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A Herança de Stonehenge
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A Herança de Stonehenge

3.35 of 5 stars 3.35  ·  rating details  ·  962 ratings  ·  153 reviews
A Oito dias antes do solstício de verão, um homem é esquartejado num terrível sacrifício no local antigo de Stonehenge perante uma congregação de adoradores com trajes cerimoniais. Em poucas horas, um dos mais famosos caçadores de tesouros do mundo suicida-se na sua mansão no campo. E deixa uma carta indecifrável ao seu filho, o jovem arqueólogo Gideon Chase¿ Juntando-se à...more
Paperback, 480 pages
Published 2011 by Livros d'Hoje (first published January 1st 2010)
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Mohamed Osman
هذه الرواية من كثر رخامتها مسح الريفيوالأول الذي كتبته نتيجة انقطاع الكهربا ء ، فاضطررت أن اكتبه ثانية وبالطبع لن يكون مثل الأول .

الرواية من أسوء الروايات التي قرأتها وترجمتها أيضا كذلك ، بالإضافة إلي الدعاية الفجة المبالغ فيها علي غلاف النسخة العربية والتي لن ابالغ إذا قلت أيضا إنها كاذبة فبدءا من إنها رواية مناسبة لعشاق دان بروان والتي تعتبر إهانة لكاتب لربطه بتبعية لكاتب ثاني مرورا بانها رواية مشوقة تنافس أفضل ما كتب دان بروان فهي حتي لم تستطع أن تنافس الرمز المفقود التي اعتبرها أسوء ما كتب د...more
Sarah ( Paris )

ستونهنج Stonehenge آثار ترجع لعصر ما قبل التاريخ
في سهل ساليسبري بمقاطعة ويلتشير جنوب غرب إنجلترا. يرجع تاريخها لأواخر العصر الحجري وأوائل عصر البرونز ( العصر الحجري الحديث ) .
استغرق بناء ستونهنج بين 200 سنة و500 سنة ...
وهو أحد الألغاز التاريخية الشهيرة

تأخذنا الرواية في أحداث طويلة جدا
إلى طائفة سرية تعرف بالحرفة ويقدمون قرابين لــ كائنات تعرف بالمبجلين ..

الرواية يتقصها شيء ما ..
قد يكون مساحة اكبر من المغامرة و كثير من السرعة ..
فهي تجري ببطء ..
ومكررة ...

تحاول الرواية الإجابة عن السؤال الكب...more
It says on the front "A thriller 5000 years in the making", I think it should of stayed hiddin for another 5000 years. No plot and just plain terrible.
David Collins
This is a very enjoyable first novel by this new author. The blurb on the back of the book says it is packed with codes like Dan Brown's books, it is not. There is a small reference to a code being the reverse greek alaphabet. Apart from that the novel goes at a steady pace beginning to introduce the main players. As the novel progresses the pace speeds up. Without giving too much away, the story is about a chap called Gideon Chase who finds out his estranged father has committed suicide in a ma...more
It took me little under 24 hours to finish reading this book and once I got past the name dropping and references (to Hugh Grant, Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Pete Docherty, Amy Winehouse, Heat magazine, the X factor, Ben and Jerry's, Top Gun, CSI Miami, Bose sound systems, the Black eyed peas, the sun newspaper, the US reality show Survivor and I pads), the story was actually pretty good.

This is part of the reason why it lost a star in my ratings. Also you have to factor in a slight miscalculation in...more
If I could give this less than one star, I would. The plot was thin and wobbly. There was only one character that was developed at all, and she didn't even participate in the climax. The premise? Let's put it this way: It makes all the conspiracy theories in vogue right now seem absolutely plausible. In short, the entire basis of the book was unbelievable, but not in a science-fiction sort of way.

This is possibly the worst book I have read in several years. I didn't put it down simply because I...more
Sam Piper
Feb 27, 2011 Sam Piper rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: No-one, not even Dan Brown fans
What a totally disappointing book. Begun at 11:00 on a train and finished by the time I returned home at 6:00, it really is that thin despite the 500 or so pages.

The basic premise of the story is that a secret cult worships at Stonehenge or some other underground version of it and requires sacrifices. They obtain sacrifices; the police become involved; that's it. Secret cults... Ancient settings... an academic unwittingly involved in their machinations. Did someone give Sam Christer the how-to-...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sep 23, 2012 Cami rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who like reading about conspiracies and historical fiction.
Not as good as Dan Brown's twisting and symbol-heavy thrillers, but an enjoyable read. There were a few things that disconcerted me, such as the frequent switching of point of view from one person to another. I liked the character Gideon Chase, but for such a smart man he did a couple of really stupid things that didn't make sense to me. The end of the book seemed very abrupt and confusing.

(view spoiler)...more
Zézinha Rosado
Só podia mesmo dar 5 estrelas de classificação a um livro tão bem escrito como este.
Bem ao estilo de Dan Brown, aborda um tema muito interessante e as personagens são encantadoras.
Simpatizei bastante com Gideon, uma das personagens principais, pela sua força e determinação em descobrir os segredos do passado do pai, mesmo sabendo que isso pode alterar de certa forma os seus sentimentos por ele.
A detective Meg é amorosa, dividida entre o seu trabalho que lhe toma muito tempo e o seu papel de mãe,...more
A quick read because it's about as shallow as you can get. Despite that I enjoyed the first 1/2 of the book just because of my interest in Stonehenge (I've visited it 3 times) and my curiosity as to where the plot was leading. But the plot fizzled into the ether in the 2nd 1/2 and the lack of a central character or any character that I could even remotely like made it a difficult book to finish.

But it did take my mind off work and spreadsheets for a while so I guess that rates 2 stars!
زاهي رستم
بحثت عن هذا الكتب، لكي أعرف ما تحويه مخيله الكاتب عن نصب ستونهنج، لعل ذلك يساعدني في معرفة المزيد عن رُجم الهري (ستونهنج تبعنا، علماً أن منطقة الجولان تحوي العديد من أبنية قريبة من ستونهنج وكلها تبدأ باسم رُجم).. ويبدو لي أن المؤلف أجاد صياغة الأحداث في روايته، والتي نسب فيها البناء الغريب في انكلترا إلى عبادة قديمة للأحجار.. ويوضح أن عبادة شيء ما لا يتعلق بهذا الشيء، بل بالأساطير والطقوس التي يبتدعها الفكر البشري حول هذا الشيء..
الكتاب ممتع، وجدير بالقراءة.
fast paced and multi layered sub plots and felt myself hooked but the only disappointing part to me was the ending as if the author had ran out of ideas, says its dan brown style but felt it was more towards james rollins myself
كانت فى أجزاء منها ممله وأحداث ملهاش تلاته لازمه , بس جرعه الاثاره فيها لا ترقى لمستوى دان براون الصراحه .
I read the book in German because last weekend I was with my parents without a book for reading and found this in their shelf. It looked interesting but from the very beginning and because I'm used to read books in English I had the feeling that I heard the english words. Maybe the translation was not that good.
The book itself war ok but not more. Like another reader said there is only one character developed and she is not in the climax. And nearly at the end of the climax there is such an big...more
Hardly the 1st time I've seen a paint-by-numbers piece referred to as art, but I've never seen it done without any irony until this book. I'd almost find this entertaining in that "so bad it's good" way, but this poorly edited & thinly sketched bit of fluff turned out to be just plain bad. I can see the movie script in the novel... not a compliment, I assure you. It also feels terribly young and unsophisticated and, well, American - precisely what you do not want to see from a Stonehenge sto...more
Van Tilburg
Hard to put down, story moves at a fast pace.
Gripping from the start! Really love this author.
Too many characters that I lost count of who is who, who is saying what to whom, who is doing what with whom....
Some of the characters were simply unbelievable. How is Caitlyn able to pull stunts as she did after 7 days of starvation? Gideon's heroism is also a bit overstretched in my opinion. That he is able to trick his way into the Craft so fast, earn the trust of the Henge Master (even tho' he's his birth father), and finally overpower the guards, and get Caitlyn out of the maze that the san...more
Pujiyanto stiffy
mengenai rating, sebenernya antara 3 dan 4. tapi cenderung di 3 lebih dikit.

pertama kali membaca beberapa halaman pertama, jujur saja aku langsung bisa masuk ke dalam ceritanya. Bahkan atmosfer yang dulu aku rasakan saat baca buku Joshua Files kembali terulang lagi.

buku ini lumayan face-paced, dan agak berbeda cara penulisannya. Dengan mengandalkan multi-plotnya buku ini melaju cepat sambung menyambung antar FON yang dikisahkan bergiliran.
ada 4 tokoh central yang diceritakan, yang saling terhubu...more
I brought this book a couple of years ago as the synopsis sounded really interesting. This book is about Gideon Chase who after the shock death of his father is left his house and all his belongings. Amongst these possessions are diaries chronological in order from when he was a young man right up until the point he took his own life. What is more strange about it is that its all written in code.

Also in this book is Megan, A detective with the police who has something to prove within the force...more
Mιss •kαthєяίиє•  Τhε Emεrαℓd Pяίиcεss®
Great book. Yep! After a very long time I finally find a book that reminds me of the wonderful books written by Dan Brown and Katherine Neville. So, for that alone, it deserves 4 and a half stars.
Gideon was a very strong character that reminded me (a lot) of Prof. Langhton. Smart and really tuned to his environment. A person that learns things a long time ago but still can remember them when he has to survive. Which is something really unfair for the rest of us humans that cannot do that. I'm j...more
This was potentially a great idea and it was quite an exciting yarn.
When I was given the book by a friend I thought it would be a nice long read, it contains 481 pages! Unfortunately this was not the case, the fact that there are also 191 chapters of roughly one and a half pages in length, each with a gap between them means that the actual written word takes up far less than one would think at first galnce.
The blurb on the back of the book proclaims it to be 'packed with codes' er no! There is o...more
Acht Tage vor der Sommersonnenwende wird in Stonehenge bei einem Ritual ein Mann getötet.
Kurz darauf bringt sich ein angesehener Professor in seinem Landhaus um. Sein Sohn Gideon, Ärchologe, hatte zwar lange keinen Kontakt mehr zu seinem Vater, kann den Selbstmord aber nicht fassen.
Er macht sich, nachdem er den Abschiedsbrief seines Vaters gelesen hat, auf die Suche nach den Hintergründen und stößt dabei auf eine uralte Geheimgesellschaft, die durch Blutopfer ihre Macht erneuern will.
Wird es Gid...more
Martin Hill
A week before the summer solstice, Nathan Chase, a world renowned treasure hunter, kills himself and leaves a cryptic letter for his estranged son, archeologist Gideon Chase. Within hours Gideon discovers his father was involved with a 5,000-year-old “Brotherhood” that worships the sacred Stonehenge stones, which they believe provide worshippers with miraculous health and fortune. In return, the Brotherhood repays the sacred stones with human sacrifices. Soon Gideon must decide whether his desti...more
(This review contains spoilers).

So, I kind of went through several times where I liked this book and then didn't like it while I was reading it. It at least held my attention throughout, but I wasn't quite as satisfied in the same way as I am when I read a really good book and get to the end - there wasn't a great sense of accomplishment, more of a 'Oh... is that it?'

The characters were, at the very least, interesting. A couple of characters came across as particularly useless, but then proved t...more
Het begin van alle avonturen begint met de zelfmoord van de vader van Gideon. Ondanks de ruzie die jaren geleden ontstond en waardoor zij elkaar de laatste jaren niet meer hadden gezien of gesproken, reist Gideon af naar het huis van zijn vader. Hij vindt daar de dagboeken van zijn vader die grotendeels in een geheim schrift zijn geschreven die alleen Gideon en zijn vader kennen. Gideon begint de dagboeken te ontcijferen en doet een ontdekking die zijn leven op de kop zal zetten. Maar er zijn me...more
وأخيراً انتهيت من رواية "لغز ضحايا ستونهنج" من تأليف "سام كريستر".
بديت فيها من تاريخ 8 فبراير تقريباً،
بس صار فيه هوّة لـ أكثر من شهر وتركتها ورجعت لها مؤخراً...
اول رواية أقرأها لـ هذا الكاتب وبـ صراحة ما كانت عندي فكرة عنه أو عن أعماله من قبل، هي عبارة وحدة شدتني على غلاف الرواية واللي هي "مناسبة لـ عشاق روايات دان براون" فـ قررت أشتريها :D
الرواية تدور أحداثها 444 صفحة تسرد تفاصيل 15 يوماً تقريباً!
بـ صراحة شعرت بـ الملل في بداية قرائتي لـ الرواية، الأحداث تمشي بـ رتم بطيء، بس تبدأ بعدها الأحداث...more
I have long been fascinated by Stonehenge, and the stories that surround this great structure on the Salisbury Plain in England. I have also owned and read previous historical books on the subject. As an adult I have been able to visit the site on several occasions, even getting among the huge monoliths before they were roped off to keep the public from direct contact.

This book takes some of the myths surrounding Stonehenge and weaves a plausible tale. The book is about the human sacrifices whi...more
Nuno Magalhães
Como thriller, este livro não desilude, mas confesso que esperava ler uma análise mais profunda sobre factos históricos e esotéricos que rodeiam o enorme monumento neolítico de Stonehenge. Mesmo assim, a história que é narrada neste livro está bem estruturada e os capítulos curtos facilitam a leitura. Para além disso, gostei igualmente de aprender mais sobre a estrutura circular do monumento megalítico, os elementos que o compõem e a respectiva finalidade. Essencialmente, o autor explora uma tra...more
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