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Event (Event Group Thriller #1)
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Event (Event Group Thriller #1)

3.86  ·  Rating Details ·  4,440 Ratings  ·  223 Reviews
The Event Group is the most secret organization in the United States, comprised of the nation's most brilliant individuals in the branches of science, philosophy, and the military. Led by the valiant Major Jack Collins, they are dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history—from underground agencies and conspirac ...more
Mass Market Paperback, 512 pages
Published April 3rd 2007 by St. Martin's Paperbacks (first published 2006)
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Tim The Enchanter
Jul 26, 2013 Tim The Enchanter rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Warehouse 13 and James Rollins and Mathew Reilly fans who like a bit of Sci-Fi
My #5 favorite read of 2013

An enthusiastic 4.5 Stars

Not since I read my first James Rollins novel have I liked a "new to me" author this much. This series looks to have all of the plot points I find exciting in an AA novel. Secret Government Agencies. Check. Tracking down ancient/paranormal/unexplained/other-world objects or artifacts. Check. Guns and Explosions. Check.

The only thing that kept me from giving this five stars was the cast of characters. I simply lost track of the characters. I
The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)
This story gives us a good example of proper military protocol.

“God Damn it Sirs,” the sargent said loudly and breathlessly, “Just a little (effing) faster next time?”

Highly skilled team members willing to do anything.

“Major, I’ve never flown one of those things in my life. I don’t even like riding in the (effing) things.”

“What about the smaller one?” Collins asked, heading for the lone Blackhawk.

“Are you nuts?” Ryan asked as he chased Collins.

“Where is the Crew Chief for this Aircraft!” E
Mike (the Paladin)
Oct 27, 2011 Mike (the Paladin) rated it it was ok
Shelves: fantasy
Oooooookkkkkkaaaayyyyy... here's another one I feel I need to be careful and diplomatic with. It was recommended to me by a friend who obviously likes it a lot. I'm not a fan of this one and I find (sometimes) that in cases where I'm not a fan I can be less than, as I said diplomatic.

So, here goes. I can see why some might like the book.It's got a bit of action and lays out a nice (what I'd call) semi-invasion story. And I'd recommend that if you're into action or modern fantasy books (I side st
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
This was a very good book, although the start was a little rocky. I think that this is an ambitious story, but the reward was sweet. I haven't read that many Alien Invasion novels, because I don't find them that interesting. However, Golemon took the events of Roswell and made it relevant and also far from cheesy. In fact, he took it in an imaginative direction.

When people think of UFO and alien sitings, the 'little green men' always come up. Also, there seems to be a dichotomy when people spea
Billy Young
Dec 17, 2009 Billy Young rated it really liked it
As I first began reading Event I was unsure if it was going to be good or not. Though the openiong chapter was a very good hook I felt the author spent to much on small details he could easily have left out. This slowed the pace a little but not so much that the tale stalled. As I read further this continued yet the story, as it unfolded, became faster pace racing to a climax that I could not wait to see. For this reason I found myself sitting several late nights in bed reading when my eyes were ...more
Oct 11, 2012 SuperHeroQwimm rated it really liked it
Excellent story I would suggest for anyone who likes aliens =) the way they are described is awesome! I felt it was totally realistic if you are into conspiracy theories!

The book is based around a secret government agency called The Event Group which deals with any information regarding age old undiscovered mysteries, conspiracy theories, aliens or UFOs, and pretty much just anything abnormal. Two UFOs crash in the US after encountering a military ship that sends a couple of jets to 'scout' it,
Phil M
Apr 01, 2014 Phil M rated it it was ok
Kinda slow, boring and predictable. Author takes too much time setting up for a whole series instead of crafting a good story. I found my self not caring about any of the characters. Was actually hoping for more to die to, you know, spice things up.
Jul 17, 2015 Hanzel rated it it was amazing
Very very good book, from the starting page to the last, "the action never stops!!!"
Highly recommended!!!!
Dec 28, 2007 Jeremy rated it really liked it
Recommends it for: Fans of thrillers and sci-fi
Recommended to Jeremy by: Peter Wolverton, the book's editor at Thomas Dunne.
Just finished reading Event. As far as first novels go, Event is pretty solid. I was skeptical when I picked this book up because I'm sooooo tired of the Roswell/gray alien deal, but I fought past that and enjoyed the book. What I found refreshing was the new take...or rather the non-boring take on the grays and their war with a slave-race. Of course, what I was really looking for in this book (and a lot of books I read...and write) were monsters/creatures/nasties/whatever you want to call them. ...more
An Odd1
Aug 03, 2011 An Odd1 rated it it was ok
Good at what it is. More horror than thriller. Flying saucer sighted 10 July 1947 Roswell USA, repeats crashes present-day Arizona, details 2 days disaster 7-9 July alien attack, finishes month with epilogue chapters.

Reminds me of Sigler's Ancestor Gruesome gore. 'Destroyers' are big, bad, fast, bulletproof armored, leap on helicopters, swim through ground, and rip scores of people and large mammals apart with razor-sharp teeth and claws.

Every red-bloo
Mar 02, 2012 Dale rated it it was ok
Borrows heavily from movies and TV, decent action.

Event is not a bad book, per se, but I kept on thinking, "I've seen this before."

The book introduces a secret government agency called the Event Group which investigates historical legends, paranormal activity, UFO sightings, etc. They are sort of an X-Files, Men in Black and Delta Force rolled into one. The Event Group collects items of historical significance and studies them to plan for future disasters. They also keep these items secret.

Dave Edlund
Nov 06, 2013 Dave Edlund rated it really liked it
I got hooked within the first few pages when two Tomcats engaged flying saucers. Yeah, what a scene!. Goleman continues throughout the book to weave incredible confrontations that kept me reading and loving it. The plot is original and has some good twists. The best way for me to describe "Event" is Matthew Reilly goes sci-fi. Unfortunately, the publisher did not do their part as the number of typos and misspellings is very large. Too bad, as it left a blemish on an otherwise spectacular story.
Ignacio Senao f
Algo tan coral puede ser contraproducente. Demasiados personajes mete David, algunos me dan realmente igual, ralentizando la historia. Es penoso que por inflamar el libro, perdamos interés por la acción tan jugosa que se desarrolla, en especial a los amantes de los monstruos. Pues no es tan sólo un thriller como nos quiere hacer ver la Factoría.

Este grupo de los mejores agentes en su campo, se dedican a investigar sucesos extraños, y a veces si que son extraños.
Dee Haddrill
First read - 21/08/2011. Second read -04/08/2013 Listened to audible - 31/01/2015

"The Event Group is the most secret organization in the United States, comprised of the nation's most brilliant individuals in the branches of science, philosophy, and the military. Led by the valiant Major Jack Collins, they are dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history--from underground agencies and conspiracy theories to extraterrestrial life and UF
Brenda Fryland
Jun 27, 2013 Brenda Fryland rated it liked it
I love James Rollins, Dan Brown, Steven Berry, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, and I am sure I missed quite a few exciting authors in this list.. I really thought I would be adding David Lynn Golemon to my list of favorite and prolific authors based on the blurb on the book!

But Event was just not as captivating as I wanted it to be! I love archeological mysteries - getting that bit of history always intrigues me. I adore special forces novels where a group is formed to deal with special situatio
Oh my…Commander Jack Collins has a place in my heart. (For those of you that love tough army boys, like this girl right here, this is one of them)

It begins with the Roswell incident back in 1947, “the biggest cover up” of the United States, the plot develops from there when 50 years later the same thing happens with a very, very different outcome with plots, and intrigue coming from all directions

Loved the character development, yet not a study of them. Haven’t read the others (yet) but This boo
Feb 17, 2011 William rated it really liked it
Shelves: event-group, ebooks
I really liked this debut thriller from Mr. Golemon, and simply devoured the second half of the novel as the blood and gore spilt readily from the pages. While it seemed most of the main characters could withstand just about any attack suffered at the hands of the alien invaders, others did not which made for the occasional surprise. I do hope that the characters become more fully drawn in the next books, as many of the survivors represent the same old stand-by stereotypes present in similar pie ...more
Doug Raubacher
Jan 28, 2014 Doug Raubacher rated it really liked it
The first book in the "Event Series" of thrillers. Stumbled on this as it was recommended by Kindle to me. Glad I read it. A mixture of Science Fiction, History, and Thriller, it has all the ingredients I like in a recreational read. All that was needed was for the intriguing premise to be executed with some good writing and Goleman does not disappoint. Roswell, New Mexico 1947; Moon exploration and discovery; Alien invasion, and political mechinations, are all elements of the plot. They are all ...more
Mar 07, 2015 Stacie rated it did not like it
Disclaimer: I did not actually finish this book. It might have gotten better, but as of Chapter 13 (about 175 pages in) it was still a mess of one-dimensional, unbelievable characters, stilted dialog, ridiculous plotting, and boring exposition. This read like a fan fiction of a made-for-SyFy-channel movie starring Dean Cain and Dolf Lundgren. I might have enjoyed that movie, but I couldn't stand the book. The author does, at least, show a basic grasp of grammar and writing structure and it's pos ...more
Oct 08, 2012 Stephen rated it it was amazing
Aliens, underground monsters, secret government units, private industry, a Navy Seal, and a Army Ranger...lions and tigers and bears--OH MY! Event is the first book in this series, I picked up the first 3 at a garage sale, and now I'm going to have to get the rest of them as soon as I read what I have. When I finally got around to starting this book, I couldn't stop. I loved it.
Aug 18, 2014 Candi rated it really liked it
Shelves: aliens, adult-fiction
This book was very fast paced. Something was always happening. I really enjoyed the tour of vaults in the beginning. I wasn't expecting the amount of gory details but I don't mind it. Great read if you like sci-fi/aliens.
David Elkin
Oct 25, 2014 David Elkin rated it it was amazing
The first of the series. What a hoot. I am not quite sure Roswell went down this way but it is sure one helluva fun read. If you like kick butt non-stop action with just a little intelligence thrown in, make a point to read this one.
May 17, 2014 J. rated it really liked it
Shelves: own
Good story, good characters. I was only going to read this book, but I think I will eventually read some more in the series.
Dec 30, 2013 Werretired rated it it was amazing
Page turner from beginning to end.
Apr 14, 2008 Brett rated it really liked it
Shelves: have-read
Good solid, action-packed story. I am already deep into the second book of the series and have bought number three as well.
Justin Felgar
Nov 24, 2016 Justin Felgar rated it it was amazing
A thrill ride from start to finish, easily one of the coolest books I have ever read. Simply put, it's like if you put The X-Files and Stargate SG1 into a blender. What came out is the Event Group. Great start to a series. Event had hints of Tremors, Predator, Alien, and even E.T. Breakneck action scenes, high tech military equipment, and haunting scenery juxtaposed on a plot that was nothing short of brilliant. The concept of the Event Group or Department 5656 is brilliant. I highly recommend t ...more
May 28, 2017 Azalter rated it really liked it
I'm not sure why this hasn't been turned into a movie? Full of action. A bit long for me but it went fairly quick since it's a real page turner. I don't usually like sci fi due to unrealistic or hard to imagine scenery but this takes place on earth and nothing too far 'out there', which added to the enjoyment of the book.

I'm not sure I'll read the series, but you never know.
Jan 28, 2017 Paul rated it really liked it
Good, but a bit hard to follow the myriad of characters at times.
Some of the technical aspects were a bit lacking at times, such as the idea that a neutron bomb is not a nuclear weapon.
Otherwise a good concept, good locations.
Randall Thompson
I write this after reading the entire series, twice, so forgive me if my commentary runs beyond the confines of event. I would also like to preface this review by saying that I read the third book Ancients first, fell in love with the series before reading the event. When I recommend this book to my friends I always describe it as one part X-files, one part Indiana Jones, and one part 24, all wrapped up in a monster movie style adrenalin ride.
The Event, introduces us to a top secret organizatio
Kara Jorges
Aug 04, 2011 Kara Jorges rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I’ll admit I had some misgivings about a book with such an outrageous plot, but that was also what drew me to it. Done well, a far-fetched story often delivers a great read. This book did not disappoint.

Major Jack Collins has just joined the Event Group, a super-secret agency headquartered in the desert of New Mexico, when an emergency occurs. Two F-14 Tomcats have been knocked out of the sky over the Pacific, and the surviving pilot claims a flying saucer did it. The incident immediately grabs
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David L. Golemon is the author of the Event Group Thrillers, including Event, Ancients, Leviathan and Primeval. Legend, the second book in the series, was nominated for a RITA award for paranormal fiction. Golemon learned an early love of reading from his father, who told him that the written word, unlike other forms, allows readers to use their own minds, the greatest special effects machines of ...more
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