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Salad on the Side (Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat, #1)
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Salad on the Side (Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat #1)

3.39  ·  Rating Details ·  202 Ratings  ·  40 Reviews
Since moving to Boston, Kyle Slidell has met only a few of his neighbors, including Tobias Rogan. Kyle is very interested in Tobias, and is ecstatic to learn that Tobias wants him too. But his neighbors have a secret: They're werewolves, and Tobias is the pack Alpha. When one of the wolves attacks Kyle in the neighborhood garden one night, Kyle learns the truth in a hurry. ...more
ebook, 232 pages
Published June 22nd 2011 by ManLoveRomance Press (first published June 17th 2011)
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Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions
Overall i liked this story even if it was a bit wordy and dragged a little at parts it was entertaining and enjoyable.

I did have one huge issue though and i was wondering about it the whole book and it was never mentioned again by the characters or explained more. it might be a spoiler even though it is explained early on and never mentioned again.

My huge issue with the book: (view spoiler)
Aug 16, 2012 Mandapanda rated it did not like it
Shelves: various-romance
I didn't enjoy anything about this book. None of the characters were appealing. Tobias was the worst Apha wolf in history. Like a creepy stern old uncle. The vegan issue was pointless. The story/dialogue was repetitive and boring and I skimmed every sex scene. Getting through it was like wading through thick mud.
Jun 24, 2011 Enny rated it liked it
The idea of a vegan werewolf is interesting and the two main characters are very cute together but the rest of the pack are awful chatterboxes. Kyle sums it up perfectly: "This pack talked way too much." Unfortunately the author chose to disagree with her MC and so the book is filled with page after page of endless discussions about wolf politics. Salad on the Side was a 2.5 star read for me and I gave it an extra half star for the writing style.
Jul 15, 2011 Shanna rated it liked it
Shelves: m-m, 2011, shifters
This book started off with a cute and promising premise, a vegan werewolf. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to sustain the story. There were way too many plot points and sub plots that just created an unnecessary and uninteresting muddle. The characters were fun but the plot just didn't gel for me. I also thought that this book could use a little more editing. Many times a character trait or piece of background would be introduced only to be contradicted later in the book. This was confusing and ...more
Jul 07, 2011 Chris rated it it was ok
2.5 stars. Ok paranormal m/m romance about a vegan who doesn't realize he's living among werewolves until he's bitten and changed. These were probably the most long-winded werewolves ever - there needed to be a lot less talking in this book. Hopefully the obviously planned for sequel will be less chatty.
Christy Duke
3.5 Stars ~ It's no secret that I am mad, MAD I tell you, about shifter stories. In fact, I've run out of ways to describe my obsession. I'll read them all, wolves, felines, elephants, exotics, etc. etc. etc. It doesn't matter how long the book or how short, how detailed or not, I'll read it. I imagine it stems from my immense love of wildlife and if I could pick one supernatural power, then I'd like to be able to shift. I love the serious stories and the quirky ones, the funny, and the sexy. So ...more
Jul 23, 2011 Lucy rated it really liked it

A vegan werewolf!! Just the idea made me smile. The story is told in first person from the POV of Kyle, a newcomer to the Boston area. He has a slight crush on his neighbor, Tobias, who he sees naked in the garden one night. He looks back, and there is a dog? Wolf? In the garden instead. He goes to bed and believes it to be a dream.

That day, Tobias invites Kyle to a party, where he can meet the neighbors. Kyle is curious as to the sudden interest, as he's been there for three months, but acce
Anna May
Sep 15, 2011 Anna May rated it liked it
I like the idea behind this storyline.

SPOILERS AHEAD - Please stop reading now unless you want to be spoiled

I really like Kyle in this story and how he became a shifter. There no rules on how packs are supposed to behave. Every writer makes up her or his own world. In this case here, I have to strongly disagree with some view points.

The Alpha can use mind control to control his members. If someone is challenged and he refuses, he can be killed. Pack members cannot have a will of their own, they
Jul 13, 2011 Eva rated it liked it
Shelves: pnr_wolves
For werewolves who talk as much as these do it's surprising how little they end up saying. Instead leaving Kyle and the readers in the dark.
The whole idea about a vegan werewolf was interesting, but the pacifist side Kyle kept showing was a bit much to handle. I'm not saying he should be a ruthless bastard but in a what's obviously a dog eat dog world (pardon the pun) he should realize that he's been thrust into a world that plays by different rules so he can either get used to it fast or pack h
Jul 08, 2011 Mandi rated it it was ok
2 stars. Those werewolves really did like to talk! Way too much about the pack (to me, anyways). I liked Kyle, but didn't really like Tobias at all.

Possible spoiler but...(view spoiler) I did love the idea of a vegan werewolf t
Aug 15, 2011 Jaime rated it liked it
I liked this story, though it left me with a few questions I'm hoping the sequel will answer. It will be interesting to see how Tobias reconciles his democratic nature with his duties as Alpha of a race who seems to have a tendency to bite first and ask questions later. There are a lot of dichotomies set up in both main characters. I'm going to trust the author's ability to answer all the questions, tie up all the loose ends and reconcile all the inner opposition these guys face. (Not to mention ...more
Jul 04, 2011 Meggie rated it really liked it
I liked this new view into pack hierarchy. Kyle was amazingly interesting character and his thoughts were partly sarcastic, funny and simply enjoyable. I really liked him. Tobias was the pack leader and this way of writing didn't suit him as a characters.I missed his thoughts and way of thinking, but otherwise he was interesting even if a bit out sided. In general, this way really interesting view into pack life. I highly recommend this story to others!
Sep 06, 2015 Tj rated it liked it
Shelves: read-2012
I was really looking forward to this one. The idea of a vegan werewolf was just so different. Unfortunately there were some turn offs in the story. I could have overcome this but things just dragged in the story. Nothing big happening, lots of talk with no action, and lots of internal dialogue. By the end things picked up again, enough that I would read another in the series. Because of the middle it's more of a 2.5 stars for me. I did enjoy Kyle. He was an interesting character.
I really liked this story. My only complaint would be about Tobias' Alpha status. I just didn't see it. I felt like the pack ran their mouth way too much, And to me that made him look weak.
Jul 31, 2011 Cay rated it liked it
Shelves: m-m
2.5 stars
A vegan werewolf? Everything is possible now. And there was some funny jokes in it, but other than that, wasn't much interesting.
Jan 23, 2012 Anna rated it it was ok
Not sure what to really say about this book I think I skipped through most of it and that is something I try not to do. The blurb was interesting but the book just didn't warrant a good rating.
Feb 17, 2012 Kallunnah rated it it was ok
Cute idea ruined by awkward writing. I really wanted to like it but the main characters were so uninteresting I couldn't even get through past the first party.
Elisa Rolle
An almost “domestic” paranormal romance, it had the feeling to be more homemade pie than extravagant cocktail. Maybe it was also due to the setting, and enclosed apartment building sharing a common garden. Kyle moved in some months ago but he has never really made friends with the other neighbors, even if he is very attracted to Tobias. Then one night something happens, and the morning after Tobias is all friendly, and almost forcing Kyle to accept a dinner party invitation in his home. From tha ...more
Tony-Paul Vissage
Aug 10, 2012 Tony-Paul Vissage rated it it was amazing
At first, I figured this was going to be a comedy or at best a satire…I mean, a vegan werewolf…? It does have its moments of irreverence, mainly due to Kyle’s delivery, since it’s told from his POV, but it’s more than that. It’s a tale of choices and standing up for those choioces in the face of adversity.

There’s a lot of explanation about werewolf law juxtaposed against what Kyle believes from movies and books. And it’s an entertaining as well as an exciting story as to how a man who wont eat
Kelly H. (Maybedog)

A green salad without protein is not a filling dinner. It's the type of thing non vegetarians make for vegetarians because they don't think about the normal things people eat that are vegetarian like pasta or omelets, etc. For a vegan it's harder, but nuts and legumes like lentils and peanuts are things normal people have around the house.

Why does everyone have long hair?

Very stepford wife-ish. I would be a little creeped out and figure they were some really conservative Christian group.
Jan 17, 2012 Elianara rated it liked it
Shelves: mm-romace

An okay werewolf book, with a couple of positive things I really liked, but it also had its problems.

The thought of a vegan werewolf made me smile, and it got me to buy the book.

(view spoiler)
Chris, the Dalek King
Let's just say that the only reason this is not a one-star book for me is the fact that I was actually able to finish it.

While the whole vegan-werewolf dynamic, at first, intrigued me, could the author possibly have written a more sympathetic vegan? Kyle's continual whining about how he is not going to eat meat and why won't anyone listen to me, made me, by about half-way through the book want to pry his mouth open and shove a steak down his throat. Not to mention the constant 180s both Kyle and
Mar 28, 2012 Dawn rated it really liked it
Karenna Colcroft takes the paranormal werewolf myth and turns it on its ear with a vegan man turned werewolf who has to figure out how to stay true to himself even as Kyle tries to adjust to being a werewolf-a vegan one at that. The writing is tight, the story flows smoothly and the author does a great job in letting the reader see how the packs live & work. At times, though, it got to be a little repetitive to read everything on what Kyle was experiencing over and over. But after awhile it ...more
Becky Condit
Aug 06, 2012 Becky Condit rated it really liked it
4 1/2 STARS!

Kyle is a vegan and also somewhat of a pacifist. When confronted with having to kill in self-defense he suffers such pangs of conscience he is nearly incapacitated. The knowledge that his lover Tobias has killed in the past is also very disturbing to Kyle. Clearly, in order to live as a werewolf, Kyle is going to have to change his lifestyle and what is important to him. Or is he? Can he integrate his restrictive diet, his homosexuality, his attraction to the pack’s alpha, and his av
Scott-robert Shenkman
Feb 26, 2013 Scott-robert Shenkman rated it it was amazing
I read “Fresh Meat” by Jo Ramsey, which is an authorized prequel to this series, before I read this book. It was an excellent lead-in for this book. If you like were/shifters, pick up that book first.

Thought told from point of Kyle, it tells the story of his romance with Tobias, the Alpha of the North Boston Pack. Kyle is an awesome character. But Tobias is amazing – an Alpha who is damaged, insecure, at times frightened – in other words – human. He is one of the best weres I’ve read in a very l
Dec 05, 2013 Lee rated it really liked it
You have to love a book about a vegan werewolf…who knew?
Loved this book. The writing is good, the dialogue is witty and sometimes laugh-outloud funny. Tobias and Kyle are good for each other and well suited.
I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
I give Salad on the Side three and a half stars. (because Goodreads doesn't recognize partial stars, I'll bump it up to four)
Sep 02, 2011 Tina rated it it was ok
2.5** A newly turned werewolf who is a vegan! Love the concept.

Being an avid MM romance reader, loving a wicked sense of humor and a vegan too I couldn't wait to try this book.

To say it is wordy would be an understatement. Not sure if that is the authors or MRL editors fault. This is the first book I have read by Karenna and I'll be sure to give her next book a chance. The concept was to unique not too.
Oct 13, 2012 Emily rated it really liked it
I enjoyed this book. It was an interesting take on werewolves. A vegan werewolf? Doesn't sound like it'd work, but Karenna makes it work. I love Kyle. He's a tad ditzy, spastic, and funny as hell. I liked the mystery part of the book, but I'm still a bit confused about it. Anyways, I can't wait to read the other books in the series to get more answers and learn more about Kyle and Tobias.
Aug 06, 2016 Suze rated it really liked it
I did enjoy this - not so much shifter, more about how packs worked and interacted, so do-able for me.
I liked that Kyle wasn't a swoony 'now I've found my mate I must roll over' type - I enjoyed his trying to remain a vegan and being true to himself.
It was amusing and harsh (Kyle and Art), a good long read that pulled me in.
Jan 07, 2012 Kylia rated it really liked it
Shelves: series, m-m-shifter
This book is a little different in that it's about a vegan who get's accidentally (sort of) turned into a werewolf and still insist an remaining vegan. It's not heavy on the angst, which I like, and implies that there might be more going on beneath the surface between the two main characters (given Kyle's ability to resist Tobias' Alpha compulsion).
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Karenna Colcroft is a mother, wife, and former teacher who began writing romance and erotic romance in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since. She is multi-published in the romance genre and also is published in other genres under a different name. In her spare time... Oh, wait. Karenna has no spare time! She lives in the northeastern United States with her two daughters, her real-life romance hero husband ...more
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