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Mr. Darcy's Bite
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Mr. Darcy's Bite (Darcy Bites #1)

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  278 ratings  ·  52 reviews

Mr. Darcy has a secret...

Darcy is acting rather oddly. After months of courting Elizabeth Bennet, no offer of marriage is forthcoming and Elizabeth is first impatient, then increasingly frightened. For there is no denying that the full moon seems to be affecting his behavior, and Elizabeth's love is going to be tested in ways she never dreamed...

Darcy has more than famil

Kindle Edition, 316 pages
Published (first published August 25th 2011)
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Melbourne on my mind
Summary: Mr Darcy is a werewolf. He's decided that he has to tell Lizzy this before he proposes. Will she still love him when she finds out that he sprouts fangs and fur once a month?

I'm going to be perfectly honest: this book is pretty terrible. I had absolutely no expectations going into it. It reads like (and in fact, the author admits that it IS) fan fiction. But I loved it. Sure, some bits of it (*cough* Darcy: "Do you want to see my werewolf bite scar?" Lizzy: "Sure." Darcy: "It's on my ar
As a fan of "Pride and Prejudice" spin off novels, I was looking forward to something a little more tongue in cheek (but not as much as Pride and Prejudcie and Zombies). While this book read really fast and the dialogue didn't seem as forced as other spin off novels I've read, the book just didn't seem to go anywhere. I kept wondering where the conflict was going to be in this novel, but none came. Yes, things happen, but nothing that was important to wonder if things would turn out all right fo ...more
So Mr. Darcy turns into a werewolf. I really think the author could have made this book more interesting. That is about all that happens and that isn't even very interesting.
This is why when I read fanfiction I like to read it for free. I'm not saying my money was wasted on this book but I certainly could have spent my money on something different.

I enjoyed the reimagining of Austen's characters but there was something missing in them. The language wasn't 100%. I believe if you're going to rip someone off it has to rival the original or people wrinkle their noses when they mention it. The language was right on the mark at times and at others so jarringly modern tha
What do you get when you cross Pride and Prejudice with werewolves? You get a dark and adventurous tale that follows Lizzy and Darcy as they grapple with a definite twist that has arisen in their relationship. This time, Mary Lydon Simonsen takes us on a journey where we follow our beloved couple as they encounter something that Jane could never have imagined when she originally put pen to paper.

Elizabeth Bennet is distraught. Fitzwilliam Darcy has been courting her for months and there is still
Mary Tillman
While the beginning set up was interesting, the remainder of the book didn't grasp me in it's clutches.

The twisting of events from Netherfield to Rosings weren't off, but the explanations lacked realism for me. And once his love is proclaimed Elizabeth (in this version) is not secure enough in Darcy's love to not allow the green-eyed monster to rise up, several times, even after assurances by Darcy. This Elizabeth did not have the backbone of the original and Darcy's own confidence waffled about
Werewolves and Pride & Prejudice? Really? Those were my initial thoughts. However, skeptical as I was, I wanted to read what Simonsen wrote. Page by page my curiosity was piqued and I was drawn into the story. I love stories where there is competition for a character's love. Elizabeth has just that. The other lady is not only drop-dead gorgeous but she also shares something with Darcy Elizabeth does not. Simonsen truly captured the loyal and protective Darcy, as well as the compassionate and ...more
Literary  Chanteuse
My first reaction to Austen stories with paranormal elements is honestly a skeptic one however Mr. Darcy's Bite has completely changed my mind. This is an excellent mix of the two. It is very believable and after reading one chapter I was hooked. The author has kept a true likeness to the existing characters that we love and has introduced some new and wonderful characters as well as keeping the essence of the love story between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.
I really liked the cover of this book and I occasionally like this type of fan fiction/supernatural crossover, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was a good concept, but a little too girly for me. I thought that Darcy did not come across as a real man, rather he was what certain vapid women wish men to be. The dialogue in certain scenes was so unbelievable as to be painful. I pictured a werewolf to be a bit more virile and well, manly.
Fi Brit
A rather irritating read. Elizabeth seems rather too cold and logical (making the already uncharacteristic tears seem even more illogical) and Darcy seems to have been emasculated. The premise is exciting but the plot goes nowhere. There has been some attempt at historical accuracy but it's a pretty poor effort and the writer obviously doesn't understand the social rules of that period. Seriously, not even the careless mr Bennett and the over eager Mrs would allow their daughter to spend a night ...more
Roxana-Mălina Chirilă
I was hoping for something more exciting (probably because of books like "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" or "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell", which do new things with older Britain). Instead I ran into your standard romance novel, not that there's anything wrong with that.

There were several things that really irked me: Mr. Darcy is supposed to be a werewolf, but that apparently translates into 'he becomes a big, happy puppy for two days a month'. For some reason, that still prompts the same r
I bought this book long time ago, but I hadn't had the opportunity of reading it. You know, life and a huge to-be-read list. I had big expectations and they got crushed almost immediately. This could have been a really good book, offering a different approach to Pride and Prejudice re-imaginings, but the idea was better than the execution.

So Mr. Darcy is a werewolf and Lizzy has no idea. So I thought the suspense will sustain the plot. I was wrong. The lupine nature of Mr. Darcy is revealed almo
Mr Darcy turned into a werewolf, that was about all he did.
Really, don't waste your time.
Sheila Majczan
Yesterday (Oct. 16th, 2014), this author was interviewed on a blog, ( ) to which I subscribe. Her description, plus the fact that I was in the mood for a Halloween story, made this story sound intriguing. The emphasis was that this is a love story, NOT a horror story with wolves going around biting all with whom they come into contact, etc. I have to say that I do not usually buy books in this genre, not even vampire ones, (although I did read the Twilight ...more
Blodeuedd Finland
The blurb did have me thinking that someone was after werewolves and that there would be danger and so on. But there was not anything like that in this book. No, this book is about Darcy and Lizzie being in love, but Darcy never proposes. Something is wrong and Lizzie is growing restless. He obviously likes her so what is the matter?!

This is where the drama comes in, he is a werewolf and of course she is shocked to learn the truth. Who would not be? She is not really prepared for anything like t
Linda Banche
Mr. Darcy a werewolf? Really?

Yes, really, in Mary Lydon Simonsen's wonderful Regency take on the paranormal, MR. DARCY'S BITE.

For months, Darcy has visited Elizabeth. To all appearances, he wants to court her, but he has yet to make a declaration. At last, Elizabeth has had enough. With the love of his life about to dismiss him forever, Darcy has no choice but to reveal he is a werewolf.

Of all the reasons Darcy would hesitate to marry her, Elizabeth never imagined this. She loves him, but does s
Mr. Darcy's Bite by Mary Lydon Simonsen is a continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. In this novel, Jane and Mr. Bingley are already married and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are courting. Every time Mr. Darcy comes to visit, Elizabeth is convinced that he's going to pop the question. However he never does. Mr. Darcy struggles with a dark secret, he is a werewolf. If Mr. Darcy confides in Elizabeth he is sure he will lose her forever. Although Mr. Darcy being a werewolf is certainly a probl ...more
This isn’t your typical werewolf story, it is a romance. Oh, Mr. Darcy is most definitely a werewolf but this is not a gruesome story. In fact, Mary Simonsen made the whole werewolf thing very interesting and surprisingly organized!

After months of Mr. Darcy calling on Elizabeth, he still hasn’t proposed and Elizabeth is getting annoyed by the whole business. Mr. Darcy is trying to figure out how tell Elizabeth that he is a werewolf. He takes her to Pemberley to tell her. While there she learn
This is a Pride and Prejudice variation/sequel (picking up after Lydia's marriage) with a supernatural twist; while travelling through mainland Europe, young Fitzwilliam Darcy is the accidental recipient of a wound which turns him into a werewolf for two days every month around the full moon. Darcy had always intended to marry a female with the same affliction, but a visit to his friend Bingley's new rented estate in Hertfordshire has resulted in his affections being captured by a certain Miss E ...more
Warmisunqu Austen

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4.5 Austen.

La escritora intenta encajar todas las piezas de la novela original a partir del hecho que Darcy es un hombre lobo. Se recrea con el personaje del señor Darcy como un alpha y nos adentra en un mundo delirante de lupinos, cómo encaja su parte lobo en el mundo humano y cómo logra que Elizabeth acepte esa parte de él. Por un momento creí que Lizzy se convertiría en una mujer loba, quién sabe lo caminos que pueda tomar la
I actually started this book Sat nite Oct 22. As you can see this a really fun and fast read. I picked it up for my Holloween book and could not put it down,it did not disappoint. I first have to say that after reading many of Mary's book I am truely a fan. I love her writing style. She puts fun and wimsical in her books but does so without making it wrong. This book starts out in the 1st chapter explaining how and why Fitwilliam Darcy is a Werewolf. This lays the ground work for the book. Next ...more
Maria Grazia
To combine the Regency with parallel paranormal worlds has become a steady and successful reality it seems. Mashup they are called in the fan fiction market and they appeal to both readers who even happen to ignore who Jane Austen was and what her world was like as well as Janeites fond of gothic tales. Will the mashup trend also win new fans over and bring them to read Austen novels? I really hope so.
Mary Lydon Simonsen, after publishing more traditional sequels to Pride and Prejudice like Sear
Dear misbegotten Darcy has a dilemma. He's been infected by a werewolf and has the misfortune of howling and prowling the grounds of Pemberley at every full moon. What a horrible prospect for his bride-to-be, and what a horrendous burden of guilt! He knows he must inform poor Elizabeth Bennet so she can make a decision whether she will marry the night creature he sometimes becomes, or not. And, he must ask her to take dangerous risks on his behalf. Such issues tax a gentleman's heart and mind!

Elizabeth Bennet
We get to see a furry Darcy in this story. The idea was a nice change but I have to say I enjoyed Ola Wegner's Moonlighting better. The ending in this story was very sweet. Although the end described an aging and vulnerable Darcy, I much perfer one where the characters are in the most positive light possible. Do not be discouraged by that note because it does end sweetly its just not one of my favorites. If this type of subject appeals to you I do think most would get enjoyment out of it.
First thoughts when I finished the last sentence: "That was a fun, different twist on P&P with a werewolf thrown in for good measure!"

It goes without saying that I'm a sucker for Mr. Darcy...well, I found out that I also like him when he's a werewolf too!!! This story was just fun and I'm glad that the author didn't take the "werewolf" thing too far, otherwise it would've felt very cliche. I thought it was just right and added that little twist to the story that made it enjoyable.
"You are s
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this novel. I'm not a big fan of werewolves, vampires, and zombies stories and never got into the Twilight series or any of the tv series about them. I was a bit hesitant to read this novel, but decided to give it a try.

Mary Lyndon does a great of creating a back story for how Darcy becomes a werewolf. I really enjoyed the relationships between Darcy, Georgina, Anne, and Elizabeth.

This original story was creative and had enough drama, and angst
This was a beautiful, gentle story from start to finish.

I have read several attempts to turn Darcy into a vampire and one into a wolf before. This is the first one that stuck so close to his original character.
Make no mistake this is not a horror or very suspenseful. It is just another brilliant sequel of the Darcy and Elizabeth story- with a twist.

That being said. Darcy is in constant danger of discovery for his secret and there are other wolves who are not as discreet. Elizabeth has a rival f
Simonsen’s latest Pride & Prejudice incarnation, Mr. Darcy’s Bite, begins after the reunion between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy at Pemberley. However, not all is pleasant in paradise because Darcy’s behavior has become peculiar, and he visits her at Longbourn for several months, though with long gaps between visits. Lizzy’s mother keeps pressuring her about when she’s going to get engaged, and Lizzy is becoming concerned that Darcy’s affections for her are not as strong as she had ...more
I received this one as a first read. I find this one a fun read. This is a spin of "Pride and Prejudice" with Mr. Darcy as a werewolf. How can that not be fun? I really enjoy the writer's style and it was a really quick read. However, this is not great literature but it is a entertaining read. I would recommend this one to a person that is just looking for really fun read
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