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Slade (New Species, #2)
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Slade (New Species #2)

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  11,700 ratings  ·  588 reviews
Book 2 in the New Species series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.

Dr. Trisha Norbit is flat on her back in a hospital bed, pinned under a really big New Species male. Though drugged out of his mind, he promises her ecstasy and is determined to deliver—but hospital staff interv
ebook, 209 pages
Published August 19th 2011 by Ellora's Cave Publishing
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4.5 “Mount Me” Stars!

“Keep moving, sweet thing.”

“You got it, lollypop.”

“Knock that off.”

“Right back at you.”


Slade is book two in Laurann Dohner’s New Species series. If the first book hadn’t convinced me just how kick ass this series is, this second installment would have done it. DAMN!

Dr. Trish Norbitt and Slade meet when Slade is first rescued from Mercile Industries. She is one of the doctors on call when he is brought into the hospital. The sexy encounter leaves them both reeling and sta
Jessica Hatfield
3.5 Wishy Washy stars

Spoilers below

 photo 797209_zpsmwu1ysyy.gif

Slade snorted. “Women.” “Men.” “Smartass.” “Dumbass.”

When I read a shifter book I expect a fated soul mate kind of love. That bam! your are mine and I knew it the minute we met kinda thing. The I am never going to let you go thing . I got that kind of love in the first book with Fury and was looking forward to some more in this book, but what I got was Slade!

 photo giphy 5_zpscwn2jwjx.gif

“You’re mine, Doc. I’d fight anyone to get you back and I’ll kill any man who touches you.”


 photo download 4_zpsbfm0os2h.jpg

I d
Slade at the beginning of the story:

Slade after the accident:

Slade when he lost it:

I had an amazing time with this hot, adventurous and decidedly entertaining story. Slade began as a cocky, sexy deviant but that changed after the accident mostly because he had to protect Trisha!

Trisha was a great heroine, very put-together and absolutely in love with Slade.

The story used the same narrative style as the first one: past-huge thing happening-slow built-up,-semi huge thing happening-great ending.
I w
He would have gone days without food or water just to know her body.


Slade, the second book in the New Species series, features Dr Trisha Norbit and Slade, an NSO officer. They meet at the hospital, right after the New Species are freed from Mercile industries. An intimate meeting experienced like no other, stays with the two long after their separation. Seeking a way to learn more on New Species, Trisha applies and accepts a job at Homeland, where New Species currently live. With the memory of
I thought Long and Hard about this!!! If I break the book up into 3 Parts, I can explain my feelings better:

First 1/3 of the Book- It was all about how rude Slade was, and how he didn't deserve her!

Second 1/3 of the Book- Without Slade, things started looking up! I LOVED her male friends! Especially Brass, if only he had met her first!!! I laughed at all their banter and Jokes.

Third 1/3 of the Book- Slade is back! Has he Redeemed himself enough to deserve Trish? Not really. Has he learnt from h

3 Stars! In my humble opinion, not as good as the first!

I'm in the minority, I didn't care for this one as much as the first book in the series, where everyone seems to be of the opposite opinion. Slade got on my nerves, his sense of humor rubbed me the wrong way and it got old. I felt like I was watching a bad comedy routine. It didn't care for the first half of the book, and I came close to setting it aside, but the second half was much better, and eventually Slade won me over.

Vanessa Chamber

RATING: 1.5-2 Just Meh Hearts.

Well, the rating kind of speaks for itself. I really enjoyed the first one in this series, and for all the right reasons too. Slade, in comparison, did not gain any brownie points from me. I'll make this simple, since this entire series is a guilty-pleasure venture for me.

What I Liked:

1) Dr. Trisha Norbit. It seems the women in this series are just plain old awesome, and full of snark and backbone . No clueless, dumb, or naive women in here, and lets just say, tha
4 stars!

I love the world Laurann Dohner has created! but most of all, I love those sexy-possessive New Species males.
Slade was an ass at the beginning but he made up for it later.
What can I say? I like these guys. Oh! And I'm so happy they can have offspring *-*
I would recommend this series to all paranormal romance readers.
Looking forward to read about Valiant & Justice!

-Reseña en español-
Me encanta el mundo que Laurann Dohner ha creado! Pero sobretodo, me encantan esos machos sexy-posesivo
** 4 1/2 stars **

I really enjoyed this one, I liked it even better than the first one. I am excited to continue this series, the author has set up some interesting characters.
This book is # 2 in Laurann’s new series. Where book # 1 has a more serious feel because it’s setting up the world that the New Species live in. This one has more moments of humor.

Trisha Norbert is an ER doctor. There’s an emergency in her ER. That’s when she meets Slade, who is a New Species. New Species are men made from humans spliced with animal DNA. He is a canine breed, who ends up on Trisha's exam table wounded when he’s rescued from the lab that created him. She can’t forget him and she
Jo ★The Book Sloth★
This book was at the same time better and worse than the first one.

The baddies

1)The sex. Yes this is erotica so it wasn't the sex as a whole that I found disturbing, it was the sex-on-the-dirt-without-nearby-shower that I had a problem with, especially since they were running for their lives through a forest the whole day. I mean sweat, germs, they don't even have water to drink let alone clean up. I mean Eww...
2)The first half of the book was kind of boring. Thank god the book wasn't bigger
crni biser
5 *Your ass is mine,sweet thing* stars!

Another great read!
I love this world.
I love those sexy-possessive New Species males.

Dr Trisha Norbit and Slade are so funny together.I enjoy their hummor.
And the sex is amazing,these two are sexy as hell!
And all the dirty talk by Slade




Sammy Loves Books
I am totally enjoying this series!!!


Doc Trish and Slade are one of my favorite couples in this series. They find themselves in a survival situation in the woods while being hunted by hate group fanatics. There is quite of bit of violence, and lots of action in this book. Oh and the sex is Amazing!!


Trish and Slade are so funny together. They joke and pick on each other and really make me laugh. I enjoy their hummor. Loved this book and look forward to more from this series!
Ms. Phoenix
First read: 30th April 2013. Might I add that the first review I wrote was awful. Thankfully I am rereading them again or most of them anyway.

So obviously I wrote that this one wasn't as good as the first one,huh. I lied this one is just as good as the first one if not better. 5 "sweet thing and lollypop" Stars.

We met Trisha in the first book as she started working for NSO. Trisha and Slade have a rocky start. In the second book we see that they met once before and that Slade doesn't recognise D
Way too silly at times. I had to DNF this one because I did a lot of eye-rolling while reading it. SUV tumbles down a ravine, hero & heroine are on the run from the bad guys trying to kill them but hey, let's stop and have some sexytimes even though said guys are still looking for us. If that's not bad enough, heroine is captured by bad guys the next day, is almost raped by one of them and hero saves her at the last minute and THEN, after she has a crying fest about the would be rape, she's ...more
I'd argue that this is another winner in the series. Were there things about the story that bothered me a bit? Sure. But overall, there is a great story here.

Laurann Dohner has got a great concept. A new species trying to set up in the world rifling with hate-group-hicks just waiting to inject a little bit of suspense into her stories along with the 'we love animal-men' romance that is bound to happen. It's a guaranteed page turner.

I do find the romance side a bit...stiff. I am thinking this mig
☛ Kay
its a 3 going to 3.5 to 4 stars

First up, I hate Slade. He is an asshole. An ass. An asshole. Oh did I say it already?

So he had to do what he thinks is best for Trisha. Men, he didn't even consider before deciding it.

But I love Brass, Moon and Harley. I just love them. They're cute and adorable and makes me laugh. That's kind of not really the way they should be describe. But I love their jokes and banter with Trisha.

So, I like Slade towards the end but not that much with Brass is concern. And ex
Re-Read March 2015 Rated 3 Stars. Not as good as the first but still enjoyed

Originally Read November 2011 - Rated 4 Stars

Another good edition to the series although I still can't keep comparing it and finding uncomfortable similarities with another author's works!

I liked all the characters and liked the banter between them. I am so looking forward to reading Brass' and Justice's stories.
Michele ~ la Smoocherina
1. I love 'on the run through Wilderness' books! Really. I do. What?
2. I love the advisory- "there is an attempted rape in this book.". Uh. Duh. It's a Doehner book, but she always saves them from it, which makes us love the Alpha hero more! *sigh*

This was a fun read. This series is quick and snappy.
Alex is The Romance Fox
As I mentioned in my review of the 1st book in the series , I was a bit apprehensive continuing reading the next book. Fury reminded me a lot of Lora Leigh's Breed Series, but I decided to read the next story and I was, despite the similarities, quite impressed.

I did enjoy Slade's story more than Fury.
Slade is part human/canine...gorgeous, naturally.. photo 44db0bde3059eb37221d98afbcecc4be_zps15eb4184.jpg
He falls in love with Trisha Norbitt, the Homeland (home of the new species)doctor. Soon they embark on a
This was a rollercoaster of emotion. It was adventurous and action packed. It made my stomach turn because of an attempted rape scene so beware to those readers who are sensitive to that subject matter.

This story ripped my heart into tiny pieces, because of a misunderstanding between them and that lack of communication that one time created a whole lot of separation angst. This story also made me shout in excitment because the 'so called impossible' became possible. And finally it made me swoon
My quest for a good Ellora's Cave offering pt. 5.
One of the most stilted, wooden and illogical romances I've ever come across. There was not a single believable (romantic) emotion and/or act based on it during the first quarter - my point of escape.
The unappealing smart-ass hero falls heavily for his mate while groping her in a drug induced haze and shuns her one year later when he has a chance to actually come to know her because he doesn't recognize her any more (different hair colour!) and is
Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
Originally posted at:

Laurann Dohner’s latest book, and second in the New Species series: Slade, fulfills the promise of the first book, Fury. In fact, I came away with believing I’d found something special…

The premise of this series is based on humans genetically engineered and enhanced with animal DNA, to form new breeds of human animals or New Species. Kept as virtual prisoners, subjected to brutal, inhuman and often fatal experimentation, their rescue
Rin W. Vitale
4 Stars for Slade and Trisha!

Their story here:


And it's ANNOYED me so much! But thanks to the good humor though. The author is so good at making it.


Good job, Laurann Dohner!
April   ♥"LOS" ♥
After reading the first book and falling in love with Fury, I was a little apprehensive about reading Slade. I didn't think I would enjoy the second story as much as the first, but i was so wrong. I loved the snarky remarks back and forth between Slade and Trisha. Slade tries to play off his attraction to Trisha with overly sexual banter that she throws right back at him. The two of them make the perfect couple and I love how they come together at the end. The bar is set pretty high for the thir ...more
I abso-freakin-loutly LOVED this one! I LOVE SLADE!!! This story was fantastic! I loved it from beginning to end! Could not put it down! Now I'm really looking forward to more from this series! The writing is still not as good as some I've read, but I have to say, the story and characters are crazy good! I am so happy my friend Bianca introduced me to this series! Great find!!!!!!!
Julie C
Really good follow up to Fury. Here we get the heated and sometimes frustrating love story between Slade and Trisha. Not a big fan of the "I'll stay away and ignore you in order to protect you syndrome". (view spoiler). Totally love Brass, he definetely deserves a book of his own.

I was annoyed with a number of character/plot points, including the fact that Trisha actually seems to bond and spend more time with another New Species, Brass, instead of the hero of this book. The hero was a jerk.

I may try one more, perhaps Valiant.
Trisha, Slade, and Brass had me smiling like a fool.
These New Species males are...niiiice! :)
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“Good conversation is very important, dont you think? Its so stimulating and pleasurable if done right. As a doctor it may surprise you how much I've learned on the subject. Its been a long times since I've had a really good conversation and sometimes I nearly ache from wishing someone would stimulate me. But unfortunately I havent met anyone yet who I want to really talk to.” 16 likes
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