Dream (Aisling, #2)
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Dream (Aisling #2)

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What begins as Constable Dallin Brayden escorting the prisoner Wilfred Calder back to Putnam quickly turns into a flight for both their lives. Political betrayal and malicious magic lurk behind every bush and boulder in their flight across the countryside, resulting in Dallin becoming more protector than gaoler, and fostering a growing connection between him and his charge...more
Kindle Edition, 410 pages
Published (first published June 15th 2011)
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ETA: Re-read done...Better than the first time. This book, Wil and Dallin are a marvel. On to #3.

This book starts us right where we left Wil and Dallin in Guardian...They are in a time of discoveries. They know what they are supposed to be, but have no idea what that entails and so they set out to learn what it all means...Together.

The world in this book was more complex than the last one because here we are learning who Wil is and what Dallin represents in his life. We begin to understand Wil's...more
Finally, the world all comes together in this book! We learn who Wil truly is, while his connection to Dallin becomes more apparent. Through their journey, we learn more about their powers and their connection to the Gods, the Dominion, the Guild, the Brethren, and the Old Ones. The picture isn't completely clear but it has definitely taken shape. Of course there are still a ton of unanswered questions and the introduction of AEledfyres. In the end, can Wil actually choose himself over his Guard...more
♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
I'm going to explain something because I really want to drive home how much I love this series. I rarely read fantasy. The names usually annoy me because they tend to have too many letters, mostly consonants, and multiple apostrophes. I end up spending most of my reading time trying to figure out how to pronounce names like J'lkhrutphne. Also books that marry up fantasy and romance usually end up being uneven; one aspect of the story is built up and the other gets left behind. Plot holes and wea...more
Cole Riann
Full review posted at Reviews by Jessewave.

In January I reviewed a book that I knew very little about by a new author that I had never read. I didn’t know anyone who had read the book, and taking the gamble, I ended up finding a story that was breathtaking in its scope and almost flawless in its characterizations. That novel, Aisling: Guardian (reviewed here) is the first book in the Aisling series by Carole Cummings, published by Prizm, the Young Adult division of Torquere. From the very first...more
There are so many things that I enjoy in a fantasy book and this story covered them all for me. The first book in the series was a good book, but it didn't give me what I fully needed like book 2. The world building is so fully developed within this story that I easily am surrounded by the sites and sounds. The lore of the world easily becomes an intricate part of that world and makes it easier for the reader to understand how this can all be real.

The way that Carole Cummings uses words and uni...more
This book begins right at the point where things ended in Guardian and everything starts to make a bit more sense. Dallin and Wil learn to put their trust in each other and form a close bond and their relationship goes from strength to strength. Things have gone in a direction I wouldn't even have thought of at the beginning of the series and I am constantly amazed at the complexity of the world-building and thought put into the characters. Looking forward to Beloved Son

Edina Rose
Wil and Dallin's extraordinary adventure continues.

This is where they fall in love.
It is not a super sensual romance, but the emotions are intense.

In Book 1, Guardian, we learn that Wil was enslaved for decades and his powers were used against his will for evil purposes. He escaped three years ago but now his pursuers are catching up on him. Poor Wil. He does not know why he ended in captivity decades ago, or what his real name is. He does not know exactly who and what he is running from and ho...more
MsMiz (Tina)
Re-read time

This book is still utterly amazing, even the second time around. Usually when I re-read I skip over some of the background because I have been there done that. Not with this book. I just read every word again. There is nothing to skip, it is all great and honestly, this one is better than the first one. How the story progresses is fascinating, the characters growth is amazing (and lets face it Dallin and Will are just too cute for words) and the story just makes you want to pounce on...more
Jun 17, 2011 Lady*M rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Every fantasy fan out there
Shelves: fantasy, m-m-romance
I have to wait six months for the final part? To borrow the language of Wil and Dallin, BLOODY HELL!

The world-building is one of the pillars of good fantasy and, usually, one of the first things that should be addressed when reviewing the fantasy book. But, I'll tell you this: I would read any book in which Wil and Dallin are protagonists, whether it was contemporary, historical, horror or - fantasy novel. Because, they are embodiment of what well-written, three-dimensional characters should be....more
Eden Winters
Confession time. I have Aisling Book 1: Guardian in print (signed copy occupying a place of honor on my bookshelf), so decided to get a print copy of this sequel. All well and good until its actual release. Impatient to read the next chapters in Wil and Dallin's lives, I also bought it in ebook. And finished it. I will re-read when my print copy arrives.

Oh, my! What an exquisitely written book! Carole Cummings takes words I'd never think to put together and weaves them into a riveting tale that...more
Donna Cooper

"Aisling: Dream" is the second part of marvelous epic story about a fascinating world and the engaging and complex characters, and deities, which populate that world. "Dream", being the second book in a trilogy, doesn't suffer from it, but stands, if not alone, then firmly in its place, satisfying completely and yet keeping the reader wishing for the last book, due out in December.

We get a good deal more here of world-building than we had in the first book, Carole holding...more
P.D. Singer
Oh, man I loved this. In this second part of the trilogy, characters are deepened and evolved,trust is made and broken, and relationships between people,and between people and deities delved into. The external action speeds up -- something that I've been chanting for since the middle of Book 1 happens, and all in all, I was more than happy to read the entire book a second time, and probably will again when Book 3 comes out, just to have it fresh in mind for the climax of the story.

This author is an amateur. There, I've said it. She writes hundred of pages about nothing, nothing!
The two main characters does nothing but talk, fight and snore. I can't believe that I've actually paid money for this one.
If your looking for a good story, don't read this book. If there was an editor working on this book, he has failed, big time.

Such a shame, cause the author knows how to write, she simply write about nothing.
Aug 03, 2011 Cryselle rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Cryselle by: PD Singer
Shelves: m-m, fantasy, torquere
It's been worth the wait – the second installment of Carole Cummings' Aisling trilogy is out, at last. I've been going nuts waiting to find out what's happened to Wil and Dallin since I finished Part 1. Aisling Book One: Guardian was a 5 star read and Part Two: Dream is every bit as good.

This is definitely a continuation of the story – the narrative picks up where it left off, and you'll be confused for a while without the advantage (pleasure) of reading Guardian. Wil and Dallin have reached a p...more
Elisa Rolle
It’s a slow placed travel that we are doing with this series by Carole Cummings. And not really since the main characters are actually doing a real and self-discovering travel, but also since, book after book, Carole Cummings is also building their relationship, but she is doing that by little steps, not rushing it, taking and giving time to the readers to adapt to this evolution. In this points you really realize this is a Young Adult novel, it’s like the author is telling to this young mind, g...more
The further gripping adventures of Wil and Brayden. Brayden now knows he's the Guardian and that Wil is the Aisling but what does that really mean for them, what are their powers, how do they access them and use them to defeat their powerful enemies and how can Brayden keep Wil alive. There is so much to learn in this second volume and the two MC's are still on the run.

I LOVED this volume just as much as the first. Wil is learning to trust someone for the first time after such a horrible life. T...more
I am really very fond of Carole Cummings' intensely character-focused style. It and I are muy simpatico. :-) I am not as invested in this plot or this world as I was with her Wolf's-Own series, and I am still intensely irritated at the way she fails to include a complete story arc in any one of her book installments -- these are really three fragments of one serialized novel rather than three novels in a series -- but I can forgive a lot of gripes for the sake of her character work.

I also find...more
Kaje Harper
This book is the second in the series, but unlike some middle books, it steps up both the adventure and the romance. Dallin and Wil move together in a way that is teeth-grindingly slow and yet exactly right. And watching Wil lean on Dallin now and then is sweet and satisfying. The tension is mounting, the ending is still not an ending, I'm completely hooked, and the next one had better be out soon!
This second part of interesting story, was way better for my piece of mind, but then it was mostly because Dallin and Wilfred started to work with each other and for each other. I liked the atmosphere and their verbal interaction. It was fun! The story ends in middle of action, which is a bit annoying, but I will gladly wait for more. Thanks for interesting read!!
This story continues to enthrall me and hold me in the palm of its hand. I am in love with the setting, the mythology, the politics, and especially the characters. The only downside to this book is that it ended. An absolute great read.
I started this book, and "Dream" didn't dissapoint. The characters feel alive, and the storyline continues to surprise in a really good way. We know a little more about the world of Aisling. In a word, brilliant.
I am sooo glad I decided to read the second book in this series right away, rather than let the first book bring me down a little. SO MUCH BETTER. Consider me another convert to Wil and Dallin. Bring on Book 3!
Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru

What begins as Constable Dallin Brayden escorting the prisoner Wilfred Calder back to Putnam quickly turns into a flight for both their lives. Political betrayal and malicious magic lurk behind every bush and boulder in their flight across the countryside, resulting in Dallin becoming more protector than gaoler, and fostering a growing connection between him and his charge. Haunted by dreams not his own and pursued by just about everyone, Dallin begins to understand that he’s not just p...more
Awesome book. Loved the well drawn characters particularly Will's nature and Brayden's sturdiness. I can't wait for the third book to see how the the story will play out.
3 stars doesn't mean a bad review. I like the book. Actually, I am soon to dive into the 3rd one.
I'm glad to see that characters are building up. They are growing in all directions in the story. So this is a good thing. Even if just one or two weeks passed in the story, time is different for the reader. You want the characters to change in one way or another. And in this book it is happening.

What I have problem with is the same heavy with tiny details writing. Once again - not a bad thing. It i...more
In this second book of the series, Wil and Dallin are unsure where they can go for protection. Dallin believes that if they return to Putnam, the Constabulary can protect them even if it may mean war. As Wil and Dallin travel and attempt to outpace both the Guild and the Bethren that are chasing them, Wil and Dallin begin to share dreams and both Wil's powers as Dreamer and Dallin's powers as Guardian manifest and grow. Wil is still terrified of the Guild who has kept him prisoner for decades. C...more
Bending The Bookshelf
Much like the first volume in the Aisling saga, Guardian, this is a story that's firmly grounded in the magical fantasy genre, but this time it Carole trades the feel of a contemporary police procedural for that of a romantic adventure. Picking up right where the first installment left off, Dream takes us deeper into the world building and mythology, while carefully developing the romance between Wil and Dallin.

This is a much darker story than the first installment, with far more at stake than j...more
I really liked this second in the Aisling series. The relationship between Dallin and Wil continues to develop. Their roles in each other's lives is better explained in this book. I was a bit confused as to what the role of Guardian and Aisling was from the last book. But the characters were also confused as to what was going on, so this book explained most things to my satisfaction. This in not a series that makes it easy to read just one of the books. The way the author ends each book, you pre...more
Elizabeth H.
Three point five rounded up to four stars. What I really enjoyed in the first book was extended past reason in this second book, so that the deep introspection and sense of mystery became obscure, repetitious, and frustrating beyond belief instead of enticing. I had thought I'd fly into the third book, but I've stopped and am not even sure I'll pick it up. I think the author took a good thing (her style) and extended it past readability. At least, for me.
Mara Ismine
It took me quite a while to get around to reading this one because I was expecting the same problem with the language as I found in the first book of the series. I had no problem getting into this one and the action whipped along at a gripping pace.

I bought the third in the series as soon as I finished reading this one and just continued reading.
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“He was intensity. He was strength. He was driving will and stubborn determination. He was reckless passion and guarded distrust. He was fucking beautiful.” 21 likes
“You've invented your own way of being, and perhaps it might be 'odd' to one who has no idea of the life you've led, but to one who does..." Brayden paused, shrugged. "To one who does, it's...it's...I haven't got a word. It's astounding 6 likes
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