Alexander Death (The Paranormals, #3)
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Alexander Death (The Paranormals #3)

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While Seth searches for Jenny, Dr. Heather Reynard of the CDC unravels Seth and Jenny's secrets.

Alexander opens Jenny's mind to her deep past, and to the full horrific extent of her powers.

Torn between her feelings for Alexander and Seth, and between her past lives and her present, Jenny must prepare to face her enemies, as well as the darkness within her...


Jenny Plague...more
260 pages
Published September 23rd 2011 (first published September 13th 2011)
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*Spoiler free for the series!*

This series started so innocently didn't it? I mean, we have Jenny who's a timid, broken girl with the touch of death--or disease, who keeps to herself (for good reason) being all innocent and sweet. Ha! Good one! Sweet little Jenny is no more. Her character changes tremendously between the first and third book of this series, both emotionally and mentally. Such a plot would not have thrived otherwise, It was a need, and it was done with perfection. Her growth mirro...more
Craig Hansen
Alexander Death wraps up J.L. Bryan's trilogy of novels that began in Jenny Pox and continued in Tommy Nightmare. The series, now called "The Paranormals," delivers more often than not when it comes to satisfying resolutions to character arcs.

The first half of the novel is taken up by establishing the new player introduced at the end of Tommy Nightmare, Alexander, who finally wakes Jenny up to her past lives and her almost-godlike nature. After that, the novel moves at breakneck pace toward a fi...more
In this final instalment of the Paranormals trilogy, Jenny is taken to Chiapas by Alexander, on the run from the government. Ashleigh and Tommy have escaped the chaos of the riot in Charleston undetected and Seth is trying to figure out what happened and where Jenny is.

I liked the way the story opened with a flashback to Seth's past, reconnecting the reader to him after the unfortunate conclusion of Tommy Nightmare, and the hedonistic atmosphere of the episodes with Jenny and Alexander in Mexic...more
Allison Janezic
This is the continuing story of Jenny and Seth who have now escaped Ashleigh and a new foe Tommy. They are now separated by Ashleigh's trick and on the run from the Federal government. Alexander tells Jenny how powerful she is and how he wants to help her utilize the potential of both of their powers to become powerful and live in happiness. Alexander opens her eyes to the people she was in the past how she, and the others have crossed paths and how connected they truly are. She wants to trust h...more
The first 2 books in the Paranormals series were really great, this installment though was a disappointment. Especially character development was handled extremely poorly, Tommy and Esmaralda are almost non-existent and get horrible last scene, Ashleigh and Alexander never get granted any depth but are villains by the book, Jenny herself changes her mind about things (including love) within a page. There was almost nothing left of the slow build and introspection "Jenny Pox" had.
If the mytholo...more
Katrina Passick Lumsden
I liked this book. I did. Just liked. I can't really rave about it except to say that I'm glad it wrapped things up in regards to the fearsome foursome that was Jenny, Seth, Ashleigh, and Alexander. I wonder if J.L. Bryan purposely left Tommy and Esmeralda's story open-ended. There's definitely room there for a spin-off story of some kind if he chose to take that route.

All in all, however, I didn't find Alexander Death nearly as engaging as the first two books in the series. In fact, I would sa...more
Karen Jones
The final installment in the Pox series is pure torment. You can't stop yourself from turning the pages as fast as possible, but you fear the end as if Tommy has you by the shoulder. It's like being shoved back and forth between Tommy and Ashley:

"I love it so much." *crazy grin*
"I'm near the end!" *scream*
"I can't stop reading, it's so good." *maniacal giggle*
"The end is close!" *scream*

Jenny meets Alexander Death (although they've met before) and he sets her on a path she hasn't trod before. It...more
Alexander Death is the third and final chapter in J.L. Bryan's Paranormals Series. I loved living in this amazing, horrific, and hilarious world and I am so sad that it is the end :( J.L. pretty much thought of everything imaginable when he wrote and perfected this book. I mean... Jenny on cocaine, Jenny on shrooms!!! FREAKING hilarious and BRILLIANT!

Jenny finds herself in Mexico with Alexander who has been her ally and lover in most of her previous incarnations. Alexander is determined to awak...more
Joey Butcher
At the end of Tommy Nightmare, Alexander rescues Jenny from Ashleigh and Tommy's riot in Charleston and brings her to safety in Mexico. Safety from the United States government and the friends and family that search for her, this is where he befriends Jenny and shows her not only her past lives, but everything her power is capable of. Alexander is a sexy, dead raising mobster your heart will be pounding over.

Then there's Ashleigh, still up to her old tricks in Esmeralda’s body. She's tangled up...more
Emma (BelleBooks)
Alexander Death is the third and final book in The Paranormals series. I have to say at first I honestly didn't know how much more of this story could be told after reading the second book, Tommy Nightmare.
The book itself starts off right where we left Jenny in the previous book, on her way to Mexico with this strange new character who can raise the dead, Alexander.
As the story unfolds we find out more about Alexander and his previous lives he has spent with Jenny. Meanwhile while the two are re...more
This trilogy was amazing. I couldn't put it down from Jenny Pox all through Alexander Death. This is a must for all who love the paranormal. Great writing, great characters,and all around great reading.

(Complete review follows)
The Paranormals (Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, Alexander Death) by JL Bryan

Okay so these are three separate books but I am not going to review each book individually because once you read Jenny Pox you will more than likely keep going until you read the last book, Alexande...more
I went into this book feeling very excited as The Paranormals has been one of my favourite ever series. I was also a little sad knowing that this was the last book.

At the end of Tommy Nightmare, which is the second book in the series, I was definitely Team Alexander and Seth had gone w-a-y down in my estimations, yet the more I read of Alexander in this final book, the more I disliked the creepy dead raiser who was trying to control Jenny just as he controlled his zombies.

I loved Jenny as I have...more
The moment a very young Jenny Morton released her pox on a rattlesnake she hoped to turn into a playmate but instead watched in horror as it died a gruesome death she made herself a permanent fixture in our minds and hearts, the pain and vulnerability resulting from her curse so tangible we almost didn’t want to continue her story knowing things for her would inevitably get far worse before she was granted happiness. The road through the trilogy has been a dark and twisted one, Mr. Bryan’s abili...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

This trilogy has been one wild ride. Alexander Death was more than I expected. It's gotta be hard for any author to crank out three books that close together utilizing one core concept and a handful of key characters and turn it into perfection. I can't find a flaw in JL Bryan's vision. The man has skills.

So when last I left off, Jenny had a few new problems. Namely, Ashleigh may not actually be dead just because her body is gone. Seth may or may not be the love of her life. Tommy and Esme...more
Stacie ~ ninja or spy
The conclusion to the Paranormals trilogy and finally questions about who and what they are, are answered. It picks up right were Tommy Nightmare left off. Jenny is traveling with the mysterious death-dancer Alexander. Esmeralda is cocooned in her own head as Ashleigh posses her body and her and Tommy are headed away from Charleston and the plague that never happened. Seth meanwhile is still in Charleston looking for Jenny. Months progress and he still doesn't find her, hiring a private team to...more
Ashley - The Bookish Brunette
*minor spoilers from the first two books*
Alexander Death picks up exactly where we left off in Tommy Nightmare, and once again I am immensely impressed by how smoothly JL Bryan takes us from book to book!

We begin this book with Seth as a little boy, recalling the events of his older brother Carter's death. *tears* Yeah... I'm crying on page FREAKING six here! I am very emotionally involved with these characters- I don't find myself ever actually CARING this much, EVER. Maybe I should seek profes...more
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Smashtastic Synopsis: The final installment in the Paranormals Trilogy by J.L. Bryan, Alexander Death packed a punch. At the end of Tommy Nightmare, Alexander steps in and saves Jenny’s life from a mob riot caused by Ashleigh and Tommy. She is being pummeled to death, and has been severely hurt by Seth, so she makes the only viable decision. Alexander sweeps her away t...more
Lizzy Lessard
I really loved Alexander in this book. He was a charmer. There were certain twists involving him that I saw coming, but it didn’t make him anymore less of a fun character. That and when Jenny was in his presence, she was FUN. I was really disappointed in Jenny at the end of the book. Not because it was out of character, but because I really preferred her other option. More FUN.

Drugged Jenny = Fun Jenny.

Sober Jenny = OMG life sucks Jenny.

The locations in this book were so vivid that I could just...more
Contains Mild Spoilers for Books 1 and 2, Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare in The Paranormals Series

Jenny Pox and its sequel, Tommy Nightmare , are two of my favorite paranormal books that I've ever read (click the titles for the reviews by Pushy and me). And the final book in The Paranormals trilogy, Alexander Death, and has just made the top of my list for favorite book.

Jenny Morton as lived a hard life, one where she has to avoid all human and animal contact or risk infecting those unlucky eno...more
This book starts off with Seth, as a child. Reliving his past, when his brother Carter, 1st learned about Seth’s... touch. Taking you into that moment, when his family received that dreaded phone call. Carter had died. This was not easy for Seth. As I was reading this I was so ‘emotional’! Really, wiped a tear. All Seth wanted was to save his brother. But, it was to late.

At the ending of book #2 (Tommy Nightmare). Jenny had left with the ever mysterious Alexander. Who saved her from the riot in...more
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Title: Alexander Death (The Paranormals #03)
Author: J.L. Bryan
Rating: 4/5

Even though Jenny hardly knows him, Alexander is the person she trusts the most right now. He rescued her from the police, so that has to mean something. He is not her opposite, yet she can't help feel drawn to him. Perhaps also because Alexander helps her to remember some of their past lives and their deep connection back then.
In the meantime Seth is trying his best to...more
Okay it's official I hate everyone in this book except for Seth and Jenny's dad. Even after finding out that Jenny has killed everyone and that she has done everything that you will read about in this book, her dad still finds way to love her, and I think he's awesome because of that. Seth is loving and understanding and naturally loyal (just not when he's under Ashleigh's spells), so you can't help but love him. But then there's Jenny. She's turned into such a bitch in this book and she makes S...more
Rebekah Martin
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Gina -
The final to the Jenny Pox series was brilliant as were the rest. Not for one moment was I enwrapped in the series and what was happening. This is a great series that for the whole three books keeps your attention and does not relent like most series do when they enter into a new book. The story was constant and engaging. The constant character builds that guadually come into each book does not overwhelm us as we get a whole book to know a set of characters then coming into the other books it ad...more
Courtney Cole
Alexander Death is the third and final installment of the Paranormals series which centers around Jenny Morton, a girl who is cursed with a strange ability to inflict a pox-like infection on anyone who she touches.

I recently finished reading it and all I can say is that if you love this series, you will be more than satisfied with this ending.

Throughout this series, the reader really sees how Jenny is capable of inflicting ugliness onto others, but she doesn't like it- she doesn't like who she...more
Mari Stroud
All right, I'm probably one of the biggest champions this book series has and will gleefully fangasm about it to anyone who stands still long enough to let me. JL Bryan has still created one of the most interesting and complicated heroines I've read over the past few years, and hands-down the best female villain. Ashleigh of the first book will never not be deliciously evil and clever.

That being said, I do have to finally admit that the series is starting to suffer as it rounds into its third...more
Previously on The Paranormals: Oh, Jenny. You've had such a hard road, what with your inability to touch people without infecting them with diseases most vile. Then you found Seth. He made you happy. Of course, terrible Ashleigh found a way to spread her poisoned love and make you start to doubt him. She's such a jerk. Alexander stepped in and offered to teach you more about your powers. You accepted because the crowd trying to beat you to death didn't leave you much choice. Plus, you know, it w...more
I'm 66% into it and its getting sooo good!
Omg! I was kind of mad at Seth at the end of Tommy Nightmare about the whole cheating thing. He was so easily manipulated and I greatly disliked him for it.. And all of a sudden Alexander shows up! I just assumed that maybe Alexander was Jenny's soulmate or something! I was hoping he'd be a better guy but I'm an idiot. Ah, I'm not done with the book yet but I do know this, Alexander is just creeping me out! And Seth seems so..pure? OH I can't WAIT to see...more
Siew Ee
The Paranormal trilogy is a typical YA paranormal series, with a dash of horror and fantasy, and lots of romance. The first book “Jenny Pox” introduces Jenny, Ashleigh and Seth who are blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with powers which are either help, manipulate or destroy humans. Who exactly are they? Where did they get their powers from? That kept me reading on, and the revelation at the end of the first book was not what I expected. I will not dwell more on the content for “J...more
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J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on English Renaissance and Romantic literature. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He lives in the metro Atlanta sprawl with his wife Christina, where he spends most of his day serving the toddler and animal community inside his house. He is the author of the Paranormals series and the Songs of Magic...more
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“I'm sticking with you, Jenny said. 'Want me to kill them?'
'No, thanks. Sweet of you to offer, though.”
“Seth and Jenny after they've escaped Alexander in Mexico.

Seth: "Here's what we need to do. Find a flat area, like a farm, a little bit out of the way where we can spend a little time." Seth unbuttoned his black fatigues.

Jenny: "Seth, I think we have more urgent things to think about..."

Seth: "I know." He pushed his pants down to his knees. "I want to show you something.

Jenny: "I've seen it before."

Seth: "Ha ha." Seth tugged back the leg of his boxer shorts to reveal a black band around one thigh with a circular device mounted on it.”
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