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3.16 of 5 stars 3.16  ·  rating details  ·  223 ratings  ·  52 reviews
The first time I meet an angel, it is Raphael and I am eighteen.

Miriam is an unassuming college freshman stuck on campus after her spring break plans fall through. She's not a religious girl--when pressed she admits reluctantly to believing in a higher power. Truth be told, she's about as comfortable speaking about her faith as she is about her love life, which is to say,
Paperback, 272 pages
Published February 14th 2012 by Ember (first published January 1st 2011)
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This book felt like when you rev up a car before taking off, only the car never takes off. You know what I mean?

And I truly feel like I might be missing something because the reviews on Amazon are so positive that I expected to be really engaged. I've found angels and nephilim to be fascinating since I was a child and, from the summary, I guess my expectations were different than what the story ended up being.

Miriam basically drops out of college when she fails to save a fellow student from har
The first thing I read when I have a book I know nothing about is the back cover. Well I read the back summary for this one and saw questions. Usually by the time I finish reading a book, I know the answer to those questions. Not in this one. I still have those same questions.

Miriam is approached by Raphael and is given a mission to save two people. Well she kinda sucks at it. Suddenly she begins to have bowel movements frequently and is getting pretty sick. By the end of the book I have no ide
Gecky Boz
Actionless Angel

* I read this ARC via Star Book Tours.

This book gets a meh 2 gnomes out of 5 gnomes because it was not even half as exciting as the description made it sound, I actually fell asleep while reading this book on two separate occasions. In this book you find out way too much about the main character's gastrointestinal problems. I don't know about anybody else but when the word diarrhea is mentioned more then once in a book it doesn't really encourage me to read more.

The premise of t
Dark Faerie Tales
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

Quick & Dirty: This was an interesting YA contemporary read with a heavy religious presence. The pacing was pretty slow, but it had a good message.

Opening Sentence: The first time I meet an angel, it is Raphael and I am eighteen.

The Review:

Miriam is 18 and has just recently started her freshman year of college when she sees an angel for the first time. She is sent on a mission to help save one of her fellow students, but not everything goes the way she p
Miriam, a college freshman, is given a task by the terrifying archangel Raphael. Thanks to her background-her father is a rabbi and her mother a former nun-she is able to translate the assignment given to her in Hebrew. Unfortunatly she garbles the task. Even worse, she doscovers that her twin brother, Moses (known as Mo) has received a task from the opposite end of the good-evil spectrum, and he passed with flying colors.

That begins this book, where religion and familial love battle in an ordin
Tammar Stein
Mar 14, 2013 Tammar Stein rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)  ·  review of another edition
My third novel, Kindred, came about in a very unusual way. I was driving in the car and listening to the radio when the Black Crows song, Addiction, came on. I'd heard this song before, of course, but for some reason on that day, the lyrics stayed and haunted me long after the song ended. Says she talks to angels, says they call her out by her name.

For two days, that line played on endless repeat in my head until finally, to make it stop, I wrote a short story about a young woman named Miriam wh
When our library was moving locations, this was one of the donation books that I rescued for my own home library. I finally sat down tonight and read though it, and I found it rather interesting. It was different, for me, to see a YA novel that grapples with so many different angles of religion, though at times it felt a bit flat. Not bad, just...slow, I suppose. It built up the action right away, and then everything dropped off. I expected there to be more curve balls, more happening with the a ...more
I'm surprised at the middling to bad reviews of this, and I'm guessing it's because it's not fantasy enough to be real fantasy. Stein is a lovely writer and I found myself pulled through the story. I guess now that I think about it, there were some loose ends and things that didn't quite make sense. But Oh, well, I enjoyed this read quite a bit.
Serena Chase
KINDRED, by Tammar Stein is an extremely engrossing read. Even when the story seems to be moving slowly, there is an almost palpable tension urging you onward. It is a hard book to put down.

About the book:
Nineteen-year-old Miriam was raised Jewish (well, mostly Jewish) by divorced parents (a rabbi and an x-Catholic nun)-- She is nearing the end of her freshman year of college when she receives a disturbing visit from the archangel Raphael; questioning her own sanity, she botches the mission give
This book wasn't what I expected but I think that was mostly due to the summary. I felt the book was more about Miriam's individual journey than the summary shows. At first it was a little difficult for me to discover what was going on but I soon got into the flow of the story. Miriam is visited by an angel, Raphael, and she finds out that she is supposed to help others. The first task is difficult because she is unsure of what to do or how to save the girl. She wants to help but Raphael didn't ...more
For more reviews and bookish fun, check out Tantalizing Illusions.

Kindred was an okay read. I expected much more and there was so much potential. I just didn't feel like I read anything special.

After an encounter of the angelic kind, Miriam is appointed a mission. When she doesn't exactly succeed 100% in her mission, Miriam begins to weaken and gets sick. She moves from college to a small town in Tennessee and gets a job at the local newspaper.

I thought Miriam was okay. She was a really nice gi
I was so excited to read this because I thought the concept was quite unique and the story sounded really interesting. Also, I heard Tammar Stein speak at a conference and she was very engaging, which I assumed would translate into her writing.

The book started out strong, with the introduction of the main character, a fairly dull college freshman named Miriam, and her first encounter with the archangel Raphael. The description of the angel's visit is vivid and terrifying, as is what follows. Mi
Honestly, I have to say that my biggest issue with this book is that not enough happened. There wasn't enough action - neither physically nor emotionally.

The story concept is fantastic. I love books about angels so I thought that this one would be extra special. Our main character is young girl named Miriam who has a visit from an angel, along with a mission to save someone. At the same time, her twin brother, Moses, has a visit from Satan, with a mission to hurt someone (although, of course, M

Going into Kindred I had no idea what to expect. The summary was rather vague and I had read only a few reviews. The novel started off a bit slow and jumped around a lot, but I ended up liking this original and intense new release by Tammar Stein.

To start off, Kindred was a very religion centered novel. There were many references to Christianity, Judaism, the Bible, God, the Devil, and more. I'm not religious at all so I didn't always understand what was going on. I wouldn't say I was extremely
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Amy Lignor
Miriam is a girl who has always been uncomfortable with talking about religion. She has always assumed that there probably is a God, but He’s far away and certainly not paying any attention. Miriam’s twin brother, Moses, is her best friend. As twins go - they are very close, but Miriam has always been somewhat of the golden girl in their parents’ eyes, whereas Moses was always a bit like a problem child - always screeching when things didn’t go his way.

But this time the screeching is about to co
Jenna H.
Kindred is an interesting take on the "angel" novel. Instead of a girl being caught in between two angels (doubling as love interests), Miriam believes that she has been visited by the angel Gabriel. She embarks upon a quest to save those that she believes Gabriel has marked for her. But throughout the novel, it is made clear that Miriam has experienced her own crisis of faith. At the start of the novel, it is made clear that though Miriam may believe in something, she is not very religious. As ...more
Reading Teen

My Review:
Let me start by saying... I liked this book O.K.. Kindred was a fast enough pace read that you will not get bored, and a slow enough read, that you become one with the characters.

Miriam is visited by an archangel Raphael and is given several missions she must do. She totally bombs on the first one and is forced to move on to the next missions. She moves away from school and gets a job soon after her first mission. After Miriam moves away she meets Emmett. Not too long after, Emmett wo
Miriam is a college freshman left behind during spring break. While in her room one night, studying, Miriam comes in contact with a light so bright and powerful that is makes her physically ill. This light tells her, in ancient Hebrew no less, that it is her task to save Tabitha. Problem is, she has no clue who Tabitha is. After finding this mystery girl and taking on the task (and failing in her own eyes), Miriam is left tortured. She is losing weight and becoming ill and let‘s face it, after y ...more
Hrmmmm, I wouldn't really call this an angel book in the sense that a love interest is an angel being kind of thing or angels are like involved, in the cool/romantic/action-y kind of sense. It's more like a religious angel book thing so if you're not religious because this book references to Christianity and Judaism, by the way, and you don't really reading about those things, you might not like this. The main character's not much of a religious person though so you won't get any preachy stuff b ...more
This story occupies a weird niche, in that it's not quite young adult but not adult, either. Miriam is 18, then 19, during the events, and her boyfriend is about 25, so they're out of the standard YA age group. In addition, the cover photographs, blurb, and one-word title might lead a person to expect a paranormal romance. Instead, this is a contemporary novel set around a mystical experience, with a thoughtful, exploring tone.

I couldn't guess where this was going in the middle. Nothing much of
Why I read this: Looked like an interesting read and I've yet to really fall in love with a book involving angels.

Plot: A good versus evil plot that finally has our lead falling for someone of her own species. I have to say the beginning of the book made me realize this wasn't going to be your average paranormal book (finally!). When Miriam receives a visit from the angel the first time, it's painful and the holy power of God literally makes her pee her pants. No joke. Finally, someone who has c
I ran into this book by accident while looking for another by the same name. being curious and since it was short I read it anyway. it seemed to have an interesting premise but I can't say I was at all satisfied. I had the sense the author wasn't always sure where she wanted to go with it and then left us with an abbreviated summation of what she might have intended. it felt like a short story without any depth. I think I liked the cover art best.
Lenore Appelhans
KINDRED is a deep and unflinching exploration of faith, freedom of choice and sibling relationships. Miriam is a believably complex protagonist at the cusp of adulthood wrestling not only with angelic visitation and the cosmic battle between good and evil but also a scary health condition and a would be mass murderer.

I was riveted by the personal, spiritual journey Miriam goes through – the lives she touches and those that touch hers. I loved how the “paranormal” aspects of this are grounded in
Quite frankly, Kindred did not work for me. Miriam is a typical college student until she is visited by the archangel Raphael who sets her on a mission. I enjoyed Miriam when she discussed the influence of her former Catholic nun mother and Jewish father on her faith. There was just so many elements to the book: divorced parents,angels and demons, her relationship with her twin brother, Crohn's disease,a tattoo artist, organic farming, a school shooter and newspaper work. When I finished the nov ...more
Misery London
Notice* This novel is really focused on religion ; if your not into that or can't handle it dont read it.
Definitely the most disappointing novel that's angel related.
All the characters are so bland excluding Mo.
I only finished the book in hopes that the story will pick up.
Unfortunetly it did not , I hate the way Miriam talks she's very whinny and annoying.
Tammar Stein didn't create any suspense ,their way no character development .
Its a shame this story actually had potential, I would re write
Book is ok, took me a few chapters to get into it. I hope there is a second book or else this ending sucks....
Girl gets to talk to angels who pretty much tell her to help people when she fails she gets some colon seasickness that is a punishment for her failures. There is a lot of religious stuff in here and also we don't really get to know Mo. just that he's bad or he talked to the devil.
She falls in love with a tattoo artist which is somewhat ok I guess... well like I said hope there is a bett
Well I am one to speak my mind, and i just didnt particulary like this book. I just got a little bored. This is nothing against anyone but it just wasnt my kind of book. The beginning started with some action, but then futher on it just got to be boring... at least to me. I believe the idea was great but there was a lot of information that could have been cut out and some action or love story that could have been put in. This will not stop me from trying other books by Tammar!
The description and the cover are inviting enough to pick up Kindred. The reader may get excited after 2 chapters but quickly this feeling gets replaced by disappointed with the plot: twins, a sister and a brother, are on a “religious” mission to save some unknown people. I abandoned the book when Miriam meets a tattooists and it looks like they may be attracted to each other. I would still recommend this book for those who enjoying reading about angels, demons and supernatural forces.
This might have been better as a novella, since the author explores some interesting questions but doesn't really take them far enough or provide a satisfactory conclusion for them to make the novel seem worthwhile. The whole notion of angelic visitation being connected to physical consequences - and the sort of bold decision to put in so much stuff about bowel function side-by-side with religious doubt and philosophical musings - could have been put to much more effective use.
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Tammar Stein is the award-winning author of the YA novel, Light Years, a Virginia Reader's Choice book and an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, 2006. Her second novel, High Dive, was nominated for an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, 2009. Kindred, her third novel and the first in a series, was nominated for Teen Choice Best Book Award and received a starred review on Publishers Weekly. Spoils, a comp ...more
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