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Zoenen & leugens (Scarlett Wakefield #2)

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De populaire en knappe Dan McAndrew is vermoord. Daar twijfelt Scarlett Wakefield geen seconde meer aan. Scarlett had een oogje op Dan, die op mysterieuze wijze doodging tijdens een feestje, vlak nadat ze elkaar hadden gekust. Scarlett denkt nu de moordenaar op het spoor te zijn. Het belangrijkste bewijsmateriaal blijkt een designertas te zijn. Maar wie is de eigenares van...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published April 1st 2010 by Pimento (first published December 27th 2008)
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I'm reviewing book one (Kiss Me, Kill Me) and two (Kisses and Lies) together. I felt that book one would have been better served, if it had been combined with book two. Kisses and Lies was a million times better than the first, however it suffered the consequences with a lower rating because I was so annoyed from book one.

Kiss Me, Kill Me was full of nonessential-lackadaisical detailing and phrases, I was bored reading it most of the time. I'm really tired of the over done socialite-mean-girl c...more
A Warning: Don't read this book unless you have read Kiss Me Kill Me, the prequel! You will be very confused!

Kisses and Lies picked right up where Kiss Me Kill Me left off. There is a small recap from the previous book but not enough in my option to skip the first book. Scarlett and Taylor have become great friends and are determined as ever to solve Dan's murder. In my opinion all the really good stuff happens in this book and Kiss Me Kill Me is just the set-up for all of this to happen! A whol...more
Synopsis: Margret Wakefield was there for Dan's last moments before his death. Not only was she there, she was the last person he kissed. The peanut oil from the puffs she had eaten killed him, and he couldn't find his epi-pen. She was marked as the murderer, and had to trade schools because of all the bullying. She meets a new boy, but is scared to like him. Meanwhile, she needs to solve the mystery of who killed Dan. She decides to go to his house and meet his family to find out more informati...more
Sequel to "Kiss me kill me"
Might have liked it better if the slightly inebriated man on the bus hadn't interrupted me every two minutes as i was trying to read it.

Anyway, the continuing story of Scarlett who is trying to figure out why the hot guy she had a crush on died at a party when she kissed him. In an effort to find out what happened she goes to his family castle in Scotland where she faints at the sight of his twin brother, thinking she is seeing a ghost. Gets thrown in a lake, shot at.....more
Umm this book was kind of ridiculous. I enjoyed the first one and the way it ended really gave me high hopes for this next one but I was disappointed. There just seemed to be a lot of filler in this book and nothing really happened. When everything did come to an intensely dramatic and COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC climax I was left thinking "what the hell?!". I just found the entire Callum/Dan/Catriona situation to be insane, ESPECIALLY with the ending. I feel like Henderson just sort of threw this bo...more
"Baci e bugie" è il secondo libro della serie di Scarlett Wakefield, e con mia sorpresa l'ho trovato migliore del primo. Il target è sempre adolescenziale e il linguaggio scorrevole, ma questo secondo libro tiene davvero sulle spine circa il mistero sulla morte di Dan, sul finale si trasforma da mystery a thriller risultando molto coinvolgente e poi ho trovato suggestiva l'atmosfera scozzese, insomma, per essere uno YA lo promuovo a pieni voti. Un'altra sorpresa è che ero convinta che tutti i li...more
Erika Lynn
I was seriously frustrated with the first book of the series, Kiss Me Kill Me but Kisses and Lies fixed all the problems I had with book one. First of all there was a conclusion, the mystery was solved, I know who killed Dan and let me tell you it was a shocker.

Kisses and Lies had all the things I really enjoyed from Kiss Me Kill Me, Scarlett as a great main character, further development of her friends Taylor and Jase, it was fun and well written and then I got what I wanted the first time: plo...more
I Couldn’t Put It Down!

Kisses and Lies
By Lauren Henderson
Pub. Date: January 2009
5 out of 5 stars
PG-13 - Violence, Sensuality, and Profanity

Scarlett is still haunted by her first kiss, six months ago. That night, Dan suffered a fatal allergic reaction and died in Scarlett’s arms. That terrible memory is never far from her thoughts. Determined to solve the mystery of Dan’s murder, Taylor and Scarlett begin to gather clues. Their dauntless search for the truth intensifies when Scarlett a...more
So, while the first book was cute, light, and interesting, the sequel is just...

I mean first I had trouble with this paragraph which sounds like it was written by an eleven year old:

It's just as dark in Coco Rouge as I imagined it would be. And even louder. For the first time in my life, I fully understand the expression "I can't hear myself think." If this place were drawn in a cartoon, it would have "Boom! Boom! Boom!" written above it, and wiggly lines around to show the whole building shaki...more
I liked this more than Kiss Me Kill Me for a number of reasons. There was more action, more dangerous tricks, and heroicism. (By the end Scarlett was no longer trying to unmask the killer for just herself.) Also, Kisses and Lies has more mystery. Scarlett and Taylor plan and carry out missions in search of more information. Suspects are added to the list. Motives, too. But who has the strongest motive, and who has the most evidence against them? It's a matter of opinion, and it takes Scarlett un...more
Firstly, I have to say that I really love mystery novels and Kisses and Lies has made me remember just how much I love them.
Although, Kisses and Lies is a very contemporary mystery novel. I liked it because it was fresh and exciting. There were a few twists and turns in the plot that had me clinging on to every word I read.
Unfortunately, I felt the conclusion was an Ok conclusion but it definitely could have been a bit better.
I didn't mind the character Scarlett, the only thing that annoyed me a...more
Kristi (The Story Siren)
Kisses and Lies was just as good and possibly even better than its predecessor. Also a big recommendation, read the series in order. You don’t always have to do that, but I highly suggest with this series that you do. If you remember my review from Kiss Me Kill Me, you’ll recall that I had a few problems with the plot, but not enough to keep me from liking the novel. This time I had some major issues with the plot, but somehow I still found the book entertaining.

Major issue number one. Yes, Sca...more
Trisha W.
I like how this book started right back in to the mystery of who killed Dan. Scarlett and Taylor are already into trouble by chapter three.
Half way through the book it picked up and the pages flew by. Scarlett ends up going and staying with Dan's family after she writes them a letter saying she has something of Dan's to return and wants to talk with them. When she gets there everyone is nice to her except Callum-Dan's twin brother that Scarlett didn't know about- and Lucy, Callum's girlfriend. C...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Whew! Finished that book as well! Okay, so Kisses and Lies is the second book in the Scarlett Wakefield series. Remember Kiss Me Kill Me? Yeah, that series.

In this book, the suspect list of the murder of Dan McAndrew is lengthened a lot! Scarlett discovers that not only Plum has that designer handbag in which they found Dans EpiPen, but also others, such as Lucy Raleigh. A lot of new characters are introduced, all of them very interesting. Also, the relationship between Jase and Scarlett is grow...more
The second in the series, this spent way too much time rehashing everything in the first book (Kiss Me Kill Me). Just as I suspected, they could have cut out the recaps, added a couple chapters to this book that summed up the first one, and it would have made a decent novel.

Quick little mystery. Considering we didn't meet the murderer until this book, it was pretty obvious who it was (hint: it's never the openly hostile one). The predicaments were standard for murder-mysteries - the shooting in...more
Scarlett is still on the hunt to figure out the mystery of Dan's death. She hasn't been able to let it go since he died in her arms, from a fatal kiss. Luckily Scarlett has a friend and sidekick, Taylor. Scarlett and Taylor Hunt down leads that take them to posh clubs and scary castles. Scarlett still isn't sure who couldv'e have wanted to kill Dan enough to actual do it. Meanwhile, Jase Barnes, the groundskeepers son, is doing quite a fine job of taking Scarlett's mind of Dan, at least for a fe...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jani H
The sequel to “Kiss Me Kill Me,” Kisses and Lies , follows Scarlett and Taylor even more as they find more evidence that can help them solve Dan’s murder. We know he died from anaphylactic shock because he deathly allergic to peanuts. HE always has his EpiPen © with him but that night it was nowhere to be found. The reason he had this reaction is because someone drenched all the chips in peanut oil. Dan had none to eat but Scarlett out of mere nervousness gulped almost one whole bowl full. She h...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.com

Scarlett Wakefield needs to figure out why what happened to Dan McAndrews occurred.

Scarlett has settled into life at Wakefield Hall with her grandmother and Aunt Gwen, but the gnawing need to know just won't leave Scarlett. So with the help of her new friend, Taylor, the two set off to finally discover the truth of who wanted Dan dead.

When Scarlett and Taylor aid Nadia, an old St. Tabby's acquaintance, to get information, the two girls soon realize that t...more
The book was just OK. I thought the author took too much time describing settings and not enough with actually developing a plausible story. This is the continuation of the story from Kiss me, kill me after Scarlett Wakefield kisses Dan and he drops dead. Everyone points the finger at her, but then it is discovered that Scarlett had traces of peanut oil from some "crisps" (potato chips to us Americans) she had been munching on at the party they were both attending. For some reason Dan did not ha...more
Becky {Somewhere Between The Pages}
Though I wasn't the biggest fan of Kiss Me Kill Me, the first book in this series, I did enjoy it more than I enjoyed this sequel. There was something fundamentally off in Kisses & Lies, and I just couldn't get as into it as I thought I should be able to.

I had some major issues with the plot, and even more issues with Scarlett herself. Now that she's come out of her shell a little, so to speak, she's become this girl that I just can't stand. I can't really explain it in too much detail witho...more
Michelle Arrow
Surprisingly, I was totally hooked to this novel. Mysterious, surprising, and fresh, Kisses and Lies was a book worth reading, in fact, I should have read the novel a long time ago.

Scarlett's life is only getting worse. Recently, she has discovered a mystery fro her to solve, so it doesn't look like she is the suspect. Dan has died, and if he had his EpiPen with him, he'd be okay. When Scarlett spotted one in Plum's handbag, she might have found her main suspect. Then having to travel to th...more
Rishi Saikia
SUMMARY: After discovering that someone saw what looked like Dan’s emergency EpiPen in A-lister Plum’s designer handbag, Scarlett and her tough American sidekick, Taylor, sneak into a posh London nightclub, where Plum has a private table. Scarlett is stunned to discover a piece of evidence that might implicate another girl in Plum’s exclusive circle, Lucy Raleigh. Which means Scarlett must cast a wider net in order to catch the right suspect.Back at school, groundskeeper Jase is hoping to take S...more
Chaunci Gill
I likes this one this on way better than the first. It had more action, suspence, and secrets. ALOT of secrets. In this book Scarlett is lead to the home of the boy that died in her arms, Dan McAndrews, to solve his murder and make peace with his family. There she meets his sister, who is nice to her right from the start, his twin brother, who treats her like she's the reason that his twin is dead without even knowing her or what happend, and his parent, who are very polite but also struggling w...more

Het boek begint als een echte chicklit, boordevol romances, liefdes en vriendschap. Je leest heerlijk weg in dit boek en leeft na een tijdje echt mee met Brooke, de hoofdrolspeelster. Er komen enorm veel emoties in dit boek aan bod die voornamelijk over Brooke gaan en naarmate het boek vordert heb je echt het idee dat je Brooke kent en dat ze dit dagelijks tegen je aan de telefoon verteld in plaats van dat het aan het lezen bent. Er zit een duidelijke verhaallijn in het boek en tegen het einde h...more
Jannat Bhat ( Obsessive Compulsive Reader)
This book was a definite improvement. I loved how the action is potrayed in this novel. There is a big revelation about Dan, which I have to say I did not at all saw coming. First thing that I loved was that there was a conclusion in this book, the mystery was solved, I know who killed Dan and let me tell you it was a huge shocker. Dan’s family has some serious skeletons hidden in the castle and as Scarlett uncovers them and figures out who killed Dan the book is impossible to put down. I was to...more
Scarlett no podría haberse imaginado que tanto cambiaria su vida al besar a Dan McAndrew, ahora él esta muerto y ella esta en una seria investigación en busca de su asesino para limpiar su nombre.

Mierda, este libro me ha dejado sin respiración. ¿Alguien me recuerda como respirar normalmente? ..... oh Dios. No puedo creer como ella pudo dar con la verdad y que esto realmente fue lo que paso, estoy en shock emocional. A pesar de que Taylor aun no me da este aire de confianza total, no podría sabe...more
Ok, this was great book! I think it was an equal, or possibly better than book 1, Kiss Me, Kill Me. It was really easy to get caught up in. Henderson does a great job creating characters that were all different and unique, no character was really the same. Plus, while some parts were predictable, others you couldn't guess.

Though one thing I didn't like was the fact, that Scarlett writes a letter to Dan's family saying I have something of Dan's to give back to you. What the heck? She essentially...more
In this book Scarlett tries to find out what really happened to Dan McAndrew. In the last book "kiss me kill me" Scarlett and Dan hook up at at a party and he drops dead at her feet. When Scarlett gets deeper into finding out what really happened, she ends up finding dirty pictures of her friends that Dan took of them. This book is really good. If you like murder mysteries this series of books would be good for you to read. I love these books it shows how someone can have an almost perfect life...more
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Born in London in 1966, Lauren Henderson read English at university and then worked as a journalist for - among other publications - the New Statesman, Marxism Today, the Observer and Lime Lizard, a much-mourned indie music magazine. Lauren now divides her time between Italy and London and, when not wine-tasting, writes full-time.
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