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Vigilante (Dangerous Times, #3)
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Vigilante (Dangerous Times Collection #3)

3.78  ·  Rating Details  ·  289 Ratings  ·  42 Reviews
Nolan Gray is an elite soldier, skilled in all forms of combat. After years fighting on foreign battlefields, witnessing unspeakable evils and atrocities firsthand, a world-weary Nolan returns home to find it just as corrupt as the war zones. Everywhere he looks, there's pain and cruelty. Society is being destroyed by wicked men who don't care who they make suffer or destr ...more
Kindle Edition, 371 pages
Published July 1st 2011 by Bethany House Publishers
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David H
Jan 12, 2015 David H rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Oh dear, where to begin with this unadulterated rubbish?

The only reason I finished reading this was simple - once I start a book, I always try to finish it. Sometimes, books which start badly improve a bit, but I can't say that for Vigilante.

The main character, Nolan, is as ludicrous a character as I have ever come across. He seems to be able to take a ridiculous amount of physical punishment, and recover from it within seconds. No matter what he puts his body through, his God seems to make it p
Victor Gentile
Sep 17, 2011 Victor Gentile rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Robin Parrish in his new book, "Vigilante", published by Bethany House brings us into a world where a modern hero wants to operate outside of the law.

In the old pulp novels of the thirties and forties the pages were full of heroes who decided the law needed their help to bring down bad guys, dressed up behind a mask and sometimes cape, to provide that help. Most of those heroes still survive today. Robin Parrish has brought back this kind of hero in "Vigilante". Nolan Gray is a man who has fough
Goldarrow Of The Silver Bow
The squeeze of a trigger followed by a silenced bullet and Nolan Gray, a famous war hero, is dead.
The world is falling apart; National debate is a joke, criminals are running rampant holding a large part of the job force, war lingers over the world and the United States Government is about to collapse.
President Thornton Hastings is trying his best to bring law and order back to America by forcing budget cuts, and creating a new anti-crime team (Organized Crime Intelligence agency-OCI) he hopes c
B. Reese
I read this book several years ago, and it was OK.

Overall, the story had a lot of action, and it was reasonably fast paced. On the whole, if you're looking for a relatively mindless action story with some points for reflection, give it a go.

That said, there are quite a few things in the book that don't make any sense. Chief among them, the opening scene where the main character blows his face off to obscure his identity as a famous war hero. It makes no sense because that's what masks are for,
Bridget LaMonica
Took a break from this book around page 180.

This appears to be one of those cases where the cover art is amazing and dynamic, and the filler inside is just that--filler. Now, I can't say Robin Parrish can't write. He can. But I didn't find myself connecting with this main character. He doesn't have enough character traits to feel like more than a paper cut out representation of a man. He's an ex-soldier. Okay. War hero. Sure. Religious. Alright that part is interesting. But he has nothing else g
Aug 20, 2015 M rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: really-bad-books
It's basically Daredevil but I don't want to insult Daredevil like that. It contains every self-made superhero cliché there is. I didn't make it to the end because I decided that the part where Kingpin--I MEAN Vasko--schooled 'the Hand' by exploding his Bat Cave was the most satisfying ending this book would have to offer.

Did not give a single care for any of the characters. The social situations were more awkward than humanly possible. Nolan's superpower of 'being the best fighter ever' doesn'
Tony Breeden
Robin Parrish's Vigilante starts off well, but ends rather flat, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Vigilante is one part Batman, one part Darkman. A decorated soldier becomes the faceless Hand, pitting himself against organized crime and hoping to inspire the masses to be better. There's some rather imaginative action sequences involving some awesome gadgets. The chief villain is a sadistic mobster who likes to make his victims suffocate on cement [ew]. The Hand is both aided and hunted by a team
Jul 16, 2011 TinaB rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Nolan Gray is a decorated war hero and a kick-butt soldier trained in weapons and strategies in war. He knows evil and has seen more than enough things to break his spirit and his sanity. Instead of becoming a bitter shell of man though, Nolan has promised himself and the innocent of the world that he would become the justice they have been yearning for. He alone would rid the world of evil and corrupt men and bring about peace and hope to society that has long ago lost their way. After years of ...more
This was a really easy book to read, lots of action. The main character is an elite war hero with amazing skills and a team that provides him with cool gadgets for crime fighting. He develops a plan to "show the world a better way" and begins to help people by saving them from crime and villains. The action was great; the only issues I had were the character of Alice, while loveable and necessary to the story, seemed a bit unrealistic- he saves her from an abusive husband and immediately trusts ...more
Sep 01, 2011 Carly rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I am generally a reader of Christian chick-lit, but every once in a while a girl needs something a bit different. For a while now, Robin Parrish has been an author that I like to read when it’s time for that something different. While I liked Offworld and Nightmare better than Vigilante, this was still quite a terrific read. Offworld and Nightmare are very different books than Vigilante in that they are more supernatural and Vigilante is more superhero, a difference I respected and kept in mind ...more
Adam Collings
Robin Parrish does it again. This story follows the journey of a war hero who sacrifices his identity, his whole life, to become a shadowy vigilante crime fighter. Nolan Gray exists in a world that really needs a hero - somebody to take a stand. To me, the feeling of this book was similar to that of the Christopher Nolan Batman films - especially Batman Begins.

I absolutely loved the character dynamics between Nolan and the other three characters that made up his team. Something made me just want
Clockstein Lockstein
Vigilante by Robin Parrish is a thought-provoking look at just how far a man can be pushed. Nolan Gray earned a reputation as America's hero after his actions while a captured soldier helped bring his men home. It was Nolan's faith in God that carried him through the incredibly dark time, and in the end, he and friend Thornton Hastings made a vow to each other that when they got home they would try to fix what was broken in the world. In the years since they made that promise, Thornton has gone ...more
Robin Parrish’s books tend to mess with my head and they definitely aren’t something I read right before bed! They also take me WAY out of my comfort zone, as was the case when I read Nightmare. That book was not only spine-tingling – it SCARED me! I usually don’t want to be creeped out by what I’m reading but these books have a way of drawing you right into the middle of the plot and as much as you might want to put it down? You are compelled to keep reading.

So blame the dark circles under my
Kathleen (Kat) Smith
I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Nolan Gray knows just how hard this world can be, the evil that dwells in the hearts of men that are corrupted by greed and pride. Spending much of his life not only serving in the armed forces as a trained specialist in every type of training he could get his hands on, now he seeks to fulfill a promise he made to himself. To rid the world of evil men and
Tim Busbey
Mar 08, 2012 Tim Busbey rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
In a world where evil runs rampant and bad men are allowed to carry out their wicked deeds unchecked by any authority, where can people turn for hope? Sounds a lot like our world today, doesn't it? But this is the future world Robin Parrish has presented to us in his new book, "Vigilante."

Nolan Gray is sick of the corruption and crime that he sees taking over the country. After years of fighting in numerous wars and years spent as a POW, Gray has seen more than his share of the evil men can do a
Sep 20, 2011 Melanie rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I LOVED Vigilante! I've read four books by Robin Parrish ('Relentless', 'Fearless', 'Merciless', and 'Vigilante') and 'Vigilante' is definitely my favorite. The story was very addicting - there was suspense throughout and the plot was great!


Nolan Gray has a plan. Kill himself, then show the world a "better way" by defending the helpless and stopping crimes. He does just that - only it doesn't turn out the way he planned
Julie Smith (Knitting and Sundries)
This review first appeared on my blog:

Nolan Gray, one man of faith, a national war hero who spent two years in captivity under torture, friend and confidante of the President of the United States, fakes his death and re-emerges incognito as a person dubbed "The Hand" by the media. In a world ruled by crime bosses, he is determined to show people that there is a better way. His companions in this mission are Arjay Thale, a pacifist who is a brilliant engin
Oct 28, 2013 Cora rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Robin Parrish's book Vigilante, is an action and drama about making the world a better place. The question is will Nolan Gray change the world, or die trying?
Nolan Gray is the best soldier the United States has ever seen, and the same soldier who was held captive with the future president for over two years. But one day, suddenly, President Hastings gets news of Nolan Gray's death, or so they believe. Gray faked his death along with the help of only two people, to do everything in his power to c
Aug 21, 2012 John rated it really liked it
I don't remember how I heard about this book, but I found that it was available to borrow through Amazon Prime and I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did, as this is a very good book. Nolan Gray is a war hero who wants to help make our country better. So naturally he fakes his own death and becomes a Batman rip-off. OK, so maybe naturally isn't the right word there. But in any case, the strength of this book is that the plot doesn't go with an easy story arc. Gray is neither too good to be true, or th ...more
Greg Dill
Sep 18, 2015 Greg Dill rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I could not get into this book. I thought I was reading a kid's story about a superhero of the likes of Ironman and Batman with all of his fancy gadgets and bullet-proof costume taking on the immorality in a major metropolis. And, of course another message that it's okay to use violence to take on our enemies rather than the non-violent and peaceful ways of Jesus. This isn't at all what I thought it was. Disappointed. Moving on.
Collin Dart
Aug 06, 2011 Collin Dart rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
An excellent fictional novel exploring the idea of justice in a corrupt world. After years of getting out of the Army, Nolan Gray decides to fight crime in a bleak and dying world on a stage that he hopes will gather attention to himself, New York City. Through events outside of his control, he unleashes pure evil as one man, who has lost everything, turns all of his resources into destroying Nolan and the NYPD. Parrish discusses the topic of tring to obtain justice within a system that has long ...more
Gail Welborn
Sep 07, 2011 Gail Welborn rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: reviews

Vigilante, by Robin Parrish, Bethany House Publishers, 2011, 368 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0764206085, $14.99

“Just do it!” insisted elite super-soldier, Nolan Gray.

Nolan’s former commander and best friend counted to three, aimed the silenced P226 SIG pistol and fired—twice at close range—and “Nolan Grey was no more.”

Thus begins Robin Parrish’s new release, Vigilante, an epic tale of good and evil where Nolan, America’s national hero, fakes his own death and masquerades as a vigilante whom the public c
May 20, 2012 Victoria rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I don't read superhero novels. I have never read Batman. I have never seen superman movies - even Superman. I got this book only because I have read Parrish's other books. I was pleasantly surprised. The book deals with motives. One of the reasons I prefer reading to watching TV or a movie is because in a book there are more motives outlined. In this book we see what our heroes motives are and the confusion of knowing what they are. What are our motives? Are they pure in an impure world? How do ...more
Oct 15, 2011 Janna rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Sometimes you read and book and the whole way through you are just thinking - "Has anyone in Hollywood picked this up to make a movie out of it yet???" Vigilante is one of those books! The entire time I was reading it I felt like I was in the middle of an action hero movie - fast paced, unique characters, evil bad guys, good guys getting misled on their journey and finding their way back. So many twists and turns and some unexpected demises. I actually cried at a couple parts and got mad toward ...more
Feb 03, 2014 Sharon rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Read this book the latter part of last year (2013) and very inspirational, not something I'd usually pick to read - but talk about giving up oneself for the sake of 'saving society' from the bad that's often a part of our human frailties..
Sep 09, 2011 Debi rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
woo! a bit of a ride this one! Nolan Gray, former special military trained, fakes his death to mount a war on crime, turning into a vigilante out to stop criminals in New York City. In his attempt to show people "a better way" (a motto he uses), he finds himself up against a powerful crime boss who makes his personal vendetta to punish Nolan for perceived wrongs done against him.
Fast-paced and suspenseful, the book also deals with justice and ethics - what is morally right and wrong to do? Nolan
Robert Cointepoix
I really enjoyed this book it is the first of his books that I have read and I could not put it down.
Stopped around page 62, just couldn't get into it.
Daniel Grady
Mar 05, 2012 Daniel Grady rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I was at first a little sketchy towards Robin Parrish's new hit, "Vigilante."It seemed like it could be some cheesy superhero novel but the book as incredibly grown on me however and i can seem to put it down. You can tell that Robin Parrish is a comic book fan from his high action writing style. I am very impressed with his writing and how he can portray a delicate topic and succeed with it. Don't let the stereotype of a crime fighting book turn you away from this good read I'm all for the 5 s ...more
Mark A Powell
Dec 30, 2013 Mark A Powell rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Disgusted with the unconstrained violence of his world, decorated war veteran Nolan Gray embarks on a quest to show people a better way, waging a one-man war on evil. This fight, however, will cost Gray more than he expects. With this, his sixth novel, Parrish examines what it means to be heroic and how quickly the lines of morality blur to justify one’s own ends. Although tepid in spots, this is easily Parrish’s best work yet.
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"Robin Parrish is a keen-eyed, passionate pop cultural savant,
whose writing is as incisive and insightful as it is entertaining."
- Allan Heinberg, Executive Producer, Grey's Anatomy
Novelist. Journalist. Pop culture guru.

Just a few words to describe Robin Parrish, a culturally-minded writer with a passion for archetypal mythologies and the truths they represent about the nature of our existence.

More about Robin Parrish...

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