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Nevermore (Maximum Ride, #8)
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Nevermore (Maximum Ride #8)

3.85 of 5 stars 3.85  ·  rating details  ·  19,335 ratings  ·  2,469 reviews
Maximum Ride and her faithful friends stand ready to face the two greatest threats that humankind has ever known--now combining forces in an unbeatable plot to destroy life as we know it once and for all. And this time, the enemy truly can't be stopped. The danger mounts just as the boy genetically engineered to be her "perfect match", Dylan, has finally worked his way int...more
Hardcover, 368 pages
Published August 6th 2012 by Little Brown and Company (first published January 1st 2012)
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Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!*

What in the hell did I just read.

Some of my reviews of these books have been troll-magnets in the past. And you know how trolls are. They're all like, "WELL IF YOU DON'T LIKE THESE BOOKS THEN WHY ARE YOU READING THEM." Good question, trolls. I'm going to make it clear why I read this, and why it upset me so much.

Here's the story:

I used to love these books with a burning passion. When I was thirteen, I picked up the first book at the library one day, never suspecting what hell this series would...more
Ruthie the Ultimate Geek
Is it really called The End of Maximum Ride? Oh, well. Okay, I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY hope Dylan and Max do NOT get together. If they do, Team Fang needs to organize a group bonfire of all Maximum Ride books and get a party to go murder James Patterson.


I mean, seriously, 95% of all Maximum Ride readers are on Team Fang. What a wimpy 5% James Patterson will be pleasing if Dylan and Max get together. Like, end of Fax, beginning of Mylan....more
EDIT: I finished! Below is my review of pretty much the rest of the series. Writing a review on just this book would be too hard.

Before I even begin, let me begin by apologizing for what I'm sure will turn into a rant. I'm sorry.

First off. Nevermore. What the heck was James Patterson thinking? The first three titles ("The Angel Experiment," "School's Out -- Forever," and "Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports") were great. They were definitely, definitely unique. I could even live with "The...more

Where to start, where to start? Let's start with Fang going all goo-goo eyed over Max's clone, Maya:

Then Max thinking "squirrel thoughts" about Dylan:

Maya dying and Fang thinking "shit she died, well I better go rejoin my old flock and suck up to Max":

Fang being all like "Max, I love you - this is about you and me":

Dylan being all:

This book isn't even about saving the world! Heck - it's a love triangle/teen drama with a dash of sci fi!! Who CARES about Fang's regrets?! Who CARES...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I thought I would NEVER hear it!
Thank you, Mr. Patterson, that you FINALLY PUT THIS SERIES OUT OF ITS MISERY.

I mean really... who continues a series for 8 BOOKS? (At least a dying series) (don't comment on that)

Its not that I don't love these books ('cuz I do) but the plot died miserably back in book four, then was unfortnuatly birthed into the hell that is NO FAXNESS back in book six.

Lets just say this better make up for the crap that was the last two (or four).

Saying that, I...more
Annabelle Marie Veronica

Was this book perfect? Not by a long shot. But did I absolutely love it? Yes. It had a ton of problems—don't get me wrong—but my overall satisfaction with the book was high. I do wish that some parts had been done differently, and that some of the problems had come to better solutions. But despite this book's problems, yes, I did love it. It was a fun and quick read in between some of the heavier stuff I've shouldered lately.

So, Max. The fir...more
Okay, here we fucking go. If you think that this book and this series and James Patterson/whatever ghost writer he hired this time is the best thing since sliced bread, and think this review is "wrong" or "too harsh" or "it was just a book!" than don't even bother commenting. If you say, "Oh well I'm afraid I'll have to disagree on such and such" that's fine. Do not tell me my review was wrong or question why I felt this way about something. If I got something wrong, you can point that out, it's...more
Dec 04, 2013 Elizabeth marked it as to-read
My wishes for the last maximum ride book: 1. Don't have the title be the end of maximum ride or be the name of someone in the flock useless it's iggy that I can live with/>2. TEAM FANG!!!!!! Enough said

if Max and Dylan end up together I will burn every maximum ride book BECAUSE FANG ROCKS and I don't like Dylan why didn't he die in Fang I would have been much happier if he had died but I guess than having he in the book would have pointless( Dylan sucks)

I think that title supposed to be never...more
Apr 24, 2011 Miranda marked it as to-read
God, don't let Dylan get max!!
If James Patterson ends it with dylan and max together I will seriously burn this book.
Fang is my all time favortie charicter of any book, and Max and fang my favorite couple.
Fang just plain rocks.
Dylan is just, EWWW!
Hate. Dylan.
And I still don't know about angel. Is she evil? I don't know!
I want more of the old charicters, how they used to act, I mean.
Plz plz plz don't ruin it JP!!
♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫
So. Exciting.!!!
I'll be sad that the whole series ends here, but I can't wait for it to come out! Nor can I wait for the cover. It should be epic.

This book had better be amazing, or I'll kill someone and then demand a re-write by Mr. Patterson.
Agh! I love Fang! Just saying.
P.S. I'll kill another person if Max chooses the D-man instead of Fang. Also, just saying.

Update: July 4th, 2011
Okay, so the there's the title! Woo! No, not really. That is not the title that I expected. Nevermore sounds...more
I need to rant. No, not about Max and Dylan being together. Not about the title, not about the changes and how "sucky" the last books have gotten. I am ranting about you dumb trolls! I know I'm going to get so much hell for this, but I think you guys that are reviewing this series are ALL wrong. I made an account on this website just so I could say this, that's how mad I am. First off, why are you all saying Max should be with Fang? Why?! I loved the "Fax" couple up to the end of Fang when Fang...more
Apr 14, 2011 Casey marked it as to-read
Team Iggy.
Alright look, Mr. James i-don't-know-what-your-middle-name-is Patterson, you gotta lot to cover in this last book if you wanna make everyone happy. And I mean a LOT.

Let me give you a recap on your "homework":

1. Please, please, PLEASE tell me what the hell Dr. Chu and Brigid are supposed to be involved with. You've made them useless little dolls that aren't irrelevant to the current story at all - come on, you REALLY thought I wanted to see them again? Pul-ease.

2. FAX. Must I explain myself one...more
I just finished this two-stars-worthy book.

When I found out that this book, that I’ve had on hold at the library for months and months, was available for me to pick up the very day it came out, I rejoiced.

Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure. The book to end all books. Literally-- the end of the world is upon the flock.

I didn't hate this book. I’d take points off for the ending, and more for just an aura, of an all-action, a let’s-just-kill-someone-off-and-do-this-here-and-that-there-beca...more
♥ ĸαяα ♥
Oct 02, 2011 ♥ ĸαяα ♥ marked it as to-read
If Max ends up with Dylan, and not Fang, most likely I'm going to either:
a) chuck the book out the window,
b) Punch the closest person next to me, or,
c) Both a and b combined.
Freefallen ~ YA Reviewer

I have mixed feelings about this book. Whilst I'm happy at the way it ended, I still felt that James Patterson had a lot of things built up throughout the series which he then proceeded to place giant roadblocks in front of.

For example. This isn't really much of a spoiler, so I'm not going to enclose it. The book ANGEL (previous installment) is nothing more than a filler. Okay, maybe there's some information you need to know. Here:

"There's a crazy bunch...more
okay.. i really hope this is NOT the official title..
TEAM FANG!!! TEAM FAX!! enough said. i mean, i don't hate dylan, but he does NOT go with Max, he could go take Maya for all i care. and FANG MUST COME BACK!! if fang doesnt come back and fax is not together once again..... ill probably rip all of james patterson's books :)


Oh, Max, Max, Max.
Where did it all go wrong? (well...we KNOW where it went wrong, but let's just keep with the rhetorical).
After so many years of reading these books, investing my time, heart and soul into them, its all come down to this.

Every Maximum Ride fan will tell you straight that this series has plummeted downhill faster than Max on overdrive since The Final Warning - it's just an accepted...more
Dec 03, 2011 Donovan marked it as to-read
It's called "The End of Maximum Ride"? I certainly hope that's a working title because it's pretty lame...

(New Update): Oh, good.

Warning: the rest of this update is nothing but spewing, just FYI.
I'm not evens sure I want to read this anymore. What really annoys me is that James Patterson is a sellout. I mean, seriously, it's turned into a book with teams for the two guys. Like Twilight. I honestly don't care who Max ends up with. I liked the series a lot more before that plotline came in.


i thought the this book would be called IGGY or GAZZY or NUDGE or MAYA or ELLA or JEB or DYLAN or TOTAL or some other character... jk but most likely i thought iggy. soooo.. im sad, these books ARE AMAZING!!!!!

anyways.... if max gets with dylan im gonna burn this book and JP better watch out!!!! (ALL MAX FANS WILL BE MAD!!!)

TEAM FANG!!!!! (whoevers team dylan is stupid (if such a team exists))

cant wait til november...

(what if he made a s...more
Aug 06, 2011 Amelia marked it as to-read
I think That Fang and Max were so perfect and JP totally screwed up by having him leave. Dylan is alright, but honestly, Fang and maya, its like i want to tell him
Dear Fang,
Your only with Maya because you still Love Max and she is an exact copy.

And also Dylan is ok, but, not with Max, I mean, I guess I would be fine if they got together, but, they don't work together as well as Fang and Max.

Dylan and Max.... Whatever Max, You SHOULD be with Fang
Max and Fang..... YAY!
Fang and Maya....more
April*procrastinator and proud*
...I'm very confused as to HOW James Patterson felt that this was a good ending to this series that I very much enjoyed (up until Angel of course.) But I'm pretty sure he took a bunch of the random ideas he came up with in all the books and smashed them together to make this big blob of.... of... I don't even know. But I think he should rewrite this book (and Angel while he's at it.) so it's not so freaking all over the place.
Jan 26, 2014 Megan rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people who liked mockingjay's ending
What did I just read? This doesn't even make sense. I was hoping I could leave off this series on a good note, to cleanly wipe it from my memory so I wouldn't constantly be thinking about what a piece of crap the last few books were. But no. James Patterson couldn't even do that.

Lets start with Fangs story. It begins with him and his gang getting attacked by...wait for it...Ari!
*Going back to when the rough draft of Nevermore was being written*

JP: Hey how many times have we brought A...more
Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Dear James Patterson:

First of all, I really, really hope you wrote/are writing this book yourself. Not with a bunch of crap ghost writers who don't know Max and her gang and clearly never read the books, since they made Max all damsel-y and the flock all whiney. It seems after the first three you got tired of the Flock.
But really, you wanted to milk it, didn't you? You sicko, you knew we'd never be able to resist not knowing w...more
Feb 04, 2012 Phosie marked it as to-read
'Nevermore'? Really? Can't he think of a more imaginative title than 'Nevermore'? Oh well. It's still cool :P AND WAY BETTER THAN THE END OF MAXIMUM RIDE DEFINITELY!!!
I'm assuming that this book is going to be *very* long. I mean, maybe not *very* long but at least kind of long. There are soooo many things that need to be explained. Like, was Sam from School's Out Forever an Eraser or not? Where did Dr. Martinez and Jeb and Ella and Dr Gunther-Hagen? WHO'S GOING TO DIE, DYLAN OR FANG?!?!?!? (Pl...more
I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!!!!! FAX! FAX FAX FAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I think I'm dying. I just finished rereading Angel and I....argh!!! THIS SERIES HAS THE WORST LOVE TRIANGLE OF ALL TIME!!!


Oh, there's a cover now? Meh. This one's just a bit....silvery. I mean, for the hair. Hopefully she did not experience so much...more
The end isn't near, it's here

2.5 stars.

Where do I begin? I was very excited for this book and had high hopes for it, keep that in mind.

First off, NEVERMORE was always going to be well written. It's James Patterson for goodness sake. That dude could make the back of a cereal box captivating.

But I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels that NEVERMORE, was a bit of a let down in other aspects.
It started by Max almost swooning over Dylan, with hardly a mention of Fang or even 'her baby' Angel, who...more
Hanna[h] Cumberbatch
Oct 09, 2011 Hanna[h] Cumberbatch marked it as to-read
..... I still need to read the fifth book(Max,it's the fifth right?) But i already know about Dylan and only one thing I can say is:
I hope he gets hit by a bus :/
Nov 04, 2012 Tinuola marked it as to-read
Dear James Patterson,
What are you doing? You spent six books building a couple, turning their best-friendship into love, getting us to believe in their love, getting us to love them as much as we believed they loved each other, and now you want to throw that away? I don't understand. Not just why you would do it, but also why you thought we were going to let you. Just stand back like docile little sheep and let you bring Dylan in to come and erase our minds of everything that came before? It's...more
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*MAJOR SPOILERS* I just finished this book and I wasn't happy with it AT ALL :( 181 531 Sep 07, 2014 02:05PM  
WHAT HAPPENED TO NUDGE,GAZZY AND IGGY?!?!?!?! 34 232 Aug 05, 2014 08:29AM  
who thinks the ending sucked? 34 137 Jun 16, 2014 01:06PM  
A song for fang and max! 1 8 May 30, 2014 05:44PM  
Team Fang VS Team Dylan 118 187 May 28, 2014 09:55AM  
Great read 1 5 May 26, 2014 11:17PM  
Addicted to YA: Nevermore 60 421 Apr 21, 2014 02:11PM  
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