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Giants Beware!
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Giants Beware!

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  3,531 ratings  ·  268 reviews
Make way for Claudette thegiant slayer in this delightful, fantastical adventure!

Claudette’s fondest wish is to slay a giant. But her village is so safe and quiet! What’s a future giant slayer to do?

With her best friend Marie (an aspiring princess), and her brother Gaston (a pastry-chef-to-be), Claudette embarks on a super-secret quest to find a giant—without parental perm
Paperback, 208 pages
Published April 10th 2012 by First Second

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My 7 year old daughter loves this book so much, she carries it around with her wherever she goes. The protagonist is spunky, but flawed. The 3 main characters grow as the story progresses. I hope there is a sequel--there are a number of things that are mentioned, but never fully explained in the book. Here's hoping that's not just a flaw in the plot, but a promise of things to come!
This book has everything comic book readers from ages 8 to 12 could ever dream of: Adventure! Laughs! Non-traditional gender roles! Peaceful conflict resolution! …wait, what? That’s right: Giants Beware! is not your typical comic book, but its unique qualities make it all the more special.

Young Claudette is determined to defeat the giants who populate the village storyteller’s yarns. She recruits her best friend, Marie (a princess in training), and her little brother, Gaston (an aspiring chef) t
It shouldn’t be this hard. I know why it is hard. I acknowledge that I could never do it myself. I submit to the understanding that when it comes right down to it, few have the talent, wherewithal, drive, and chutzpah to get it done. Still and all there’s this little part of my brain that wonders why there aren’t more really drop dead spectacular full-color graphic novels for kids out there. The Bone series raised the bar and since its publication we’ve seen a significant increase in kids’ inter ...more
This is a tremendously fun book. It has tons of appeal with regard to both story and illustrations.

The story was tremendously satisfying as a story--the introduction of the Danger, the Quest, the mischances along the way, and the final confrontation taking a pleasing twist. But what made me love this one is the characters, who defy the expectations and normative categorizations most beautifully.

Marie wants to be a princess, and Claudette, tomboy though she is, is a supportive friend, agreeing t
Having a new baby means one of the first things I wonder is "What should I read to him?" The obliging people at NetGalley let me request children's books too, so here is the first Children's book review at E-volving Books!

*drumroll please*

Presenting Giant's Beware, a Graphic Novel Written by Jorge Aguirre; illustrated by Rafael Rosado

Call Giant's Beware a kid's book is possibly a misnomer here, this is a comic for all ages. I for one thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and smiled, giggled and D'awwww
Kate Hastings
Grades K+-- recommended by a patron who was the coloring artist. Can't wait!
How am I the first to add this book? It looks so cute!
Graphics were fun and the overall plot to the story was a good one: brave/adventurous girl teaches friends, albeit in a less than honest manner, that they can be what they want to be in life if they make the effort and does so on a quest to kill the baby-feet-eating giant that has their village living in fear.

The fact that they learn they can be whatever they want to be is incidental and not intentional on Claudette's part, but still, Claudette, as the main character, is a strong-willed one and
Mrs W
Sep 17, 2013 Mrs W rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
Claudette hears the same story again and again…how Marquis Pierre XXXII bravely drove away the giant who loved eating baby feet. Once the giant was gone, the Marquis built a great wall around the city. No giants can get in, but no one goes out, either, for outside is a dangerous place. Claudette, a child who could be anywhere between five and twelve (the cartoon style is vague on her age), believes the practically sainted Marquis acted irresponsibly, and that the giant should be killed. She tric ...more
Wandering Librarians
Claudette has big goals of becoming a giant slayer. Unfortunately for her, there are no giants to slay in her very safe walled city. Ever determined, Claudette sets out on an adventure with her friend Marie, who wants to be a princess, and her little brother Gaston, who wants to be a sword maker/pastry chef. Their quest: find and slay the baby-foot eating giant.

I don't know if I have to words to express how much I loved this. LOVED. It was smart and sweet and adorable and teaches about friendshi
Plot: Claudette is not your average little girl. Her village is terrified of the Giants that live close to them, but she wants to deal with the problem once and for all, by slaying them! It takes a bit of convincing, but she manages to bring her friends along with her on the adventure. Little does she know what really involves slaying a giant.

I just loved the way this book read and it had me laughing the whole time while reading. The adventure of the story definitely carries you away into a worl
What is the one thing you’re afraid of? The thing that would make you curl up under a pile of blankets and never come out?

Well, the heroine of this story, Claudette, has not and does not think she will EVER, find that one thing. And she’s tired of hearing all the boring stories about the baby feet eating giant that lives just outside her village. So, she comes to decision. She, Claudette the Brave, will slay the giant with the help of Marie, best friend and princess in training, Gaston, little b
Apr 07, 2014 Heidi rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of Zita the Spacegirl
Loved this one! It's really cleverly written, and I found myself constantly laughing out loud throughout. I love how blood thirsty Claudette is and that her sidekicks are really just as (if not more) important than her. A fantastic fun story with excellent artwork! Highly recommended.
Janet Maisel
i finally did it! I read my first graphic novel. I think I miss the "words', the details, the artistry of writing... but you do what you have to do. I feel like I read it twice, once for the words, once to read the pictures. Maybe there is at trick to reading a GN that I am not aware of?This is one of the GNs on the new Black-eyed Susan Graphic novel list for next school year. It was a "cute" story about a girl named Claudette who sets out to slay a giant and finds that the local giant story is ...more
Were it possible, I would give this one 2.5 stars. The premise is fun and the illustrations are cute,however the plot holds little surprises, and is predictable right to the end. Furthermore, most,(if not all) of the humor is sarcastic, and would completely escape your average elementary age reader. Personally, I appreciated much of the humor (as it was full of wit and literary jokes). I would recommend this to a picky high school age reader who has a pincheon for sarcasm, and doesn't mind a pre ...more
I came across a book around Christmas called Giants Beware, a cute looking graphic novel (200 pages) which looked like something my kids would like (a boy and a girl, age 6.5).

They've been busily reading through their Christmas and library stacks and haven't gotten to it yet, but I read it in the bath last night.

Really cute book and I'm looking forward to the sequel (already preordered it).

It's about a precocious little girl who doesn't believe all the stories she's been told about the scary wor
Grades 3-5

Claudette, a spunky medieval girl with her heart set on giant-slaying, encounters some difficulty doing so because she is a girl. Accompanied by her cowardly brother, Gaston, and Marie, Claudette's polar opposite, determined Claudette sets out to slay a giant. Giants beware? More like anyone-who-crosses-the-main-character-Claudette Beware!

An action-packed graphic novel for adventure-lovers, Giants Beware! introduces a powerful main character and expertly blends comedy with fantasy.
Excellent story, characters, and art. Complex, yet light, fun, approachable, and humorous. Definitely goes to the top of my list.

Young Claudette is brash, bold, and bloodthirsty, and her answer to everything is aggression. Unfortunately, there is nothing much to get aggressive about in her safe village, protected as it is by a fortress. So when she learns the wall was built to keep out the baby-feet-eating giant, she decides it is up to her to hunt and kill the giant before it returns. Claudette
Dec 16, 2014 Kate rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: 3rd-6th grade
A fun adventure story with humor in both the text and the art. The hero, Claudette, is a fierce little redhead who is loyal to her friend and brother. While determined to get her way, she acknowledges when she needs help. The three kids are resourceful and smart, if a little reckless in their quest to deal with a giant who likes baby feet. This book will likely appeal to those who enjoyed Hereville, Asterix and Obelix, Bone, and Zita the Spacegirl. I hope there are more adventures for Claudette, ...more
Becky B
Claudette dreams of giant slaying. She scoffs at the town elders and the high fence they built to keep out the baby eating overgrown beasts and believes it would be much more prudent to dispatch of them once and for all. Others tell her she is too small, but dissuading Claudette is like dissuading the wind. It can wear you out and get you absolutely no where. Claudette finally manages to convince her best friend (aspiring Princess to be Marie, who also happens to be the daughter of the Marquis) ...more
Giants beware, Claudette the Giant Slayer is about to begin her journey.

Claudette starts stirring up controversy from the first pages of the book. She lives in a safe and orderly little town, but unlike her fellow citizens, Claudette is thirsty for adventure. She sets out on her journey with 2 reluctant sidekicks in tow. Her brother, an aspiring chef, would really much rather be cooking, and her friend, Marie, would rather be a princess and living in a castle. Along the way, all 3 characters ma
As posted on Outside of a Dog:

I’m a bit of an evangelist for graphic novels in a library. One of my first goals when I was hired as a librarian was to build up my department’s graphic novel section. At the time, it consisted of a handful of superhero books (some Iron Man, Spider-Man and Hulk), a couple of Indiana Jones, quite a few non-fiction graphics (a pretty nice selection, I have to admit), and Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese (my predecessor might not have bought many graphics, but s
Mary Ann
Claudette is a feisty warrior-in-training who's determined to follow her father's footsteps and slay a giant. Never mind that she's tiny, hotheaded, prone to irrational outbursts, and a girl. Claudette is absolutely sure that she is the one to find the giant who terrorizes her town.

Claudette does what any would-be-warrior does, she convinces her younger brother and her best friend to join her on a quest to slay the giant. They have to save the town! But, she runs into problems at every step. Fir
Ihastuttava, varmaankin enemmän ehkä lapsille tarkoitettu sarjakuvaromaani rohkeasta ja neuvokkaasta Claudettesta, joka haluaa taistella jättiläisiä vastaan, Claudetten pikkuveljestä Gastonista, joka pelkää kaikkea, mutta osaa leipoa ja kokata ja haluaa isänsä oppiin miekantekijäksi sekä prinsessaksi aikovasta markiisin tyttärestä Mariesta. Claudetten idoli on hänen isänsä, joka on menettänyt jalkansa sekä toisen käden taistelussa lohikäärmettä vastaan. Kun huhu ilkeästä vauvojen jalkoja syöväst ...more
Graphic novels are by far the most popular genre of books in my school library. They come and go on a daily basis, so I'm always on the lookout for new ones to add. While there are many available graphic novels, many of them I don't find particularly enjoyable, the kids might, but I don't. However, I really enjoyed this one.

Not only are the characters delightful with more depth than one might expect in a graphic novel, but the plot has some delicious twists and turns. I loved the twist at the e
Claudette, eldest child of a defeated, but still alive monster hunter, has grown tired of hearing the town's story of driving away the baby feet eating giant. Because, if there's a baby feet eating giant, then you should kill it, not just drive it away.

So, as any child does, she elects that she must take on this task in a town full of cowards who are unwilling to deal with this clearly serious threat. Into this endeavor, she inveigles her best friend Marie, daughter of the Marquis and aspiring
Claudette lives in a town protected by a huge wall to keep the giant out. Years earlier, the town had been terrorized by The Baby-Feet Eating Giant who still figures into most of the stories to keep the children in town in line. Claudette though knows that she is brave enough to slay any giant, so she sets out with her wooden sword to kill the giant. She brings along her friend Marie who desperately wants to be a princess and her younger brother Gaston who is a disappointment to their father who ...more
Charles Hatfield
Giants Beware! is a riotous pseudo-medieval fantasy about would-be giant-slayers in a bounding, slaphappy, never less than perfectly clear style. It moves like a runaway train, ricocheting off various plot ideas, some developed, others tossed off, all of them made workable by the story's frankly synthetic fairy-tale milieu. Careening, effervescent, and frothing over with gags, it has charm to spare, though perhaps suffers from a certain thematic transparency and shallowness. I think a lot of rea ...more
Jessica at Book Sake
Reviewed by Kole for Book Sake.
This book was a pretty good book for kids. I was under the impression before reading it that it wasn’t just set for a really young audience. But I can’t judge the book on the fact that it’s for younger people. For that age range it was good, easy to understand and well designed and formatted. The only reason I had trouble was the fact that I’m not one of those kids, when I read I expect a better quality of writing. But like I said that’s the way the book should be.
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