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Within the Flames
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Within the Flames (Dirk & Steele #11)

4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  701 ratings  ·  75 reviews
Joining the Dirk & Steele Agency turned Eddie’slife around. A pyrokinetic and former car thief, he cannotrefuse an assignment to cross the continent in orderto rescue an extraordinary woman in peril . . . even thoughhe fears losing control of the destructive power offlame at his fingertips.

The last of her shape-shifting kind, Lyssa hides in theabandoned tunnels beneath
ebook, 384 pages
Published November 29th 2011 by Avon (first published November 2011)
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All Things Urban Fantasy
The Dirk & Steele series has a long and varied history with me, and may deserve the title of “First Paranormal Romance I Ever Read”. I picked up WITHIN THE FLAMES expecting the same generally pleasurable experience that had kept me coming back for more (but not hurrying to gulp down the whole backlog). I was pleasantly surprised to find not only a nice romance, solid paranormal plot, and a familiar guy stepping into the role of Prince Charming, but also a memorable heroine who stands head an ...more
(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
Originally posted at

Favorite Quote: “He hurts. Like you, his heart has nowhere to fall. You could fall together.”

Lyssa Andreanos has spent the majority of her life alone; hiding who and what she is. Having watched her parents brutally murdered, Lyssa never recovered and now lives in fear that she will be next. When it becomes apparent that she has been found, Lyssa attempts to run only to realize that there is no place to run to. Now she must decide if sh
(3.5 stars) Within the Flames is another solid entry in Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk & Steele paranormal romance series. In this installment, one of the most lovable recurring characters in the series finds his mate. Eddie is assigned to find and protect Lyssa, a young woman living a vagabond life in New York City. The two fall in love but must face demons both internal and external before they can be together.

In many ways, Lyssa is a perfect match for Eddie. Like him, she has powers that involve
Kerry Allen
There's something I've always liked about about Liu's prose, but her romances never work for me. Always some contrived, love-at-first-glance thing, and just when they're getting to some decent relationship development through plot progression, there'll be Hallmark-anniversary-card schmaltz barfed onto the page to make sure you understand THIS IS A ROMANCE NOVEL.

This one also succumbs to the long-series curse of cannibalizing previous books for content. If you've read previous books, the rehash
Rating: 4.5

Absolutely loved this book! Even if you haven't read any of the other Dirk & Steele novels, I think you can follow along without any problems. I always get a little nervous when I pick up her books, because she's not afraid to have really bad things happen to her characters (some have given me nightmares), but the writing is always outstanding and you'll remember the characters for a long time after you put the book down.

Eddie, the protagonist, has long been a favorite secondary
Peggy Bechko
Marjorie M. Liu rarely, if ever disappoints. Within the Flames is a Dirk & Steele novel. It's a romance yes, but it's also paranormal, she's a dragon shape-shifter who's afraid to and he's consumed by flame. It's also an action packed adventure, filled wish suspense, and engaging thriller. A great read
Jenna Howard
How to burn up the pages...yes, I punned it.

I loved this book. I love Eddie. I love Lyssa. I loved their chemistry, I loved their pain and how they shared it with each other.

And Roland...sigh. I'm a little smitten with that broken boss of Eddie's.
I really enjoyed this 11th Dirk & Steele novel. It is one of my favorites of the series. I was happy not to have another story revolving around the Consortium.

This one was not part of any over arcing plot. It was the story of Eddie, the young man who bursts into flame under stress and a girl who is a dragon shifter who also has trouble with spontaneous combustion. I loved Eddie. He was very steadfast and warm and genuine and romantic and protective. The girl, Lyssa, had a tough shell but sh
Karyn Gerrard
This is a new to me author, never read a Marjorie M. Liu book before. I cringed slightly when I saw this was part of a long series, would I be lost? I mean this is book #11!

The consensus is yes, I felt a bit lost. There was not glossary included in the netgalley to refer to, so I did lose my way in a few spots.

Eddie certainly is a tortured hero, a man with a muddled and nightmarish past. Eddie is a Pyrokinetic who lives in constant fear he will lose control of the fire that resides within. He ha
The early release from prison of the man who murdered Eddie's sister, dredges up the past and shatters the control that Eddie has worked so hard to achieve, the control that keeps his power of fire from being a danger to others. Even in his volitile state he embarks on his next mission for Dirk & Steele, searching for a missing shapeshifter, Lyssa, who is hunted by the one of the most dangerous and fear inspiring predators in the paranormal world. When Eddie finds Lyssa, he finds a woman who ...more
Their fire is both beautiful and destructive...but they are perfect together!

Eddie hasn't ever had an easy life but since being found by Dirk & Steele it has gotten better. He's been in control of his fire for a long time but due to recent events that control has been pretty much wiped out and he finds himself in a loosing battle against it until he receives an assignment that he alone can accomplish. Sent to New York in search of a woman who is being hunted by the worst kind of being he's f
Jen (Red Hot Books)
Lyssa is a dragon shifter who has been targeted for death by a super-evil and powerful witch, who can absorb the life energy of others. Eddie has been dispatched by Dirk & Steele (an agency designed to help supernaturals in need) --to find her and protect her.

Eddie is human, but he generates fire. He has trouble controlling himself --and when you pair that with his difficult past, he hasn't allowed anyone to get close. Lyssa is in the same boat. She's been hiding from that witch her entire l
Shannon (Savhage Temptrest)
(This review was originally written for Nocturne Romance Reads)

Marjorie M. Liu has woven an interesting, fast-paced supernatural adventure in the eleventh installment of the Dirk & Steele series, "Within the Flames!" Suspense filled moments and a dark landscape set the stage for this fiery tale of romance, redemption, and revenge that will leave readers burning through this book with breathtaking speed.

The main characters, Lyssa and Eddie, were two very complex characters who seemed to reall
Within the Flames is a story that gives new meaning to the word “combustible”–our hero and heroine literally bursting into flames on more than one occasion–but though their separate fire-related abilities might suggest their passion is one of the instant and scorching variety, we find the exact opposite to be true. Their first encounter is a but a spark between them, each subsequent page serving as a heated breath that encourages the tiny flame to grow to greater heights, and the warmth that sta ...more
Lynda Tatad
This was a gripping read from the start! It starts with Dirk & Steele agent Eddie in a cage at the agency, but it's because he's been having a harder time controlling his fire due to a pathogen he was exposed to in a previous novel. He is given an assignment to find and protect a young woman who is one of the last of her kind. Lyssa has been on the run and in hiding for over 10 years from the people who murdered her parents, and she has found refuge in the underground tunnels of Manhattan, N ...more
It's been a long time since I've read a book in the Dirk and Steele series and yet, when I picked this one up I immediately remembered who the characters were and what was going on in the overall plot. I think I even missed a book (the one right before this one) and I had no issues getting into the story.

This is definitely one of the series that isn't as widely known or talked about but I'm not sure why. I think it's really unique and Liu tells a good story. Maybe the problem was with the first
Scooper Speaks
Favorite Lines: “You hide so much of your heart, even from yourself. Hide too long, and you will forget it’s there.” (p. 17, egalley)

Within the Flames is book 11 in Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk and Steele series. I’ve read several of the books, but not all of them. In the past I’ve always been able to pick up and read each book as a stand alone. I was able to do the same with Within the Flames.

The heroine, Lyssa, is special. She is a permanently disfigured artist on the run. Of course, her hero doesn’
Kathy Davie
Eleventh in the Dirk & Steele paranormal romance series about the "employees" of a specialized detective agency based in San Francisco. The couple focus is on Eddie and Lyssa with most of the action occurring in New York City.

My Take
Whoa...intense. Between the paranormal action and the sadness of so many people living on the street, homeless, this was an excellent story. Liu presented their situation simply and mostly through the shared life experiences of Lyssa and Eddie.

It's a long proces
One of Dirk and Steele's Agency valued members is Eddie. He came to them a very young boy in dire straits. Eddie is a pyrokinetic and former car thief and will do most anything for the Agency. But he is having an awful day. He has just found out that the man who killed his sister has been let out of jail. And, he has lost control of his fire, flames erupted from him everywhere. His spine caught fire, and his is powerless. Helpless. They are waiting for him, he knows. He pretends not to feel the ...more
After reading In the Dark of Dreams I was a little worried about going into this one. The previous book in this series, just didn’t really click with me. However, I was sucked into the story the moment I read the first line of, “A dragon slept beneath New York City.”

When she was twelve, Lyssa watched her parents murdered for their powers. Feared and cast out of the shapeshifter community because of her mother’s heritage, Lyssa has no one to turn to. In order to survive, she has been living on t
Aurian Booklover
Eddie and Lannes are sent to New York city, to find and protect a young woman, a girl who can control fire, a shapeshifter, a Dragon, from the Cruor Venator. A shapeshifter has asked Dirk and Steele to protect her, and now he is dead, murdered and tortured. He gave them some of her favourite places to hang out, and an old picture. Long Nu also wants them to find her, but she won’t tell why. The Cruor Venator are a truly evil kind of Witches, they steal power from blood, by killing and torturing ...more
Ms. Liu returns to the world of Dirk and Steele in the 11th installment; Within the Flames. At last readers are once again given the story of a beloved originally introduced character of this superb series, instead of an unkown. I always enjoy the work of this author, but the journey is all the more rich for me, when a previous side character steps into the lead role. And Eddie has been a long time favorite.

I am extremely fascinated when an author is able to blend complexities of a fictional ch
Kathy Martin
This is the 11th book in the Dirk & Steele series and the first one that I have read. It won't be the last. I thought the book was filled with interesting characters and had a nice combination of danger and romance. The main characters are Eddie and Lyssa.

Eddie is an employee of Dirk & Steele. He is a prone to bursting into flame when stressed. So being in control is very important to him. He ran away from home at age 13 after he killed a man who had killed his sister. The man was the b
Fantasy Literature
3.5 stars:
Within the Flames is another solid entry in Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk & Steele paranormal romance series. In this installment, one of the most lovable recurring characters in the series finds his mate. Eddie is assigned to find and protect Lyssa, a young woman living a vagabond life in New York City. The two fall in love but must face demons both internal and external before they can be together.

In many ways, Lyssa is a perfect match for Eddie. Like him, she has powers that involve fi
Reading a good paranormal romance is such a singular experience, each one is delicious in its own way. WITHIN THE FLAMES has so much imagery of inner fire and in controllable emotion, it's no wonder that upon finishing it my own chest is if filled with righteous happiness. The hero and heroine each struggle with damaged pasts, and Lyssa is one of those rare heroine's whose magical legacy has a dark side. The soul mate mechanism provides the initial connection, but Liu brings Lyssa and Eddie toge ...more
Throughout the (so far) 11 book Dirk & Steele series, Eddie has grown from a teenager to a man. It's nice to see him finally get his own book, and of course his heroine has to be somehow related to fire.

This one dragged a bit at the beginning, with some insta-attraction and Lyssa constantly trying to leave Eddie behind. It isn't until the last third that things get really interesting; Lyssa's various natures come together to make her a very powerful creature. She and Eddie bond over events m
Gates Watson
Anyone wanting to read a great paranormal series should put the Dirk and Steele novels on their list. The employees of the agency are each talented, individuals with a few quirks. They each hide in plain site while saving humanity. Great reads each and every one.
To me, this book was heavier than others. The tone, the back stories. Also- the romance was a slower build and I think better for it. I feel like every time I read one of this series, I think- totally my favorite one. And then another one comes out that I like even more. So, yup, right now this one is topping the list.

Also- I've been wanting to know about Eddie for a few books. He's had a nice back story going, without the blatant push for his own story. He just sort of meandered throughout the
Interesting. So Eddie the pyro has dragon blood. Guess that explains a lot. So I try to think of issues with this one and... the closest to a complaint that I have is that the h's attempts to push the H away are sometimes off-putting. And... not really believable when one considers that she's a shifter and he's her mate. I mean; I get that she was afraid to let anyone close because they might get hurt but her fire wouldn't hurt him, and I doubt her inner dragon would let him just vanish, so what ...more
Keziah Wallis
Yet another wonderful installment in the Dirk & Steele series. Liu is never afraid to step beyond the conventions of romance novels and I think that is what is truly her strong point. Her books dart either side of the paranormal romance/contemporary fantasy line. Her heroines are strong and passionate individuals in their own rights, and she isn't afraid to make her heroes weak and vulnerable. Both Lyssa and Eddie are extremely powerful and yet vulnerable people with devastating histories wh ...more
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