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For My Lady's Heart
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For My Lady's Heart (Medieval Hearts #1)

3.88 of 5 stars 3.88  ·  rating details  ·  1,135 ratings  ·  82 reviews
In medieval Europe, vows and laws are as inflexible and confining as a suit of armor. For Ruck, a noble and honest knight, those rules provide an unwavering path. Even as his wife leaves him for the Church, taking his money and his steed, Ruck’s life is one of devotion and mission.

For the beautiful widow, Princess Melanthe, those same laws and traditions conspire to consum
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Published May 28th 2011 by (first published 1993)
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How do I say this is the finest hero ever put to paper without sounding like a hyperbole-spewing squeeon?
*clears throat and boldly announces*
This is one of the finest heroes created in ink.
The heroine is brilliantly complex.
I'm dazed with wonderment.

I want to befriend every single person who loved this book as much as I did... they are truly my soul-peeps. I am going to stalk every one of you. Fair warning.
Don't urge me not to...
where you go I will go, and where you stay I will
Old RRA-L review:

I liked FOR MY LADY'S HEART a great deal, and I generally don't like what passes for medieval. I read it on the recommendation of someone whose opinion on books I respect, and it is what got me to read medieval romances (and Laura Kinsale in general). Most medieval romances have modern stories dressed up and in a castle. A book I otherwise enjoyed ruined the ending by having the heroine marry her dead twin sister's widower--sorry, but in the Middle Ages that was incest, not a ti
Lea's Audiobooks Hensley
Remarkable story and Nick Boulton's narration is amazing. Laura Kinsale continues to wow with her audiobooks. Every one of her titles (five to date for me) is worthy of multiple relistens.

Narrated by Nicholas Boulton

I was hesitant to listen to For My Lady’s Heart as I read that it contained (horrors) Middle English. I want my listening to be easy but the lure was strong with all the highly favorable comments I was reading and … it’s a Medieval, a sub-genre I thoroughly enjoy. And that Middle Eng

I adored (nearly all of) this book. It is a romance masterpiece. I wish it would have gone on more as I enjoyed the language and prose so very much. I also adored the hero and the heroine too, though Melanthe was a bit off putting once they reached Wolfscar. The set-up and plot for the "romance" was really unique and well-done. And the humor! Kinsale has an ability to deftly add character-driven humor that does not seem forced nor contrived.

I also want to thank Ms. Kinsale for allowing the reade
ETA: The lovely ladies at AG just updated my review with some soundclips :) Bonus!Nick Boulton is A Very Good Thing. Go listen!

Medieval romances aren’t a great favourite of mine. I will admit that I haven’t read a large number of them, but most of those I have read have been too anachronistic for my taste. Of course, there is going to be a degree of anachronism in any historical romance – after all, we usually read about the titled and the wealthy and not about the miserable poor eking out a har
It's a good thing I enjoyed Flowers from the Storm so much, because if For My Lady's Heart had been the first Kinsale I picked up, I might not have read any more and would have missed out on The Shadow and the Star, Seize the Fire, and Midsummer Moon, among others.

It begins with the hero, Ruck, losing his wife, who thinks herself a saint, and all of his possessions to the church, leaving him penniless until he's rescued by the gift of two emeralds, given to him by the Princess Melanthe on a whi
Rosina Lippi
On my list of favorite female protagonists are more than a few difficult women. If you go looking, you'll find (for example) that readers either love or hate Melanthe of For My Lady's Heart. The comments I have heard is that she is too hard and even abrasive, although I think some of the dislike of Melanthe has to do with the fact that this novel is not an easy read; Kinsale does a good job of approximating Middle English for a modern audience, and it takes a little work to get into it.

I loved
Barbara M.
3 or 4 Stars...I can't decide

I'm having a hard time rating "For My Lady's Heart".

I really enjoyed the storyline, it was very different, and the characters were really brought to life...but it was soooooo stretched out and after the second half it was like "blah blah blah blah blah".

I wouldn't not recommend this, but I'm not going to recommend it either...LoL!
I Love Audiobooks
Sort of a mini Game of Thrones romance novel. Very good narrator. (Nicolas Boulton). Wish it had a little more angst. And that the hero had some flaws. He's just so darn noble! or if he had a more of a bad/naughty side. I prefer leading men to be a little less perfect that Ruck. It's too much fun to see if they can be redeemed.
Melanthe is a little more realistic, flawed, plus she is redeemed for her flaws as the book goes along. Maybe even too much! The plot had me confused much of the time. (I’
Jane Stewart
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Fiction Fool
Rating: (♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥)
Sample of Nicholas Boulton narrating For My Lady's Heart.

(This is more of a combined feature than of an individual review.)

Laura Kinsale is a pioneer. Seriously! She's done what many author's dream about. She's taken control of producing her own audiobooks, which is truly impressive, and she chose the most ideal candidate to bring her stories to your greedy little ears. Mr. Nicholas Boulton, who is already a talented stage, screen and voice actor, made it into Ms. Kinsale's v
The one where Princess Melanthe, the widow of an Italian prince, is involved in dangerous political disputes among three Italian families over her lands and herself, and Ruck is neither married nor single, neither landed nor baseborn, neither above her nor below her.

It's been a long time since I enjoyed a romance this much.

The historical period (1400s) is so distant that a story set there has pretty much the same essential pleasure as science fiction. The people and settings are strange, vivid,
This is a medieval historical romance which attempts to incorporate Middle English language in the dialogue (although how successfully--even before her editors made her take out some of the Middle English to make it more accessible--is debatable), so I think this book works best for readers who’ve taken like one semester of Chaucer and can easily follow it, but who aren’t real academics because the latter tend to be annoyed that the Middle English isn’t really very good. Also, I've seen reviews ...more
I read the "modernized" language version, in which Kinsale attempted to clean up much of the Middle English speak. I am a HUGE Kinsale fan, and having adored many of her other books (I've reread Shadow and the Star several times). So I chose to read this after spotting it near the top of Dear Author's Top 100 Romances list. Maybe expectations were too high, because though I enjoyed the book, it lacked some sort of spark that makes a good book GREAT (for me). Maybe the hero, Ruck, was too much of ...more
Costumo dizer que Laura Kinsale é uma escritora muito criativa e com personagens fora dos padrões normais. E em Por el corazón de mi dama, ela não foge a regra.
Desta vez, através da leitura penetrei no mundo medieval, de justas, da peste e com suas crenças, seus reinos e as tramas em busca de poder. De um lado temos Lord Ruadrick um cavaleiro honrado e cheio de princípios que ao ser salvo por uma dama, lhe jura fidelidade e celibato. Após 15 anos, eles se encontram, e ele descobre que sua dama,
Laura Kinsale is probably known to any and all romance readers. I had heard people worshipping upon her altar long before I started reading her. What dedicated romance reader hasn't heard of the glorious book that is Flowers from the Storm? I mean, duh. FftS was my first Laura Kinsale book. I had such high expectations for it, I even bought the actual paperback instead of going my usual ebook route. And you know what? That book is amazeballs. A drink of water in a desert, truly. Next came Seize ...more
Billie Jo
This is what I call a 5 STAR audiobook! The only down side to such an awesome book is that all consuming need to find the next great book and unfortunately so many fall short when compared to Laura Kinsale and Nicholas Boulton.

More than enough reviews have been written so I will just say that you can't go wrong with this audiobook. I can't wait for the release of the 2nd book Shadowheart!!
Venetia Green
Wow. I've been waiting for this book for years: a medieval-set romance that ticks every box and then some!
Kinsale was quite clearly inspired by the 14th-century Middle English poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". Her hero, Ruck, styles himself as a mystery knight all clad in green (armour and horse included, at times). He hails from the wild northwest of England (whence originated the Green Knight poem) and speaks, as the heroine notes, in its uncouth accents. A central section of the novel s
A difficult read for me...I just couldn't get into it and quit reading the book in frustration after about 70 pages. I found I would have to go back over and over the words to interpret what's actually being said.
Deux émeraudes et un faucon gerfaut. Du vert et de l'argent.
Un autre temps. Le temps du 14ème siècle.
Aux couleurs éclatantes, celles des habits multicolores de ces nobles ultra-puissants qui balayent ces terres exsangues de leurs ambitions, de leurs colères et de leurs plus profondes peurs.
Aux clameurs incessantes, dans un monde meurtri par les vagues de Peste Noire, des vagissements de foule ponctués du pas lourd des chevaux de guerre, tout caparaçonnés
Sheila Melo
A Beautiful Story of Love and Deception

FOR MY LADY'S HEART is the medieval story of Ruck, a knight, and Princess Melanthe. This is a book about deception, trickery and truth. Because of that, I don't want to give away too much of the plot because part of the interest is in knowing who and what to trust in. It is a beautiful story. Melanthe is not a sweet innocent heroine, but once her entire story is told, I was happy for the resolution. Ruck and she have an amazing relationship that shifts and
This is one of the best romances I've ever read. Like much of Laura Kinsale's work, it reminds me of a big, sweeping adventure movie from the 1930s or 40s. There's jousting, there's a man reclaiming his rightful title and lands, there's a boo-hiss villain, and best of all there's an extended "road movie' section where the hero and heroine have adventures, bicker, and fall in love. There's so much of this book that is just an awful lot of fun.

Also, unlike other medieval romance novels I've read,
Se o leitor que se aventurar a ler essa brilhante reconstrução de época estiver buscando apenas mais uma estória ambientada na Idade Média, com todos os seus exaustivos panoramas, restrito aos heróis que impõem a dominação às suas esposas, no eterno clichê, virilidade versus fragilidade feminina, esqueça.
Esse livro é completamente diferente, ele vai mais além, mesclando aventura e romance de uma forma original que agrada muito. Seu enquadramento histórico é crível, os personagens centrais e coad
People who complain about the scottish brogue found in highlander romances would "love" this one. The dialog is a somewhat cleaned up version of what passed for English a few generations after William the Conqueror. According to the author's notes, there's a manuscript of the book completely in olde english. Uh… as confusing as some of the speech patterns were in this, I would not want to read that.

I've read this one before. I know not when or where. Possibly a library book. Also possibly borrow
Regan Walker
3 and 1/2 Stars: Heartless Princess Meets Naïve, Pure-hearted Knight

If you became a fan of Kinsale, like I did, from her books SEIZE THE FIRE and FLOWERS FROM THE STORM, just know this story is very different. First, unless you read the optional "modern" version that comes with the eBook, it is full of Middle English (there is a glossary to help). While, I give Kinsale full marks for taking on the task of trying to write in the ancient tongue so as to give the reader a sense for the period, I co
Sylvia Kelso
LOVED this book for the sheer accomplishment of the quasi Middle English, and if the basic premise of a medieval knight hero who stays celibate for 13 years is a bit of a stretch, everything else is excellent. The neurotic and noble heroine is, given the context of the period, more than believable. There are some of Kinsale's best comic moments, eg. the heron hunt in the marshes, when Ruck has to go in the water to get out Gringolet's fallen quarry, and on emerging "does not appear mirthful." Th ...more
This is actually the first bonafide romance novel I’ve ever read. (I know! Shocking.) I gather from various reviews that Laura Kinsale is “the romance novelist that even ‘regular’ readers like”. However, based on For My Lady’s Heart, I’m afraid I can’t agree. When I tried to view the book as a regular novel (and not merely as a set of genre tropes), I found it fairly frustrating.

Set in the middle ages, For My Lady’s Heart concerns the cold and calculating Princess Melanthe, whose icy heart is me
This was my first time reading Kinsale, and I'm glad I got several books at once or I might not have gone beyond this one. This is tough going in both language and characters.

The book is set in the late 1350s, and the author took the unusual step of writing significant amounts of the dialogue and description in Middle English, which is quite different from the English you and I use daily. I'm not used to my romance novels requiring that much work, and I didn't particularly care for the character
Brilliant medieval romance in very authentic medieval language. There's no way I would attempt to read this book, especially when the audio narration is so perfect. Nickolas Bolton is wonderful! He takes on this difficult language without a hitch, and he sometimes sounds like Richard Armitage. Lovely! The hero is a true knight of honor, and the princess is an amazingly complex character; one I came to feel empathy for, once I understood her coldness. Very romantic and well written.
I picked this book up as an experiment because I read it was a romance with an emphasis on the male's POV. It's probably a good book, it just wasn't for me.

I managed to slog through 38% of this massive volume before I finally gave up. I don't know how many print pages that is, but it took me a month to get that far.

The good: The dialogue in this book is unlike anything I've ever encountered before. It's not exactly "King James" or Shakespearean like you might think, even though there are a few t
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Laura Kinsale is a New York Times bestselling author and both winner and multiple nominee for the Best Book of the Year award given by the Romance Writers of America.

She become a romance writer after six years as a geologist--a career which consisted of getting out of bed in the middle of the night and driving hundreds of miles alone across west Texas to sit drilling rigs, wear a hard hat, and at
More about Laura Kinsale...
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