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Gray Justice (Tom Gray, #1)
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Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1)

3.69 of 5 stars 3.69  ·  rating details  ·  2,060 ratings  ·  247 reviews
Gray Justice is the fast-paced debut thriller from Alan McDermott. It tells the story of Tom Gray, an ex-soldier running a successful business until his world falls apart. His young son is killed by a joy rider and his wife, overcome with grief, takes her own life months later. When his son’s killer walks free from court, Gray decides that the current justice system needs ...more
Kindle Edition, 216 pages
Published July 8th 2011 by Amazon Digital Services (first published July 7th 2011)
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Chris James
Solid fare for illiterate, Daily mail-reading little Englanders

On the surface this is a very promising idea: ex-SAS guy sees his son killed by thugs who walk out of court. So he gets some of his mates to kidnap some random thugs, imprisons them, and puts them on the internet to let "the people of Britain" decide whether they should live or die. To drag this short story (kicking and screaming) out to novella length, we also get a terrorist sub-plot about how all those filthy foreigners want to de
"Gray Justice" by Alan McDermott was an amazing novel to read. I received this free download through Smashwords.Gray Justice tells the story of Tom Gray, an ex-soldier running a successful business until his world is destroyed. His young son is killed by a joy rider and his wife, overcome with grief, takes her own life months later. When his son’s killer walks free from court, Gray decides that the current justice system needs to be changed, and he kidnaps five serial offenders.This former SAS s ...more
Marilou George
Tom Gray and his wife are destroyed when the life of their 3 year old son is snatched from them by a car thief. When Tom’s wife takes her own life because she can’t deal with the loss of her son and the serial offender walks free, Tom decides to take matters into his own hands.

With the military and technological facets of this book it is evident that much research and planning went into its writing. The plot is complex and woven in such a fashion that the suspense keeps building. The clues to so
D.G. Torrens
This was a fast past (super original story) befitting the times we live in. Tom Gray has lost his child then his wife, his whole world has been taken from him, he comes up with with the most incredible way to the make the country stand up and listen to him??? Not wanting to ruin the story for you this is a must read you will not be dissapointed! I could see this on the big screen one day its certainly worthy.... I can barely wait for the sequel.
Tom Gray is a husband, father, ex serviceman and now business man, living a happy life. That is till the day a lowlife serial car thief runs from the police, leaving his stolen car rolling down the road...into Daniel Gray, his son.

His family utterly destroyed, and the offender getting away scot free and returning to offending without a care in the world, Gray straps on his guns, calls his buddies and decides that today is the day the government will finally sit up and smell society.

I utterly lov
Jeannie Walker
If there is one thing I know about – it is the injustice in the Criminal Justice System. The truth is that there are way too many families affected by criminals being set free without paying the full price for their crimes and sometimes not paying any price for their heinous crimes.
The main character in Gray Justice makes a decision to stand against the justice system to try to change it.
Tom Gray is literally forced to take a strong stand against the justice system after a habitual car thief on
Carey Parrish
Gray Justice is one of those rare books that I found hard to break away from while reading. The story of a man who loses everything and decides to teach the justice system a lesson in letting criminals walk free, writer Alan McDermott tells the tale with the deftness of a scribe far more experienced than a first novel normally implies. Tom Gray is the protagonist in the book and his world is shattered when his son is killed by someone joy riding. Later his wife, unable to cope with the trauma, c ...more

Tom Gray feels he has nothing more to lose and just might win in the end. With his son, Daniel now dead and other families affected by criminals set free without paying the full price for their crimes, Tom stands strong against the justice system.

The author put forth the effort to research computer technology. In doing so, the story is believable and dynamic.

The action sequences are so well written and you feel as though you can actually hear the gunfire, feel the pain of the w
Gray Justice has surprised me quite a lot. When I normally read a thriller, more or less at the middle of the book I start suspecting what the ending is going to be. In this case it was impossible. The quick pace and rhythm of the story keeps on moving and turning in really unexpected ways, making the story so enthralling and making impossible for the reader to put the book aside. Very interesting story, quite close to the reader since we live through similar stories every day: through the news, ...more
For me, this book ranks right up there as one of the best of its genre that I have ever read. I started it Friday evening and had to tear myself away to go to bed and then carried on Saturday and read it on the bus to my Mum's and then promptly ignored her for pretty much the rest of the day whilst I finished it (sorry Mum).
I am not going to say much about the plot other than the fact that throughout the book, all I wanted was to see where it was going cos I had absolutely no idea, not even a co
Toni Osborne
Book 1, in the Tom Gray series

This is a fast-paced, action packed thriller with lots gun battles, explosions and inevitably lots of death. “Gray Justice” is one of those books hard to break away from while reading.

The story unfolds as Tom Gray, a military veteran and proprietor of a security industry loses his only child at the hands of a car thief who is a repeat offender. Consequently unable to cope with the death, his wife took her own life. Tom’s world now chattered after losing everything
Scott Bury
Tom Gray has a cause. It looks like revenge, but it’s more than that: he wants to change a system that he thinks is rotten. He’s sure that most of the people of his country think it is, too, and the government is just too hidebound, incompetent and cowardly to do anything. So he takes matters into his own hands and uses terrorist tactics to bring about that change.

That’s the premise of Alan McDermott’s Gray Justice, a novel that reads like a season of 24.

His action sequences are great. They’re f
This was a very easy escapist read. Light on characterisation, plot, complexity and freshness of language but nevertheless a story that moved along briskly and held the attention. Sometimes that's all you want in a book and it delivers this. (A varied diet in most things is healthy)
Amused to see one reviewer on the strength of this offering suggests that ALL self-published fiction should be avoided and this gives them a 'deservedly bad name'. Must be tongue in cheek since he's a member of the fr
Larry Kahn
"Gray Justice" is what you get when a former British commando loses his wife and child to the negligence of a common car thief who the official justice system keeps putting back on the street. Tom Gray has the tech savvy and motivation to devise a unique plan to reform the system and dole out the punishment he believes recidivists deserve. But even the best plans can't anticipate every surprise, and this thriller throws in a few twists that leave the outcome uncertain until the very last page.

Philip Catshill
Thrilling, gripping and fast moving. A great 5 * adventure on a parr with the best.
I really like the ideas that are behind this book. The government is to lenient on criminals therfore the crime rate continues to rise year after year. Liberals push to educate criminals and that will keep the crime rate down but let's face it, a lot of criminals are really intelligent they are just applying their smarts to the wrong things. Enter Tom Gray. He has suffered a great loss and the perp walked free. Tom has had enough and he has great military skills so you think he is going to exact ...more
Sean Randall
As a debut novel, this was impeccable. The spelling and grammar issues you almost always see from self-published authors were absent, there were no major plot holes and the story was electrifying, with vivid characters and an absolutely riveting plot.

It reminded me a little of The Doomsday Ultimatum by James Follett, in that the military aspects are present, but not penned with the conceited arrogance you find in some author's who've seen service and like you to know about it. Nor, refreshingly,
Wendy Cartmell
When a killer walks free from court, the victim's father sees just two options: accept the judge's decision; or take on the entire British justice system. Tom Gray chooses the latter and his crusade attracts instant worldwide media coverage. It was just what Tom was hoping for, but it brought him a lot more than he bargained for. (Author description)

Grey Justice is about a particular kind of justice – the sort being meted out by Tom Gray - not the type currently handed out by the justice system.
Sarah Baethge
Jan 22, 2012 Sarah Baethge rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: People who like crime stories
Recommended to Sarah by: twitter
Shelves: reviewed
Ever believe the law to be just a little too lenient on criminals after they are caught? Why are people even able to go free when they just break laws time and time again? In Gray Justice by Alan McDermott, a man who has had his child die through a collision caused by the reckless motorist who had already been imprisoned multiple times, asks exactly this. After his wife sinks into depression and kills herself, this man(Tom Gray) feels it is his duty to capture the public’s attention and force th ...more
M.G. Wells
A Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride!

Gray Justice by Alan McDermott is an intense adult thriller! It is set in England and the characters, descriptions and dialogue hooked me in the first chapter. The Lead character, Tom Gray, has a mega meltdown after his baby boy is killed by a heartless offender in a tragic car accident. Due to a disturbingly inept and uncaring court system, the murderer gets off scot-free. After his grief-stricken wife commits suicide, Tom morphs into a one-man vigilante squad.

Melanie Adkins
When a car thief takes his 3 year old son's life, Tom Gray was devastated. He and his wife struggled to get back to a normal life. Then Tom's wife took her life because she couldn't live without her son. Tom was left alone and angry. He and some military colleagues put together a plan to kidnap and punish the young man responsible for his son's death. They decide to include other criminals too. Ones who had been given a slap on the wrist and set free to live a life of crime. While Tom is plannin ...more
Rachel Abbott
An ingenious plot, well written and worthy of its high ratings

Gray Justice is the story of a man who has lost everything, all because of the selfish actions of a joy rider. What he cannot tolerate is the fact that this joy rider seems to feel no guilt for his crimes - and, along with a vast number of similar criminals, nothing stops him from re-offending. The sentences handed out are risible, and it would appear that the government is going to do nothing to impose harsher sentences or develop st
Ken Consaul
When you walk down the testosterone aisle at the local bookstore, keep your eye peeled for McDermott's 'Gray Justice' (also on smashwords). For a first time entrant to the paramilitary/action genre, the author has come up with a some clever twists and turns uniquely his own. The book will keep you guessing. While the actual circumstances of the storyline every coming to fruition in the 'real world', reality isn't why we enjoy this genre. Gray Justice is well paced. Thankfully it avoids much of t ...more
C.C. Cole
“Gray “Justice” is a fast, fun read that I knocked out in a day. It takes the life of Tom Gray, who sees the limits of the criminal justice system after family tragedies and makes his own way toward justice on his terms with hopes for improvements in the system of his home country. The accelerated action moves quickly into worldwide dangerous opportunity seekers that add an element of modern current events. While this is very entertaining, the over-the-top tactics add fuel the fire. My recommend ...more
Sharon Michael
Plot revolves around the main character setting up a plan to 'avenge' his son's death after the young offender gets a slap on the wrist for the driving fatality.

Good action writing and the black ops/technology sequences seemed accurate enough but I did have quite a stretch believing the basic premise, that the entire operation was set up to force the laws for multiple offenders to be changed.

Not all that thrilled with the ending, which (I assume) was designed so this first book could continue in
Nicola Mansfield
I have to admit I put off reading this for the longest time because the reviews are all over the place with ratings from 1 to 5. But it sounded good and I'm glad I finally read it. I was hooked right away and glued to my seat from the get-go. This was a can't-put-down page-turner. Certainly, it's a vigilante anti-hero vengeance story with a highly unlikely scenario and belief has to be suspended to enjoy it. The better title would have been "Gray Vengeance". I won't critique it as I could go on ...more
Jan 25, 2012 Stefano rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Stefano by: R. S. Guthrie
The story behind Gray Justice is simple: what would you do if your little child was killed by a car thief?
Even if your personal answer to the question above is not the same of Tom Gray (the main character), you cannot stop reading, looking forward to know how is going to end its battle to have justice not only for himself.
Alan McDermott writes very well and whatever you think about criminality and how it should be stopped you end by liking Tom Gray!

I want a sequel!
Toni Carter
Love the characters in this book and the author's writing style. Very fast paced and had me on the edge of my bed wanting to read more. Finished this very quickly. The author must have had a lot of research to do for this book and he delivered with precision. The good news ... there are two more in the series. I very much enjoyed this author's work and WILL be reading more.
This is a British novel, almost completely void of errors (I detected only two) and a ripping good story. It is a pleasure to read a book nearly free of errors because lately that is very unusual for me. Besides that it is just a well written, non-stop action book. I just re-read this book and it was just as good the second time.
Lia Rock lantz
This was an awesome book. The justice system is just as the book describes it to be. Not always fair. When I see 500 pages or more, I usually save those for desperate times because if I don't like the book, I feel I must finish it anyhow and it takes months. This was a true page turner! Happy Reading!
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I am a software developer from the south of England and I’m married with beautiful twin daughters. Ever since the early 90's I've wanted to write a novel but work commitments (and having my short stories rejected) meant I didn't pursue that dream. It wasn’t until my daughters asked me for a story one night last year, and having exhausted their books over the previous weeks I made one up, the tale ...more
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