The Last Knight (Knight and Rogue, #1)
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The Last Knight (Knight and Rogue #1)

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Need a Hero?

You've got one in Sir Michael Sevenson.

Although there hasn't been a knight errant in over two hundred years, this young noble has decided to revive the trade. He's found himself a reluctant partner in Fisk, a clever rogue who has been given the choice of serving as Michael's squire or going to jail for a very long time. Now Michael and Fisk are on a quest to ri...more
Hardcover, 368 pages
Published August 28th 2007 by HarperTeen
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The characters in the The Last Knight are entirely believable, which is one of the books strongest points. Mike is just what you’d imagine a modern knight errant to be, sweet, and just slightly moronic, and his squire perfectly embodies the street wise sidekick every hero needs. The world that Bell creates is fresh and new, and the plot is hardly ever predictable (which is a great plus).
There be spoilers abroad:

Come gather round Lords and Lady's.
Come here the tale of brave, Sir Michael, a sort-of bumbling but brave knight and his wise, smart-mouthed squire Fisk. This unlikely pair have been partitioned to "rescue" a fair Maiden, Lady Ciecel, only maybe she's not quite so helpless or innocent for that matter. Well, they rescue her anyways, only to find out this woman is being held for probably murdering her husband with potions. After finding this out, the clueless knight is for...more
This book really surprised me. A friend loaned it to me along with a few others that... were slow going... so it took me awhile to decide to read this book. I'm glad I did. This was a fun fantasy romp in a new world. A YA book that lacks sex or angst was what I needed after the others the friend loaned. This one was refreshingly free of all that *oh, the pain of existence* crap.

One of the aspects of this book that I really liked was the constant switching of perspective from chapter to chapter....more
excerpt from detailed review here:

I was in quite a rush to finish this book because I had bought it with the intent of gifting it to my friend the next day but instead, I became quite captivated by it myself. The mythology and world building is imaginative and original, combining a medieval setting with a unique blend of magic and quite "modern" characters who believe valiant knighthood is outdated. The character voices are distinct and sympathetic, altern...more
The story was ok, but when all was said and don't, I felt like it was a waste of time. I could have re-read something else and enjoyed myself more. The quote on the cover about what a great writer the author is... well, clearly that reviewer and I have a difference of opinion.

I read this genre because the world building is so much fun to read and explore. Here, there really wasn't much of that. And the characters are very flat and there isn't much development of them either.

The story is goes li...more
Even though I'm reading a lot of books in a row by this author, I did not get tired of her writing style or the patterns she uses. The books are changed just enough not to resemble each other too closely, but honest enough to feel only like witnessing her development as a writer. I think this new series is my favorite so far.

I love the characters of a knight errant and his squire traipsing the countryside, braving the adventures and the snickers alike. And how interesting for her to choose to pl...more
Small Review
Two guys are better than one

There’s something about stories following two guys as they combine forces that just gets me every time. Holmes and Watson, Dean and Sam Winchester, a friendship duo like that is an automatic “YES PLEASE!” for me. Hilari Bell’s Knight and Rogue series is no exception.

Hilari Bell has created two superb characters in Michael and Fisk. Michael and Fisk are opposites in most ways, often finding themselves at odds with one another over questions of morality and what consti...more
I had heard some bad reviews of this from friends and didn't have very high expectations for it. A few chapters in and I was entertained enough, curious to see where it would go. Little did I know that I would become hooked quickly, like speck of dust in a suctioning vacuum. I was strangely engrossed in it, and looking back after finishing, there really wasn't a thing that I thought should be changed.

The story of Sir Michael and Fisk, the "Knight" and "squire". Michael has a dream of adventure...more
Lisa  (Bookworm Lisa)
A good book. A bit slow in places.

Michael is an errant knight. His father wants him to become steward for his older brother, but he does not want to live his life in the place where he was born. He and his father get into a big fight, and his father makes an off hand comment about being an errant knight. That comment set his path. It must be noted, that the age of Knights has passed.

While Michael is out doing good he comes across a trial. He sees judgement passed upon three people. The last one...more
Hilari Bell is quickly gaining my reader-loyalty. Lighter in premise than her Farsala trilogy, this book nevertheless serves up plenty of action and intrigue as the well-meaning actions of "knight-errant" Michael and his reluctant squire Fisk lead them into a worthy adventure.

Things I really like: the resolution of their quest, the reveal of Lady Ceciel's true intentions, the development of their friendship, and the glimpse into a magic system and world that I will in all likelihood have a lot o...more
Sue Donym
This story was ok, but ultimately didn't capture my interest the way many of Hilari Bell's other works did. Ultimately, this struck me as the most juvenile of her work, both in shallowness of theme and in writing style. It's very typical young adult fantasy, a concept and execution both that we've seen a million times. If you're into that sort of thing, you'll probably like this book, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. Go check out some of the author's other books instead.
Pros: It's really a story about the believably developing friendship between two young men, a topic that is all too rarely addressed in YA fiction. It also weaves in a mystery to solve that twists and turns as satisfyingly as a mystery should. Another goodreads reviewer noted similarities to the Supernatural adventures of the Winchester brothers, which is a great comparison! There are references to off-stage sex but it pretty much stays in PG territory. It is not a kissing book.

Cons: As other re...more
I did not want this novel to end, and my first act once it did was to order the rest of the series. I just fell in love with both the story and characters, and there's not a thing that could have made me love the book more.

For one thing, the setting was so rich and beautifully described. I felt like I lived there, for the smallest details built the world around me until it was palpable. I loved how the setting resembled a classic medieval setting, but Bell filled the outline up with aspects tha...more
Angie Lisle
Knight and Rogue, Book 1

Two character points of view between Sir Michael, a knight errant, and his squire, Fisk, who is also a con man. We get just enough of each character to know that there is more to both their stories.

I had problems keeping the narrators straight and had to backtrack occasionally to check, which was frustrating but helped show how the two characters are rubbing off on each other.

The world itself is doled out in tantalizing pieces - as with the characters, we get just enoug...more
Dec 17, 2008 Jessica rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: 11 and up
Shelves: pre-teen-teens
Excellent book. It was an easy read since it was written for tennagers but it had very engaging characters. I am on to the next in the series.
Angie Lisle
Two character points of view between Sir Michael, a knight errant, and his squire, Fisk, who is also a con man. We get just enough of each character to know that there is more to both their stories.

I had problems keeping the narrators straight and had to backtrack occasionally to check, which was frustrating but helped show how the two characters are rubbing off on each other.

The world itself is doled out in tantalizing pieces - as with the characters, we get just enough to know that there's mor...more
Can I give this book 10 stars, please?

Long story short: I had tears in my eyes after finishing this one, and not because it ended terribly, but because this book was pure perfection. Hilari Bell is my hero. My author crush. Seriously, I'm in love with her writing. I'm in love with her characters. Seriously, is it possible to love a book this much? I swear, it's my new favorite, and I will probably reread it a hundred times in the future.

I have always adored Hilari Bell's talent. I read her "Far...more
The Last Knight by Hilari Bell
Eos, 2007
357 pages
YA; Fantasy
4/5 stars

Source: Library

Read for Best Overlooked YA Book Battle.

Eighteen-year old Sir Michael has decided to take up the lost art of knight errantry in order to avoid a stultifying existence on his father's estate. He saves a seventeen-year old Fisk from his criminal existence to serve as his squire. One night they rescue Lady Ceciel from a tower only to discover the next day that she had been sentenced there for poisoning her husband. T...more
This book's style is one where the POV of two characters are shown. Each Chapter takes alternating turns between the first person view of two main characters: Michael and Fisk. I've always thought that this style was really cool and is one of my favourites. However, Hilari Bell didn't quite pull it off in this book. It succeeded in advancing the story or telling it efficiently for there were times when just Michael's POV or just Fisk's POV wouldn't have been enough (because of situations like no...more
** This is a QUICK REVIEW of my thoughts on the book **

I very much liked the interaction between Sir Michael & Fisk (it was very reminiscent of Pagan and Lord Roland from the Pagan chronicles by Catherine Jinks) but the slightly disturbing events that occur towards the end with the 'murderess' put a bit of a damper on the book for me.

There are also some questions about Fisk's past which aren't answered but there is a sequel so it will probably be dealt with then. I can think of far better e...more
One word: hilarious. I usually hate characters like Fisk - no honor, "dashing" rogue, womanizer, irritating sarcasm (I love sarcasm, but not the type that's usually employed by adolescent males). Fisk is certainly a womanizer (more on that later), but he's hilarious in every other respect. Few books cause me to laugh out loud; this one did.

Michael, too, was not without his sarcasm. Hilari Bell used a very interesting method of first person narration that works very well when done properly: she s...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
How many times have I read this book? I couldn't even tell you. I LOVE it! This is the fist in a great series. While a bit hard to categorize, I would say this book is a light-hearted YA mystery, but it has a fantasy setting.

Michael and Fisk make for a great team. An honorable knight working with a con man? The possibilities are endless.

The ending may not be what you expect, but it is the setup for an excellent series of adventures.
I went on a Hilari Bell kick after reading The Wizard Test and Fall of a Kingdom, and this book didn't compare to those two. I feel like I'm pickier when it comes to young adult books, because there is so much that could be present that I don't like. Overly childish and irritating main characters that act like any regular child I could encounter in real life just don't do it for me. Simplistic plots don't usually interest me either. Some young adult novels hit the nail on the head with their whi...more
Ashley Miller
The book is okay as far as plot goes but I was confused at who the audience is supposed to be. I can see a market for middle school or young readers but then they have parts in the book that are completely unnecessary if that is the target audience. There is a part about lying with a woman for no character building purposes or plot line and they use the b word a few times when another word would have been fine. I thought it was moderately good but I am kind of at a loss at who I would recommend...more
Jul 22, 2008 Renee rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: 7th and up
Shelves: ya-fantasy
Blend mystery into a medieval fantasy to produce this compelling novel. Sir Michael Stevenson had decided to break the 200 year lack of knights and become a knight errant. After Michael pays off con artist Frisk’s fine, Frisk becomes Michael’s unwilling squire. Sir Michael frees a damsel in distress - Lady Ceciel, only to later find out she was being held for the murder of her husband. During the course of Michael and Frisk’s adventure to recapture Lady Ceciel, they encounter magicked animals, a...more
This book kind of fell into my hands. It was a Proof Copy and the cover looked very "young adult"-ish. But I went ahead a read it and it was pretty fun.

It was interesting to see how the author alternated character perspectives through each chapter. In other words, the book was about two main characters. Chapter 1 was from one character's perspective, then chapter 2 was from the other character's perspective, and it kept alternating. It gave you a good feel for both characters and you saw them bo...more
Sir Michael is a knight's errant even thought there hasn't been one for the last few hundred years. His partner and squire Fisk and him are set on protecting the world from evil but when they rescue an innocent lady from a tower they find out that she wasn't as innocent as they thought. Lady Ceciel was put into the tower for poisoning her husband. Now they have to get her back or put themselves in jail for the rest of their lives.
I picked this book up because goodreads recommended this to me and...more
Dec 27, 2013 Leila rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Anyone
***RATED PG***

Sir Michael is an 18 year old kid who decides the world needs knights again, so he forsakes his considerable inheritance and sets off to find adventure and to do as many good deeds as possible. Along the way, he obtains a squire, Fisk, who is wily, resourceful, and believes his "noble sir" to be somewhat of a lunatic. Their first adventure together has them rescuing a damsel in distress, only to discover that she is a villain whom they must recapture and bring to justice. By the e...more
I liked it, but didn't love it. I really like the characters, but the plot was a bit gloomy and a more than a bit disturbing. I also didn't like that the two characters would randomly talk about "bedding woman" and other such crass nonsense. I guess that's what the author thought would be interesting since the two main characters are male, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the plot and was completely unnecessary. Luckily it is just talk though, no bad scenes. This is definitely a book for...more
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As far as writing is concerned, I call myself the poster child for persistence. Songs of Power, the first novel I sold, was the 5th novel I'd written. When it sold I was working on novel #13. The next to sell, Navohar, was #12, and the next, A Matter of Profit, was #9. The Goblin Wood was #6, and the first Sorahb book, Flame (later renamed Farsala: Fall of a Kingdom), will be #15. You get the pict...more
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