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The Sacred Bones
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The Sacred Bones

3.63 of 5 stars 3.63  ·  rating details  ·  980 ratings  ·  80 reviews
An ancient artefact is stolen from beneath Temple Mount. With 13 Israeli soldiers dead, and the Palestinians outraged over the desecration of the sacred ground, tensions are running high. Detectives must work against the clock to identify the stolen relic and the thieves, before civil unrest escalates to deadly proportions.
Paperback, 428 pages
Published May 14th 2007 by Not Avail (first published 2007)
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I'm a sucker for these books. I always love a blend of real history and fiction with a touch of secret conspiracies. This one fits the bill nicely.

With a good cast and, for once, very little romance getting in the way the book rolls smoothly along keeping me wanting to know more. The two sides of the story were well entwined with neither side getting boring before switching keeping them both fresh.

An enjoyable book with a little twist near the end I liked I look forward to reading the next book
يا للأسف
كان عندى آمال كبيرة بساعات من القراءة الممتعة مع تلك الرواية, لكنها- مثل كثير قبلها و أكثر بعدها - خذلتنى.
ما جذبنى إليها أولا هو العبارة المطبوعة على الغلاف الأخير بأنها ( أخيرا رواية تنافس شفرة دافنشى), و لأننى أعجبت جدا برواية شفرة دافنشى فقد ابتعتها و أنا أدرك أن التشابه بين الروايتين منذ البداية سيكون كبيرا.
الرواية متشعبة كثيرا على أكثر من محور : رواية صلب السيد المسيح و قيامه من الموت , هيكل سليمان أسفل المسجد الأقصى و مدى صحة ادعاءات اليهود حول وجوده, حقيقة فرسان الهيكل ( و هو موضو
'The Sacred Bones', o 'Relictum' en su edición en español, es un libro que pretende ser una mezcla entre un thriller con tintes religiosos al estilo de 'The Da Vinci Code' y el programa televisivo 'Bones'.

La mezcla de las ideas presenta una buena amalgama y la lectura es bastante fluida; aún cuando no sepamos absolutamente nada sobre genética y anatomía, la historia de la religión católica o sobre los marcos político-religiosos de las disputas entre musulmanes y judíos, el autor nos proporciona
Shelby Lee
This is an interesting cover to me. I think it's instantly recognizable to anyone who's familiar with the idea of crucifixion. It also irritated me a little bit when I first saw it because one of the first things I remember learning about actual crucifixion is that the nails went through the wrists, not the hands.

Anyway. This book is one of those sort of re-writing history tales. As in, hey look, we found this cool old thing and it completely changes lots of important things we thought we unders
Henri Moreaux
Sooo, apparently I'm a touch behind in my reviews - I was given this book by the publisher in 2007 and now (2014) have just gotten around to reading it.

This however isn't all bad news (for me) as whilst the book is entertaining it's certainly not genre breaking or keep-you-up-at-night material.

It starts with an unusual theft, moves along with a certain level of predictability using a mix of science, history and religion to advance the narrative. Then comes the inevitable twist.

To be fair the las
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Will Byrnes
There must be a particular sub-genre of the action-adventure novel, one that relies on a discovery from antiquity that has real-world implications for power in the 21st century, or that upends hundreds or thousands of years of presumed wisdom. Surely the top of this heap is The DaVinci Codes. Righteous Men by Sam Bourne and Map of Bones by James Rollins pop to mind. There are many others. In this one, an ossuary is discovered under the Temple Mount. Could the bones found there in be those of Jes ...more
Julie H.
So once you get beyond the cover art (i.e., crucifixion spikes were driven through the wrists and only smaller nails were driven through the palms, if at all), you enter a fun little book that so wants to be The DaVinci Code meets CSI. The dust jacket reveals that the author studied theology, which I found kind of interesting as you wouldn't expect such a person to be as likely to go to the conspiracy theory place. Of course, I was no less surprised by the fact that someone with such a backgroun ...more
This was a very good story- fast paced, not predictable, interesting topic. I loved the locations- especially Jerusalem- one of my favorite places. It was a new twist on a familiar tale- Templars, Joseph of Arimathea, etc. Hardly groundbreaking theories, though- the premise was a bit far-fetched to be taken seriously and the explanations of the three major faiths were superficial at best. But it was a fun read.

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you are sensitive about religious topics, you might find this sto
On his debut novel, The Sacred Bones, author Michael Byrnes brings us a fascinating mix of myths, legends, and themes of today in a controversial story full of intrigue, conspiracy, murder, modern technology and religion- the perfect combination for a breath taking story.

The book starts with the story of the Knights of the Temple and their duties regarding the Church and its secrets. The story then moves forward and the suspense starts in Jerusalem's present time. A relic is stolen from beneath
I honestly expected to hate this book. I picked it up for a very low price with equally low expectations, all the while thinking that the premise was much like that of another set of books I can never quite decide on (not naming names, I'll just refer to them as the Va Dinci Code), so this one didn't exactly fill me with hopes.

The archaeological thriller has grown in popularity since the Va Dinci Code; I'm not about to sit here and claim that they didn't exist before then (I've seen Indiana Jon
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I know I said I was done with religious historical mystery suspense thrillers, but apparently not. This was a good one! A secret crypt is found deep beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It contains ten ossuaries--stone boxes that hold a dead person's bones. One of these ossuaries is elaborately decorated and holds the bones of an unidentified crucified man. Our crack geneticist makes a series of unexpected discoveries that lead her to wonder: could these be the bones of Jesus Christ??

An ossuary (stone burial box containing bones) rumored to contain the remains of Jesus Christ is stolen from a crypt beneath the sacred grounds of Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The theft exacerbates the political and religious turmoil already prevalent in the region. Meanwhile at the Vatican, Anthropoligist Giovanni Bersei and geneticist Charlotte Hennesey are called upon to examine the ossuary. What follows is a deadly chase to uncover the truth behind the relics.

Explosives, a Vatican conspiracy,
This was a relatively standard conspiracy theory novel, the likes of which have gained popularity in recent years. When an ancient ossuary is unearthed containing the remains of a first century crucified man, the foundations of faith are challenged. The plot shifts between Israel, where conflict is brewing, and The Vatican, where the remains are being studied. As conclusions are reached and motives are revealed, a history involving Christ, Joseph of Arimathea and the Knights Templar unfolds with ...more
I'm giving this 5 stars, because for a debut novel, Byrnes really hit it out of the park. He used a combination of religious theology (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), myths and current-day politics to construct a fast-paced storyline that made for a very enjoyable read. I'm definitely looking forward to reading his other works.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was a fairly decent read. I like historical thrillers to be fairly accurate but I'm not sure how accurate this is. Everything sounded plausable up until he mentioned that the romans renamed the sea god poseidon after that I questioned everything he wrote.if you don't care about that and are looking for a fast read containing religion and forensics I recommend it. Its a fascinating story about a set of bones that were hidden by the Knights Templar that could shake up the Christian, Jewish an ...more

I read this book in the days before Easter, and I think that is the perfect time for this novel.

A friend of me really liked it and recommended it to me.

It sounds all very Dan Brown-like. A mysterious box with bones is found, people are willing to kill to make sure they have it, but for some reason I liked this book better. Perhaps is was the - not completely accurate, but still interesting - genetics that was in there, I don't really know but I liked reading it. Perhaps another plus
The book deals with a very controversial subject. What would happen if the bones of Jesus were found? Can you imagine? This book gives us a little bit of that. It brings up questions: Are people ready for such an extraordinary discovery? What about other religions?

Questions aside. The book was wonderful. I loved the way that the author just grabbed from the beginning and didn't let me go until the very end. It was fast paced, the whole story takes place in seven days. The characters were intere
Kathy L.
I enjoyed this book. I love reading about the Middle East and religious tensions. This was interesting because it involved Christians, Muslims , and Jews. The historical accounts were very interesting and I kept on looking up historical events and places in the book on my iPad. The plot was pretty involved and took an unlikely twist in the end. I would have thought discovering the bones of Jesus would be a boost to Christianity but it would dispute the biblical accounts of the Ressurection of Ch ...more
Sensationalist false doctrine. Interesting story, typical of those trying to ascribe human-ness to Jesus Christ. We're talking in the vein of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, here. Did it keep my interest? Yes. Was it enjoyable? Yes, I suppose so. Did the false doctrine irritate my soul? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes, but with the following caveat: if you're a Christian "in the know" then it's going to rub you as raw as it did me. If you're a Muslim it'll make you mad. If you're a Jew, it might temporar ...more
Amanda Nelson
Predictable and far-fetched, but still entertaining.
Mediocre Dan Brown impostor. Character development was lacking. So was well thought out resolutions.
I liked Charlotte Hennesy. Although, sometimes i wanted to connect the dots for her ( say, "Duh !"). The characters were very well developed, and was disappointed when some of the characters that i liked alot were killed off. I hate it when that happens. And even though the bad guy was very., very bad, he did get what he deserved, i suppose. Some day, would like to read a novel with a bad guy that is so insidious, you can't tell he or she is the bad guy ujtil the very last sentence in the book ! ...more
Zézinha Rosado
Um policial excelente que quase se pode comparar ao estilo de escrita de Dan Brown.
A descoberta e roubo de umas relíquias e a sua investigação que conduz a sérias suspeitas que, a se confirmarem, podem mudar todo o rumo da história e crenças da Humanidade.
Ao mesmo tempo o desenrolar de conflitos entre o povo palestiniano e israelita, misturados com uma boa dose de suspense e adrenalina ao máximo, fazem deste livro uma excelente companhia para as tardes de chuva que estão prestes a chegar.
книжка посередня, сильно посередня як куцим сюжетом, так і нічим не примітним стилем — просто ще один клон дена брауна.
Not bad but not great either. Not much substance to it. I did think it was okay because I needed a quick, uncomplicatd easy to read book one weekend and it certainly fulfilled that need.
If you don't expect too much from this book then it will fill in a few hours for you and you may like it. I wasn't left with a 'well,that was a waste of my time and brain space', I was left with a 'well, that filled in the day'. No harm in books that do that, I don't think.
Christine Van Heertum
bof ... toujours les mêmes ingrédients et le passage constant d'un lieu à un autre à chaque chapitre fait perdre de son intensité au récit ...
en outre, la traduction du titre en français est très décevante. La traduction est toujours difficile, mais le titre implique ici un mystère autour d'un tombeau (ce à quoi je m'attendais) ... alors qu'il s'agit d'un linceul ... pas vraiment la même chose, surtout quand on adore l'archéologie et l'Histoire ...
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