Sophie's Turn (Rock Star Romance, #1)
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Sophie's Turn (Rock Star Romance #1)

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Slapper? Slut? Adulteress? Sophie Penhalligan's life and moral universe is turned upside down when rock star Dan proposes to her in full knowledge that she is already engaged. She has always loved Dan, in a remote-crush kind of way. She thinks she loves her fiancé, Tim. What is she to do?

It's all happening because her past has come to tempt her. Nine years ago, she met he...more
Kindle Edition, 1st Edition
Published July 6th 2011 (first published 2011)
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Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~
Well, this wasn't at all what I expected. For the majority of the book I wanted to smack Sophie, and Dan AND Rachel. I was mad at myself for once again choosing a book that I knew had cheating as one of the major plot points. I'm irrationally opposed, and cannot stand a cheating hero or heroine, so I'm not sure why I continue to delude myself that this book wold be different. But, in fact this one actually WAS different! I don't want to give away too much, but I just want to give huge props to N...more
rockstar Pictures, Images and Photos

Before starting my review on this amazing book, I have two things to confess: First I am a sucker for chick-lit books and second, I just love music and rockstars! So what happens when I see these two combined! THE INEVITABLE - I LOVE THE BOOK!

Sophie Penhalligan is a journalist working for the Read London. She has a steady relationship for two years with Tim, and is waiting for him to propose. Tim is everything a girl would possible want and life with him would be safe, secure, cozy. Wait a minu...more
This is a must read for all chick-lit lovers! It is an easy read with a fab plot that will keep you hooked all the way through.

Sophie's Turn is the debut novel by Nicky Wells and the first book in a rock-romance trilogy. The story is written from the point of view of the book's heroine, Sophie Penhalligon, who finds herself engaged to both rock-star Dan and city accountant Tim when we first meet her. I was instantly intrigued as to how she came to be in this predicament and through a series of f...more
Kelly 'Perusing Princesses blog'
Book Review – Sophie’s Turn by Nicky Wells.

‘Rock Guys are viagra for my soul’ – Sophie Penhalligan

Sophie Penhalligan is just like any other teenager growing up in her hometown of Newquay, Cornwall. Her bedroom walls are adorned with posters of her favourite rock band, TUSCQ, and her dreams revolve around one day meeting the singer, Dan, and making him all her own - the singer with a voice like velvet. Her musings however take an ornamental turn when her dream actually bares some truth at ninetee...more
Anyone looking for a fun and light-hearted read look no further.
Shaz Goodwin
Nicky Wells is a self-published author. When she contacted me to review Sophie’s Turn, I read the prologue which had me hooked instantly!

In the prologue, Sophie and Dan are in Paris while the band ‘Tusk’ are on tour and Sophie accepts Dan’s proposal. There’s only one problem with that …………what about her fiancée Tim back in London? I wanted to go back to the beginning to find out more about her relationship with Tim and what life was like for her. What had led her to this point?

In Part One we ge...more
This is the perfect story to take with you for a weekend at the beach. Written in an easy, comfortable tone, you'll soon find yourself carried away into Sophie's world and unable to put the book down until you find out what happens next. I couldn't help but become envious of the main character, Sophie, as she finds herself engaged to two different yet wonderful men. I was right there with her thinking what would I do if this happened to me. Who would I choose? Why? What do any of us really want...more
Donna McBroom-Theriot
Book Quotes:
Well, if it weren’t for the small matter of Tim, her actual finance’. And for the fact that Dan was a mega rock star. And for the fact that they had both drunk a little too much at the party after the big Parish gig. But he had said, ‘would you marry,’ hadn’t he, and indeed she would. In a different world. In a different lifetime. But, “yes, oh yes,” she shouted again, because he wasn’t serious, and it wouldn’t hurt to go along with the fantasy, would it?
“Yes, I am. Look, he’s a grea...more
Marina Sofia
OK, I have a confession to make. I've known Nicky for a number of years and I knew she had written a novel. When she first published it as an e-book, I didn't have a Kindle, but I felt that, as a duty towards a friend, I should make an effort to buy it. Maybe even read it. Even though chick lit is not at all my cup of tea. You can look through my lists and I doubt you will find more than a handful of chick-lit type books.

I expected to skim through it quickly and find a few polite things to say a...more
What a great book! Definitely a must read! I was completely hooked and can't wait to read Sophie's Run! Sophie had boyfriend Tim and the "love" of her fantasies came back into the picture! I laughed out loud, was frustrated but mostly completely enthralled in this romantic story! I highly recommend, this a must read!
Amanda Markham

Not your usual chick lit. This is smart, funny, heartbreaking and much closer to life than a lot of other books I've read in this genre. The main character doesn't try to hide anything, is honest with both men in her life, and most importantly, is honest with herself.
I loved the British humor and the whole idea of the heroine's rock star fantasy becoming reality. She had to deal with tough moral decisions and her choices reflect what a lot of women would choose. Great ending and over all a very fun chicklit book!
The plot of this book is hilarious and had plenty of twists and turns that kept me up all night reading. I have had major crushes that I mistook as true love for certain rock stars and I just knew they would love me back – if they’d just give me a chance ha ha…..This book brought back that fire….it lit the flame of my misguided…. full of delusions of grandeur …youth ….. I felt young again.

Nicky has created a cast of characters that are relatable. I wanted to smack Sophie, Dan and even Rachel a...more
Meredith Schorr
Twenty-eight year old Sophie is totally ready to marry Tim, her boyfriend of two years, and is just waiting for him to pop the question already. But why does she keep flashing back to nine years ago when she spent the night hanging out with her favorite band Tuscq, specifically the lead singer Dan? And if Jim is the right guy for her, why is Sophie so thilled when a chance meeting with another member of Tuscq brings her face-to-face with Dan again after all of these years?

Sophie's Turn was chick...more
I'm not sure what I expected from Sophie's Turn, but I got so much more than I expected from the book. I received entertainment for an afternoon an evening. I was taken to a world that was different from my own. But I also watched a woman deal with her issues by first not dealing with them and then tackling them. I watched a romance bloom. I toured with a band around Europe and stayed at 5-star hotels. And I enjoyed every minute. Ms. Wells knows how to write a story that fully immerses you in th...more
Lindsay (Little Reader Library)
Sophie Penhalligan works on the news desk at the ‘Read London’ newspaper. She has been with her accountant boyfriend Tim for two years, and is hoping for their relationship to progress. The story is told in the present day, interspersed with flashbacks early in the novel, in which Sophie recalls an adventure in Edinburgh from her younger days involving a rock band she adored, called Tusk, and her encouter with the lead singer Dan. Back in the present, a chance meeting with ex-Tuscq band member D...more
Nikki Bywater
Sophie Penhalligan was a fan of the band TUSCQ in the 80’s. So much so that she managed to spend some time with the band travelling back from a gig on their tour bus one time and she got very close to the bands lead singer Dan.

Now she is working as a journalist on the local newspaper Read London and she has been going out with her accountant boyfriend Tim for the last two years, it is not what you would call the perfect relationship but when Tim proposes Sophie says yes.

When Sophie is at the air...more
Samantha Janning
Sophie Penhalligan isn’t a slapper. Or at least she wasn’t before. Before Dan came back in her life. Dan, the hunky rock star of the band Tusk, the man that made her teenage self go weak in the knees. Who knew he would still have the same power over her as a grown adult? A woman engaged to be married to another man? Sophie can’t believe she lets herself carry on an affair with Dan. But maybe if she were happier with Tim. If Tim wasn’t always so uptight. If Tim let Sophie have her wild side back....more
Nicky Well’s is debut author, originally from Germany, now living in Bristol in England, with her husband and two sons. She has self published her first e- book Sophie’s Turn a classic chick lit novel. Nicky kindly sent me an e-book copy of her novel . Normally I don’t enjoy reading e-books, I’m pretty old fashioned and love the feel and smell of a reading a new book. After reading about Sophie’s Turn, however, I was excited to get started. I always enjoy reading novel’s by new and upcoming auth...more
How many of us have dreamed of being proposed to by a rock star, especially one that we have idolised since our teenage years? For most of us that’s as far as it gets, but for Sophie Penhalligan it went further. Not only did she dream it but it actually happened to her. Dan from rock group Tusk is her dream come true, or is he? There is of course the small matter of her boyfriend Tim who has also proposed to her.

Sophie’s Turn is a delightful story of moral dilemma and conscience, throwing cautio...more
Every girl has that romance, that idol they have a chance to become more then just friends or acquaintances, and just like every girl has that moment, there is a moment lost.

Who wouldn't like the idea of finding that lost chance again when you are not so naive with the world, when you are more secure with your place in life?

For Sophie all of this comes true, even if it adds drama and stress to her life, some could argue it was well worth it if it meant getting that chance romance again.

I wasn't...more
Cocktails and Books
Sophie and Tim met at a charity event and for two years seemed to be on the road to matrimony. But on the night of their two year anniversary the dynamics of their relationship changes and it causes Sophie to start questioning why she thought they were such a fit for one another. Then the focal point of her teenage crush, Dan the lead singer of Tusk, enter life and turns things upside down. Will Sophie choose Dan, the man she's loved for the past two years or the man who was the star of her girl...more
Kristin (Kritters Ramblings)
Have you ever had to choose between two men who were vastly different, but both perfect in many ways? Do you wish you could just settle down, if only with the Mr. Right? Well, if you haven't found yourself in that situation, but want to read about the deciding between the rock star and the steady boyfriend - this book should be the first one you pick up.

I absolutely fell in love with this book. A sweet chick lit that kept you guessing until the end, which guy did you want her to marry? As a read...more
Louise Graham
Sophie's Turn is the first novel written by Nicky Wells. Sophie Penhalligan is a 28-year-old journalist living in London. In a committed relationship to Tim, but worried that is doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast - why hasn't Tim proposed yet? An accidental meeting at the Airport of Darren the guitarist of band Tusk. The band she had travelled from Cornwall to Edinburgh to meet and go back stage with almost 10 years previous. The band that she had an enormous crush on the lead singer Dan, al...more

I have a dilemma as to what genre to put this in, so I have called it 'rock-lit.'

The book sucks you in from the first page, with an infectious style of writing that makes reading about Sophie feel like chatting to a best bud, something which author Talli Roland does well - and now Nicky Wells.

We all had a crush on a rock star or pop star in our youth, and had the feeling that if they just met you, they would automatically dump the supermodel they were canoodling and whip you off to their mansi...more
Julie Ramsey

Sophie’s Turn by Nicky Wells

Sophie Penhalligan had been half in starstruck love with Dan, a member of the rock band Tusque for a very long time. She even managed to meet the band and hang out with them once. Years later, working at a paper and dating perfectly respectable Tim, Sophie meets back up with the band, and she and Dan find that there is chemistry between them. Sophie gets assigned as reporter for the band for their reunion tour, and has an on the road relationship with Dan, rationalizi...more
Wow! This book had me hooked, it was so exciting from the very start and I just didn’t want to stop reading. Maybe it was the reminder of my own teen band obsessions and the thought of actually living out your teenage fantasies that had gripped me so tightly, whatever it was, it was fun and very enjoyable.

I loved the style of writing, it was easy to read and kept me guessing throughout. I particularly enjoyed the Edinburgh flashbacks, I was eagerly awaiting the next segment that would give me mo...more
Rea Sinfield
I have just finished Sophie’s Turn by Nicky Wells on my kindle. I love the look of the cover of this book and I think it is the ideal cover for this book.

Slapper, Slut, Adulteress. This is hardly the words that Sophie Penhalligan would normally use to describe herself. Yet this is exactly how she is behaving, all things considered, even if she isn’t quite married to Tim yet. Aged nineteen, she travelled halfway across the country to honour an invitation by her favourite rock band, Tusk, to j...more
One woman ... two very different men ... two proposals ... which one does she choose?

Sophie Penhalligan is a twenty-eight year old London newspaper journalist who has been in a two year relationship with the safe and steady accountant Tim, who has finally proposed to her. But then along comes a blast from the past when her teen idol and rock star heartthrob Dan Hunter from the band Tusk comes back into her life after ten years and proposes to her too! Sophie accepts both of their proposals and f...more
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Hi! I’m Nicky Wells, your ultimate rock chick author. Signed to US Publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing, I write Romance That Rocks Your World, featuring the rock star and the girl next door. My books offer glitzy, glamorous contemporary romance with a rock theme ~ imagine Bridget Jones ROCKS Notting Hill!

If you’ve ever had a crush on any kind of celebrity ~ rock, pop, movie or other ~ you’ll conn...more
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