Small Steps
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Small Steps (Holes #2)

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Armpit and X-Ray are living in Austin, Texas. It is three years since they left the confines of Camp Green Lake Detention Centre and Armpit is taking small steps to turn his life around. He is working for a landscape gardener because he is good at digging holes, he is going to school and he is enjoying his first proper romance, but is he going to be able to stay out of tro...more
Kindle Edition, 274 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2006)
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Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Christian C. for

Remember Armpit, from HOLES? It's been two years since he was released from Camp Green Lake Juvenile Correctional Facility, and ever since, he's been trying to stay clean. In order to stay clean, he's established for himself five small steps:

1. Graduate from high school.
2. Get a job.
3. Save his money.
4. Avoid situations that might turn violent.
5. Lose the name Armpit.

(By the way, this is not a sequel to HOLES; you don't need to read HOLES to enj...more
I can't tell if this was supposed to be a young adult book or not. Small Steps is a sequel to the book Holes, which was fun to read. In this second book, Sachar follows Armpit as he transitions back into society after his stint at Camp Green Lake. I thought the premise had potential, but in my opinion, it was a fairly transparent story about puppy love and cliche rehabilitation. The book ends with a startling act of violence which doesn't fit with the rest of the story, and then leaves the two m...more
What's easy about being the sequel to Holes is that any implausibilities of plot are irreproachable, 'cause you can't hardly get more implausible than Holes and it was awesome. What's hard is simply that you're the sequel to Holes. Because it was awesome. High bar. I'm embarrassed to admit it took me 5 years to get around to actually reading Small Steps, the story of Armpit's X-Ray-influenced adventures back home in Austin, trying to get his life turned around after his time at Camp Green Lake....more
I enjoyed Holes so I thought I'd read another from this author. I was not disappointed. This was a surprisingly gripping story. An off-shoot from a couple of the characters in Holes, Armpit and X-ray return in this novel. Armpit putting to work what his counselor had advised him to do ..take small steps, hence he set 5 goals for himself: graduate from high school, get a job, save his money, avoid situations that might turn violent, and lose the name Armpit. X-ray of course had to jiggle tho...more
Last we saw Armpit, he was digging holes at Camp Green Lake. Now, Armpit (nicknamed for a wasp bite on his armpit) is still digging holes, but now he's getting paid for it, working for a landscaper in his hometown of Austin, TX. Armpit (or Theodore, as he prefers to be called) is trying to straighten his life out after two years of juvie, while everyone is expecting the worst of him. The only person who believes in him is his feisty ten-year-old neighbor Ginny, who has cerebral palsy. He is earn...more
Robert Tabb
Dec 08, 2007 Robert Tabb rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Sachar fans, Older readers
I was reluctant to read Small Steps since Holes is my all-time favorite book and I had heard several negative things from readers concerning how Armpit and X-Ray were handled.
After reading the book, I can see where some people might be disappointed (it's not Holes). However, I found Sachar's ability to weave several stories together to be captivating. His strength of creating "acting true to who they are characters" is on display as Theodore finds himself interacting with diverse characters.
I loved Holes so I was happy to find this book with some of the same characters. And I have to say right off that Louis Sachar should write song lyrics. The ones in his book were really good. Maybe Lady Gaga could hire him because whoever she has doing that job keeps coming up with stuff like, "Tonight, yeah baby, tonight".

But I digress.

Anyway, I liked the book. In a couple of places I wanted to yell out instructions to the main character.

My only complaint was the ending. I wanted more of a roma...more
Jesse German
I never read Holes, but I watched the movie and liked it. However, I don't think you necessarily have to read or watch Holes to enjoy and understand this book. This book was an amazing and easy read. After reading Small Steps, I would like to go back and read Holes because I think that Louis Sachar is a great author and would love to read more of his work. Small Steps follows the life of Armpit and X-Ray two years after they have been released from Camp Green Lake. Armpit is trying to take small...more
Theodore Johnson a/k/a Armpit is taking the advice of the counselor in his halfway house. He’s taking change in his life in small steps. He’s making the transition from inmate at Camp Greenlake, a notorious Texas boot camp for juvenile offenders back into civil society. He’s doing all right. He has a steady job with a landscape contractor; he’s saving his pay, and going to summer school to complete high school. It’s all going well until his old friend X-Ray stops by with a sure fire way to make...more
I choose to read this book because i wanted to read the second book of holes. The genre is fiction, but I think it could happen. The setting is at Armpit's work and at a concert and New York. The main character is Armpit and he went to a camp called Camp Greenlake. The camp was for kids that did bad things. Armpit is not his real name but people call him that because he got stung by a scorpein in the armpit. in the begining he is working at the mayers house doing yard work. Then his friend X-ray...more
Kressel Housman
Stanley and Zero had their happy ending at the end of Holes, so Louis Sachar did a sequel of sorts starring two of the minor characters from Camp Green Lake, Armpit and X-Ray. Armpit is trying to put his life back together. He’s got a legitimate job and he’s enrolled in summer school, taking speech and economics. But when X-Ray shows up and pressures him into a ticket scalping scheme, Armpit, against his better judgment, joins in. Naturally, they have just enough success to want to keep it going...more
Abbey Lissaman
Has anyone ever read Holes (by Louis Sachar)? Well this is sort of the sequel. Armpit and X-Ray are now about 17 years old, and Armpit has a job working for the landscape gardening company, which he happens to be very good at because of all the digging he had to do at Camp Green Lake. When Armpit and his old mate X-Ray get mixed up in a ticket scam, things start to get messy, and with the choice of choosing between the popular singer and potential girlfriend Kiara DeLeon, or acing his economics...more
Gabriel Hall
I think that this book is a pronominal book. Its about a boy name Armpit who is now 17 who faces an African American boy "teenager" with a very bad criminal history. of the Towards the middle of the book Armpit and Ginny get along very well. One of the characters in the story is named Kiara Deleon. Kaira is a spoiled teen who is stubborn and blind to the corruption of her team that is managed by her stepfather.Her step father name is El Genius.When she is off stage,she is often lonely staying in...more
Amar #3
Armpit, a senior high school student, just returned from juvinile correctional facility Camp Green Lake. Now Armpit is living in Austin, Texas.

Everybody expects Armpit to hurt somebody because Armpit has a criminal record, and it is harder to turn around his life. Ten year old Ginny, Armpit’s neighbor, is the only one who truly believes in him.

Armpit is doing well until X-ray, Armpit’s buddy from Green Lake, offers him a get – rich – quick plan. X-ray’s scheme gives Armpit a chance to be Kair...more
Talmage Flitton
Small steps is a story about a man named "Armpit" and how he is just a trench digger and ends up in a relationship with a pop sensation out of nowhere.
I chose to read this because I liked the first book Holes and thought that a spinoff would be nice to read.
I thought that the whole star-crossed lovers thing worked in the story. It turned out well and made you happy.
I thought that the climax was kind of not that great and didn't really make me very excited.
My overall impression was that this...more
Robb Terranova (aka Robb Michael G)
Loved Small Steps by Louis Sachar. Anytime a book leaves me imagining what happened to the protagonist it's a good book. And anytime I finish the book feeling good or pensive or even excited, it's a good book. I stumbled across this book while looking for another book, but having read Sachar's Holes, I decided to pick it up, thinking it might be a sequel. However, it's actually a spin-off, taking two of the minor characters: Armpit and X-Ray.
Armpit is trying to lead a good life. He doesn't want...more
Tasha Robinson
Entirely okay sequel to the author's stellar YA novel Holes, focusing on one of the lesser characters, X-Ray, and his friend Armpit. The narrative is fairly rushed—a slow, character-building start-up suddenly gives way to a very rapidly developed, odd plot where a Miley Cyrus-like underage superstar singer is obsessed with Armpit, and then fast-forwards to a barely-there ending. It lacks Holes' historical complications and uniqueness, and reads a little more like a standard fantasy where a kid w...more
Courtney Schlenker
Small Steps follows the story of one of the other campers who was at Camp Green Lake the same time Stanley Yelnats was there. Two yeas after being released from Camp Green Lake, Armpit is home and trying to turn his life around. It is hard when you have a record and when everyone expects the worst of them. There is only one person who believes in him which is Ginny, his neighbor who is 10 years old and disabled. Together they take small steps towards the right path until X-Ray, a friend from the...more
This was the sequel to the amazing book Holes. This story was about Armpit. It has been 2 years since armpit was at camp green lake. Now armpit aka Theodore is trying to start his life over. He has a job and is finishing school. But when armpit runs into a friend from camp green lake named X-ray things go wrong. It is also told from the perspective of a teenage pop star who later becomes an important character.

This story is crazy!!!! So much going on. Armpit becomes the hero of this story.
This book is aimed at young teens. I really enjoyed the book 'Holes' by this author and also liked the film adaptation. When i saw this on a charity shelf I picked it up to read and pass on to my grand son.

This is not exactly a sequel to 'Holes'but if you have read that book you will recognise the main character 'Armpit'.

He has been released from the juvenile correction facility at Camp Green Lake where they spent their lives digging holes.

On release he was told to take 'Small steps' so he made...more
Take Armpit, X-Ray, a teen star and a little girl called Ginny. Add a well-meaning mayor, parents who don’t understand, other parents who do, and one who doesn’t even want to. Mix in some ticket scalpers for the teen star’s concert; plus some impossible coincidences that just have to be the way they are because that’s how the magic of Sachar’s stories works. And rest assured it does work, beautifully, un-put-down-ably and, just like Holes, delightfully memorably too.
Having absolutely loved Sachar's "Holes", I was eager to discover what happened next. This book follows Armpit and X-Ray as Armpit returns home to Austin, Texas, trying diligently to do everything right in order to stay on the law's good side. X-Ray, on the other hand, walks the thin line between legal and illegal as he endeavors to attempt a get rich quick scheme. Armpit continues to be on the receiving end of undeserved prejudice, despite his best intentions - summer school attendance and form...more
Thanks to GoodReads I was able to discover that there were more books related to Holes. I wouldn't necessarily call them a series. This would be more like a thin side branch novel where Holes was the tree and roots. This book focuses on two characters from Camp Green Lake: Armpit and X-ray. The story itself was not horrible, but it was not unique at all. I have read countless stories that have a character trying to better his life that is thrown into a bad situation and therefore their new impro...more
This book is the continue of the book Holes. Holes was all about Stanley in Camp Green Lake, this one is about Armpit. Armpit is a very big Afroamerican that as well as Stanley just got out of the camp. Armpit is working as a construction worker to help out his family.That is until X-Ray comes along this story, X-Ray was a also in CGL. He calls Armpit with a pruposal of an easy moneymacking job. Will Armpit take the easy way out?
Alex Venditti
I would really liked to have given this book a 4 and a half (I only give 5 star ratings to books that really move me) because this was a nice little story and it easily matched its predecessor 'Holes' in brilliance.

Its about one of the members of Camp Green Lake (from Holes) trying to turn his life around, he likes next to a young disabled girl and they are the best of friends, his camp mate x-ray comes out too and tries to get him into a ticket scam.

This is a very well written book and I woul...more
"It's a lost and lonely kind of feeling, To wake up wearing a disguise. I lie in bed staring at the ceiling, I don't know who I am, There's little that I can Fully recognize. But I'm taking small steps, 'Cause I don't know where I'm going. I'm taking small steps And I don't know what to say. Small steps, Trying to put myself together, And maybe I'll discover
A clue along the way. . Just to make it through the day and not to get hurt, Seems about the best I can hope. Like coffee stains splattered...more
small steps by louis sachar it is non- fiction. the book is about a teenager trying to change his life around. I think the author did pretty good of achieving the goal. I liked everything about it because of how armpit acted and how nice he was to the little girl. I think kids, teens and adults might like to read this book.
Lawayne Horne
In the story "Small Steps" by louis sachar the hook of the story is the simple fact that it isna break off of the popular movie and book Holes.. In my opinion this story displays the theme of good defeating evil. I feel this becuase Armpit, the main character is finally out of a juvenile camp for teens aka "Camp Greenlake". The plot of the story is armpit getting tangled into his old friend X Rays schemes X Rays is running a scam selling tickets to a popular singer named Karia Leon everything is...more
Age: 5th - 8th grade

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Summary: This is the sequel to Holes, and in this story Armpit comes home from camp, but everyone expects the worst from him, except his disabled neighbor, Ginny. Together they begin to get their lives together until a friend's plan sends them down a dangerous path.

Curriculum connection: This book would be ideal for looking at character development and change, especially regarding Armpit's stay at camp and then his interactions with a disabled neighbor...more
Lincoln Fillmore
The conflict got a bit forced and rushed near the end, but the resolutions was good, and Sachar is a great writer of characters.
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Louis Sachar (pronounced Sacker), born March 20, 1954, is an American author of children's books.

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“But I'm taking small steps
'Cause I don't know where I'm going
I'm taking small steps
And I don't know what to say.
Small steps,
Trying to pull myself together
And maybe I'll discover
A clue along the way!”
“There was something special about being in a strange place, all alone in a mass of people even if you had just screwed up your life, or perhaps especially if you had just screwed up your life.” 11 likes
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