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Gold Ring of Betrayal
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Gold Ring of Betrayal

3.79  ·  Rating Details ·  1,478 Ratings  ·  92 Reviews
They've never stopped being married...

Nicolas Santino doesn't accept that Lia is his daughter. He believes Sara, his wife, cheated on him with another man, and Lia is the result of that betrayal.

So Sara and Nicolas are separated--until the silence between them is forcibly broken: Lia has been kidnapped! Nicolas knows he is the only one who can secure the little girl's safe
ebook, Harlequin Presents #1917, Harlequin Treasury 1990s, 192 pages
Published July 15th 2011 by Harlequin (first published November 1st 1996)
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Mar 12, 2012 Leona rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: hqn-presents
Wow.. what can I say. This was a very emotional book and at times I found I had to put the book down because it was too difficult to read. Definitely 4 stars given the plot, the characters, and the chemistry. But given all that, I am not sure I could read this book again. I really felt that the hero and family were just too sadistically mean to the heroine oftentimes going beyond what is just plain decent. Even though, I read HP's for the Happy Endings, I think I would have rated this a 10+, had ...more
You can have your pick of reasons to hate this book: hypocritical rapey hero, illogical heroine, or tortured purple prose. Or you can just enjoy the ride. The prose actually calms down fairly soon, or else I got used to it, though I continued to be amused by Reid's creative way of making virtually any word into the equivalent of "he said.":

"'Fabia will see to the child,' he ordained. 'We have unfinished business to discuss here.'

'Except I prefer to see to Lia myself.'

'And I am telling you you ca
This was going to be a 5 star read right up until the end where I felt that there was insufficient grovelling. I loved the beginning. The set up wasn't all that different or anything but it was just very well written and moving. I choked up several times in the first half of the book as it was becoming apparent how he had misjudged her. Also the kidnapping scenario was emotionally written also. There was a lot of meat to the story. But sadly, just not quite enough grovelling. You knew he was rem ...more
3.5 stars

A highly emotional read. Do not read this book unless you want something really angsty. The biggest problem I have with this book is that the author made the lead male character and his father so unlikable that no reader with an ounce of self preservation and respect could bring themselves to accept the ending. It makes the readers question the unrealistic and what seems to be a forced happily ever after for the sake of writing a HEA book. I would have had more respect for the author if
This is very well-written and full of angst but reviews indicate both of my major pet peeves: A baddie who caused the Great, Big, Terrible Misunderstanding that drove h and H apart gets off scot-free; heroine forgives hero the unforgivable without him saying sorry, let alone groveling. I can't invest my emotions into something this poignant and have it fizzle out at the end :(
Rappaccini's  Daughter
Jan 16, 2014 Rappaccini's Daughter rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: x, dnl-x


I really don't get why people like this book so much.

He treats her like crap, she suffers big-time and, when he finally finds out how wrong he was, does she get an abject apology or good grovelling? No. He leaves and, when he comes back, he's upset so she's the one who has to comfort him -- and at the end she's the one who has to make the first move to get them back together.

I mean, wtf? For what he put her through, he should've done all the comforting and all the chasing. I can't stand it
Paige  Bookdragon
*looks at the mirror*

You disgust me Pay-pay. Why on earth did you read this one?

Feb 16, 2014 Dee rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Harly readers who love angst
This is full of angst and I really enjoyed it and was all ready to give it 5 stars, that is until I got to the end! After all that angst and the way Nic treated both Sara and Lia I really thought it deserved and needed a lot more grovelling from him. We knew that Nic was suffering after his father had confessed because he went off on his own to lick his wounds but I wanted to read about his guilt, what he was feeling and what his thought process was, how he felt after thinking about every single ...more
Very emotional read. The heroine's pain was palpable. A perfect agony read if you're in the mood for that sort of thing.

Had a re-read today, March 5, 2016. It's as good as I remembered it. The opening sentences reach out and grab you from the beginning.

London. Big house. Big address close to Hyde Park. The time: 17:45 pm. Six hours since it happened.
And the tension in the formal drawing room was so fraught it picked at the flesh.

*happy sigh* I picked this off my shelf and read every word unti
Wow! Very touching, emotional read! I'm a sucker for second chances. Heroine was an angel and hero a true alpha male. This book had it all, passion, drama, angst, love!!
I'm going back and forth between 1 and 2 stars right now. I'm inclined to rate it at 2 only because I managed to finish this piece of crap and it held my interest for a long time before I realized that there was not going to be nearly enough appropriate page time for recovery from all the asshattery that was happening.

Sara and Nicolas are married, only they've been separated for three years, ever since Nicolas thinks he caught her cheating. As a result, he's automatically disowned her child and
Alexis-Morgan Roark
These people were all just TSTL! An interesting, emotional roller coaster of a read full of freaking idiots! :0)
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One of the best Michelle Reid books absolute intense tear jerk story

Nicolas Santino never forgave Sara, his wife, for what he believed as an ultimate betrayal of his love. He doesn't accept that Lia is his daughter. Until one day every mother's nightmare came true, Lia has been kidnapped. That means he has to save the little girl's life with every ounce of his intelligence & money. But seeing Sara again after 3 years of separation has unwittingly opened up his suppressed desire for her &
Mar 19, 2012 RLA rated it it was amazing
The heroine Sara and the hero Nicolas see each other for the first time in three years when he arrives to help Sara through the kidnapping of her daughter. Sara knows that Nicolas hates her as he believes that she cheated on him, although she desperately wants him to believe that she is innocent right now all she cares about is getting her precious baby back in her arms. Once Sara was a shy and nervous girl whose spirit and confidence was crushed under the dominance of the Sicilian life she marr ...more
Dec 08, 2011 Mareli rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
It was really good. I think I like MR books. At the beginning the heroine was really gullible and it seemed a bit too naive for my tastes but she grew and she begun to handle situations like an adult. The hero was a classical HP man, a bit blind and dense here and there ;)
I really don't understand how a man could stay away for 3 years and never had a doubt about a daughter. Even if he thought the little baby not his I cannot believe he did nothing, either getting a divorce or accepting the situa
Jul 29, 2011 Amber rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Amber by: Jane Litte
Shelves: contemporary
Wow. This book was intense. Think of the maximum amount of angst that can possibly fit into a relatively short book. That is this. And I like angst so I enjoyed it quite a bit. And by enjoyed, I mean almost-cried the entire time. But I was disappointed when it ended.

This was actually my first Harlequin Presents, and I was a bit taken aback by certain aspects that I know are commonplace: the overbearing hero and the swooning heroine. They both walked the line of "too much" on both counts, and pr
Oct 19, 2014 Mo rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
This was so enjoyable up until the point where the h rolled over and forgave everyone. What was done to her was so awful, so despicable, it beggars belief that she could just poo-poo it at the drop of a hat. It ruins all the angst that's come before when the h just sweeps it all under the rug. For the angst to be satisfying, there has to be payment for it - and by that I mean grovelling. Not one scene where he says he's sorry - not even a chapter. I'm talking more like The Unwanted Wife where th ...more
Nic didn't express much, if any, remorse for his crappy treatment of Sara and their daughter, which was my biggest problem with this book. Sara excused him because he'd had his pride to consider, and because he had been led to believe wrongly of her. What!?!?!? As if that absolved him of any responsibility. How about considering that one's wife could be innocent of adultery and admitting that you didn't emotionally support your wife during your first year of marriage?

The story gets two-stars fo
I gave it this book 5 stars few years ago, but was until today: Feb/28/2015 after I confirmed that the hero wasn't celibate during their separation, I low my rating to 3 stars. Yes, the book has many angst, it's emotional, intense... BUT they were still married, she was faithfull to him during their separation, there is not any excuse to cheat on her :S
RomReader❤️Spoiler Giver❤️
The story is about an estranged wife who encounters her husband again after 3 yrs because her child was kidnapped. He left her after finding her in a compromising position with another man & thinks she's pregnant with this other man's baby.

Michelle Reid has been an inconsistent read for me. BUt this book was suprisingly good! Hero & heroine had their Big Misunderstanding that lasted 3 yrs. Reid portrays heroine as weak & submissive early on in relationship and shows her growing emot
Aug 10, 2011 Cecilia rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: re-read

This is kind of a crazy story, with over-the-top drama between the two protagonists and of course a big misunderstanding that leads the hero to threaten the heroine that if she ever gets together with another man,he'll kill them both. Normally, I'm sane and have my priorities straight, and this kind of thing can send me running for the hills, but for some reason this book just works for me and it's a fun HP as opposed to a torturous one. Probably because the hero is so nicely demolished when he
Oct 31, 2012 J. rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
If anyone in this book should have felt a sense of betrayal, it was definitely the heroine! As with most harlequins, when couples break-up it's most of the time due to a total misunderstanding that could have been cleared up from the get-go but this one was also a bit more involved in that the hero's disgusting father also had a hand to play in their break-up...The hero also could have used a bit more intuition but I guess again that's why they call it "women's intuition..." He most certainly wa ...more
Jun 29, 2012 Violet90 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
It was an okay book but not something I would want to read again. It was too long for my liking and I just hated how the hero didn't believe our heroine and think he was betrayed instead of confronting Jason and ask him the truth. He had three years and I think thats a long time for someone to find out what really happened instead of live in the hatred. But thats just my opinion. Overall, this book sucked for me and I wish I could have read something else instead of this :(
Lynn Raye Harris
Fabulous story by Michelle Reid! I really enjoyed it, and ached for the characters along the way. So much emotion!
3 1/2 ***

These little Harlequins are really starting to grow on me. Lol

Sara (h) once a very shy young woman, finds herself in a romance with a very high powered, attractive Italian man. Her dream man who loves her as much as she loves him. Unfortunately he comes with a very stubborn and vindictive father who will stop at nothing to have his son walk away from his new wife and marry a nice Italian woman. So he sets poor Sara up to look like she is having an affair with an English man.

Oct 20, 2015 Onu rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
So I finally took the plunge and read it.

This gave me a headache and I couldn't wait to finish this one. The constant bickering and the constant spewing of vitriol by the heroine Sara. I can understand she had a lot of things on her mind besides going through a lot in the past, but I failed to empathize with her after a while for she got on my nerves.

She had reasons to feel bitter yet I found her unwilling to accept any goodwill. It grated on my nerves after a while how she blamed everyone els
Jun 21, 2014 Roub rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: favorites
this was one amazing hot read!very high level of angst and dealing wid a maelstrom of emotions! it tore at my heart dat nicholas and sara got separated for 3 long years and dat nicholas condemned his wife all this time! he denied his paternity, his own flesh and blood when a simple blood test cud have solved the problem. i was slightly surprised to encounter a devil old man instead of a jealous OW or evil mama-in-law. what was heartrending was dat this man dealt his own son such a mortal blow! i ...more
Dec 06, 2011 Srisurang rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: contemporary
ไมไดอานเรืองแนวบีบหัวใจจีดๆ แบบนีมานานเหมือนกัน เลมนี พอพระเอกไมชอบนางเอก เลยทำใหพระเอกเขาใจผิด คิดวานางเอกมีชู และทองกับคนอืน กนะ...เริมมาแบบนีกตองบีบคันอยูแลว ลูกสาวตัวนอยยังถูกลักพาตัวไปอีก (นันทำใหสองคนทีไมพูดไมเจอกันเลยกลับมาเจอกันอีกหน) โหลดเลมนีมาอานเพราะมันเปนอันดับหนึงของนักเขียนคนนี(ไดคะแนนมากสุด) เหนเคาวาสนุกกลองซะหนอย กสนุกคะ วางไมลงเลยนะ กวาจะเขาใจกันได แนวทังเกลียดเคาทังรักเคา เพราะพระเอกกนาสงสาร เปนเหยือของความเจาเลหของพอตัวเอง ยังดีทีไมเอะอะกขึนเตียงจนรูสึกวา อะไรฟะ เหมือนนิยายหล ...more
From the very first page this book dragged you into it's heartache and drama.

The story opens with Sara's daughter getting kidnapped and her estranged husband, Nic, returning after a 2 year separation to help her.

Nic doesn't believe that the child is his. He saw his wife cheating on him with his own two eyes. No matter how Sara tries to explain the situation, he did not believe. But sometimes the eyes can deceive. And because if that, Nic spent 2 years of his daughter's life believing that she
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