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Zia Mame (Auntie Mame #1)

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Immaginate di essere un ragazzino di undici anni nell'America degli anni Venti. Immaginate che vostro padre vi dica che, in caso di sua morte, vi capiterà la peggiore delle disgrazie possibili, essere affidati a una zia che non conoscete. Immaginate che vostro padre - quel ricco, freddo bacchettone poco dopo effettivamente muoia, nella sauna del suo club. Immaginate di ven...more
Paperback, Gli Adelphi #393, 380 pages
Published 2011 by Adelphi (first published April 1st 1954)
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Richard Reviles Censorship Always in All Ways
Sparklingly witty, irreverently satirical, this 1955 novel manages to remain timelessly relevant in its cutting send-up of conformity, conservatism, and cupidity. Mame Dennis first swam into my ken during the long, hot, boring summer of 1973, an anodyne to the astoundingly dreary Watergate hearings on TV. I complained to my mother about the absence of entertainment, and she snorted mightily: "How can *anyone* be bored in this house full of books? Here, read this," and she handed me "Auntie Mame....more
Carl Kleinebecker
So... There I was quietly minding my own business...growing up in New England when who... one snowy night... should land square in my lap on the "late late movie," but Mame Dennis herself wrapped in the incomparable roz russell... I stayed up until 3:00 am watching and enraptured ... the next morning I pounced on my mum first thing and told her I had a new favorite movie... She told me if I liked that I would love the book... We checked at the local book store and alas... It was OUT of print!!!...more
Leslie Hickman
May 25, 2008 Leslie Hickman rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who wants to laugh
Recommended to Leslie by: strolling the library shelves
On a scale of 1 to 10, this book is a solid 12!!! Strangley enough after reading this book I want to go through ALL my other ratings and lower them by one! I discovered this book while strolling through the shelves at the library looking for my book club book by Dickens. I was scanning the shelves with my eyes looking for a name of the author to guesstimate where to stop and the spine of the second in the series (Around the World with Auntie Mame) jumped out at me. So I grabbed it read the cover...more
I've always been a fan of the Rosalind Russell film, Auntie Mame, and after recently watching the dreadfully sub-par Mame, starring Lucille Ball, I decided it was finally time to read the book and discover madcap Mame's true story for myself. This book is absolutely hilarious, hands-down one of the funniest, most charming books I've ever read. The Rosalind Russell film is a gem, but the book takes everything wonderful about the film and multiplies it about ten times over. The book is quite a bit...more
Provate a immaginare cosa vi accadrebbe se alla morte di un vostro genitore doveste ritrovarvi con una zia che non conoscete e non sapete che faccia abbia? E' proprio quello che succede a Patrick, il protagonista di questi racconti. Patrick si ritrova sballottato a New York da zia Mame, una zia eccentrica, particolare, che indossa abiti strani e che cambierà la vita di Patrick, nel bene e nel male.
Mi sono divertita tantissimo a leggere le storie di questa zia che trascina il nipote a feste, bal...more
If there was a way I could have given this 2 1/2 stars I would have, but gave it 3, to round up...and make it an "average" read.

Oddly, this book made me feel like I was reading a story very similar...or something that I could compare it to, Breakfast at Tiffany's..but with a kid thrown in.

I've read Breakfast at Tiffany's and seen the movie adaption staring the late and great Audrey Hepburn. Maybe it was just me, but the eccentricities of Mame, and her approach on life reminded me a TON of Holly...more
Liscia, gassata o...

frrrrizzzante come Zia Mame!

Se amate l'acqua Panna lasciate stare, potrebbe darvi alla testa.
Ma se invece amate la Ferrarelle, la Brioblu, o meglio ancora la Perrier state tranquilli, siete nel vostro elemento: perché zia Mame è effervescente, sopra le righe, irriverente, socialmente scorretta e a suo modo egocentrica e dispotica e vi travolgerà con tutte le sue bollicine.

Sia chiaro, non è certamente quel capolavoro al quale molti hanno gridato, ma è un romanzo molto piacevol...more
A quick preface: I’m never sure if including comments on books read in the distant past is strictly kosher on this list. Seen one way, including these books seems a pathetic attempt to build my public shelf. Seen another way, including them seems a perfect way to introduce to others material no longer in the public popular eye but still a wonderful reading experience. Until someone tells me to “shut up”, I am going to continue to add the odd personal blast from the past as seems useful to do so....more
I've been an AUNTIE MAME fan for over 40 years, since I first encountered the Roz Russell film accidentally one afternoon. They showed it in two parts and I couldn't WAIT for the next afternoon to see the second part!

Not very long after, equally accidentally, I came across the original Patrick Dennis novel in the 25-Cent bin at a used bookstore. Both serendipitous events signaled the introduction of a character who has remained with me ever since in her various incarnations, a love affair that c...more
Like I always say "Never Judge a Book by Its Movie." You had better beleive nothing can be less true that with this book.

If you have ever seen the movie "Auntie Mame" made with Rosalind Russell and enjoyed it - you will enjoy this book just as much. Perhaps a little more actually!

Although at times it is difficult to follow, since we are talking about the late 1920's and we only go about 20 or so years into the future from there, that means a lot of the language and expressions may be a little di...more
Laurie Notaro
Loved it. Want to read everything by Patrick Dennis.
Antonio Arch
Since it was reprinted, the topic of Mame Dennis has crept into a lot of online reviews and conversations over cocktails. I recently got into a screaming match on an airplane over the topic of Mame's relevance today. Even some of the reviews on this site are less than flattering and I want to answer them all by suggesting that the authors (and readers) read the book again.
Mame is an icon, even today. She is our Alice in Wonderland all grown up, smarter, wittier and more interesting than Mary Pop...more
Madcap is not my favorite genre and madcap this is. In fact, I found it downright silly and formulaic. It was a huge bestseller and ended the year, 1955, at #2 on the bestseller list.

Ten year old Patrick is adopted by his wild and wacky aunt after his father's death. He grows up in a breathless rush of parties and adventures with his aunt among the wealthy, artistic and famous in New York City. Between times he has to go to a drab boarding school because the conservative executor of his estate t...more
Mah...purtroppo se non avesse riscosso tanto successo non sarebbe arrivato con tante aspettative, rimaste deluse per la maggior parte.
Chiaramente essere Zia Mame tra le due guerre è più difficile che essere anticonformisti al giorno d'oggi quando è assolutamente un must, solo che non l'ho trovata così divertente, anzi piuttosto ripetitiva e noiosa nella maggior parte dei casi. Ovviamente mi risparmierò il sequel e nonostante questo dormirò senza angosciarmi sulla reale esistenza (o meno) della...more
David Edmonds
Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade is one of my favorite books. I stumbled on the reprint edition when it came out in 2001 at my local Barnes & Noble, and the cover caught my eye (yes, I did judge this book by its cover, and I'm so glad that I did, since it caused a love affair with Mame that has lasted for twelve years now). Every couple of years, I need a Mame fix and I pull the book off the shelves and reacquaint myself with all the characters and madcap adventures found within (as well...more
I would never have remembered that I read this book in my youth if Jessica Day George (a favorite author...you should totally read her dragon series and her retold fairy tales...just sayin') hadn't added it to her list. Holy cow. It brought back a flood of memories just thinking about it, like when you smell a particular smell that takes you right to a place from your dim, distant past. I remember exactly where I was when I read it, which is quite a feat in itself, considering the fact that it h...more
L'atmosfera è quella di una commedia hollywoodiana anni '50. Ed in effetti ne hanno tratto un film, una commedia teatrale e un musical.
Buona società newyorkese, appartamenti enormi e lussuosi,feste a ripetizione, ricchezza, ipocrisia e.. lei, l'elemento destabilizzate. Zia Mame: anticonformista, all'avanguardia, grande appassionata di wiskhy, pronta a sperimentare ogni cosa purchè sappia di novità, sofisticata ma anche terribilemtne ingenua. Una forza della natura che sa anche essere incredibilm...more
Acquistato sull’onda dei tanti commenti entusiastici ho tenuto in serbo “Zia Mame” per un momento in cui avessi avuto la necessità e la voglia di leggere qualcosa di abbastanza leggero e scanzonato.

Letto in quest’ottica il romanzo è assolutamente perfetto: capitoli facilmente divorabili ed autoconclusivi, vicende lievi e frizzanti, una protagonista assolutamente travolgente; l’unico aspetto che ho trovato stonato riguarda la sensazione di “eccesso” che mi è arrivata in certi momenti, l’impressio...more
I really, really liked this book. If you enjoy P.G. Wodehouse--I'm looking at you, Alyson--you would probably enjoy this book, too. It reminds me of the Jeeves stories that are set in New York. Anyway, the only thing I didn't like about this book was the rather clumsy framing device in which the narrator, Patrick Dennis, compares memories of his adventures with his aunt to the cookie-cutter plot of a Reader's Digest novel featuring the "Unforgettable Character." The afterword by Michael Tanner (...more
Mireille Lapensee
I enjoyed reading this book as it was amusing, particularly at the beginning. Dennis has the ability to create wonderfully vivid scenes in his writing. However, I didn't feel like the book lived up to the great expectations created by so many of the reviews. The novel was largely episodic, and like many, I found the 'Reader's Digest' portions were boring and didn't succeed in tying the stories together. As it went on, the narrative grew more and more disjointed and left the reader wondering what...more
I LOVED this book! The Rosalind Russel version of the movie is one of my all time favorite movies. I just love it. I think it's because, in a weird way, I relate to Auntie Mame. I long ago, after seeing the movie for the first time, that I was going to do everything possible to be like the Auntie Mame in the movie - charismatic, outgoing, crazy. But not a lush, I can't hold my liquor at all.

Anyway, I learned that the movie was based on a book. I was so excited to find out because I knew that the...more
If you have seen the classic film or the stage show then most of the story is already quite familiar to you--not a bad thing to say about any adaptation. And I do like the fact that the books has many more adventures with the older Patrick between college and his first few years out in the adult world.

The biggest difference is how really adult the Mame character is around Patrick at any age. Things hinted at in the film--racism, sexism, antisemitism and homophobia are all talked about in much br...more
Ubik 2.0
…riuscì a sembrare una donna cui si poteva affidare un bambino a occhi chiusi

Quando ci si avvicina a un’opera scritta quasi sessant’anni fa, riedita con grande successo di pubblico e considerata ormai un classico dell’umorismo e poi, nonostante il meccanismo psicologico delle aspettative, la si trova ancor oggi un libro straordinariamente divertente… beh, vuol dire che c’è della vera sostanza in queste pagine e non un fenomeno “modaiolo” come qualcuno lo ha liquidato!

Le vicende narrate in “Zia M...more
Auntie Mame is the rollicking story of a boy who when his father dies is sent to live with his flamboyant aunt, the title's Auntie Mame, who has become an icon of literature, as well as of stage and screen. She's marvelously vital and funny, and Dennis surrounds her with more wonderful characters: her best friend, Vera Charles, "a famous actress from Pittsburgh who spoke with such Mayfair elegance that you could barely understand a word she said"; her secretary, the mousy (and wonderfully named)...more
Reconozco que los libros de humor no son los que más me gustan. La comedia es probablemente el género que me gusta más en el cine, pero los libros etiquetados como “de humor” pocas veces consiguen hacerme reír. Aún así, tenía bastantes esperanzas puestas en ‘La tía Mame’. Iba de un niño huérfano que era criado por una tía excéntrica en el Nueva York de los años 20. Intuía, por el argumento, que me podía gustar. Pero me equivoqué. Las situaciones no son ni de lejos tan divertidas como esperaba, m...more
I read this book first when I was eleven, and instantly fell in love with the bon vivant Mame Dennis. The kind of woman who is at once a Lady and a Bawd; educated, but with a taste for the fun things in life (ie liquor during prohibition, experimental schools, penniless poets).
She is awarded custody of her estranged brother's only son, (the sheltered 10 year old Patrick,) and raises him in whirlwind of social gatherings and social experimentation.
She's just wonderful. And the book is great fun....more
Let me just say I was not expecting the word "poontang" to come up here.

This book was written early enough that there is some seriously offensive stuff sprinkled in with the slapstick. Of course, "early enough" is still 1955, which isn't far enough removed from now. The majority of the offensive content was put in the mouths of the obviously despicable characters, but by definition that means there was a minority left over. I mean, slapstick is bad enough.

On the whole, a stylized, episodic book...more
Does my ignorance know no bounds? I can't believe I almost made it to 30 without discovering this straight up martini of a book, which is not only brilliant, but was also a massive bestseller and the inspiration for several movies and plays--not exactly an overlooked gem.

Anyone who enjoys perfect dialogue, thrillingly vivid details (highballs, opal brooches, shades drawn over Rolls Royce windows, voices like nutmeg graters), humor cut with compassion, and masterfully brisk pacing will love this...more
Maya Panika
Though I'd never heard of it, it appears this is a very famous book, on the New York bestseller list for 112 weeks and all I can think is that humour must date rather badly because I found this very hard going and not in the least bit funny at all.

Auntie Mame, the eponymous heroine, is so extraordinarily scatterbrained, so extremely screwball and the comedy so laboured and forced - it set my nerves on edge so badly that I felt quite queasy every time I read about the woman.

If you liked Bringing...more
Uno dei libri più emozionanti e pieni di fascino che io abbia mai letto, lo stile è scorrevole e leggero e immergendosi in queste pagine si ha come l'impressione di iniziare un lungo viaggio insieme al giovane protagonista e alla sua stramba zia che ci fa ridere con le sue pazze avventure ma sa anche far riflettere con le sue parole. Arrivata alla fine di questo viaggio ho sentito la mancanza di zia mame quasi come se fosse reale. 5 stelline meritatissime e consigliato a chi ha voglia di una let...more
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