The Unquiet
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The Unquiet

3.79 of 5 stars 3.79  ·  rating details  ·  1,341 ratings  ·  278 reviews
Sixteen-year-old Rinn Jacobs has secrets: One, she’s bipolar. Two, she killed her grandmother.

After a suicide attempt, and now her parents' separation, Rinn and her mom move from California to the rural Ohio town where her mother grew up. Back on her medications and hoping to stay well, Rinn settles into her new home, undaunted by the fact that the previous owner hanged h...more
388 pages
Published July 17th 2012 by Bloomsbury
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This book definitely puts the C in Creepy! It usually takes a lot for me to get chills from the books that I read, and yes some of that is because I shy away from thriller type books, but also because well I don't really buy into a lot of the scary stuff. This book made me a believer from the first page. Honestly I still have chills when I think of Annaliese.

Gosh there is so much to this story that I don't even know where to begin. Just when I thought I had it figured out something creepy would...more

You know, for a "ghost" story, this has a pretty massive lack of ghosts in it. I made it up to 41% in The Unquiet, and I had absolutely no interest in reading any more of it. Basically, it's just a high-school drama. That's it. There's barely anything paranormal, other than the fact that there's a "haunted" tunnel in the school. I thought The Unquiet was really boring, and not only was it boring, but the characters were cliche and I just really didn't like any of them.

Every single character...more
"We are all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us."- Liam Callahan

DNF at 39%, because patience isn't my virtue and the ghosts weren't showing up.

Setting:River Hills, Ohio; 2012

Coverly Love?:No; it just doesn't appeal to me.

Plot:Rinn killed her grandmother. Or that's what she believes, anyhow. Suffering with bipolar disorder that changes her moods like light switch and causes her to hear voices, this causes her to damage relationships that are important to her. Like with he...more
Brittany Rehage
I do not scare easily. I can watch horror movies, ghost movies, ghost hunt name it and I don't get scared. Reading The Unquiet had me scared. I jumped when the wind would come up, I jumped when a tree branch would hit the window and I jumped when I heard anything that sounded like footsteps outside my door.

The Unquiet is scary in a subtle way. It's not an in your face ghost story, it's more like a psychological thriller, and for a while, I wasn't even sure if it was really a ghost st...more
Garsee's newest novel, a truly unsettling ghost story, also features a complex and compelling protagonist: Rinn finally has control of her Bipolar disorder with the help of medication, but she's haunted by the things she did while in the grip of manic phases. Fans of horror movies will love this spooky thriller with an M. Night Shyamulan (circa "Unbreakable") worthy ending - the perfect book to read under the covers!
Sarah Kalaitzidis
Who would have thought a ghost teen book could actually be scary? Not only do people begin to act weird, there is even death in this book. I did really enjoy this book, and yes, a story focusing on ghosts is a first for me.

Corinne, or Rinn to her friends, is our main character of this book, and she isn’t like most girls you read in Young Adult books. You learn that she is actually bipolar and has to take medication for it. She puts her past behind her to start afresh at her new school. With her...more
Have you ever read a book that was a complete and utter train wreck, but for whatever reason, you would feel bad if you stopped reading it? The Unquiet was one of those books for me. I had a hard time committing myself to finishing the book, and mostly it was because it was a NetGalley, and I’d feel bad if I didn’t review it in the end.

The Unquiet is another book that grossly sensationalizes mental illness, turning it into the butt of numerous jokes throughout the story. Rinn is a boring, bland...more
rating-> 3.5

“Can Aa-a-ana-liese come out and play?”

I'm usually a fast reader , so to take a week to finish this book is a shocker for me . Now as you may notice , I have given this book a rating of 3.5 which in my opinion is pretty huge . When I had read the synopsis of this book , I was hooked onto it ever since . Haunting ? Spooky ghosts ? A haunted corridor ? A ghost named Annaliese ? Also a bipolar protag ? Now who wouldn't want a piece of that .

Rinn Jacobs , a sixteen year old girl who...more
Ta§chima Cullen
Sep 26, 2012 Ta§chima Cullen marked it as to-read
Remarkable cover, intriguing summary. The Unquiet is one to look out for.

How can this book be a 5 star if it hasn't even come out yet and there are no reviews for it xD? OUT!
This book disturbed me, in the best possible way. Rinn is hoping to leave her past behind, and start fresh as the new girl in her mom’s hometown. She’s got a love interest in the cute neighbor boy, Nate, and a friend of the family means she’s got an in with the in-crowd at school. Things seem to be going well until she learns the shocking history of their rented house, and becomes involved with the secretive past of the old school pool.

This was such a page turner, and at times I couldn’t figure...more
This book was simply amazing in the most chilling and twisted way!

Rinn is finally starting to put her life back together after discovering that she is bipolar. Thankfully now that she is on the proper medication things are starting to be more normal. Although overcoming everything that happened before she started taking the meds isn't as easy as she would have hoped. So her and her mother pack up and leave California for the small Ohio town her mother grew up in. While trying to start over Rinn...more
Dec 13, 2012 Nafiza rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2012
If you are looking for a really creepy novel where ghosts are not the benign Caspers that populate kiddie cartoons, The Unquiet is for you. It’s supernatural elements are truly frightening and the atmosphere evoked does a lot to create a sense of fear and hesitation as the narrative hinges upon the unknown. What I mean is, you don’t know where the narrative will go next. The Unquiet contains one of the most malevolent ghosts ever. The ghost as a backstory but that does not in any way give the gh...more
Jennifer at BookShelfery
This review is also posted at The Bawdy Book Blog

The Unquiet will haunt you…long after you’ve turned the last page and long after you think the story is over.

I spook easily, but for some inexplicable reason, I absolutely LOVE ghost stories. Especially the kind that wind their way through your subconscious until you don’t know what’s reality and what’s not anymore. Jeannine Garsee has fabricated the wonderful yet uneasy tale of Rinn Jacobs, a bipolar teenager who moves into the old house of someo...more
Melannie :)
Check out my interview with the author for cool stories related to the book:

I was so surprised by this book, I started with the idea that this was a contemporary read (I love Contemps!) but it turned out to be more than that, it was paranormal and fantasy and a lot of things mixed in a bowl of awesome.

Rinn Jacobs is on medication because of bipolarity disorder (which by itself is such a complex illness) so that was definitely an interesting point for me....more
First Thoughts:

At first I didn’t know what to make of this book, I kind of felt distant from the story at first; it almost felt like a fluff book and I kind of have to be in a mood to read one of those books. And the characters! Oh My! It took some serious adjusting before this story really took off. But once you get past the point of fluffiness the book really picked up and I became intrigued with the story and the spookiness of it all. This was a fast and fun read; there was plenty of action a...more
(Source: I own a copy of this book.)
17-year-old Rinn is moving with her mother back to the small town where her mother grew up, but she’s taking secrets with her.
Not only is Rinn bipolar, but she also suffers from delusions, and accidentally killed her grandmother because of it. Rinn isn’t the only one in town with secrets though.
What secrets is the town hiding? And is there any truth to the story that the school pool is haunted?

I really enjoyed this, and although some things were obvious, there...more
Jessica Lopez
I can honestly say that I did not like the book that much for the first 50 pages. I found Rinn annoying (but then again, I tend to dislike any character as soon as they say "Ohmigosh") and I couldn't stand the friends that she was putting up with. However, I really liked the plot that was being set up so I stuck it through. I also realized that Rinn was in a bit of a delicate and desperate situation and honestly, I would have done the same thing. As the book progressed, I became more immersed in...more
Karla V
Read complete review here:

Corinne Jacobs has been a good girl, taking all of her meds everyday, for 3 months and 13 days. Why she's being so careful and counting all the days like that? Because of what happened 3 months and 13 days ago. The time when she decided to stop with her bipolar meds and ended up killing her grandmother.

Now her stepfather hates her and her mother has dragged her from sunny California to chilling middle-of-nowhere Ohio, where she g...more
Amber at Fall Into Books
The Unquiet creeped me out! I was not expecting it to be so scary. Honestly, I thought this was a book about mental illness and a girl who thought she saw ghosts, and maybe it is. The ending is unclear. The vague synopsis gave nothing away about how scary this book truly is. If you like scary stories, you'll love this book. If you don't, I'd steer clear of it, if I were you. I had to sleep with my light on after reading it (like a child, haha), and I enjoy horror stories. However, since I wasn't...more
The Unquiet was a good read, but the main character annoyed me at points.

Rinn did come out with some funny lines, and did try her best to work out what was happening, but sometimes, her best efforts weren't that great.
She was just really slow on the uptake. It took her ages to figure out things that were quite obvious.
She could also be really stupid when it came to her medication.

Some of the other characters annoyed me slightly too.

Apart from that, i did enjoy the story.
The "creepy" goings on...more
Kelli Lee
Upon finishing this book last night, I was left scratching my head. For I'm not really sure if there was a ghost or if it was a story of a girl spiraling into madness. I guess you'll have to decide for yourself. Aside from that, it's a fairly quick read. The story moves along at a swift pace. Though kinda gets a tad wonky towards the end and happened rather quickly to boot. Bam! THE END.

The Unquiet definitely has a Girl Interrupted vibe if the characters had been checked out of treatment, ad...more
J. Andersen
Eek! I almost stopped reading this story, but not because it was bad. Because it scared the crap out of me! I don't care that I'm a 33 year old woman. I have an active imagination and could picture every detail. Reading it in the daylight was my saving grace.

Jeannine Garsee is a masterful writer. I loved the characters from the beginning. They were well rounded and interesting with flaws as well as strengths.

I do have to admit that nearing the end, I figured out the connection between what was...more
Kim Smiley
I really liked this book and this story. After reading the dust jacket, I found out that the author is from the Cleveland Ohio area, right where I live! I was impressed w/ this book and very curious about which school she was referencing when she said this book was loosely based on a school she attended in her very early school years.

That said, Corrine, (Rinn as everyone calls her) has to take meds for being bipolar. We find that her mom has separated from her stepfather Frank, who had adopted h...more
If you squint very hard and wave your hands in front of your face, you can maybe see a sliver of potential in The Unquiet.

No one wants to read a whole book while squinting and waving frantically, though.
Brian Kell
A fast-paced creepy ghost story, very original. I loved it!
Kristilyn (Reading In Winter)
There aren’t a lot of stories that scare me. If you’ve been following my reviews for a while, you’ll see that I’m much more scared by TV shows or movies – not by books. My reasoning for this is twofold:

There is no soundtrack when you read a book, therefore nothing to enhance the spookiness of the story.
A lot of the “horror” novels I’ve read are either light on the horror, or they try to scare with lots of gore.
What am I looking for in a horror novel? Something that will give me chills, keep me f...more
Jennifer (Books and Swoons)
Original review posted on Books and Swoons

*I received this egalley from Bloomsbury USA through NetGalley*

The Unquiet's premise really piqued my interest and I couldn't wait to just pick it up and read. I enjoy stories where there are some sort of mental illness and the fact there was some paranormal in it as well, it just made me super excited when I got this book. See, I have a degree in Psychology and I work in the mental health field, so I have some background information on Bipolar disorder....more
Book Flame
3.5 Stars

Rinn is Bipolar and due to one of Rinn's episodes she caused the death of her grandmother. Her mom and her pack up and move back to the town in which her mother grew up. She starts school and instantly becomes friends with the popular crowd and even has the cutest guy at school living right next to her. So with all that luck you think this would be a great start to a new beginning, until she learns that the tunnel in her school is haunted and the house she is living in has a very deep c...more
I read this book just before going on vacation and forgot to review it.

I have to say I was particularly excited to get my hands on it (thanks Sophie!) and the book did not disappoint, although I did expect it to be more of a thriller than it actually was.

I won't spoil the plot and the mystery by recounting the story here, as the book summary actually does it justice, but I need to mention that it is more of a mystery and psychological thrill(er) than it is anything else.
Oh and of course it is YA...more
There were shadows when there was no solid object. There were voices that told them to do the unspeakable. Words were written that no one recalls being wrote down. People were acting strange but why only a selected few. Rinn knew she had to figure it all out before she became the next victim since she was the only one who is trying to piece it all together. Rinn and her mother moved into Mayberry, okay maybe not Mayberry but to Rinn after living in California with the huge ocean, big cities, sur...more
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Jeannine Garsee is the author of three contemporary YA novels: THE UNQUIET (2011) SAY THE WORD (2009) and BEFORE, AFTER, AND SOMEBODY IN BETWEEN (2007)(Bloomsbury USA Children's Books.) Her essay "Fearless" appears in the Harper Collins anthology DEAR BULLY: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories, edited by Megan Kelly Hall and Carrie Jones.
More about Jeannine Garsee...
Say the Word Before, After, and Somebody In Between Before, After, and Somebody in Between Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories

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“Psychosis can happen out of the blue, to anyone, and no one knows why. Not even the best doctors on the planet.

And that’s why Mom is always so afraid. If we don’t know what made me sick in the first place, how can anyone guarantee I won’t flip out again?”
“Can Aa-a-ana-liese come out and play?” 3 likes
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