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Eva Braun: Life with Hitler
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Eva Braun: Life with Hitler

2.96 of 5 stars 2.96  ·  rating details  ·  425 ratings  ·  84 reviews
In this groundbreaking biography of Eva Braun, German historian Heike B. Görtemaker delves into the startlingly neglected historical truth about Adolf Hitler’s mistress. More than just the vapid blonde of popular cliché, Eva Braun was a capricious but uncompromising, fiercely loyal companion to Hitler; theirs was a relationship that flew in the face of the Führer’s proclam ...more
ebook, 336 pages
Published October 25th 2011 by Knopf (first published February 9th 2010)
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The title of this book is incredibly misleading. What it should be called instead is, "People who Hung out with Hitler at his Mountain House and May or May Not Have Liked Eva Braun or Known Anything About Her and Hitler." Most of the book is more about the "circle" of people that were constantly around Hitler when he was staying at the Berghof. Most of them wrote memoirs after the war and all of them were interegated by allied troops and that is what most of the imformation is based on. The prob ...more
German historian Heike B. Görtemaker faced a difficult task writing Eva Braun: Life with Hitler . There is little available by which to evaluate Braun. Any correspondence she had with Hitler has been destroyed or disappeared. The only extant diary consists of 10 entries in the first half of 1935. There are few contemporary descriptions of her. As a result, Görtemaker tries to piece together a picture of Braun through others.

Although Görtemaker relies on and cites a wealth of sources, some of h
Jenny Demonic
Heike B. Gortemaker prefaces her book by stating that there is little surviving authenticated evidence about Eva Braun, who she was, or her true relationship with Adolf Hitler.

Knowing this, why Gortemaker chose to name the book after a character who is mentioned less than a quarter of the total length of text is surprising. The book is very well researched and there is no denying the historian is familiar with everyone surrounding her stated subject. Sadly, in the area of Braun, the book is lac
Carl Rollyson
Most historians view Eva Braun as an apolitical appendage of Adolf Hitler's paltry private life. And yet, after having shared much of his time with her at the Berghof, his mountain retreat, he chose to marry her on the last day of his life, and she chose to die with him in his Berlin bunker.

Biographers have tried to infer from her proximity to Hitler a fuller picture of her personality. Why did she appeal to this dictator, regarded by the Nazi faithful as their savior, a man who publicly declare
Ein für ein Sachbuch recht anregend formuliertes Buch über Eva Braun. Görtemaker wirft in jedem Unterkapitel ein paar grundlegende Fragen auf, zeigt dann verschiedene Informationsquellen (die alle gewissenhaft angehängt sind) auf und äußert eine Vermutung, was wohl am ehesten der Wahrheit entspricht. Die wenigen Bilder passen nur selten zum eigentlichen Text. Im letzten Kapitel ("Schlussbemerkung") fasst Görtemaker auf dreieinhalb Seiten sehr kompakt noch einmal die Wesenszüge Eva Brauns zusamme ...more
Although the author spent a little too much time talking about characters other than Eva Braun, it is understandable considering the lack of material on her. All in all, it's an interesting and informative read and I would recommend it to anyone curious about the minds closest to Hilter.
"Who was Eva Braun?", "What type of woman would want to stand next to Hitler?" These are some of the questions that keep running through my head when I see her name mentioned. Eva Braun is a little known historical figure that was so close to one of the worlds most well-known rulers. In 2007 Angela Lambert published "The Lost Life of Eva Braun" which I felt gave amazing insight into the life of Eva Braun which before her no one had attempted in such detail. There is little information that can p ...more
Jennifer (JC-S)
‘Who was this woman, actually, and what perspective does she open up onto this “criminal of the century”?’

Eva Anna Paula Braun was born on the 6th of February 1912, married Adolf Hitler on the night of April 28th 1945, and died on the 30th of April 1945. Eva Braun was the second of three daughters of Fritz Braun, a Munich school teacher and Franziska, a former seamstress, and met Hitler in the autumn of 1929. Hitler was apparently so taken with her that he immediately had her investigated to ma
Sean-patrick Burke
To quote The Zombies, "she's not there." This isn't the authors fault: it's due to a combination of secrecy, differences in opinion, and the sudden and destructive downfall of the Third Reich. This book feels very thin, and will be only of interest to people interested in every single scrap of information regarding this most unfortunate time in world history. Out of the entire text, I'd say the most interesting thing I learned was that Hitler's private train was called, of all things, Amerika. S ...more
For all of you history geeks out there. The author attempts to sort through the many questions and myths associated with Hitler's longtime girlfriend, Eva Braun, while also exploring the bigger picture of women's roles within the top brass of the Third Reich. How much did these women, the secretaries, spouses, and relatives, who supposedly had no part in making policy, know exactly? Were they influential? And why was Braun kept hidden from the public eye for nearly seventeen years? A fascinating ...more
Heike B. Görtemaker attempts to indict Eva Braun for the war crimes she may or may not have committed. It is not the reader that is indecisive about Braun's criminality; that doubt belongs solely to Görtemaker.

As an academic exercise, the book proves to be fascinating and a teachable means of exploring a historic figures character when little evidence about them survives. Görtemaker spends an excessive amount of time investigating the people around Braun for each moment of the rise of the Third
Only the conclusion discusses any sort of history about Eva Braun. Sure, it was a secret affair, and she was just as delusional as hitler, but the book rarely discusses her life. It mostly centers on other nazi officials and their relationship with hitler. Was the book not properly translated? It has received a fail!
I have always wondered what made Eva Braun stay for 12 years with a man like Hitler. I learned quite a bit about the life, schooling and family relationships of this young woman. Because so little of her writing survives, I learned less about her motivation and goals. Of those who knew Eva, there are many conflicting testimonies, so it is difficult to decide what is true. After the war, with the prosecution of the Nazis, many falsified, omitted or whitewashed information. The tight security net ...more
Yuska Vonita
Eva Braun merupakan sosok misterius sekaligus kontroversial dalam lingkup sosial Hitler. Berusia 23 tahun lebih muda dari Hitler, ia mulanya tidak tertarik menjakin hubungan cinta dengan Fuhrer. Namun lambat laun ia menjadi serius, bahkan bertindak seperti nyonya rumah. Sosok Eva Braun yang modis, ceria, dan menyukai olahraga, sangat bertolak belakang dengan Hitler yang kaku, dominan, dan tidak mau terlihat melakukan kegiatan olah fisik.

Eva yang dibeearkan di keluarga yang kurang harmonis, terny
Nicolas Bateman
A book that could have been interesting in many aspects, but that seems to have troubles hiding its definitive lack of information about its topic. While it would have been perfectly reasonable to change the title to something like "Hitler, his Inner Circle, and Eva Braun", the reader feels here as if cheated on the content.
Most of what the writer has to say about the topic is that "nobody definitely knows what happened at such and such point of Eva's life" or that "The account of that person s
Because this book was borrowed from the library and has a long list of holds, I had to read it rather quickly; only finishing early this morning. The book appears to have been ruthlessly researched, but the author's constant questioning of the same motivations became a little annoying. It seems as if she asked the question of whether Eva was a collaborator nearly every chapter and then came up with her own speculative answers while deriding those who'd come to their own conclusions in similar wa ...more
Margaret Heller
This is the first in depth study of Eva Braun as a person in her own right, with the usual caveats made in the introduction about there being no such thing as the individual driving history and so forth. It is translated from German and kind of reads like that occasionally. The problem with Eva Braun is that there aren't that many sources that are remotely trustworthy, nor, when you come right down to it, was she that interesting. She met Hitler when she was 17 at her first job, and basically fr ...more
Bea Bolinger
The point I think this scholar is trying to make is that following the epic failure of Hitler, members of his inner circle out right lied to their interrogators about what they knew, when they knew it, and who else also knew it. This is not a history book or biography that offers insight but rather a very well researched look at how those interrogations have been repeated as fact - things like Hitler never discussed politics when women were present - but are in fact outright lies based on quoted ...more
The problem with writing a book about someone whom (you openly admit) there is little to no information or source material, is that you just don't have the information you need to actually write a book. You can fill pages and pages and pages with historical background and suppositions, but in the end, you have perhaps 30 actual pages of information - quotes, letters, and the like - about the subject, and you're trying to fill up hundreds of pages.

This does not work, and ultimately the person who
I came to this book with a very realistic expectation of it: that is, that most of what it presents about Eva Braun is either fragmented or speculative. Therefore I wasn't disappointed as others have been, and I found that this book was engrossing and informative, as the author is indeed very knowledgable and establishes a better background for speculations than I had before.
The author claims to offer the first in-depth story of Eva Braun. In reality, there really isn't much of a story because not much is known about her. The book is mostly about Hitler. If you've already read a lot about him, you can skip this book because there really isn't any new information.
If you've never read about this aspect of Hitler's life I recommend it for its honesty in regards to the limits of what is available to historians and researchers on Eva Braun. The author stays away from myth and only speculates when there is enough data, and never implies that anything is factual unless there is hard evidence to back up a story. Like good detective work, the speculations are very reasonable. The reader will also get a lot of great history about the Third Reich from a unique per ...more
An okay Book. Hitler's Missress, Eva Braun. This book is kind of about her. But most of it is about those around the "Couple". The most interesting part is at the end of this book. When it's about the final days in the bunker.
I had hoped to learn more of Eva Braun by reading this biography. Granting that I did learn more of her life than what I knew prior to reading this book, which was limited to the fact that she died with Hitler, I learned little else. Sadly, primary sources seem to be lacking and what can be learned from her contemporaries is colored by their desire to distance themselves from the atrocities committed by Hitler and his followers. Most of the book is spent talking about other members of the "inner ...more
I tried to listen to this audio book. The writing/translations is clinical and boring. The reader's voice is a bit raspy and very annoying. I gave up about 25% into the book; my trip ended and I had better books to listen to.
Hitler's relationship with Eva Braun was deliberately kept secret so as to promote the image of himself that Hitler wanted. As a result almost all of what we know of her is based on unreliable postwar interviews with people who had reasons to distort what they said. This makes writing a "biography" almost impossible. What Heike Bortemaker has done instead is to give us thoroughly researched and judicious portrait of the intimate circle around Hitler, including Eva Braun. This is not a book for e ...more
Rick Rapp
This book provides good info and insight into the life of this disturbed woman. It also gives good insight into the behaviors of other key Nazi players and their wives. These people were monsters and many we're let off the hook far too lightly after the war. A tad repetitious in spots, but worth a look.
This book does not really focus on Eva Braun so much as it does Life with Hitler. I recall a remark made by Albert Speer - 'The future historian will be very disappointed with Eva Braun - she is no Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette'. Yet the author tries their best.

The author does make very interesting analyses of Hitler's inner circle, tearing apart some myths and presenting alternative views. But unfortunately, most of the important witnesses have passed away, and there is difficulty with treading
For a book about Eva Braun, there was remarkably little said about Eva Braun. I realize that female historical figures are almost always harder to illuminate due to their nearly invisible presence in the public sphere, but the author did a poor job of qualifying her subject matter in that way before luring you into her book and then turning around and droning endlessly on about all the men surrounding Hitler. I also did not agree with the author's categorical dismissal of some historical evidenc ...more
Olegs Tkacevs
I find this book considerably underrated. True it does not provide with a lot of information about the life of EB (though historians do not have much to tell either), however it gives a very interesting insight into the "inner circle" of Adolf Hitler. It reads very well, sometimes like a detective work rather than a non-fiction, biographical book. I would first recommend this book to those, who have no or have very little knowledge of the life of EB and AH. Otherwise it might indeed appear as a ...more
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