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Mr. Tucket (The Tucket Adventures, #1)
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Mr. Tucket (The Tucket Adventures #1)

4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  ·  rating details  ·  1,257 ratings  ·  126 reviews
Fourteen-year-old Francis Tucket is heading west on the Oregon Trail with his family by wagon train. When he receives a rifle for his birthday, he is thrilled that he is being treated like an adult. But Francis lags behind to practice shooting and is captured by Pawnees. It will take wild horses, hostile tribes, and a mysterious one-armed mountain man named Mr. Grimes to h ...more
ebook, 192 pages
Published August 31st 2011 by Yearling (first published February 1st 1994)
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I read this book aloud to my four boys. It's a great boy book. It's a Western and Indians and hunting and heros of the west and horses and just a total boy book. But even from this mama perspective, it was a fun read.

Until the end.

We had some snow days and were really making it through this book so one evening I told the boys we had just about twenty pages left and we could make it through it before bed.

In the end, a family is massacred, the hero man takes a scalp (although they do
Kimmo R
Critical Analysis
In Mr.tucket by gary paulsen francis tucket wants to find his parents in Oregon but he doesn't know how to survive in the wild so he gets help and finds his way to Oregon. the characters in the book are influenced/challenged by the setting in several ways. First, Mr.Tucket had to walk many miles in a muddy creek. “I walked in neck deep water for miles.” (31) Mr.Tucket had been lying to Mr.Grimes when he asked him if he knew how to ride a horse he had said yes but he didn't actu
I think that the book was great because Mr.Grimes taught Francis how to survive and hunt in the wild. I also liked the adventure where the Indians tried to captured Francis and Mr.Grimes.
Mr. Tucket rifles through your imagination!

This was a good book but not the best it was just good because there was nothing that jumped out and got me really interested it was about a Fourteen-year-old named Francis Tucket he was heading west on the Oregon Trail (an old train route) with his family by wagon train. When he receives a rifle for his birthday, he is so happy that he is not being treated like a baby. But Francis falls behind to practice shooting and is caught by Pawnees (a native Ame
“Mr. Tucket” is about a boy named Francis Tucket; He is riding the wagon train west to Oregon. Francis receives a new gun for his birthday and falls behind the wagon train to practice shooting it. While practicing, Francis was captured by the Pawnee Indians and taken away from his family and the rest of the wagon train. Francis was a prisoner of the Pawnee tribe, but with the help of a mysterious mountain man, he was able to escape and venture on to find his family. I personally like this book, ...more
Mr. Tucket, is about Francis Tucket who is in a wagon train bound for Oregon. He falls behind the train to practice shooting his new gun, and is captured by a group of Indians. With the help of Jason Grimes. Jason Grimes is a one armed mountain man. Grimes’ escapes the savages and learns the way of the mountains. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys old western books because it is a very good description on how it use to be in the west. The reason being, that it’s got all of the el ...more
Ryan Martin 3/25/14
Reading Period 6
Book review Mr. Tucket
By Gary Paulsen

Francis, a 14-year-old boy is about to have the adventure of his life. A normal boy and his family are traveling on the Oregon Trail in 1847. Francis gets a new gun for his birthday and goes in the field to practice a few shots. Suddenly, Indians appear and capture Francis. He is taken back to the Pawnee camp and is tortured. All hope is lost until a mysterious mountain man swoops in and helps Francis escape. It will take
I just finished the book Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen. It is a good book for someone who doesn’t really like reading. This book is 166 pages. It is fiction.


There is this boy named Francis Alphonse Tucket. He and his family are on the Oregon trail. It is Francis’s birthday and he gets a rifle. He hangs back from the train to shoot his new gun at buffalo chips when 5 men grab him. He finds out the comanches are the ones that took him. A man named Jason Grimes rides into the village and asks
Category: Historical fiction
Author: Gary Paulsen
Illustrator: n/a
Title: Mr. Tucket (The Tucket Adventures #1)
Publication date: 1994
Brief annotation: It is 1848 and 14-year-old Francis Tucket must survive the dangers of the Oregon Trail after being captured by Pawnee Indians.
Themes: adventure, western, cowboys, Indians, horses, survival, gunmanship
Ways to use the book with children: Introduction to trials and tribulations of Oregon Trail in mid-19th century and/or western survival stories, exerci
Teresa Ellis
I like Gary Paulsen as a writer and I enjoyed this book. A quick read for me. I picked it out for my 12-yr-old son to read and I had trouble getting him to put it down to do other things. :) An enjoyable growing up adventure in the pioneer/mountain men times. The book is true to the times and although it doesn't go into detail, unpleasant things do happen to characters, the main character is basically a slave to a Pawnee woman until he is rescued, fights are mentioned, and people die. Gary Pauls ...more
I really like this series. It was very diverse and interesting. I read it twice just for fun!
It's 1848 and Francis is traveling with his family overland on the Oregon Trail. After being given a wonderful rifle for his birthday, Francis wants to try it out and wanders away from the wagon train to hunt. He wanders too far away and is kidnapped by the Pawnee Indian Tribe. Eventually he gets away the wagon train and his family are long gone.

He meets Mr. Grimes, a one-armed man who teaches him how to survive on his own.

A fantastic story of survival. An old enough text that I would recommend
Kris H.
Read this one with my fifth graders. I liked the blend of history, action, and excellent characterization from one of my favorite authors of books for middle aged children. My students' reactions were mixed. Some LOVED it....some loved it until the end. They learned the meaning of cliffhanger, and "gray area"--that things aren't black and white. Many were disappointed with what they perceived as the hero's fall from grace. However, the kids haven't stopped talking about it which is all I can ask ...more
Fred Ann
I read this wondering if I would give it to my nine year old grandson. Its a very well written, historic adventurous story with a fourteen year old boy beibng captured by |Pawnee Indians while Francis is en route to Oregon on a wagon train with his parents. Francis has many experiences before he again is safely on his way to Oregon to unite with his parents. My 9 year old would enjoy this grand story perhaps in a couple more years when he is more versed in earlier pioneering history. a wonderful ...more
I had a major interest in Manifest Destiny, the Oregon Trail, the western frontier, etc. when I was a kid (I still do, but I find it hard to find good adult ones... anyone have any recommendations?). This series stands out as one of my favorite quick reads as a child. I found it long forgotten shoved on the downstairs shelf while I was cleaning and feeling drained from the holidays and not up to reading something that would take me more than an hour, I started reading it. Honestly, I enjoyed it ...more
Kaleb Day
This was an interesting book. I've always been a big fan of Gary Paulsen's books, especially the Hatchet series. Someone bought this entire series for me when I was like 15 and I never bothered to read it until now. Francis Tucket is a young boy on his way to Oregon in the mid 1800s who gets separated from his wagon train and captured by indians. There were a lot of interesting characters in the book. My favorite, without a doubt, was Mr. Grimes, a one armed mountain man. This was a really cool ...more
Addison Bellavance
In 1848, a 14-year-old boy is captured from an Oregon-bound wagon train by Pawnee Indians and saved by one-armed mountain man Mr. Grimes. Paulsen ( Hatchet ) throws in enough ridin', wrasslin' and shootin' (along with plenty of dead bodies, white and Indian) to satiate the most action-loving reader. But his book is more than an impeccably detailed homage to the Saturday-afternoon horse opera. Although Braid, a Pawnee warrior, is without question the bad guy here, Paulsen makes it clear that, by ...more
711Isabel B
I found MR. TUCKET an intriguing book, though I think that the characters could have been developed a bit better.

I think that the book focuses around two main (and interconnected) ideas. I think that the two ideas both have to do with people's relationships. I think that the relationship between Mr. Tucket and Mr. Grimes is an important one. Also, I believe that the relationship between the the white people and the Native Americans is an important relationship that the author chose to pursue.

My son's reading group in school was halfway through this one when I moderated the group, and after completing a few chapters with them, I was eager to discover more about Francis Tucket and Jason Grimes, so I finished it that evening. This series would be ideal for fourth-fifth grade boys, ample excitement, suspenseful adventure, and a forthright fourteen year old boy who encounters unfamiliar people, places and situations. The chapters provided copious topics for discussion and the boys were a ...more
Pros: A good read with depth. Great for any age - young or old.
Cons: It is short.

I never thought that I would be saying this about a historical friction. It's so good that I wish I owned all the books.

The particular Book that I am talking about is Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen. But really, the fact is, I used to hate history class. And this guy got me to be sucked into a story that involves history. It didn't seem possible to me before my oldest sister challenged me to read it. And now I can't help
Choice Book Review
In general what the book is about is a teenager named Samuel and he is living in the era of the revolutionary war. His parents are taken from their house and he goes on an adventure to find them. The Author’s purpose in writing this book was to show how once you have something you never really know until it’s gone.
At the beginning Samuel went hunting in the woods and saw smoke coming from the direction of his home. He ran to investigate and found his house burned down and de
Geno Savini
When I started to read this book i thought it was going to be some old western with good guys trying to kill the bad guys but it wasn't, it was about how a teenager who got this marvelous present and didn't obey when he had to be back to the wagons and paid the consequences. My favorite part of the book was when Mr. Tucket was sneaking up on the antelope and when he didn't expect then there he stood up and there they were. My favorite character is the Mountain Man because he knows how the land w ...more
Barb Middleton
Here's a humdinger of a present. Fourteen-year-old Francis gets a rifle for his birthday as his family heads west on a wagon train to Oregon. Can you imagine good ole dad giving you a rifle? Things were a bit different as the western frontier grew in the United States. Wherever I work as a librarian Taiwan or Spain or the plains of North Dakota, students of all ages are fascinated by weapons. Shucks, I am too. I remember wanting to see what it would be like to shoot a rifle so I signed my ...more
Luke. Getman
Theme post
I think the theme in this book is: "Don't give up when times get tough". I think this because the main character, Francis, gets captured by Indians and even though there's no easy way to escape... he still keeps his hopes up and keeps on trying. As it turns out, he escapes with help from a mysterious man, named Mr.Grimes, who visits the tribe.


I am reading the book Mr.Tucket by G
Patrice Sartor
GENRE: Fiction, adventure, western, historical fiction elements.

SUMMARY: It's 1848, and Francis just celebrated his fourteenth birthday. He was part of a wagon train headed to Oregon, and thought he would spend some time shooting his new rifle. Next thing Francis knows, he's been kidnapped by some Pawnee Indians, and one of the elderly Indian women acts like he is her son. He sees his chance to escape weeks later, when a one-armed beaver trapper (Mr. Grimes) rides into camp to trade some supplie
Joe Atkins
My book was “Mr. Tucket” by Gary Paulsen. It can be purchased in the U.S. for $7.99 before tax. This book was 166 pages of fiction about a teenage boy in the 1800’s named Francis Tucket who is traveling with his family west on the Oregon Trail and is kidnapped by Indians. He is taken back to the Indian camp and held as a prisoner, where he meets a one-armed man named Mr. Grimes who is a good friend of the Indians. Mr. Grimes convinces the Indians to let Francis go in exchange for supplies. Mr. G ...more
In Mr. Tucket by Gary paulsen Mr. Tucket, wants to find his parents but, he doesn't know how to survive in the wild so, he gets help and finds his way to Oregon. First way the characters were influenced was when Mr.Tucket had to walk many miles up a creek. for example when Mr.Tucket was walking in the creek he said this”I kept walking not in miles not in yard but in steps all day I did this.” in this experience it made him tough and strong. Also, they were influenced by a big snowstorm.Mr. Tucke ...more
Mr. Tucket is a book of adventure. While traveling on the Oregon Trail with his family, fourteen year old Francis Tucket is taken by the Pawnee Native Americans and held as a captive. After being captured by the Pawnee, Mr. Tucket escapes with the help of Jason Grimes, a one armed mountain man who trades with the Pawnee to keep peace. Once Mr. Grimes and Mr. Tucket have escaped, Franics must learn the ways of the mountain man to survive. It is a hard life for both of them. Sometimes there is no ...more
Another great story by Paulsen. He definitely is adept at bringing to life a young boy's life whether it's present day as in Hatchet or in the mid-1840's in this story.

14 year-old Francis Tucket is captured by the Pawnee from his wagon train and from there the story takes flight. This is an action-packed adventure that will keep kids turning pages from beginning to end. Very fun read.
Hans Pruis
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Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age. After a librarian gave him a book to read--along with his own library card--he was hooked. He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading one book after another.

Running away from home at the age of 14 and traveling with a carnival, Paulsen acquired a taste for adve
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“This is going to be murder," Fransic whispered to Mr. Trimes. "Pure murder."
"I'm glad to see your confidence returning, Mr. Tucket. Just a few minutes ago you were ready to give up. Now you're talking about killing him."
"I meant it the other way."
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