires/werewolves...more
Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies)
This review was originally published at Fluttering Butterflies

What really appealed to me about Mist by Kathryn James is, I will admit, the beautiful cover. I think it's lovely. And I was also quite curious about how and where British author Kathryn James would take this story. once I began, I couldn't stop reading Mist!

It's a book about a girl who travels into an Elven mist in order to rescue her sister. I love that Nell, our main character is 13 and that this book is aimed at 10+ but still this...more
Kai (Amaterasu Reads)
Review posted at Amaterasu Reads

I was lured in to the story because of the cover, a thing of beauty, as Nell was drawn to the woods by the Mist surrounding it. Nell, different, misunderstood, always a step below her sister Gwen, blending in the shadows, without friends. Then she saw this boy, Evan, white haired and beautiful, hanging out in her school. He says his home lies within the Mist, a place often mentioned in her grandmother's stories. Nell was told to stay away, but as she sees Evan mo...more
I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this up and discovered that the MC is only 13. I was hoping for friendship and adventure rather than romance and angst, and while that was true to an extent, Mist reads like a 13-year-old wrote it too. Practically all the characters are caricatures, and there is some blatant wish-fulfilment going on, but... it was actually kind of endearing? Nell, the heroine, threatens to break bullies' legs with her karate skillz, and fights off wolves by spraying them...more
This book wasn't TOO bad. I mean, I was nice enough to give it 2.5 stars.

I think the story was there, but the writing wasn't. I could've liked this a whole lot more if the writing was completely different. I dunno. I'm not sure what turned me off about it, but I wasn't the biggest fan of 'Mist'.

The characters weren't too bad. No, I'm actually kidding-- Nell and Gwen were spoilt brats and weirdos, their father was a creep, their nan was a psycho. Their mother wasn't all that bad to be honest, b...more
Marcos Tavares
Nell é uma garota de 13 anos que vive numa cidade do interior dos Estados Unidos. Desligada da aparência e de seu status no colégio, é uma garota estudiosa que adora ler e ficar no seu canto, sem ser incomodada. Sua irmã Gwen, de 16 aos, seu total oposto, é a garota mais popular do colégio, extremamente linda e influente. No início do período letivo, ambas conhecem um novo aluno misterioso, que não frequenta todos os dias as aulas e que as vigia de perto o tempo todo. O nome dele é Evan River. L...more
Becky Taylor
I have to admit, although I have a few (probably minor, probably personal) issues with this book I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main issue I had was the age of Nell and Evan. As adorable I think they both are, and as much as I would support them as a couple, I was apprehensive when I fist heard Nell was thirteen. But like I said, each to their own and that's just a personal thing of mine.

Other than that I really enjoyed this. The plot was intriguing and lured me in as if the book was an...more
What a lovely surprise! I never know what I'm going to get when I choose a random bundle from the library. This was a delightful age appropriate fairy story. There are great characters, well developed and strong. Nell develops well throughout, growing with each incident. Gwen is absolutely perfect as the selfish, snobby but loved older sister. Their relationship was spot on and believable.

The concept of the Elven world was well thought out. There was enough information given to satisfy but stil...more
Bárbara Lorentz
Na primeira vez que olhei para “Névoa”, pensei que pudesse ser mais um livro ruim com uma capa maravilhosa, mas me arrisquei a ler a sinopse e acabei me interessando pela história. Eu iria ler sobre elfos, seres que quase nunca encontro com facilidade na literatura e, quando encontro, são apenas personagens em segundo plano.

Kathryn James, então, na minha opinião, teve uma boa ideia ao falar sobre os elfos. Ao colocá-los como seres malvados, que de 100 em 100 anos roubam uma garota humana. Neste...more
I haven't really read many stories about elves (or elven, as the book insists), but I saw the cover of this book and it just drew me in. There's more to this than just the pretty cover though. This book is meant more for the pre-teen audience (I'm a wee bit older than that) and so the story and mini-romance in it are written accordingly. What I'm absolutely positive about though is that if I had read this book when I was 10-11, I would've loved it probably as much as I really liked it now. Altho...more
This is another book I have had out of the library for ages, i almost gave it back a number of times but something kept me holding onto it, I just couldn't give it up. And I'm so glad I didn't because I really enjoyed it.
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this book, one website classed it as a 'thriller' which put me off a bit but it's not scary at all, just exciting.
Nell is our protagonist, a bit of an outcast, not into hair or make up - the opposite of her super popular sister Gwen....more
Mist sounded very intriguing when I first read the back of it. I picked this book up with hopeful expectations and, d'ya know what? It exceeded them! I wouldn't say it was an absolutely flawless book but it was just the sort-of story I was in the mood for: adventurous, fun, mysterious and not too long. It reminds me of the books I used to read before I became part of the book blogging world and was opened to a world of genres I never knew anything about, and I'm glad Mist opened those doors once...more
Caroline Victoria Murphy (CazzReadsYA)
For more reviews, check out my blog

Mist follows a girl called Nell who meets a mysterious boy called Evan who she's immediately attracted to. Then one night, her sister Gwen has her birthday party in the woods and mysteriously disappears. Nell discovers her sister has been kidnapped, and she discovers a fairy world where all is not as it seems.. Including Evan.

Nell is thirteen years old so I couldn't relate to her because I'm 19 so I'm quite a bit older than her. How...more
Shaz Goodwin
Mist opens with Nell going into the ancient wood at the back of her home. Despite her mother’s warnings, she has gone after dark. She’s following the mystery boy, Evan River. Conjecturing how it would be if she died there compared to her sister Gwen, we find out how different they are.

Evan River has been at Woodbridge Community College for a short time and is different from the others with his white hair and dark eyes. The college community do not see him or remember him. Straight away the reade...more
If I'd bothered to read the back cover, instead of going 'Oh yes, I've heard of that, it's meant to be good, it's...horror, right?' (blame Stephen King), I never would have picked up this gem. As a rule, I don't like 'fairy books'. I'm all about the paranormal and the folklorific, but something about the fae genre generally bores me to tears. Good thing this story is about the elven - not elf, elves, fairies, fae etc. Elven. Got it?

This book is a page turner. Our heroine, Nell, is younger than y...more
Review in portuguese by blog MON PETIT POISON

Eu tenho uma queda para com as fadas, eu curto quando elas são legais, mas amo quando elas são malvadas, então já dá para saber que ‘Névoa’ fala de fadas, mas fala de fadas-crianças [nem sei se essa ideia existe], mas como o livro é infanto-juvenil, já dá para entender que não haverá amores avassaladores como em outras séries [sim, é série].

Começo dizendo que todos os livros contam que as pessoas tem um bosque atrás das suas casas, também quero ter o...more
Penny West
Two reasons I picked Mist

Shiny rainbow holographic cover of magpie euphoria
‘There’s something in the mist’ – I bet it’s a sexy boy.

Biker Nan – let’s take some time for the awesomeness of that to sink in. Biker Nan with her (view spoiler) What a legend.

Mistaken identity – there’s a great scene where Nell (view spoiler)...more
Aras Redan
You know when I first bought this, I thought it was going to be your typical romance fantasy boring bla bla bla story but when I finished reading this I could easily say that it is now one of my favourite books.

Firstly I love the adventure, lately all the books are about coming of age and love which bothers me a lot cause I'm fourteen and I'm not into soppy romances. But in this book something actually happens. I really loves it because it was like the fantasy books that came out during the tim...more
Mist is a stunning first instalment that is beautiful, eerie, mysterious and managed to pull me in from the very first chapter!

This right here is world building at it's best and I simply loved getting lost in this dangerous but highly intriguing world. The writing is superb and is full of really rich descriptors - I had no problem visualising the chilling dark forest.

The characters are wonderful. Main character Nell is a really quirky, down-to-earth girl who I think a lot of young teens will be...more
I tried so hard to love this book, I swear it I did. But I... couldn't. For starters, I hated Nell, the main character. The author tried so hard to make her cool, clever, sarcastic, funny but she seemed so 2D to me. In fact all of the characters did except Gwen, her big sister. Also, if her big sister was so selfish and at sometimes mean you would not go to their party, you just wouldn't. I have a big sister so I know that I would never go to her party with all of her horrible friends who make f...more
So it took me a while to read this book, mainly cause when I started reading it, it was the beginning of my exams so I had to focus on them, and then I had to go in search of the book to buy it. So when I finally bought it, I started reading from where I left off and I must say the book didn't shatter any of my expectations.

'Mist' is one of the most spellbindingly addictive reads, and as much as I hated to have to put it down at the time of my exams, I'm glad I finally read it and can sadly sa...more
Different!! My friend recommended this book and don't get me wrong - the cover looks superb but the blurb on the back of the book just didn't intrigue me.(its different on goodreads) Well, lets just say I got hooked in the first chapter. The plot was just so different; putting a twist on an old folks tale I had never heard of. Detail was written beautifully but I didn't feel emotionally involved with some of the characters.

I t was one of them books that I was on the edge of my seat praying thin...more
Kirsty Vizard
Although I feel that the main target audience for 'Mist' is Middle-Grade I was enchanted by the magical Elven world ("not Elvish or Elves!") that Kathryn James had created.
The main female character Nell is immediately a figure the reader can feel empathy for, because of her loneliness and isolation from the other teenagers in the village. Despite this she genuine, loyal and likeable and I felt I wanted to read more of her story.
'Mist' begins with Nell following a mysterious boy she has met at sc...more
OK, since a fairly thorough summary of the book is given above, I won't waste my time on that - straight to the opinion.
James' main strengths are her ability to plot and to evoke a sense of mysticism. The idea of the mist being a portal to the Elven's world is haunting and intriguing. The world of the Elven is elegantly drawn, and considering how many times faeries have been portrayed in literature, impressively original. The extracts from antiquated fairy tales also give it a sense of antiquit...more
Chaz Webb
I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn't.
It was mostly the writing style, to me it read like one of my year 7 short story projects with over-descriptiveness and irrelevant punctuation.
My main annoyance was the use of the word "she". I did a count. 23 "she"s in a row without using the name Nell once. Just why? It's like using the word "said" all the time: something everyone is warned not to do when writing. So I just couldn't get along with this book.
The only reason it's gained an e...more
Charlotte Munro
A nice read, drew you into a magical and mystical world where people are not what they really seem. I liked Evan, he was sweet and lovely. Like a hot chocolate on a cold, winter's day. Nell was okay, she grew throughout the book and at times I did feel like grabbing at her collar and telling her to just think for a second. I really was pleased that Nell and her father managed to have a decent conversation and I can see their relationship progressing in the future. Overall, a nice whimsical book....more
Jag gillade verkligen slutet, så jag kommer nog läsa tvåan. Dock var Mist ganska seg, det hände inte jättemycket. Jag var ganska trött på den ett tag, men det var värt att läsa vidare eftersom slutet gjorde att jag gillade boken. Jag är nyfiken på vad som kommer att hända, men jag kommer inte läsa tvåan direkt. Om jag ser den på biblioteket plockar jag nog upp den, men det var ingen stor cliffhanger, så jag måste inte läsa den just nu.
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