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Darkness Revealed - Tabir Kegelapan
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Darkness Revealed - Tabir Kegelapan (Guardians of Eternity #4)

4.18 of 5 stars 4.18  ·  rating details  ·  5,240 ratings  ·  140 reviews
Anna Randal adalah seorang wanita cantik yang cerdas dan cakap, serta pengacara yang sangat hebat. Selain wajahnya yang tidak menua serta kekuatan psikisnya yang bisa memanipulasi unsur alam, Anna tidak berbeda dengan wanita normal lainnya. Namun karena keunikannya, Anna terpaksa menjalani kehidupan yang penuh kesepian. Dan semua itu akibat pertemuannya dengan Conde Cezar ...more
Paperback, 480 pages
Published 2011 by Dastan Books (first published January 1st 2009)
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Jessica Hatfield
I loved Anna and Cezar story. The series is getting much better I was really on the fence with the first story but I have come to love the others that have followed. Cezar was sweet and sexy and, Anna was cute but maybe she could have kicked a little more butt, but it had a good story line. Also I would like to say I love Levet!!!!!!!!
Julie (jjmachshev)
I'm still diggin' Alexandra Ivy's Guardians of Eternity series and "Darkness Revealed" is book four. This series is about smoking hot vampires, sexy werewolves, powerful goddesses, wily fairies, snarky gargoyles, and most anything else that goes 'bump in the night'. While these stories are every bit as hot as many others available, for me this author keeps the tone lighter. There's still action, mystery, and suspense--but the sense of looming evil isn't there...and I enjoy that for a change!

One night of passion and your whole world changes, could you hold a grudge for two centuries?
I guess so if you think that the man you shared the most passionate experience of your life suddenly disappeared the very night that you lose your family and found yourself "different" from everyone else.

I adored this tale of Anna who is trying to find out what she is and why someone is trying to kill her. Her guardian Cezar who she shared a passionate encounter with 200 years ago is suddenly at her side
This series continues to be one I like... but not enthusiastically. Dont get me wrong- it's got some great characters and perhaps that is why I continue reading. (You can plot your book like Plotty Plotterton but if you dont write engaging characters I care about? You've lost me.)

In Darkness Revealed we have a couple who have a history- which is what initially drew me in to the story, a Vampire hero and a heroine once again unaware of the incredible magic that lies within her.

Unaware that she i
This is a vampire romance series set in modern-day Chicago. The couple in this book is Anna Randal (she's part fey and destined to become an oracle after fighting Morgana la Fey, fairy Queen) and Conde Cezar, a hot Spanish 500 year old vampire who has been the unwilling servant of the oracles for the last 200 years. All of heros/heroines from previous books in the series make appearances, and a couple new heros for future books are introduced. No one will mistake this series for great literature ...more
PepperP0t (
(3.5 Stars Really)
Anna Randall would prefer to stay out of the spotlight and in hindsight wishes she had been less attentive to her chaperone duties for a rich relative the night she met master vampire, Conde Cezar. Completely attracted to and enthralled by Cezar, Anna looses more than her virtue and awoke to a possible scandal, her family dead and immortality. Having taken a bit of Anna's blood has bound Cezar to the Oracles and his latest assignment is to protect Anna which plays havoc on him
For some reason, I didn't expect much from this book. Perhaps because it was about two characters we had never met in the series before, I don't know. But I went into this one sort of...bland. Turns out I shouldn't have been.

In Darkness Revealed, we meet Anna and Cezar. Two hundred years before, they had one passionate night together, and then Cezar disappeared. That left Anna alone, scared, and not quite sure exactly what she was. With powers she hated and could barely control, she managed to s
Katherine St. Vincent 黄爱芬
Conde Cezar ditugaskan oleh Komisi utk menjaga dan melindungi Anna Randall sebagai calon oracle di masa depan. Sayangnya Anna sangat keras kepala karena pertemuan mereka sebelumnya 200 tahun yang lalu menyebabkan Anna kehilangan seluruh keluarganya.
Cezar yang tidak bisa melupakan pertemuannya dg Anna, bertekad utk menebus kesalahannya dgn melindungi Anna sekuat tenaga. Apalagi stl mengetahui bahwa Anna diburu oleh Morgana le Fay, sang ratu fairy, yang berambisi utk membunuh Anna, yang ditakdirka
Read the translation version and review written in Indonesian languange

Selese juga baca ceritanya si tusuk konde, ups, Conde Cezar.
Dikasih 4 bintang, sama aja kayak ceritanya Styx. Bagus tapi g bikin excited banget ;p

Ada campuran mitologi Arthur, yang bikin lumayan menarik. Selain itu baik Anna maupun Cezar sama-sama punya karakter. Sama-sama selibat nyaris 200 tahun, walau saling menyangkal perasaan masing2, tapi juga ga bisa menghindar.

Sayang nih, terjemahannya beberapa ngaco. Ada typo juga.
Lelyana Taufik
Suka banget sama buku ini, kesetiaan Conde Cezar ke Anna Randal setelah 195 tahun terbayar juga dengan hidup selibat Anna sepanjang itu. Walau di sertai dendam yang disimpan hampir 2 abad, akibat satu malam yg penuh gairah, pertemuan kembali mereka mau tidak mau mengikat mereka selama nya.
Anna yang tidak mengetahui dia adalah calon terkua anggota komisi Oracle, mencurigai motif si vampir keren Cezar melindungi nya dari kejaran Morgana si ratu peri.
Tanpa menyadari kekuatan nya sendiri, Anna justr
signorina Vei
pastinya 5 stars buat yg ini. Tergila-gila banget sama Cezar. Bayangkan seorang vampir tampan berambut hitam hingga punggung, dengan jepit emas dan pakaian serba hitam. Jangan lupa bagian kaya raya nya. :)
oh my God. siapa yg bisa menolak pesona itu?
Cezar pertama kali bertemu Anna Randal pada suatu pesta dansa di London. pada saat itu Cezar sudah memperhatikan Anna yang hanya berdiri disudut, lalu ia meminum darah Anna. Setelah itu oracle marah karena Anna itu calon oracle selanjutnya. karena itu
Laura the Highland Hussy
I think that Cezar was a great hero for this book. Anna met him about 200 years ago and Cezar seduced her. he also took her blood. But neither he nor Anna could have ever expected what would happen next.
Cezar is ripped from Anna's sleeping form by the Oracles, and enslaved for 200 years for daring to take the blood of a fated Oracle.
Anna wakes up, goes home, finds her aunt's house burned to the ground, and assumes her aunt and cousing Morganna perished in the fire. Then she finds out she is immo
Noodle TheNaughtyNightOwl
Alright, book four in the Guardians of Eternity Series and we're starting to understand the rules of this fantasy world. However, the two main characters are not ones we have met before, so a slight deviation from past paths. This time we follow Conde Cezar and Anna Randall.

I have to say the first half of the book was better than the second, mainly because Anna played hard to get in the beginning, and I kind of liked that. Once she had capitulated and Cezar was well and truly hooked, the story e
Cezar is noble and has been searching for this one woman for nearly 200 years. His reason is for protection but once he sets his eyes on her again, all the lust is there and he sole purpose is to make her his.

Anna has been searching for 200 years for the vampire that stole her heart and took her blood for answers. She is a lawyer for the people, a voice when one has none, but has come into powers that she can't explain.

Action packed, love, and all characters return. This is the main reason why
I keep waiting for this series to just wow me but so far it hasn't. It was a decent enough book that kept my attention but it just didn't give me the emotional roller coaster that I love so much in romance novels. This is an interesting series though where they seem to fall for each other early on in the book and then the story is about the life threatening dangers. I also find it interesting how the female leads in these books are more powerful than the male leads. Anyway, it's a decent enough ...more
Good read, but I feel like it is a carbon copy of the three books written in the series prior to this one. It goes something like this... Vampire meets girl. Vampire falls in love with girl. Girl falls in love with vampire. Something evil is after girl. Vampire protects girl and beats the evil something. Vampire makes girl his life mate. They live happily ever after. I feel like I've read this story before but the characters names have changed. Don't get me wrong it was a good story but maybe th ...more
Funzee Shu

“I will do everything in my power to keep you close to me. I’m yours to command, querida..."

Pertunjukan "kesetiaan" yang nyaris menembus 2 abad si Conde Cezar di sini yang - jujur - membuat gw tersepona ...

Selebihnya ?
Same "formula"....dan typical....

Ga tau ya, mungkin kl gw bacanya dulu2 pas lagi "anget2nya", feel nya ga begini kali....
Mungkin gw msh bs "tersepona-menggila" dst...dst....
Tapi....masa sdh berubah...
Mood gw pun - mungkin - sdh "bergeser", so ?

Kl di tanya "Bagus ga ?"
Jwbnya sih "M
Pengorbanan Cezar, selibat selama hampir 200 thn, patut diancungin jempol... b^___^d
Bonus jempol kaki jga.... hahahaha X'D
Les Chroniques Aléatoires
Avec ce nouveau volet, nous revenons à ce qui fonctionnait dans les 2 premiers volumes, c’est-à-dire un couple qui se forme contre les forces du mal du mal qui en veulent à la belle, mais après tout c’est ce qu’on attend d’Alexandra Ivy, sinon on lirait du Descartes ! Mais il n’empêche qu’elle arrive à y apporter une petite nouveauté ! En effet l’histoire de ce couple débute 200 ans plus tôt à Londres et nous avons donc droit à des flash-back dans les premiers chapitres.

Anna est l’héroïne de cet
Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
4 Darkness Stars
(Spoiler Alert)

Darkness Revealed is book four in Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity series.
The story flowed magically. Alexandra knows how to pull her audience in and keep us entertained, with a strong plot, action, adventure, and just the right amount of romance.

Anna I enjoyed from the moment we meet her. The superhero references she makes add humor to the story. I also liked that she did not freak out when learning about the demon world and all the different kids of demons
In „Im Bann der Nacht“ treffen wir Anna und Cezar. 200 Jahre zuvor, verbrachten die zwei eine leidenschaftliche Nacht miteinander und dann verschwand Cezar. Anna war alleine, verängstigt und nicht ganz sicher, was genau sie war. Mit Kräften, die sie hasste und nicht kontrollieren konnte, schaffte sie es dennoch alleine zu überleben. Aber sie vergaß niemals den arroganten Mann, mit dem sie die Nacht verbracht hatte und gab ihm die Schuld, sie in diesen Freak verwandelt zu haben.

Cezars Anziehung z

gw kasih 4.5 bintang...soalnya suka bangetvsama si conde cezar yang setia banget sama anna randall walo udah terpisah 195 tahun.....
anna pun gak pernah berhubungan dengan lelaki pada saat mereka akhirnya bertemu lagi, mereka sama sekali gak bisa melupakan satu sama lain..
padahal tugas cezar buat menyelamatkan anna dan membawa anna ke komisi oracle, semacam dewan petinggi dunia iblis karena ann merupakan seorang yg mewarisi 'darah para leluhur'....
para oracle gak setuju cezar tidur den
May Mostly Romance
Darkness Revealed ของอเล็กซานดร้า ไอวี่

หนังสือเล่มนี้เป็นเล่มที่สี่ในชุด Guardians of Eternity แต่เนื่องจากหนังสือชุดนี้ไม่ได้มีพล็อตเรื่องต่อเนื่องกันระหว่างเล่มเลย จึงไม่จำเป็นหรอกนะคะที่จะต้องอ่านสามเล่มแรกก่อน โดยเฉพาะตัวละครหลักในเล่มนี้ก็เป็นตัวละครใหม่ที่ไม่เคยปรากฎตัวมาในสามเล่มแรกเลยด้วย

เมื่อสองร้อยกว่าปีก่อน แอนนา เรนเดลซึ่งเป็นสาวน้อยผู้เรียบร้อยในยุครีเจนซี่ เดินทางทางเคาส์ชาวสเปนผู้แสนหล่อเหล่าด้วยความต้องการปกป้องญาติสาว มอร์แกนน่าที่แอนนารู้ดีกว่ากำลังหมายตาหนุ่มคนนี้อยู่ แต่แล้ว
Conde Cezar, tinggi tampan & kaya raya, magnet bagi tiap wanita kemanapun dia pergi.

Anna Randal, seorang pengacara public, berusaha menemui cezar – orang yang dipercaya anna sebagai penanggung jawab atas kehidupan yang dijalaninya selama 200 tahun.
Masalahnya bertemu kembali dengan conde cezar membuka kembali gairah yang tidak pernah dirasakannya sejak pertama kali disentuh oleh cezar.
Dan ternyata cezar pun merasakan hal yang sama terhadap anna.

Malam itu cezar sejak merasakan kepolosan &
L'univers de cette série est définitivement très riche !

Ainsi, après une incursion dans l'univers des garou lors du tome précédent, nous découvrons ici les êtres liés à la magie ! en effet, sidhes, faies mais aussi élementales font leur entrée dans cet univers.

C'est aussi l'occasion d'en apprendre un peu plus sur le conseil, son rôle, son fonctionnement... Et ce grâce au personnage principal de Cezar qui est une sorte d'homme à tout faire, esclave du conseil.

bien que chronologiquement l'histoire
Review by Cassandra from Book Talk

My Thoughts

The adventures continue and they are just as fun and thrilling as the others. Anna is something other than human but doesn't know what that other could be. Her only clue is her one night of passion in the arms of Conde Cezar. Cezar is a vampire enslaved by the rulers of demons and he has a connection to Anna that has never faded even after 200 years. Now that they are back in each others lives, Anna has a powerful enemy who wants to destroy her. Cezar
Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill
This whole series is just wicked good! And as a general rule, I don't like vampire novels but this series just keeps me coming back.

This book was filled with action, smoking hot vampires (still love Styx more than any of them) and drama.

The love story here is so good. Cezar is assigned by the Oracle to protect Anna and has been imprisoned for close to 200 years and during that time, he is celibite which is really hard for a vampire since they are such sensuous and sexual creatures. I would have
Nach den ersten drei Bänden der Guardians of Eternity Reihe, bin ich mit deutlich weniger Erwartungen an Band vier herangegangen. "Im Bann der Nacht" wiederholt das Schema des düsteren Vampirs und der hallsstarrigen Frau, die in Band eins eine Sterbliche war, die zum Kelch des Phönix wurde. (Einem Gefäß, vor dem alle Dämonen Respekt haben.) In Band zwei war es eine Shalott-Dämonin, die sehr kratzbürstig und stur war und in Band drei nahm den Part der halsstarrigen Frau eine Werwölfin ein.
Im vier
Kathy Davie
Fourth in the Guardians of Eternity paranormal romance series set in Chicago and revolving around a group of vampires. The couple focus is on Conde Cezar and Anna Randal.

My Take
Gimme a break, the Spanish Cezar has been around for 500-some years and all the Spanish he uses is five words???

While it is fairly obvious what Anna's fate will be, Ivy does a reasonable job of stretching it out before she lays it on the line. Part of that is due to the sexual tension she is creating between Anna and Ceza
This book follows on from the previous band. The vampire Cezar and the chosen Anna stay in the focus of this book. They have a past together which make sure some trouble at the beginning of the book. The author The author demonstrates again that her talent is to write a perfect mix of love story and background story. Besides the passion between Anna and Cezar its popular characters from previous books play a role. Yes, Levet is one of the party again and again I had to laugh on his way. This lit ...more
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