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Prisoner of My Desire
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Prisoner of My Desire

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  11,978 ratings  ·  267 reviews

Destined to be yet another bestseller from the inimitable Johanna Lindsey.

Spirited Rowena Belleme must produce an heir - or incur the dangerous wrath of a ruthless stepbrother who stands to forfeit his ill-gotten wealth. And the magnificent Warrick deChaville is the perfect choice to sire her child - though it means imprisoning the handsome knight and forcing him to bend

Kindle Edition, 468 pages
Published July 19th 2011 by Avon (first published 1991)
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Lady Raven RAVE!
I love this book the beginning was a little different for me but I still loved it.I HOPE I DON'T RUB SOMEONE THE WRONG WAY, but I just want to say this before I give my thoughts on the book.

Most of these authors are starting to write or have written aggressive love scenes, I accept this because I know its all for entertainment, and I think if you know that the author always writes aggressive love scenes then don't read the books if you find them offensive and degrading. I am not talking about t
(3.5 stars) Lady Rowena is forced by her lusting stepbrother Gilbert to marry the debauched and murderous old geezer Lyons in order to get pregnant and therefore have a claim on the fart's properties and army. Unfortunately Lyons dies on the wedding night before anything can happen and so Gilbert orders a substitute whacked over the head and brought to Rowena's bed for stud purposes. Lyons body will be hidden until Rowena's gets knocked up and all will go as planned. But the disposable serf kidn ...more
There is so much I'm willing to forgive in a HR taking place in the Middle Ages. I would actually prefer not to have woman's lib and obnoxiously feisty (or male-wannabe) heroines fettered during this time. But there is one interesting feature in this book - the heroine rapes the hero.

Scandalous, I know. It's really unbelievable and I was anxious about how it was all going to work. It does, in my favorite way - angry sex, guilt and occassional moments of soul-sucking love.

Rowena's step brother, G
Chrissa Vasileiou
Πόσο ωραίο συναίσθημα,όταν ξεκινάς να διαβάζεις ένα βιβλίο με ελάχιστες προσδοκίες και καταλήγεις να το αγαπήσεις και να σε ξαφνιάσει ΤΟΣΟ ευχάριστα! :)
Το "Αιχμάλωτη του πόθου μου" το ξεκίνησα με σκοπό να το 'ξεπετάξω' στα γρήγορα,θεωρώντας το άλλη μια ιστορία αγάπης.Βλέποντας δε πως γράφτηκε το 1991,περίμενα να διαβάσω μετρημένες,'σεμνές' σκηνές.Χαίρομαι τόσο που διαψεύστηκα!

Η συγγραφέας έχει καταφέρει να αποδώσει με απόλυτη πιστότητα την εποχή που περιγράφει και όλα όσα διαδραματίζονταν τότε,χ
Rachel Hollis
Do you ever have one of those moments where you think...

"Oh no! Now I've done it!! I've read TOO much TOO fast and now there are no good books left to read??!?!"

I have this moment about three times a week...

Which is why it's so exciting to find a story like this to remind me that there are still plenty of great reads yet undiscovered.

This one is so good... it had me running through every single emotion known to man and I love the characters so much I read it all in one night.

Yes, it has some rat
Jane Stewart
Skip this book. The story was ok in some ways, but I was frustrated by the relationship between Warrick and Rowena.

They both acted like they hated each other, and they wanted to hate each other. But, the truth was they desired each other, and love was beginning. Their words and actions were insincere. They were playing mind games with each other of one-upmanship. I was not drawn to this.

I accept dishonesty and insincerity for a variety of reasons, for example: standard romance protocol, discover
Blaze King
This book is a great read because of the story, and how well Johanna Lindsey tackled a tacky plot. Warning - It has rape involved. Both, of the Hero and the Heroine. The heroine is forced to make physical relation with the hero; or see her mother die at the hands of her step brother. The hero when gets a chance to escape, he comes back and takes her prisoner believing her to be an immoral woman and seeks to exact revenge by raping her in return. As he says 'Like For Like'. But what ensues the re ...more
I'll start this review by saying that for the last six months I've been working on writing a book of my own. It's undergone numerous drafts. It's stolen countless nights of sleep. My obsession with it has turned me into a downright social pariah. But still I write, knowing and not caring that it will never get published. Less than 1% of people do. And of those who do only a select few will ever gain notoriety.

It's discouraging, to say the least, when I think on those statistics. Even more so wh
Regan Walker
Not Your Ordinary Medieval Romance—a Bodice Ripper that Turns the Tables!

Set in England in 1152, this is the story of Warrick de Chaville, Lord Fulkhurst, a fierce knight who learned at a young age to take revenge on any who harmed him. So he would take his revenge on the woman who captured him, had him chained to a bed and forced herself on him, stealing his seed. Little did he know that Rowena Belleme, Lady of Tures, was herself forced to use him, a man she thought a slave, to produce an heir
It was a case of deciding between rating the romance or the story itself but I truthfully liked the book. Although I found the hero's obsession and possessiveness of the heroine scarily thrilling, I did not feel that it was the beautiful true kind of love.

Warning: spoilers...

The novel featured rape by both the hero and heroine inflicted to each other and I could not understand how anyone could ever get over that kind of emotional turbulence and find love. The author played with a unique concept
I left a great review and it I'll just say, that after reading the reviews on Goodreads, I decided to go ahead and pick this book off my Grandma's shelf.

It was a twisted tale indeed...she raped him, he raped her and then he threw her in a dungeon. I was so curious how this was going to turn into a romance...but it did indeed. Good writing, snappy dialogue, enjoyable characters...I was hooked. Because of the content, I could not recommend this book...but it is one I would read ag
Let me present my caveat first: I am an avid romance reader;I've read many nice books from Johanna Lindsey; I read Barbara cartland, mills and boon and anything that talks about love & happily ever after..

There are books where you feel connected with the characters, books where you want to be that character and then again there are books like these where you wish for a brick to break on the heads of the characters - and this book really made me wish I could atleast meet Johanna and ask "WHY
This wasn't a romance novel. This was an erotic novel posing as a romance, so it wasn't even that good. The plot was weak, with so many logical fallacies on the parts of the characters that I genuinely questioned their intelligence.

Too, the rape bothered me. And everything up til her planned seduction was rape. TBH, while it's not my thing, I would have been fine with it if the novel weren't trying to be a romance. Or even if Lindsey had managed to pull a believable love story out of those begi
Θέλοντας να είμαι ειλικρινής, ομολογώ πως η ανάγνωση του συγκεκριμένου βιβλίου ήμουν σίγουρη πως θα με απογοήτευε. Είμαι λάτρης των ιστορικών, ρομαντικών μυθιστορημάτων και έχω διαβάσει κάποιες από τις σπουδαιότερες συγγραφείς του είδους, όπως την ιέρεια Julie Garwood, τη Lisa Kleypas και τη λατρεμένη μου Maya Banks. Μέχρι σήμερα δεν είχα διαβάσει κανένα βιβλίο της Johanna Lindsey και γι' αυτό το λόγο ήμουν σκεπτική απέναντί της. Η περίληψη στο οπισθόφυλλο δε μου τράβηξε την προσοχή και ανοίγοντ ...more
Rowena Belleme has lost everything. She has lost her father, control of her lands and home, and now even her mother is out-of-reach. She and her mother were placed at the mercy of a vicious stepfather, and now since his recent demise his barbaric, bastardly son has taken his place. He holds complete control over Rowena by constant threats to the life of her mother. His most recent demand that she marry and produce an heir to the "aging corpse" of a neighboring Lord is more than she can bear. Un ...more
This is an old favourite of mine. I've read it many, many times. When things aren't going well for me, I have my list of favourites that I pull out to help me get by. This is one of them. I adore the hero, he's so strong, and yet, he's strong and hard and cold because of all that he has suffered. And she is so strong herself. I adore the ending especially. The humour is delgihtful.
Yes the story has a lot of darkness in it, she rapes him, then he rapes her while making her have pleasure from the
I assigned this book for Romance Lovers Book Club and so have no one else to blame but myself for the pain of reading it. I am looking forward to discussing the book, though, and hearing why some people (cough, Dabney, cough) love the book.

I suppose I need to give an actual review. The faux-medieval language was nearly impossible to read. It was super rapey and when they finally started having consensual sex I was still creeped out. I didn't find either of the characters sympathetic. Rowena was
Written in 1991, this historical has all the elements of a classic romance novel: a forced seduction, a feisty heroine, secret identities, and the big black moment when the hero feels he has been betrayed by the innocent heroine. I enjoyed it just as much now as I might have during the heyday of this type of story, although the hero is harsh by current standards and certain bondage aspects of the story would probably place this in today’s erotica category.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I love Johannna Lindsey but it took me years to read this story because of the many review I read about how tasteless the rape scenes were. I finally dived in after I uncovered the paper copy I had buried for years in a box! I am sorry I waited so long. I really really liked it. I understood everything and while it was a terrible thing for the heroine to do...I understood the motivation and fear behind her decisions and did not judge her harshly. I loved reading about flaw characters, and watchi ...more

Loved that it's a Reversed-Bodice-Ripper

Hawt stud tied chained down for a virginal lady's taking. The end result of their coupling was like a mad bucking bronco ride! Hell yeah!

I want me more of these 'medieval femdom'. *jokes*
Katherine St. Vincent 黄爱芬
Kapan lagi bisa membaca sampai ngakak perawan bisa memperkosa pria ksatria? Apalagi ksatria tersebut punya sifat pendendam habis-habisan. Inilah keunggulan habis-habisan novel ini. Ide yang benar-benar konyol, tragis tapi benar-benar seru melihat pertengkaran, percekcokan dan romansa antara Rowena dan Warrick.

Rowena dipaksa oleh Gilbert (kakak tirinya) untuk menikah dengan lord tua bangka bau tanah yg sebentar lagi akan mampus dan memiliki anak darinya. Rowena menolak namun Gilbert mengancam aka
Angela Noviana
Baru kali ini aku baca cerita Johanna Lindsey (JL) dimana karakter prianya diperkosa oleh karakter wanitanya. Hehehehehe...

Ceritanya mengingatkanku akan seri Viking-nya JL sendiri. Soalnya ada rantai-merantai dan culik-menculik. Dan lagi-lagi tentang perang dua lord yang saling membenci dan memperebutkan satu wanita.

Mungkin karena ceritanya kurang lebih sama tipenya dari awal, aku tidak mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru sih dan memang tak ada yang baru. Cuma, aku suka cara JL membuat interaksi anta
Quick (temporary?) review: I really really really liked this book. I thought it was terribly romantic and my stomach was in knots and/or my breath was labored for a good junk of the story.

Going to sleep on it, may update this review later.

Aug 2, 2013-- have now re-read Prisoner of My Desire for third time and I am confirming how much I like it. Came across it originally in a discussion on AAR and added it to my list of historical romances for The Great Romance Reading Project of 2013. It is a s
have read many romance novels and have never read anything along this storyline very shocking. [return][return]Rowena Belleme, is being forced to marry a very elderly man by her greedy stepbrother, Gilbert who wants her to quickly produce an heir with him. Gilbert wants her to increase her holdings, although she owns land that has been in her family for sometime, but he needs to increase his fighting power to save what he has left from his sworn enemy Warrick deChaville who he has already tried ...more
Lucie "a heart so wild"
Wow, I knew the plot from many reviewers...but never I think that this will be as good as I've read...

A kind of unique plot when never *in* my shelf there is a Heroine who *rape* the Hero...but It just did happened due to the circumstances out there in that time.
Before I read I thought ..."what?!" "It's just not make sense!" what kind of story is this gonna be?..yuck?! is this kind of joke? will it be good?..or just wastin' my time?!

But It's really worth my time and money to buy this wonderful2

I enjoyed this book immensely; the story was unique and the characters were diverting... I like that the ending was not black and white, but a shade of grey. I especially like the fact that Rowena did not forgive Warrick immediately just for the sake of her love to him, as heroines do in many other historical romance stories. I also like that the author clearly takes the reader through the transformations of the relationship between the two heroes. This tactic left me wondering in confusion abo
Wiwo Aprilia
Funny how after i read Lindsey book i always feel even i read the story about Dominant Hero and semi-submissive heroine i don't feel it was about control, hate or even bawdy. i just feel tenderness between H/h
Medieval is my favorite time period but it was also a very harsh time, especially for women. This book deals with some of that harsh treatment so it might not be for everyone, but I really liked it.

I really loved Lady Rowena's strength. Though some of the things she was asked to do weren't pleasant, she had very good reasons to cooperate with the demands.

Lord Warrick de Chaville was a hard man known for striking out quickly in vengence for any wrong done to him. The author does let us see inside
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Johanna Helen Howard was born on March 10, 1952 in Germany, where her father, Edwin Dennis Howard, a soldier in the U.S. Army was stationed. The family moved about a great deal when she was young. Her father always dreamed of retiring to Hawaii, and after he passed away in 1964 Johanna and her mother settled there to honor him.

In 1970, when she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becom
More about Johanna Lindsey...
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“Twas hard to dislike a man she so enjoyed in bed. Twas harder still to dislike one who kept showing her a more gentle side to his nature” 1 likes
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