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The Hardest (Working) Man In Showbiz
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The Hardest (Working) Man In Showbiz

3.38 of 5 stars 3.38  ·  rating details  ·  2,625 ratings  ·  192 reviews

He's the porn world's Everyman. Blessed with an enormous "talent" yet average looks, he's starred in more than 1,700 adult films, directed 250 of them, and over the last twenty years has become porn's biggest ambassador to the mainstream. He's appeared in 60 regular films, 14 music videos, and VH1's Surreal Life, starred in the critically acclaimed Porn star (a movie about

Published February 5th 2007 by HarperCollins Entertainment
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Well, that was the most entertaining read I've had since Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It's a sweet little tale of how a nice Jewish boy from Queens was blessed with a 10-inch penis (like Kurt Vonnegut said, you never know who'll get one) and pursued his acting and comedy career only to more or less accidentally get into porn during its Golden Age in the late 70s/early 80s.

You want anecdotes about the intersection of porn and Hollywood's elite? They're in here. Sex tips from Dr. Ron Jeremy?
Karen Stinneford
I first "met" Ron Jeremy when he was a contestant on MTV's "The Surreal Life" with televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy who genuinely liked women. He comes across much the same way in his book -- an affable yellow lab puppy who keeps dropping a slobbery ball at your feet because he wants to play with you. I don't share his perspective on human sexuality. He ascribes absolutely no ethics or sentimentality to sex whatsoever; to him, it simply is physical act you do, ...more
This book was not as interesing as I assumed it would be. This is not to say it was terrible, it jsut got repetative after a while.

The book seems to be after a bit the story of Ron Jeremy: Namedropper. He spends a great protion of the book detailing his brushes with fame and the people he has had sex with over the years, famous and random.

One of the most interesting sections though is when he is describing the problems he and all of his crew had with the law. This was during the time when there
Actually 3.5 stars, better than expected.

Mr. Jeremy makes no excuses for his life's path, but does make a point to mention , more than once, that he never intended to be a porn legend.

He was very blase about the super sexual lifestyle of a porn star, and his personal sexual stories. I am positive that this tale would cause salivation in a Freudian analyst, but honestly some does come across as stereotypical and obvious.

I was surprised to find that Mr.Jeremy has a Master's Degree in Spec. Ed., is
I don't really know what to make of this book. It's not too poorly written, and the first part is really ok read.

Then the name-dropping begins. And it's really, really annoying. It makes it hard to read when there are comments on every page that tells of stories about how a house they once filmed in later would belong to this or that celebrity, or how some one they met was related to some actress, blah blah blah.

Another thing is the total lack of reflection of the porn industry as such. No, I
Jun 12, 2011 Sara rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Sara by: librarian
Shelves: 2011, memoir
I was surprised when a librarian recommend this book and even more surprised to discover that it was actually pretty good. In this autobiography, Ron Jeremy comes across as funny, likable, and as more than just the famous porn star that everyone's heard of. He's very educated, passionate about animals, plays piano and violin, never touches drugs, barely drinks, and is constantly striving to be considered a real actor.

Although the stories in this book go back to his childhood, the majority of it
Tabitha Beck
OMG--this man is incredible--so highly educated and well brought up and gives a whole new meaning to renaissance man...
a classically trained pianist?? and violinist? degrees in special education...
I won't go into all the rest--but this book is amazing--I am barely into it--we found it last night...
I love it!

Ok--so--after having read the entire book--I am utterly amazed.
So, yes, there is A LOT of name dropping. The man wants to be a legitimate actor, not just known for his...third leg...if I were
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith
I was in two minds about this book. Mr Jeremy is an engaging personality and the book was well written and presented. It gave a fascinating look into the world of pornography. I found it extremely interesting and up to a point entertaining. What spoiled the book for me and made the difference between a three and two star rating was Jeremy's obsessive tuft-hunting (as this review should be G-rated I don't like to use the more popular, and more apt, expression). The huge volume of boring rubbish a ...more
Kristal Cooper
Ron Jeremy is a movie slut in every possible way. Most of his memoir is dedicated to detailing every instance he's appeared in mainstream news, print, plays, TV skits and movies. He even brags about stars who have been seen with him in public, bands who've let him introduce their concert appearance, famous people who've just mentioned his name... (I am absolutely not kidding here!) He goes so far as to list the times he's been thanked in the credits to a movie or book!

That's not to say that thi
Unlike Wil Wheatons book I had a bit more of an idea of what I'd be in for with this book. And I wasn't surprised in some ways but I was in others.

For started Ron doesn't hide or censor anything. He just, excuse the pun, lets it all hang out there. He has had an incredible and unconventional life and it's really interesting to have a peer into it. Yes a lot of the book is talking himself up and who he knows but why not. It's his book and I would do the same thing.

I was surprised to find him bot
Duncan Mandel

He's the porn world's Everyman. Blessed with an enormous "talent" yet average looks, he's starred in more than 1,700 adult films, directed 250 of them, and over the last twenty years has become porn's biggest ambassador to the mainstream. He's appeared in 60 regular films, 14 music videos, and VH1's *Surreal Life*, starred in the critically acclaimed *Porn star* (a movie about his life), and in *Being Ron Jeremy* (a take off on *Being John Malkovich*), co-starring Andy Dick. And
Ryan Simpson
Aka "400 Pages Of Namedropping".

If you're hoping for a book that lifts the lid on the adult film industry, and features bawdy and amusing tales from the affable Ron Jeremy this is the wrong book. This is a memoir of a young struggling actor who got in to porn to pay the bills, and 30 years later, is still hustling every day for his big break in Hollywood. It's a tale of resilience and determination, having spent his whole life on the outside looking in, trying to get his foot on the ladder of t
This is with out a doubt some of the worst writing I've ever read. OK-- I get it he's well endowed and knows lots of rock stars and lots of C and D grade celebrities. The chapter on his legal trouble wasn't that interesting. The history lesson on the earlier days of porn wasn't that interesting and the chapter on his relationship (yeah right) trouble with the woman he professed romantic feeling for was just sad. I tried to look at this book as campy sleazy fun, but it just bored me.
Well done, sir. Funny, well-paced, informative... What more could one ask for in an autobiography? Also, learning fascinating things about famous people (check out who Ron Jeremy went to school with, f'rinstance) is something I'm a sucker for. All in all, a pretty quick read, although anyone who's looking for a tell-all book or a description of what it's like to sleep with [insert name here] is probably going to be disappointed.
Chilly SavageMelon
Mediocre at best, but a very quick read. Ron is a shameless name dropper, though doesn't seem a bad guy. He never really goes deep about his mentality and one senses there isn't much of one. Taken at face value, if he really is just a hard working shlub who wants to meet famous people and use connections to get into new projects, he's extremely lucky. And has gotten to fuck over 4,000 women as a bonus.

The pacing of the book is off. With it's logical biographical start, somewhere in the 80's thin
I read this years ago and forgot about it until I happened to see Ron Jeremy's video version of "Wrecking Ball" (the Miley Cyrus song). I remember the book wasn't necessarily the most well-written feat of literature I enjoyed that year, but really, who would read Ron Jeremy for the prose? Entertaining light read.
Christopher Fox
Just about what you'd expect: a tell-all, detailed series of vignettes, strung together more or less chronologically about the str8 porn business. No shame here; no false modesty. It all gets repetitious after a while and the name-dropping becomes positively nauseating but still it's a quick read and, I shudder, quite informative: detailed techniques for anal sex, anybody?

What may be surprising is just how much Jeremy enjoys his chosen profession and how happy he is that he, a college grad, an a
Петър Стойков
Знаете Рон Джереми - дебелия, космат чичко със смешен мустак и питон в гащите, който участва практически във всички по-стари порнофилми.

Разбира се, Рон не винаги е бил дебел (всъщност доста мускулест е на младини), но просто е най-успешният актьор в бранша и участва в над 3000 филма в продължение на 40 години.

Благодарение на това, на идиотското си чувство за хумор и на това, че е доста умен, той се превръща в нещо като говорител на индустрията, участва във всички документални филми за нея, шоута
A total disappointment. What kind of porn star writes a book and professes to be a good actor and a comedian throughout the entire thing? YAWN.

We're here to read about the sex, Ron.
Not really what I exspected..He is a name dropper that is for sure. His writing got very boring very quick..Not one of my favorite books thats for sure.
I have read every porn star memoir and this was my least favorite. It started out with an interesting direction about what porn was like in the 70's and how cops would raid porn sets. Towards the middle, it became a name-dropping mess.

Ron Jeremy wants to be a "real" actor as this is repeated to the point where you wish Ron would stop trying to be famous and talk about his life, not the D-list people he's met.

This book gets 2 stars since it was tolerable and I was able to finish it, but it could
This book was not a great read, but it was a good one. I was hoping for more insights into Ron Jeremy's mind and wanted to know how he viewed his world. Unfortunately, the book just didn't do that. Ron comes off as a very likable guy that you almost end up feeling sorry for in the end. He is surprisingly funny and quite intelligent. People might not like what he does for a living, but he is persistent to succeed and I admire that. If you are open minded and looking for some really "Cheesy Humor" ...more
Hace poco vi un documental que muestra la vida de quienes se dedican a la pornografía y qué sucede con ellos cuando abandonan el negocio. Se llama After Porn Ends y fue muy interesante porque plantea un tema en el que no pensamos frecuentemente: las vidas que cambian y se modifican a partir de una ocupación inusual.

Cuando vi que había una autobiografía de Ron Jeremy, pensé que me encontraría con el mismo planteo: un costado íntimo de una de las estrellas porno (y de la cultura pop) más importan
An amusing book, actually! Although at times it really does feel like a simple collection of pornstar anecdotes, it does give a point of view from inside the porn world that isn't very well-known from the public. Nowadays, we keep hearing these awful stories of abuse and violence in the adult industry, but we also forget that it wasn't always like this. Ron Jeremy was at the forefront of the emergence of more "mainstream-accepted" porn, which he describes as radically different from the world ev ...more
While the first third or so of this book is mildly entertaining and interesting, the last two-thirds are all about the name-dropping (celebrities he's met &/or partied with), disjointed stories about sex clubs, life in porn, well-meaning (?!) sex tips, and his ongoing struggle to be accepted in mainstream / commercial media. He's definitely got a great sense of humour, but very very often as I was reading, I caught myself thinking, "Oh, God, get over yourself!" There were far too many random ...more
Lucy Black
I was a bit appalled by some of the anecdotes in this book and not because of any of the sexual material. Compared to other porn star biographies I have read, the sex parts were actually pretty tame which was a nice change.

No, I was surprised by the sort of passive aggressive cruelty in the jokes he would relate and the conversations he would repeat that he would have with people. None of it came across as witty or funny to me but mostly just plain ugly. Especially the section where he makes all
This is my first EVER review of a book, and seeing as i take a lot from the reviews on this website, I feel like i should at least help contribute with my own, probably pointless, view, so here goes.

I picked this up at a local charity shop and breaking away from my normal quick search of GoodReads, I purchased for a whole 50 pence puresly on impulse.

Well I will say this is an average book and if the 1/2 rating was applicable I would have chosen a 2.5 score. Firstly I would like to point out that
Unless you've lived under a rock for the last thirty years, you know who Ron Jeremy is. Porn star extraordinaire Jeremy provides a glimpse into his life in this entertaining autobiography (written with a ghostwriter). Jeremy describes how he broke into porn and why he stayed, even though he longed for a mainstream film career.

Now, I don't know how much of this is Jeremy and how much is his ghostwriter (which I actually didn't find mention of until the second epilogue), but it's not terrible writ
Simply put, this book is Ron Jeremy's - or Ron Hyatt's, to use his real name - kiss-and-tell of the bad boys and girls of showbiz. Jeremy details, frequently ad nauseam, his involvement with celebrities across the board, focusing on the more sordid aspects of their contact with him. If airing the dirty laundry of tinseltown's favourites gets you off, then you'll love this book; if clinical descriptions of the various sex positions preferred by different celebrities makes you nauseous, you'd best ...more
When I say I would've preferred to read less anecdotes about Ron's sexploits you may, in a sarcastic incredulous tone ask what exactly I was expecting when I picked up the memoirs of the biggest porn star of all time, and you may just be right in your assumption that my expectations were off.

Ron Jeremy, i've never seen one of his videos, i've heard tales of his large endowment sure, but my only real experience with him is as a legitimate actor and several quotes about how he's still a licensed k
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Ronald Jeremy Hyatt (born March 12, 1953), usually called Ron Jeremy, is an American pornographic actor. Nicknamed "The Hedgehog," he was ranked by AVN at number one in their "The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time" list. Jeremy has also appeared in non-pornographic films, such as The Boondock Saints and 54.

He is well known for his large 9.75-inch (~24.75cm) penis – and he has gained some notoriety for
More about Ron Jeremy...
Jamey L: Portrait of a Gay Man Ein Mann Und Viertausend Frauendie Autobiographie Des Größten Pornostars Aller Zeiten

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