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The Bolivian Diary
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The Bolivian Diary

3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·  rating details  ·  1,367 ratings  ·  71 reviews
Ernesto "Che" Guevara was born in Argentina on June 14, 1928. After graduating from medical school in 1953, he set off to travel the Americas. While living in Guatemala in 1954, he became involved in political struggle, supporting the elected government of Jacobo Arbenz against the CIA's eventually successful attempts to overthrow it. He then escaped to Mexico, where he so ...more
Published November 1st 1994 by Pathfinder Press (NY) (first published 1968)
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Che Guevara waas more than just an icon on a T-shirt, in his time he was a real revolutionary who played a key part in the Cuban revolution and was aiming to overthrow South American dictatorships to free the people.

This book is a translation of the diary that he wrote when he was in Bolivia with a small team of revolutionaries. It is written with daily notes and reports on their progress as they move through the jungle, avoiding the army that is looking for them and talking to the peasants to g
Do not read the intro by Fidel Castro unless you want to get killed by war-cries against antirevolutionaries and pure propaganda. I did read it. Cost me a headache.
It's hard to say what do I think about this book. It's not really a book. It's a diary. I took it with hope to find some ideas, some ideals and to make a better picture of Che, without the propaganda and his icons. I didn't.
Well, it's just an account of him and his comrads trying to get a revolution going on. At first you get bored
Duane Tapken
Its amazing to be able to read a diary and be able to actually put yourself there at that very time, especially in the jungle. Though Che has a large ego, his intentions were sincere, and Nelson Mandela once called him "a hero for anyone who truly values freedom."

It was interesting to note that Che was the leader from the start, though hailing from Argentina, having success in Cuba, and assembling a guerilla army made up of men AND women from Bolivia, Cuba and Peru. At no time did Che and his cr
The diaries give a facinating picture into the unromantic life of a guerilla freedom fighter, but it also shows some of the diffriculties, in training, supplying and administering a guerilla army in a fight for freedom in the jungles of South America. It was very sad to be reading this diary knowing that Che would never be allowed to finish his work because the CIA led Bolivian army mercenaries assassinated him and hid his body. Out of all of his diaries, I enjoyed the Motorcyle Diaries the bes ...more
An introduction from Fidel Castro and the final diary of a figure like Guevara? It would qualify as worth a read on the back of that alone.

The accompanying notes are very helpful as a Who's Who as you read through - I found myself referring to it frequently to keep on top of this.

If you're looking to learn about the Guevara's history, there will be better books to start on. If, however, you want to get into the man's head, then what better place than his diary. It strikes me as honest and it's
Timm DiStefano
Hadn't read any material on Che or had a personal opinion about the man before reading excerpts from his journals. I can only dream to have an ounce of the passion he had in the face of injustice and oppression.

A few bits that stood out while reading..

"This might have been the first time I was faced literally, with the dilemma of choosing between my devotion to medicine and my duty as a revolutionary soldier. There at my feet, was a backpack full of medicine and a box of ammunition. They were to
Just seen Che Parts 1&2 so it made sense to re-read the Bolivian Diary. Part 2 of the film documents Che's Bolivian campaign which ended in his death. The film very much sticks to Che's account and that of some of his Cuban comrades who managed to escape during those fateful last days. I felt incredibly depressed after seeing Part 2 as one begins to realise the campaign was doomed from the beginning and probably should have been postponed for at least 6 months. The failure to get the Bolivia ...more
Around the World = Bolivia

The Bolivian Diary of Ernesto "Che" Guevara details the 11 months of the guerilla campaign for the liberation of Bolivia, until the day before his death. Found amongst Che's posessions following his capture and execution by the Bolivian Army, and thus not rewritten for publication, it soberly describes campaign efforts. Preparing trails and provisioning expeditions; recruiting fighters and supporters; skirmishes and ambushes against the army; ilnesses, infections and in
Richard Hansen
It's really fantastic to see Che's ultimately futile attempt to start a Cuban-style revolution in Bolivia recounted in his own words. Especially interesting for me is his ceaseless optimism in the face of circumstances which we, in hindsight, know to be hopeless.

To really get a complete understanding of the "man behind the myth" (cliche, I know), it is vital to read this final diary: recommended.his very own words from the guerrilla front.

As a sidebar, the glossary in the back which defines the
sahar salman
يبدأ الكتاب بمقدمة عن تشي غيفارا بقلم الناشر و مقدمة أخرى بقلم د.فيديل كاسترو , ثم يعرض لنا يوميات بوليفيا التي كتبها غيفارا من أول يوم برحلته التي استمرت 11 شهراً في الجبال البوليفية , تحكي الصراع الذي واجهه هو و مجموعته و المسيره الطويله و المعارك وينتهي الكتاب بالبلاغات و الرسائل من الغوارة البوليفية و البرقيات التي تلقاها القائد شي غيفارا و أكثر ما أعجبني نص رسالة تشي إلى مؤتمر القارات الثلاثة عام 1967
" اخلقوا فيتنامين ثلاثاً .. عدة فيتنامات , هذا هو الشعار "
كتاب يستحق القراءه فعلاً , عن هذ
Nandasiri Wanninayaka
I finished reading Ernesto Che Guevara’s Bolivian Diary. It is an exciting book about the guerilla life and how Che enjoys the very hardships he comes across in the mountainous jungles of Bolivia. He admits once he had a bath after 6 months despite continuous presence of streams and rivers. Che and his guerilla cadres eat horsemeat by killing the very horses that helped them to take their stuff, kill birds, fish, cows, and what not! They steal corns from corn farms and take farmers hostages till ...more
Mohammad Ali
انبوهی از داده های غیر قابل استفاده دارد؛ به این معنا که اسامی زیاد است و حفظ کردن اینکه هر کسی کجا بود و باید چه می کرد و چه شد و ... برای من عملا ممکن نبود. نباید فراموش کرد که این ها همه یادداشت های روزانه و مختصر چه گوارا بوده اند و نه یک کتاب تاریخی. همچنین انبوهی از اشارات به افراد و احزاب و ... هست که برای من که تاریخ مبارزات چریکی و سیاسی آمریکای جنوبی را نمی دانم قابل فهم نیست. اما جدای از همه ی اینها آنچه بسیار در این اثر جالب است وصف نفس تجربه ی مبارزه ی چریکی و مشکلات و دشواری های آن ...more
Yaser maadat
الكتاب عبارة عن توثيق يومي من قبل تشي جيفارا للاحداث المرافقة لحرب العصابات التي شنها ضد الجيش البوليفي النظامي،و فيه تفاصيل كثيرة حول الظروف المحيطة بهذا المشروع الذي فشل في النهاية.
يبدأ الكتاب بتقديم خاص بقلم الرئيس الكوبي آنذاك فيديل كاسترو يتحدث فيه عن مشروع جيفارا الثوري و الصعاب التي رافقته و دور الامبريالية الامريكية في تحطيم امكانية حدوث ثورة فعلية في بوليفيا و امتدادها عبر امريكا اللاتينيةقاطبة.
بالنسبة لمشروع جيفارا الذي خطط له ليكون نسخة عن الثورة الكوبية التي خاض غمارها رفقة كاسترو و
Rahul Rajendran
Oct 20, 2015 Rahul Rajendran rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: History lovers
Shelves: biography
Last diary of Ernesto Che Guevara de la Serna. People say that reading other's diary is an indecent act; that doesn't hold true in the case of Che's diaries. Its revolutionary to read Che's diary. If one wishes to know about what really happened during his struggle, nothing else is effective other than reading his experiences from his own personal diary.

The book begins with the preface of his son Camilo, and a lengthy introduction by Fidel Castro (which is kinda boring, yet tempting). The first
Michael Obiora
When I was seventeen years old I bought a green t-shirt with an image that I thought was very cool. The image was that of Che Guevara’s. I still possess that t-shirt, and I still think it’s cool.
Those who have been following my reviews will know that I have always been a curious individual, they will also know that this curiosity was one of the main reasons I spent almost all my weekly theatre earnings on a list of books that I had been making since this curiosity began. So, it was once again a
mohamadadali abtahi
دیوانه کننده است قدرت روحی این مرد. مبارزه بکند، پیروز شود، رییس بانک مرکزی کوبا بشود، ول کند و برود کشوری غیر از کشور خودش را آزاد کند.
در کوبا وقتی تازه جنازه اش را آورده بودند بر سر قبرش رفتم
در تاریخ-- ان را خوانده ام
Every time I read Guevara I dislike him a little more. Arrogant ass.
Francesco Galdieri
Perch Ernesto "Che" Guevara diventato un mito? Questo libro, che raccoglie i suoi ultimi scritti durante la guerriglia in Bolivia, potrebbe gi bastare a dare una spiegazione a chi, come me, non ha letto altre sue "opere". Il libro una traduzione diretta dalla versione pubblicata a Cuba del suo diario, scritto nei giorni della guerriglia in Bolivia, di cui lui era il Comandante. E alla fine della quale, il Che stato catturato e quindi barbaramente ucciso. Il diario infatti si ferma al 7 Ottobr ...more
67594 Reading Che Guevara’s accounts of the guerrilla warfare that led to the revolutionary victory in Cuba, one receives a romanticized description of life in the Sierra Maestra. It was violent and dirty and difficult, but it was all for a purpose, and those heroic guerrillas won in the end because they wanted to free the people of Cuba from the tyranny of the government. If Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War is an example of the triumph of Che’s guerrilla tactics and ideologies, The ...more
An interesting read but in truth not the best of Che's books both the motorcycle diaries and reminsences of a cuban revolutionary war are the better reads but in fairness Che lived to update edit and enhance the narrative with those books something which he was unable to do with this book as sadly this is the final of his journals and released after his death which occured during this ever it is still an interesting read but due to it's incomplete nature it is peppered with unneces ...more
'Bolivian Diary' is Che Guevara's account of his last 11 months, as he and his band of guerrillas fight against armies, mountains, jungles, hunger, disease and death in Bolivia. It provides a moving record of the guerrilla's suffering and bravery.
This is definitely a 5 star book. However, I am uncertain if it belongs on my favorites shelf. Time will tell. I knew nothing about Mr. Guevara before I read this book. Now, I know just enough to want to know more.
Waleed Binkhamis
في سلسلة جبال سييرا مايسترا الكوبية بدأت الاسطورة واخذت تكبر وتتعاظم طوال احدى عشر عاماً الى أن حانت نهايتها بين غابات بوليفيا, قد تكون إحدى عشر عاماً مدة تافهة في عمر البشرية المديد, ولكنها كانت اكثر من كافية لتخليد إسم الطبيب الأرجنتيني الثائر "التشي إرنستو غيفارا" .

في هذا الكتاب لربما لن تجد فصول قصة النهاية كاملة ولكنك ستراها بعيون بطلها وتعيشها معه يوماً بيوم طوال إحدى عشر شهراً قضاها في حرب العصابات بين الجوع والشبع والمرض والصحة وبين الإنتصار والخسارة, كانت بعض الأيام مملة ومكررة وبعضها ا
Sebuah buku yang diangkat dari buku harian Che Guevara ketika melakukan perjuangan di Bolivia tahun 1966-1967. Kisah heroic, romantic dan tragis dari sosok revolusioner sejati. Semangat revolusi membuat dia pantang menyerah, walaupun kegelisahan terus mengoyak hati karena alam, penyakit dan lawan terus memburunya. Satu persatu kawan seperjuangan berjatuhan….
Sebuah buku yang menginspirasi tentang kekuatan sebuah idiologi bisa mendorong orang menjadi martyr dan tidak lagi memikirkan kepentingan di
James Hatton
I found this diary spellbinding, even chilling. I won't insult the author by trying to tell his story. It cost him his life. The last entry is October 7, 1967, Bolivia.
Proud Pharmacist
Only tears .
How wonderful soldier, leader, and human you are 'Comandante Che Guevara'
Hasta siempre, Comandante Che Guevara
This diary covers the day-to-day of Che’s campaign in Bolivia in the late 60s. While it offered an interesting look at the business of conducting and leading a guerilla revolution, it lacked the political insight that could make it a universally valuable read. While Che does delve occasionally into the philosophy of guerilla revolution, the entries primarily focus on the logistics of living in the jungle, moving, and garnering supplies. Some military action is recorded, but in loose, retrospecti ...more
so far a completely amazing daily account of the life of the guerillas in Bolivia. From small things like the jokes told around a fire to detailed analysis of combat operations in the jungles, it is all here. The version i have is earlier, with an intro by Fidel.


Finished this weekend, and while i was initially disapointed that there was no epilogue, the fact that it ends with the final entry has started to settle in my mind nicely. Highly recommended to all who wear shirts bearing his ima

"حسناً.. هذه اليوميات لهذا القائد الرائع لا تكشف حقيقةً الكثير من بطولاته او فكره وطموحه.. وإنما هي يومياته وعصارة ما يفكر فيه ويخطط له مع نهاية كل يوم.. برغم أن بعض الليالي تكاد المذكرات فيها تتشابه مع الأخرى.. إلا أنها جعلتني أعيش معه في تلك الغابات حيث المخاطر والمآزق تأتي من كل صوب وحدب
هذا القائد الأسطورة يتجلى في كتاباته عمق نظرته وحدة قراراته وعزمه وشجاعته.. كذلك رفقه بأتباعه وعدله وتواضعه
أصابني الملل في بعض الأيام ولكن لم يعيقني من مواصلة يوميات بوليفيا مع جيفارا
Extraordinarily boring. Only the bathos of the "it rained today, not sure I like Bolivian food" as his life races towards its end kept me going. Some interesting things though, like how so few people doing so little really did appear to be able to destabilize a regime. His reports of what they were hearing on the radio certainly suggest that the Bolivian govt was teetering on the brink. As he said "If I only had 50 more guerrillas".
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Ernesto "Che" Guevara, commonly known as El Che or simply Che, was a Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, since his death Guevara's stylized visage has become an ubiquitous countercultural symbol and global icon within popular culture.

His belief in the necessity of world revolution to adva
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