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Mary's Mosaic: Mary Pinchot Meyer & John F. Kennedy and Their Vision for World Peace
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Mary's Mosaic: Mary Pinchot Meyer & John F. Kennedy and Their Vision for World Peace

4.02 of 5 stars 4.02  ·  rating details  ·  256 ratings  ·  47 reviews
Winner – 2012 Hollywood Book Festival for General Non-Fiction

Honorable Mention – 2012 New England Book Festival for General Non-Fiction

Honorable Mention - 2012 London Book Festival for General Non-Fiction

Who really murdered Mary Pinchot Meyer in the fall of 1964? Why was there a mad rush by CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton to locate and confiscate her diary? Wh
Hardcover, 576 pages
Published April 2nd 2012 by Skyhorse Publishing (first published December 1st 2009)
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This book was written with a lot of passion by a boyhood friend of the victim's middle son. The author remembers Mary Pinchot Meyer's warmth as they both grieved for that boy when he was killed by a car and the coldness of his own father who, he later learns, had a small, but necessary role in the cover up of this former neighbor's assassination.

I've been waiting for this book for 20+ years, or whenever it was that I learned of this death and its ramifications. While it is a year old, I just saw
Duncan Berry
This note was written as a progress report, but I'm posting it as my review — perhaps to be edited and augmented at a later date.

Some thoughts, though, in lieu of a more sustained effort.

(1) The text suffers from very poor style editing: the sheer number of redundant quotations, repetitions and recursive references is not only tiresome but an agency of friction to the telling of the story.

(2) The first half of the book needed to be sawed in half. The endless biographical details of too many char
Lee Mandel
This is an excellent work that reads like a fictional murder mystery. What sets "Mary's Mosaic" apart from other books that analyze the JFK assassination is that the author is the son of a prominent CIA offical who was involved in the coverup of Mary Pinchot Meyer's murder. The evidence that he presents linking the murder to her knowledge of the JFK assassination is most compelling. Like Mark Lane, Peter Janney lays the responsibility for the JFK assassination clearly on the doorstep of the CIA ...more
Once upon a time...the king of a mythical country decided to take a magic potion called LSD with a princess who believed in its powers. Members of the court found out. They feared the king's decisions and decided the king & princess must die...
Pete daPixie
For those readers who have been long on the trail of the JFK assassination, this book is somewhat unique. A 2012 publication, 'Mary's Mosaic' is a 'who-dunnit' that comes off the page like a fictional Stephen King murder mystery. For author Peter Janney, son of a CIA operative and personally knowledgeable of the Meyer family during childhood, the almost spiritual illumination of this dark and troubling shadow must have been a cathartic journey.
With distinct similarities to the JFK Dallas hit, Ma
Mal Warwick
Astonishing but true

If, like me, you were alive and aware on November 22, 1963, you’ve never forgotten the day. It was mid-afternoon in New York, and I had just arrived for a graduate course in international relations at Columbia University, only to discover a small number of my classmates aimlessly milling around, most of them in tears, some hugging one another, as one informed me that President Kennedy had been shot. The class had been canceled, and I wandered away with a classmate to learn mo
“Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace” by Peter Janney re-explores that hidden time in history—during JFK’s Camelot years and after his assassination, when the country what trying to come to terms with what happened.

The author, the son of a high-level CIA official and the former friend of Mary Meyer’s son, was only a child at the time the events unfolded, but was traumatized enough by them to pay attention when in the
David Wayne

The Assassination of Mary Meyer: The framing of an innocent man and how it all relates to the JFK assassination

Consider that:

Mary Pinchot Meyer was assassinated, a short time after the assassination of her lover, President John F. Kennedy;

Unlike President Kennedy’s many affairs, his relationship with Mary Meyer was a very serious relationship;

Mary had been married for many years to a high-ranking CIA officer who was later named as being directly involved in the planning and execution of the ass
It will be 50 years this November since JFK was killed, and the truth about the assassination has been trickling out ever since, despite the CIA's giant coverup and murder of many people who knew too much. I've read a lot of books about those events; this is one of the most credible and most shocking.

Mary Pinchot was a beautiful, captivating, and idealistic Vassar grad who strongly believed in and yearned for world peace. She became a journalist after her graduation. She met Cord Meyer, a brill
Dale Stonehouse
For those who have immersed themselves in Kennedy assassination and related histories, Mary's Mosaic is another step toward ultimate truth. The author has the advantage of having known many of the characters involved, including being a childhood friend of one of Mary and Cord Meyer's sons, killed when hit by a car on a busy DC highway. As an advocate for peace, Mary Pinchot Meyer helped turn President Kennedy away from the Cold War and toward cooperation with the Soviets and Fidel Castro's Cuba. ...more
Melissa T
Overall, I believe Janney presents a strong case for his explanation of Mary Meyer's death, and the events precipitating it. Janney has a personal connection to the family, and it is quickly obvious the admiration and affection he feels for the mother of one of his childhood friends. However, even though this affection may encourage him to tout her qualities excessively; I did not feel his judgment was clouded regarding the facts and logical conclusions he drew from his rather exhaustive researc ...more
Jim McGowan
Excellent. Full of remarkable details of this wretched period in our nation's history. We, as a nation must know the truth so as to regain our footing and return to a truly worthy path. The author's father was in the highest echelons of the CIA. His best friend as a youth was Mary's son whose godfather was James Jesus Angleton, Director of Counterintelligence for the CIA, Israeli lionized participant in the JFK murder / coup d'etat / cover-up and great friend of Ben Gurion's Israel and Angleton ...more
Peter Janney's research into the death of JFK lover Mary Pinchot Meyer is both touching and creepy in a synchronicity kind of way as Mr. Janney adored Ms. Meyer as a childhood friend of her sons and his ultimate thesis is that his own father, a mid-level CIA executive, was the key to understanding the intelligence agency's role in Ms. Meyer's death. If you don't know about Meyer, you will be be amazed by Janney's telling of her role in turning the Cold Warrior JFK towards peace and her idealisti ...more
Robin Billings
I was 9 years and 8 months old when Nov. 22, 1963 brought the terrible and tragic news of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I still recall details from that day as if they were yesterday. The assassination of our beloved president was a permanent rending of the fabric of American innocence. Coincidentally, on that same day, another of my coming heroes, Aldous Huxley, passed on more gently with the aid of the then legally available psychiatric research compound, lysergic acid-N,N-diethylamide ...more
Monica Perez
Good book about the killing of JFK's last mistress, Mary's Mosaic…convincing arguments that the CIA was in on it, written by the son of a CIA man and a friend of Mary's family - whose husband incidentally was also a CIA agent. The most interesting thing in the book was that James Jesus Angleton supposedly said that the movie Executive Action was an accurate account of JFK's assassination. Check it out…
While this book is a real-life murder mystery, it's also another puzzle piece in the never-ending mystery surrounding the Kennedy assassination(unless, of course, you accept the Warren Commission's conclusion.) Mary Meyer was an "intimate" friend of JFK, and it's asserted by the author that her influence on Kennedy was one of the key reasons he was killed. Speculative, intriguing-- but probable? You'll have to read the book to decide.
Chris Beal
I didn't like the first two chapters of this book very much. It seemed the author was making a lot of assertions that weren't proven by his end notes. But as I continued reading, I saw that those chapters were just to get the reader interested, and that he was going to go back and provide the background to his assertions. In fact, if I have any complaint about this book, it would be the organization. In the end, he is still doubling back on things he discussed earlier, reminding the reader of ev ...more
Cinderelly's Print Shop
Peter Janney, my heart goes out to you!

The book is fantastically written and quite personal.

Peter Janney, I hope, in some ways, after writing Mary's Mosaic, that a burden has been lifted from your shoulders. I'm sure this was not an easy task.

Much love from Canada. Best book that I've read in 2013.
One more example of why this government of the people is no longer for the people or by the people.
Elaine Larsen
Facinating read abot the JFK assassination, and the woman who knew too much!
Excellent! Compelling!
An unknown mazterpiece

A chronology of a self discovery though the murder of the luminous, brave Mary Pinchot Mayer and what it reveals about an ongoing world of lies and death that has been with us for half a century.
Trae Stratton
Compelling and staggering. If you have even a cursory interest in the JFK assassination this book is a must read. Upon setting it down, you will not think of the CIA, the media or the ruling elite the same again. Thoroughly researched and noted, the pace suffers somewhat as the author gets redundant in highlighting certain pieces of evidence- but it is simply too laden with bombshell after bombshell to rate any less than 5 stars.
The last ten years or so of Kennedy Assassination books have had some winners and far too many losers. This is one of the later. Yes it was heavily researched and yes it does have a conclusion but by the time I was done reading 400 pages I no longer cared. Dry and lifeless prose would be a complement. Mary the murdered woman was rumored to have kept a diary of her time with JFK and her thoughts about the cover up of his assassination. The reader is teased into thinking we will actually get to re ...more
Phil Nelson
I enjoyed this book. It got me all fired up about JFK again.
If you add this surprising book to all the others you may have read about the assassination of JFK, you might actually believe you now know the truth that there was a coup d' etat when he was murdered. The CIA (led by James Jesus Angleton), conspired with the FBI, the Pentagon and LBJ to eliminate JFK because he was beginning to lean too far to the left and trying to bring about world peace.

If you want to know more, this is the book that leads you on to what is, in my opinion, the most plausibl
There seems to be a pattern in the JFK books recently. A lot of details about why the official sorry isn't right, how the govt itself planned murder to cover up the assassination- and yet no one follows the branch back to the tree, let alone the root. Also each of them seeks to venerate someone who influenced Kennedy. Almost boilerplate.
I like this book not because the writing is good -- it isn't -- but because Janney has done tons of detailed research on a very touchy nonfictional subject.

Unfortunately there is a factual error on page 202 where he writes "...the peyote derivative psilocybin." In fact the hallucinogenic drug derived from peyote is mescaline. Psilocybin comes from mushrooms.

By allowing errors of fact into the book, the credibility of other purported facts comes into question.
False Millennium
I've read other...better...books on this topic. The prose reads purple and I half wonder if it's because the author's family was involved in some degree with agencies and officials of the time. I would recommend you look elsewhere if you wish to read on this subject, but if you want to read all then certainly you would add this to the list.
Truth that reads like fiction. I couldn't put it down.
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