The Third Eye
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The Third Eye

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T. Lobsang Rampa was preordained to be a Tibetan priest, a sign from the stars that could not be ignored. When he left his wealthy home to enter the monastery, his heart was filled with trepidation, with only a slight knowledge of the rigorous spiritual training and physical ordeal that awaited him . . . .
This is his story, a hauntingly beautiful and deeply inspiring journ...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published January 8th 1991 by Mandarin (first published 1956)
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Kuldip S Attalia
I was first introduced to Lobsang Rampa by a Freind in Nairobi, Kenya. He treated his book like a secret Bible and would not let it out of his sight. So i could only read it a few pages at a time. So, finally went to Mc Millian's Library and read the book. (Loved it to Bits & was hooked by its charm of Astral Travelling.)

Finally, Oneday I took the courage and mentioned it to my Dad, Who wasted no time in buying the complete collection.
The writer claimed to be a reincarnation of a Tibetian la...more
oh my goodness. i can't believe this book is on good reads. my brother and i read it when we were both a little too young and took every single word at face value. just rediscovered it during a trip home. weird, wild, magical and mystical adventures - astral projections, flying, third eyes, YES. at the time we were totally sucked in and on board, ready to go on mystical journeys in tibet ourselves. i'm afraid some of the luster might be gone with the cynicism that settles once one is no longer 1...more
Supongo que nunca sabremos a ciencia cierta si el libro es enteramente real o no, por todas las investigaciones alrededor del autor y lo poco que conocemos de la cultura en Tíbet.
Pero al poner en duda su autenticidad me siento como el típico ciudadano occidental que tiene que ver que cada cosa sea comprobada científicamente para creerla, el típico occidental que es tan mencionado en el libro.
Independientemente del nivel de veracidad de este libro, la historia me mantuvo pensando todo el tiempo...more
Roger Norman

The book was first published in 1956 and I remember it being a favourite during the 60s occultist wave. It always carried a kind of question mark because of the accusations that it was a hoax, which the publishers discussed in their foreword at that time. The writer was apparently an Englishman (Cyril Henry Hoskins) who had never been to Tibet and knew nothing about the place or its beliefs. He claimed to have been 'taken over' mind and soul by the Tibetan Lama, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, who was th...more
I loved this book more than I know. I read it and reread it at times when I'm feeling low or depressed. It's more or less a coming of age novel about a young boy of high class thrown out of his house by his stern father to become a monk. He is initiated into the higher order and taught the most secretive occult powers of tibet.

I wish I could find the book right now. I don't think my review is any good. Read the book. There's a lot of spirituality and aura perception as well as astral traveling....more
Steven Phelps
Trepanation (drilling into the skull) is real, as are a few of the other practices outlined by "T. Lobsang Rampa" (not his real name), but the vast majority of the work is fiction. Rampa was part of a publishing bandwagon that sought to capitalize on the growing interest in medition, buddhism, reincarnation, and the new age movement in general. For years, nobody knew this was a hoax - it's a fun read, but if you're looking for more accurate information about mediation, seek elsewhere.
Don't judge a book by its cover!
When I first saw this cover I thought - WEIRD!
But after the first 2 chapters I was hooked. It is an amazing true story of a Tibetan Lama (monk). This books takes you to a world that is so foreign to our way of thinking. I highly recommend it!
Michael Lauro
I read this book as a teenager and i thought it was great. Only later did I learn that it's not written by a Tibetan monk but rather (if I remember correctly) and ex-plumber from the UK. Still, it's a pretty good read.
This starts out with an odd introduction, the author Cyril Henry Hoskin states he is experiencing the memories and life of the reincarnate T. Lobsang Rampa. I found this a fun and amusing book of occult; I enjoyed the descriptions of childhood and life in Chakpori Lamasery in Tibet in the early 1900s. I started getting a bit confused about some of the explanations of Buddhist doctrines he provides. There's quite a mash-up of religious and spiritual beliefs going on. Overall, much of the occult a...more
Liza Rosas
Read it at 16 and started me out on Tibetan Buddhism...still have my trepidations...i remember quite well those astral journeys...some form of kite that would take you across spaces....then i learned the other side of the story...the English writer...however; he warns us as we read on, that we can choose to believe it ...i chose to believe it in a belated fashion...then all that Tibet frenzy came...the political game with China that placed it in the center of it all... and all the monks unaccust...more
Oct 01, 2007 Febry rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
Okay, to put it?

Well, this writer is a fraud, he said that this book is his biography, in this book he said that he is a Tibetian monk, knew Dalai Lama very well, etc.....
But actually he is not.....

There have been an "international court" that state this man as a fraud.

But still as a fictional.... this book is very good.

Note: For his stroy i give him 5 star, but because of his lie i give him 3 star.

Thampy.2 Thampy
Read this book a long time ago in 6th grade when my brother brought it from the Max Mueller Institute. Was extremely puzzled and captivated by the story.
Üçüncü Göz, 1950'li yıllarda yazılmış ve kısa sürede çok satar olmuş bir kitap. Ama aynı zamanda bu denli ilgi çekmiş olmasının sonucu olarak şaibeyle karşılanmış, tartışılmış, hatta yazar sahtekarlıkla da suçlanmış. Kitabın konusu, soylu bir ailenin çocuğu olarak Tibet'te dünyaya gelen Lobsang'ın 7 yaşında bir Tibet manastırına verildikten sonra bir lama olmak üzere yetiştirilme öyküsü. Tibet inançları doğrultusunda reenkarnasyon, üçüncü göz, duru görü gibi "doğaüstü" olarak adlandırdığımız bir...more
Selama beberapa lama melihatnya di rak perpustakaan, aku tidak tertarik untuk membacanya.. kupikir ini buku spiritual semacam karangan Anand Khrisna yang bagiku pribadi membosankan. Setelah tidak menemukan buku yg kucari, aku mencoba membuka halaman buku ini. ternyata, isinya sangat menarik perhatian. walaupun ini semacam autobiography, tapi buku ini mirip novel fiksi. Kehidupan penduduk di Tibet, dan suasana eksotis & mistis kehidupan para biksu di kuil terbangun lewat penuturan T. Lobsang...more
Jun 18, 2013 Zorba rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
Recommended to Zorba by: Nobody
للقارئ الحق في تصديق او عدم تصديق ما كتبه لوبسانج رامبا.

هو راهب بوذي من التبت، يكتب عن حياته وعن الاسرار "المذهلة" المتعلقة بالديانة البوذية والتبت بشكل خاص.

الكتاب مترجم للعربية، ورده الفعل الاولية عند اغلبية من سيقراء الكتاب هو التكذيب وإعتبار كل ما ذكره مجرد هراء وكذب...لكن اوليست جميع الكتب الدينية هكذا؟
اقصد أنها جميعاً تتكلم عن المعجزات لخارقة..وهذا الكتاب يتكلم عن معجزات بوذيه، وبالتالي فما لا يصدقه المسلم عن البوذيه فهناك بوذي لن يصدق معجزات إسلاميه مثلاً..وهكذا!

عموماً بعيداً عن التصديق وا...more
Completely enthralling and captivating. An open mind is required for reading this book. Much of this content will fascinate the mind of any person. A spiritual reader will feel right at home. Regardless, the stories are vivid and overall it makes the book for a real page turner. A well written read.
Frans Layanto
Jul 02, 2010 Frans Layanto rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everybody
Recommended to Frans by: I search it myself
Saya adalah salah seorang pengagum Lobsang Rampa dan sudah baca semua karangan beliau. Memang banyak kontroversi mengenai Lobsang Rampa, dan umumnya yang punya konotasi negatif terhadap Lobsang Rampa cuma membaca satu atau dua judul saja dan juga tak punya latar belakang spiritual/metafisika yang memadai. Saya sendiri berupaya supaya konotasi negatif itu dapat terhapus dengan cara mencoba menterjemahkan karya-karya tersebut dalam bahasa Indonesia. Bisa dilihat di situs saya
This book was a very intriguing read about Tibetan/ Lama culture. About half way through I decided to a search on Lobsang and came across all the controversy and conspiracy theories. Unfortunately this took away from the the rest of the book as I kept questioning whether things were real or not. Suggestion : just read the book first then then read about the controversy.

I came across this magazine article which tries to show both side of the story.

I am look...more
Martin Hassman
Pěkná a okouzlující kniha, o které se již nějaký čas ví, že je to podvod. Nicméně přesto umí oslovit řadu čtenářů, kterým nepravdivost této knihy nedokážete nijak vymluvit.
Apr 12, 2014 Steelseeker rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Steelseeker by:
Shelves: occult, tibet, novel
Great leisure time reading book and gives you some insight of life of monks, lamas and general view of their belifes whether you believe it or not.
Azimah (previously Hamizao) Othman
The very first of Lobsang Rampa I read from my dad's collection. I was definitely a different version. The writer claimed to be a reincarnation of a Tibetian lama, Lobsang Rampa. The Third Eye introduced the strict discipline of the lama in his route to obtaining the ability to see with psychic power.Story, said to be true , covers subjects such as the human aura, astral travel, meditation, control of the mind in overcoming pain, the Potala and what's underneath it, life in Tibet, search for rei...more
Philip Traum
Un libro apasionante que lo transporta a uno a la vida de un monje en un lamasterio. En este libro se sigue el trayecto de Lobsang desde su llegada como adicto a los siete años a Chakpori hasta que llega a ser abad antes de su partida de el Tíbet a China. En este el aprende y habla sobre viajes astrales, sobre expediciones al norte del Tíbet, las cometas gigantes que logran elevar gente, la disciplina bajo la que viven los monjes, su formación en diferentes aptitudes. A pesar de la posibilidad q...more
Ravi Shakya
enjoyed this book,remember how tough exam they faced in Tibet and the huge kites they flew.
Celestial Elf
Almost jaunty, uplifting tale of Tuesday Lobsang's early life and start at the Tibetan Monastery.
Inspiring Energy
The books speaks about how Lobsang Rampa became Tibetan lama and the pain he went through from age 3 onwards, and age 7 he was sent to lamasery. But I found excessive little details about childhood and culture of Tibet boring. This book could have been summarized in 80 pages and not 190 pages as in real book.
It will change you
Ratri Dian
Sebuah buku yang dengan jujur mengungkapkan perjalanan seorang anak menapaki garis hidupnya sebagai seorang rahib di sebuah biara di Tibet, sampai kemudian dia menjadi seorang Lama dan lalu takdir menuntunnya ke tanah-tanah asing jauh sekali di luar Tibet. Seluruh detil belokan perjalanan itu sebenarnya telah jauh-jauh hari diketahuinya, ketika usianya pas empat tahun, melalui ramalan.

Pertama membaca buku ini tahun 2001-an, dan tetap masih segar sampai sekarang untuk dibaca-baca lagi.
Pedro gave me this book, and I really enjoyed it. It was particularly interesting to read about a Tibetan monk's training in the current political climate. It was sad in a way to think about this beautiful culture based on spirituality being harmed in any way. I think the culture will last anyway. I suggest reading it, but I refuse to ruin it for you. I will say that it tells the story of a monk's training, and shares some details about Tibetan Buddhism.
Perjalanan spiritual T. Lobsang Rampa mengajak saya melihat dunia menggunakan kacamata yang lebih jernih. Menurut kepercayaan yang ia anut, tidak ada sesuatu hal yang terjadi karena ketidaksengajaan. Semua berjalan berdasarkan sebuah alasan. Yang terpenting, kita belajar memahami setiap pelajaran yang diberikan kehidupan dan bukan mempertanyakannya. Dengan demikian, kita tak akan mengeluhkan hidup yang dijalani. Yeah, i learned from my own school of life!
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Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was a writer who claimed to have been a Lama in Tibet before spending the second part of his life in the body of a British man. Cyril Henry Hoskin (8 April 1910 – 25 January 1981) described himself as the "host" of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. The name Tuesday relates to a claim in The Third Eye that Tibetans are named after the day of the week on which they were born.
More about T. Lobsang Rampa...
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