The Lemonade Crime
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The Lemonade Crime (The Lemonade War #2)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  1,207 ratings  ·  170 reviews
Following the laws of our legal system, Evan and Jessie’s fourth grade class concocts a courtroom on the playground, putting Scott Spencer, alleged thief, on trial. They create a legitimate courtroom—with a judge, witnesses, a jury of their peers—and surprising consequences.
As she explores the difficulties of fairness, Jacqueline Davies once again reveals how good she is a...more
Paperback, 160 pages
Published April 28th 2012 by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2011)
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Jessie and her older brother Evan came to terms with gifted Jessie skipping third grade and joining Evan in the school's only fourth grade class, but it took a war to accomplish it. The two siblings and their friends squared off in a winner-take-all lemonade war in Davies' first book about the Treskis, The Lemonade War. I enjoyed that book but was frustrated that the issue of the missing money was never addressed. Davies' latest work resolves the issue after Jessie, who has just read a book on t...more
Meg Allison
Never having read The Lemonade Wars, this sequel by Davis succeeds in offering up a thirst-quenching tale that can stand on its own two feet. That said, I want to read The Lemonade Wars and imagine that readers who are coming to "the crime" after having done so will enjoy it all the more.

Themes of symmetry, justice, and fairness are woven through-out this pitch-perfect novel for the 3rd and 4th grade set.

Some favorite quotes that would be ripe for class discussions and writing prompts:

One of th...more
This is the sequel to The Lemonade War, a lesson in economics cleverly disguised in a story about a brother/sister lemonade stand rivalry. Like the first, The Lemonade Crime starts every chapter off with a definition-in this case, one pertaining to the different aspects of court proceedings, as the students of 4-O attempt to figure out who stole the lemonade stand money that goes missing at the end of the first book. Sadly, I didn't really enjoy this second installment. I found it to be trying t...more
This book alluded to some things that happened in the first book The Lemonade War (which I have not read). But it was mostly easy to follow in spite of me missing the first book. Each chapter began with an easy-to-understand definition of a judicial term, and the following chapter showed in playing out in the kids' real life. I really liked how this book's plot was very realistic and engaging and the characters were very believable. The book is a very fast read and the writing a little jerky at...more
Lucy P
"The Lemonade Crime" is an exciting book. At first I thought that the main person would win but then it totally changed. I was anxious to know what happened next. I chose this book because I read the first book,"The Lemonade War" and I liked it. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes realistic fiction. Students can relate to their problems happening at school. After this book is a book called "The Bell Bandit" which is a sequel to book 1 and 2. I think there will be another fight about...more
Lisa B.
Another well written book in the series. There are some very good learning opportunities mixed with in the fun story. I will definitely continue the series!
The Lemonade Crime opens with the fourth day of fourth grade for Jessie and Evan Treski. Evan and Jessie are still convinced that Scott Spencer STOLE $208 from Evan's short pockets on the last day of summer. They become even more convinced of his guilt when Scott starts bragging that he has the latest Xbox. And brag he does to anyone and everyone who will listen. And the teacher seems to be fine with this bragging taking up class time. Jessie wants justice. So she serves him with papers. These "...more
J. Davies wrote another awesome book that's sure to keep any kid's attention. I read this book with my son (9ys. old) and he loved it! Couldn't put it down -- even during summer break. The sibling relationship/rivalry, Evan's first "crush" and school drama between friends will connect with any 3rd-5th grade kid. We loved the story and can't wait to dive into the next Lemonade Wars series.
Haruna Saka
"The Lemonade Crime"
By Jacqueline Davies

1/22=70min (p1〜p57)

7 summary:)
Fourth-graders, X-box, revenge, rumor, eyewitness, warrant, impartial

My thought:)
Again!!! It's the lemonade series you recommend to me:-)
It was correct for me to read the following story. It's very interesting!
In this book, there is a happy thing. It is that Evan and Jessie get along with and cooperate each other in the same grade. I like it! And I envy this situation! Haha.
I'll read the next chapter s...more
Taylor E
The Lemonade Crime is a very interesting book. It's a quick read and anyone would have fun with it! It could make more sense to you if you read the first book but you really don't need to! I hope everyone ends up in the recliner with your nose stuck in this book like I did!
Mizuki Kaiju
The Lemonade Crime written by Jacqueline Davies
Discussion Question
What is the most expensive buying in your life?
In my case, I bought a new wallet in winter vacation. Actually I bought Fukubukuro, but it was ten thousand yen! This was the most expensive shopping in my life, maybe.

After finishing the Lemonade War, I really wanted to read this book. It was fun. However, I don't finish reading, so I don't know the crime. I wanna...more
Probably closer to 3.5 stars, I liked this book, but not quite as well as the first one. The trial that Jessie organized was wonderful, and I felt the reader gained insight into Scott's home situation and how it might be contributing to some of his behavior. The choices the characters made in the end said a great deal about friendship and loyalty. The author felt the need to show what revenge is like, but personally I think it almost went too far for a short time with Evan; I didn't end up likin...more
This is a sequel to The Lemonade War . The summer sibling feud between Evan and Jessie is over. The two made up and will be in the same fourth grade class. Evan and Jessie believe Scott stole Evan's $208. A few weeks into the new school year Jessie decides to put Scott on trail for theft. The entire fourth grade class takes part in the trial. Though Jessie is the youngest (she skipped) everyone listens as Jessie assigns what roll everyone will play from judge to jury.

The story alternates betwee...more
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I listened to the audio version of Lemonade Crime. The actor does an excellent job. This story is the sequel to Lemonade Wars, and picks up just one week after the first book finished. In the Lemonade Wars, a brother and sister compete against each other to see who can raise the most money selling lemonade during summer break. In the end, some of the money is stolen. This stolen money is at the center of the plat in Lemonade Crime. Jessie and Evan Treski believe Scott stole the money. When Scott...more
You know a book is going to be good when someone steals $208 and then buys something expensive. In the book , The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davis, is the second book in the series of the Lemonade war . This book is about when Evan loses 208 dollars, he thinks that a kid named Scott took it and bought an Xbox 20/20 with it. Evan’s sister, Jessie, tells Scott that he has been served and has to show up to a “court session” behind the school on September 5th. If he was found guilty, Scott would hav...more
Picking up where The Lemonade War ended, this sequel tells the story of Jessie and Evan's efforts to prove Scott Spencer stole $208 from them at the end of the summer. Jessie sets up a mock courtroom on the playground after school, assigning the roles of judge, jury, and witnesses to members of their 4th grade classroom. Acting as Evan's lawyer, she sets out to prove Scott guilty. Evan, meanwhile, struggles with his friends' casual attitude toward the theft and with their willingness to remain f...more
In this sequel to The Lemonade War, Jessie and Evan are still reeling from the loss of the proceeds of their lemonade sales. Circumstantial evidence seems to indicate that one of their classmates, Scott, stole the money. Jessie decides to have a trial of Scott's peers to determine his guilt. Despite the fact that they are all fourth graders, her classmates love the idea. However, things go wrong during the trial, and Jessie's good friend decides that to be fair, she must represent Scott. Facts t...more
Kim Harris
What happened to the $208 from the Lemonade War? Jessie and Evan want to know and a week after the events spdescribed in the first book, things come to a head. Scott comes to school bragging about his new (and very expensive) XBox 20/20. Jessie and Evan suspect the worst, but while Evan broods about it, Jessie comes up with a plan. The students of 4-0 will hold a trail and justice will be served. Or will it?
Medeia Sharif
Evan and Jessie are siblings who are convinced that Scott Spencer took something from them. In the previous book, THE LEMONADE WAR, money made from selling lemonade was stolen. This sequel is a follow-up in which readers get to see what’s going on with the missing money.

Accusing Scott of theft isn’t the easiest thing since Evan and Scott are friends, plus Scott is popular. Nevertheless, Jessie wants to see justice served. Their class creates a mock trial complete with a courtroom, jury, and audi...more
Mrs. Knott
This is the second book in "The Lemonade War" series and it picks up right where the first book leaves off. I really like the characters in this series, because it seems like most kids can relate to one of them. Jessie, is a math whiz and picks up new learning really easily, but she often has trouble relating to other kids and understanding them, especially if they are being sarcastic. Her older brother, Evan, on the other hand, has lots of friends, knows just what to say to people, but has a lo...more
Jessie is a gifted 8 year old who is in the same class as her older brother Evan this year. The crime is the theft of $208.00 earned from lemonade sales. The money disappeared from Evan's shorts at a friends house and everyone believes it was Scott who is always bragging about what he has. Jessie arranges a school yard trial with the whole class involved and the results don't make anyone feel better.

The Lemonade Crime is a short simple story which includes legal words defined and trial procedure...more
Georgia Forjohn
The Lemonade Crime was a good followup to Jacqueline Davies' The Lemonade War. This book was about Evan and his sister Jessie who are accusing Scott Spencer of stealing the $208.00 from Evan's shorts. That money was the money that Jessie and her friend earned during the lemonade war in the first book. When Scott bought an Xbox 20/20 they were sure he stole the money. Because of this they had a trial. My favorite part in this book was the trial because you were not sure through out the trial who...more
Emily Y.
I think this book is awesome because of the small court they had in the book mostly because I knew nothing about court until now. I like how this 4th grader set up everything for his brother so he can get his money back but I never knew a sister would do all this for her brother,would you? Now back to the small court I like how there was juries,witnesses,a lawyer, and a judge that all seems pretty cool to me and I like the suspense,who going to win the court stuff like that. I can't really relat...more
Addison Children
This sequel to The Lemonade War is okay elementary fiction. Evan and his sister Jessie are sure that Scott stole $208 from Evan's pocket while he was swimming at a friend's home. Why Evan had all that money in his pocket I didn't understand. The fourth graders put on a very nice mock trial with no adult supervision.
I fell in love with the characters in the first book so I knew I had to read the second book and all the whole series! I enjoyed the first book a little more then this book but, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. The book is a quick and easy read and recommend for children (Or anyone that's a kid at heart.) I'm looking forward to reading the next book and being sucked back into the hot summer world where the characters are!
This book is a sequel to another book that I have not read but it works on its own just fine. After a brother and sisters lemonade stand earnings are stolen, the sister decides to stage a mock court to decide the guilt of who she is just sure took the money. I enjoyed the girls ingenuity but dialogue between some of the boys in the book was just ugly. Now, I'm reading this as a mom and the last thing a mom wants to read is quarreling, fighting and angry behavior. So I really did not enjoy those...more
LOVED Lemonade War by Davies and this is a great follow up! In this story, Evan has lost the $208 that him and his sister battled all summer to make at dueling lemonade stands. His arch nemesis, Scott Spencer, seems to be the guilty party, but he can't be labeled as such until the judge delivers the verdict in the pseudocourtroom Jessie sets up on the playground. Each chapter begins with a definition of a legal term and sets the tone for the events of that chapter. I am an enthusiastic fan of Da...more
Claire Vanderlaan
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Hannah Larkin
The Lemonade Crime was a good sequel to the The Lemonade War. This book was about Evan and his sister Jessie who are accusing Scott Spencer of stealing $208 from Evans shorts pocket. That money was money Jessie and her friend had earned by doing a lemonade stand. When Evan and Jessie find out Scott spencer got an Xbox 20/20 they are sure Scott stole the money and then went to by the Xbox 20/20. Thats when they have a trial to see who was really right. If you are in the mood for a mystery book th...more
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