Mass Effect: Revelación
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Mass Effect: Revelación (Mass Effect #1)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  5,151 ratings  ·  359 reviews
Todas las sociedades avanzadas de la galaxia se basan en la tecnología de los proteanos, una antigua especie que se extinguió hace cincuenta mil años. En marzo del 2148, tras descubrir una reserva de tecnología proteánica escondida, la raza humana, la especie interestelar más reciente, se extiende hacia las estrellas luchando por conquistar su lugar en la gran comunidad ga...more
Paperback, 224 pages
Published by Timun Mas (first published 2007)
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Tama Wise
I am a fairly large fan of the Mass Effect game, but I have to admit that I certainly wasn't expecting Tolstoy (or insert any other good novelist here) when I got my hands on this book. It sold itself on a few things, that it was a prequel to the game. It would tell us how Saren came to hate humans so much, and why Captain Anderson failed as a Spectre.

If you're boggled already then that sort of shows you a little of how the book is. As a stand alone novel, it's a fairly throw away read set in a...more
I probably don't need to say that this book is only for Mass Effect fans, but I'll say it anyways. I doubt anyone who isn't already a fan of Mass Effect could get really invested here.

This book could be subtitled The Complete History of Why Anderson and Saren Hate Each Other's Guts. Yes, it's the full story of Anderson's failed Spectre attempt, and exactly how Saren screwed it up. It is interested to see a pre-Sovreign Saren, and see exactly how ruthless and morally bankrupt he already was. The...more
Haiku Review:

I think I wrote this
Story in the seventh grade.
It stunk back then, too.
Greg Stearns
I read this book the summer it came out because I was completely caught up in the Mass Effect pre-release whirlwind. One of my favorite things in science fiction that especially translates to games is the world building. And the people at BioWare have a reputation for building broad and cohesive worlds. I also knew going in that this was going to be a trashy video game summer read and in that respect it didn't dissapoint.

In the aknowledgments, Karpyshyn thanks his editor who "helped make my nove...more
This is a great addition to the Mass Effect universe. The story revolved around David Anderson, Kahlee Sanders, and how SPECTRE Saren Arterius acquires a reaper artifact. This is set before the events of the first Mass Effect game. The three novels by Drew Karpyshyn are great complements to the MEU.
Dirk Grobbelaar
It's quite easy to like this book if you approach it with the correct attitude. Yes, it is based on a video game franchise, and the downside is that readers will not really know how the story unfolds from here unless they play the game. It's a pity that the story of the first Mass Effect game has not been novelized as a sequel to Revelation. There is a sequel (Mass Effect: Ascension), but it takes place after the events of the game. I would have loved to read a novel featuring Commander Shepard,...more
Alan Solitar
Jan 17, 2008 Alan Solitar rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone
Mass Effect: Revelations is a truly phenomenal science fiction text. From the very first page you are hooked by this book's compelling and suspenseful nature. Mass Effect: Revelations follows the path of Lieutenant Anderson, an alliance space officer who is investigating the destruction of a human research base. During his exploration, he eventually uncovers a malicious plot of chicanery and corruption. However, he becomes shocked when he finds out that this activity was happening under his ver...more
William Johnson
Reprinted from my website Secure Immaturity:

I’m trying to ease my way back into fiction ever since I got burned out on the very subject after earning my degree in English Literature at Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University. I just read too much. . .if that’s possible. . .and needed a break. For the last five years I’ve read endless history books and biographies. Hell, I’ve even read science books. I just abandoned fiction entirely. But lately I’ve needed some kind of escapism...more
William Ristau
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jan 25, 2011 Jeff rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of the Mass Effect video game series
I don't think this book will appeal to those who haven't played the Mass Effect video games. As it is, this book provides a good backstory to the events that unfold in Mass Effect. Those who choose to read this obviously shouldn't expect great literature; it's pulp science fiction. The pacing is good and the action keeps your attention. One could easily read the entire book in a few hours.

For those who are looking for a space opera told in several different media, I would recommend the Mass Eff...more
Very enjoyable, but I feel like some of the characters were really dull and empty. If you asked me to describe Kahlee Sanders, I probably couldn't say much more than, "Uh, she's a natural blonde?" She wasn't a strong character, and kinda flip-flopped between strong-military-woman and oh-no-hold-me-please, in my opinion. Didn't identify with her in the slightest.

It was great to get a bit of insight into Saren and Anderson, but I just felt like the plot sort of unravelled a bit towards the end.

I d...more
Dec 04, 2013 Jason rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Sci fi fans, Mass Effect fans, Unreal fans, etc.
I don’t normally read novels based on video games. With the exception of The Infernal City, I can’t think of one that I’ve been interested in. But, I started playing the Mass Effect games at the end of summer and I am hopelessly addicted to them now. The universe, the characters, and the story have completely engrossed me. When I found out that the author of this book was also the primary storywriter for the game, I decided to give it a shot.

Years before the events of Mass Effect, when Ca...more
Interesting companion to the Mass Effect universe but predictable plot, careless editing (there are actually typos in the book!) and very dry almost boring writing left much to be desired. I took 3 weeks of active daily reading to finish this book which is a stark difference of my usual pace.

I am an obsessed fan when it comes to the Mass Effect universe. So when I read that revelation was a prequel to the ME games and is about Anderson and Saren I just had to get it! However I was quite disappo...more
Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
Your species must know its place. ~ Saren Arterius
I liked this book far more than I expected I would. I figured that it would simply be a recap of what I already know of the Mass Effect Universe from the games. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only is this story totally original, but it is a fitting prequel featuring our beloved Anderson and the most hated Saren.
Shepard's right. Humanity is ready to do its part. United with the rest of the Council, we have the strength to overcome a...more
If I had to give my review a title, it would be "WHAT HAPPENED?!" Yes, in capslock.

I really loved the first part of the book, the introduction of the various races, of the universe in general, of the characters, especially of Grissom and Anderson, the attack on Sidon and the attempted rescue mission - all that was amazing. But then, something happened. And suddenly, I disliked everybody in the book.

The humans conducted illegal research with such a sense of appropriateness, as if they had the rig...more
I only picked up this book because I really love the Mass Effect games and thought I'd give it a shot. Like what some other reviewers said, I certainly wasn't expecting an amazing piece of literature because these things usually aren't, but given that this book was written by one of the two writers for the games (which are phenomenal, by the way), though, I guess I was really hoping for a little more.

To be fair, Revelation is all right as far as this type of franchise-driven fluff goes; it wasn'...more
Mogsy (MMOGC)
I'm starting to really like Drew Karpyshyn. After reading his first Star Wars: Darth Bane book and now this, I'm convinced this is a guy who can write a concise novel without rushing the story.

Revelation was a pretty short book, yet I was surprised at how much I was able to get out of it. There was some strong character building, great action sequences, and even some background information into the technology and inhabitants of the Mass Effect World.

Like most novels in the video game tie-in ge...more
The only reason this kept my attention until the end is because it's Mass Effect and I love those games. I seriously considered quitting a little over halfway through. The writing style leaves a lot to be desired. Drew Karpyshyn should stick to writing games because his prose is juvenile. I read better stories daily in my creative writing classes. It's like he doesn't understand the concept of a consistent point of view. He constantly explains things to the reader that we've either already seen...more
James Witherspoon
As a huge fan of the Mass Effect universe I wanted to the novels a shot. My expectation for the first volume were matched quite well. Now thanks to this book my loath for Saren has increased tenfold. So glad he meets his demise in the video game. (Woops. Spoilers. Sorry folks.) Loved the plot. Did not had the though of regret while tearing though the pages. Cast of characters were pleasing. Only regret is that the book did not have anyone other then Anderson, Saren, The council, (might have forg...more
This book tells the story of Cptn. Anderson (the old admiral in-game 1) as he is tested for specter and his meeting with Saren.

The facts are okay at best. The story has job to do and that is to set up the stage for the events in game 1. It barely accomplish little else.

It did not make me relate with Anderson. It did not make me relate with Kristen, the female lead character. It barely touched on the motives Saren has for his actions, on the book and in game 1.

It did accomplish three things:

1- to...more
I don't frequently read literature based on video game universes. I don't seek them out, but I occasionally find some that sound interesting. I am a bit of a gamer and the Mass Effect games are among my favorites so I was happy to read this book when my co-worker offered to lend it to me.

For those who have played the games, this book is a prequel to the game series. It explains how certain characters began on the paths they were on when the games began. I suppose I was a tad spoiled having playe...more
Daniel Millard
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Steven Hendrik
Apr 20, 2014 Steven Hendrik rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Mass Effect fans
I very much enjoyed reading this book, I consider myself a huge Mass Effect fan, the series easily belongs to one of my favourite video game series of all time. This book is written by one of the writers of the first Mass Effect game and you can indeed notice consistency between this book and the first game, most notable the atmosphere. When reading this book I really felt myself transported to the Mass Effect universe so I can only give it props for that.

It provides some interesting back-story...more
This is essentially a 1940s potboiler mixed with deleted scenes and a few shooting levels from the Mass Effect series. It boils down to "boy meets girl, girl gets snatched kidnapped by villain, hero-plus-sadist-sidekick raid villain's secret lair..." It doesn't require a genius to work out the rest.

This book is fine for hardcore fans but it adds nothing to flesh out the universe of Mass Effect. Even the use of technology seems strangely old fashioned - they drive around in cars that need headlig...more
Joe Hull
The videogames deliver one of the greatest interactive story epics of all time, the book expands on that lore, and doesn't do a very good job. The point of the book is to expand on some unexplained points from the games, which it does, it's one saving grace is that these extra tidbits of info connected to the games can be very interesting and it can feel like you're learning some great secrets about the universe. But the actual plot used to get to these points is consistently dull and uninspired...more
Jonathan Beckett
I am a huge Mass Effect fan and I made it my ultimate quest to gobble up all the novels and comics associated with the extended universe. Which is the primary reason as to why I decided to read this book.

Drew's writing style is both engaging and descriptive giving readers a clear picture on every scene in the book. Everything from the action to the lore is very well written and will delight most fans of the video game trilogy. However if you aren't familiar with the games it may be difficult to...more
Gareth Lewry
Originally reviewed at

This is the first novel in the mass effect universe, set before the first game in the series. the story takes place just after the rapid exploration of the galaxy, and briefly covers how humans managed this feet in such a short period of time. Human exploration and integration in to the galactic community is in its infancy.

Drew wrote the original games so as you would expect there is no issue with consistency in the universe. It also introduces som...more
Don Viecelli
From My Newsletter Number 60:

This review is on Mass Effect Revelation by Drew Karpyshyn. It is the first book I have read by this author. He is the lead writer of the award-winning Mass Effect video game from BioWare®. The book is a prequel to the game and the Mass Effect book series.

The story opens with a Prologue about Rear Admiral Jon Grissom of the Alliance who is on his way outside the solar system to Arcturus in the year 2157. Grissom is a war hero who was the first man to travel through t...more
Jennifer Cox
I've sat through a play through of the Mass Effect trilogy and have decided to play through it myself.

And what better way to get in the mood than reading the novel which is a prequel to the first game.

It has served it's purpose well and I'm raring to play it now.

The writing is pretty good for a tie-in novel. Not quite Dragon Age standard but good nonetheless.

It reads like the game plays, a bit of a codex dump, a cut scene then some action.

No great revelations revealed but I wasn't expecting any...more
It's an intro to the game's plot... Not much more. However, the book's plot is just too simplistic, almost too single-threaded, the characters build-up is too cliche... For those who haven't played the game, this might be a good start into the ME franchise. For those who played, I'm sorry, but the game is far better. The only good thing about the book is probably how the story is uncovered through several plot lines, or just character viewpoints, converging sooner or later towards the end of the...more
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Drew Karpyshyn is a Canadian author and game designer. After working at a credit union for some time, he eventually became a game developer. He joined BioWare towards the end of the Baldur's Gate series, and wrote the tie-in novel for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. He stayed with BioWare, where he worked on Neverwinter Nights, and became the Senior Writer on the critically acclaimed Star Wars:...more
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