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The Spook's Blood (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #10)
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The Spook's Blood (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles #10)

4.22 of 5 stars 4.22  ·  rating details  ·  2,870 ratings  ·  162 reviews
Time is running out for Thomas Ward. His final battle against the Fiend is drawing near, and the Spook's apprentice has never felt more alone in his task. Isolated and afraid, the Fiend is set to send the greatest of his servants against him - Siscoi, a Vampire God more ferocious than anything he has yet faced. Tom must risk his life to prevent the evil beast from entering ...more
Hardcover, 275 pages
Published June 1st 2013 by Random House (first published January 1st 2012)
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Wow. What a roller coaster it's been, the whole journey.
And now.
It's near the end. *Sniff*





Why???? *Breaks into full-blown sobs, shoulders heaving. Blows nose loudly into a handful of tissues, composes herself*

But I'm going to be mature about this. I was 11 when I started this series, and I feel like I've grown up with it, along with Tom, Alice and Old Gregory. All my old copies of the series are dog-eared, with spills from juice and coke from when I was younger, each and e
I can't see how many have read this to rate it..I HAVE read it because Joseph is a friend and he kindly allows me a manuscript. I promote his and many other authors in the NW. His books mean a lot to me as they are so local and so damn good too. If the film makes a difference then sometime soon we all will go I read that and it is truly a real alternative to all things magically wizardly. His 'County' is even better than Hogwarts 'cos it is 'Warts and all' a truly spectacular reinvention o ...more

I just started reading again (after hybernating for Hell knows how long).

this book is amazing, I had to sniffled like crazy because it's just heart-breaking, blood-curling, mind-wrenching, tragically lovely romance between our Dear Tom and the lovely Alice Duane.
WHYYY? Delaney why??? they deserves to be married, have 5 kids at least and start a good life being a spook/witch.
but I guess, without the tragic thingy, I would have drooped my eyes out.
not really, t

I have mentioned before my personal rating system which kind of goes 'stars for however I felt about that book.' And of course there is adjustment in this system for different genres as I tend to like books differently within genres and rate them differently for each genre. So my system tends to be very much a patchwork of up and down ratings. Now why am I beginning my review with this? Well I actually didn't have a reason I thought it would be a good thing to throw in there and test my readers.
Lex (Fastidious Reader)
I'm on my tenth one!!! :) Soon I'll catch up with Glam. :)

Whoa. One of the best book in the series. From 'The Dark Lord' to 'Strigoi' and 'Moroi'. HP and VA. Lol. The Spook's blood proved my hypothesis wrong. Since I, admittedly, have seen JP's question to Glam earlier (Yes, it was placed in a spoiler and I still read it), I was really shocked about it. I started to think that he's dead.

I actually didn't think that this series would add Vampires in their list of evil denizens of the dark. It is
Cj Wilkins
Lure of the Dead is the 10th book in The Last Apprentice Series. The series follows Tom Ward who is an apprentice to John Gregory. John Gregory is the County's local Spook, who deals with creatures from the dark. In this book, Tom, Mr. Gregory, and Tom's friend Alice (a witch) are back in the County after traveling to Ireland. The 3 of them had to travel to Ireland as refugees after enemies had invaded the County. The Spook's house had been burned by the enemy soldiers, and Tom and the Spook are ...more
As expected from the wardstone chronicles, its fantastic!
when you read this book, you feel as if your inside it, exploring the world of Thomas Ward.
In Spook's Blood, you wouldnt guess what will happen next and it will give you lots of emotion at the same time. as for me, i feel sad, curious, relieved and excited at the same time. its like you scrying on a mirror and suddenly the mirror goes blank. Its as if Im Tom, Grimalkin and Alice at the same time. I feel the presence of the characters and
I don't know I wasnt feeling the excitment to much with this one. All the characters I enjoyed seemed to have lost their spark. I really lost it when I thought that the spook had been killed, but then we saved him and he was just a shell. Yeah, I get that he is old and that Tom is growing up to be the spook but I.. it is sad that it went the way it did. Alice, I will always love, Alice But she is hardly in the book any more and the little she is, she is being wierd. I feel sad that she and Tom a ...more
Reviewed First at Brunner's Bookshelf

The last book allowed us to follow the Witch assassin Grimalkin as she tried to keep the head of the Fiend from falling into the hands of his followers. We also got to learn more about her past and why she has decided to join Tom as he tries to defeat the Fiend for good. This book brings us back to Tom and the Spook. Finally the war is over and they can begin rebuilding the house that will one day be Tom's when he takes over as the county Spook.

Tom is runnin
Ms. Yingling
Tom Ward and the John Gregory, the Spook, are back after Grimalkin: The Witch Assassin, trying to repair the damage to their house while making sure the Fiend's head stays hidden so he can't come back and give them trouble. Tom finds out that he is essential to doing away with the Fiend permanently; it will just take getting possession of three powerful knives, one of which Alice must retrieve from the dark. The problem? Tom will then be required to sacrifice Alice with the very knife she brings ...more
Barb Middleton
Me loves a good scary monster! Delaney creates some awesome predators in his horror books. Book 10 of the Spook Series has Tom working more on his own as a Spook; he's no longer the apprentice. He has discovered that he must retrieve a sacred object and make a sacrifice of someone he loves before getting rid of the Fiend. I thought they had gotten rid of the Fiend when Grimalkin chopped off his head but, alas, he is not gone from the world. Even with his head in a sack being carried by Grimalkin ...more
After not finishing the previous book in the series (which was written from Grimalkin, the witch assassin's point of view) my faith is restored after reading this.

The story is back to Tom Ward's point of view as we travel with him to defeat the dark. I was a little worried to begin with because it was a bit slow, but soon things picked up and the spooky things began.

It was weird when I found out the evil servants of the dark in this book were called Strigoi & Strigoica (they are Romanian v
Despite Goodreads insistence that this is the final book, it is not. Probably the penultimate one judging by the way it ends.

In this one Tom and the Spook head to pick up some books to start a new library after the old one was burnt down. However, it turns out it's all a trick by Romanian witches who are trying to summon the vampire god. It's up to Tom to save the Spook and defeat the vampire god, though he has Alice, Grimalkin and a newly introduced Spook called Judd to help.

It's dramatic and u
Joseph Delaney's Spook's books never disappoint so I always look forward to the latest installment. He's been spoiling us over 2010 and 2011 giving us two installments a year in place of the usual one as its been for the first seven volumes. Book 11 is due out early October.

There's been an ongoing thread in these books from the start but more notably in the last three or four books. This most recent volume however deals with some of the major plot line and then sidesteps it to bring us a b-story
The Spook's Blood is a medieval fantasy book.
The reason I read this book is because I had already started the series after being recommended it, and I just loved it, so I've followed the books and looked forward to the new releases for a long time.
The main plot is for Tom, the Spook's apprentice, to destroy Siscoi, the old god who the witches are trying to raise. He does this by persevering with hardship, the long nights and the horror.
Tomas Ward, a 15 year old who turns 16, is a Spook's apprent
Ahhhh Joseph Delaney you can do no wrong in my eyes!!.
This was another gem in the Spook's Apprentice series , and just as good as all previous books. It is getting nearer to the end ,and you can sense the end coming while reading the book.There are a few twists in this story that had me reaching for the tissues ,but I loved them all.
This time there are Witches and a vampire god Siscoi causing Thomas no end of problems so he is going to need all his old friends like the Spook,Alice, Grimalkin,a
Lure of the Dead
Joseph Delaney

Lure of the Dead is a young adult fiction book in the series The Last Apprentice. This is the first book when Thomas Ward has to start acting like a Spook and not an apprentice. Tom and his master, John Gregory, one of his old apprentices Judd Brinscall, Tom’s good friend Alice, and the help from Grimalkin the Witch Assassin, must defend the sack holding the Fiends head from his minions. “His head looked a lot smaller. His eyes were gone and he was still missing h
Phillip III
I just finished book 10 of 13 in The Last Apprentice saga. Joseph Delaney has quickly become one of my favorite authors. While the last book focused on Grimalkin, this book brings back Tom Ward and the Spook.

The young apprentice faces some of his most dangerous challenges in this chapter. Each lesson learned is life threatening. Each lesson brings him closer to becoming a spook. The only way to kill the Fiend once and for all will require the acquiring of three Hero Swords. While Tom has two, th
Ley Hayley
Ever since the first book, I've been in love with The Last Apprentice series. I can't say that it actually scares me all that much, but it is a wonderful fantasy story. So it is with ease that I give Lure of the Dead 4 out of 5 stars.

There were several great twists in the novel that made me love it even more, and it is a great continuation of the earlier novels. Tom faces a lot of new challenges and encounters a vast number of new creatures that he has to learn more about. And it is a glimpse i
Lavender and Suzanne
Tom and the Spook have been sent to a library by one of the Spook's former apprentices. The Spook wants to buy new books so he can fill his rebuilt library with them. Something isn't right with the house and its inhabitants though. This time the Spook can't help Tom. He has to find a way to battle the vampires alone. With the help of Alice and Grimalkin Tom has to fight for his life again.
This book has such a beautiful cover, I can't stop looking at it. The vampires were another evil Tom had to
Actual rating: 2.75 stars (somewhere just shy of 3).

I used to love reading books in "The Last Apprentice" series, but recently... that's changed. I thought my experience with Book 9 was a fluke, and that perhaps I simply hadn't enjoyed it as much because it was told from Grimalkin's POV rather than Tom's, but my disappointment held true through Book 10, "Lure of the Dead."

My biggest complaint is that everything happened too fast! Far too fast! Characters were dispatched of in mere sentences! The
This is again a good book after a disappointing previous book. Here again the story is beginning to move towards the climax. This book once again had its most endearing quality - novelty. It was good to see the dark creatures from Romania. The creatures had been hinted at in an earlier book and I was actually waiting for them. So that was a good part. While one likes new things, there are some things one gets sentimental about. I was missing some of the old elements that was part of the story. H ...more
big fan of this series. witches, demons, teenagers, death
Denizens of the dark await Tom and the Spook in Todmorden. They will attempt to summon the vampire god, Siscoi. Along with the help of Grimalkin and Alice, Tom must ensure they fail, or the County will suffer greatly and the fiend will surely be free.
He will finally learn what must be done to ensure victory over the Fiend, but will it prove to be too much for him? Only time will tell.

Another great installment to an excellent series. Dark, touching, and full of adventure, these books are too good
As always, this series continues to be awesome!
As we get closer to the end of the series, the stakes get more and more dire. We've now learned in this book from Tom's Mam exactly what Tom must do to rid the world of the Fiend forever, but it is a truly horrible sacrifice. Will he be able to do it? Will he have to?

(And for parents, I would advise that in these later books I think the age level is definitely going up from the earlier books. They are getting scarier, and much more serious in content. Will include a spoiler at the end for those
When the package containing this book arrived through the mail a while back, it came as a complete surprise. I wasn't expecting it and when I found out that it was the tenth book in a series, I wasn't even sure I could read it. But I'm so glad I did! It was brilliant!

Let me start off by saying that this book barely confused me... which was quite surprising! Since I hadn't read any of the previous books in The Wardstone Chronicles, I thought I was going to be questioning everything the whole way
The book, "The last apprentice The Spook's blood/lure of the dead" talks about Tom Ward and his master trying to repair the spook's house but when one of his ex-apprentice, Judd Brinscall tells of a place to get new books, the spook and Tom went off Todmorden. When they got there, Tom didn't know it was a trap as was his master indeed. So there are new types of beasts and witch coming from Romania. These beast look like vampire and they are trying to summoned their god,Siscoi to retrieve the st ...more
When I first got offered the chance to review the Wardstone Chronicles this was one of the books that convinced me that I’d want to read the series. The Fiend is bound, for now, but Tom is running out of time to destroy him. There is a sense of urgency while reading that wasn’t there in previous books.

The Spook and Tom have returned to Chipenden after the war and the Spook begins to rebuild his house. The dynamics between apprentice and master have shifted permanently. Master Gregory withdraws,
Lure of the Dead is the tenth book in the Last Apprentice series. The series was written by Joseph Delaney, a Lancaster graduate that lives in Lancashire, England at 68 years old. It is a fantasy book published in 2012 in Great Britain by The Bodley Head. Along with being fantasy, this book can also fall among the horror category. In England the series is called The Spook’s Apprentice. Every other book in this series was excellent, I was looking forward to this one.
This is the tenth book in th
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Joseph Delaney is a full time writer living in Lancashire, in the heart of Boggart territory. He first got the idea for the Wardstone Chronicles series when he moved to the village where he lives now and discovered there was a local boggart - ‘a man like me needs boggarts around’. He made a note in his notebook ‘a story about a man who hunts boggarts’ and years later when he had to come up with an ...more
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“You have the Destiny Blade and Bone Cutter, in addition to the talents inherited from your mother. Alice wields powerful magic, and I am Grimalkin.” 2 likes
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