To Walk the Night (Kat Redding, #1)
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To Walk the Night (Kat Redding #1)

3.32 of 5 stars 3.32  ·  rating details  ·  675 ratings  ·  106 reviews
Even a vampire has to face her inner demons…

Kat Redding is the very thing she hunts: a vampire, thirsting for blood, capable of killing any creature unlucky enough to get in her path. The difference is, Kat kills her own kind in order to protect human Purebloods. She’s good at what she does. Good enough to earn the nickname Lady Death—and the enmity of every bloodthirsty b...more
Paperback, 1st Edition, 352 pages
Published January 3rd 2012 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
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Dark Faerie Tales
Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: A true urban fantasy with a unique world and a kick ass heroine.

Opening Sentence: Blood dripped from the edge of my blade, falling soundlessly in the deathly quiet room.

The Review:

E.S. Moore has created a new world where monsters exist. His vampires and werewolves are the stuff of nightmares and the night is to be feared. To Walk the Night is the first installment of the Kat Redding series, a new gritty, urban fantasy.

Kat Redding is also kno...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
*Rating* 3.0
*Genre* Urban Fantasy


"A droplet of blood slid down the blade of my sword, then hung from the tip. It quivered there elongated, and then dropped with a faint plink."

Eric S. Moore's "To Walk The Night" is the first novel in the Kat Redding series. Kat is nicknamed Lady Death by the vampire houses that fear her ability to kill without any remorse or hesitation.

Kat lives in a world filled with vampires and werewolves who walk the night, while Pure-breeds, (Humans) tread softly in...more
"To Walk the Night" is a non-stop action packed read. Unfortunately, it was light on relationship building and devoid of humor.

Kat Redding is a vampire. While taking out a major vampire count and his cove, she and her brother were attacked. She was turned into a vampire and her brother was turned into a montstrous vampire/werewolf hybrid. Although she managed to excaped with Ethan, one of the human hostages, her entire family was wiped out in retribution. Ethan now lives with her serving as her...more
3 1/2
Gritty: yes
Dark: yes
Ambiguous (as in no black and white choices): yes
Kick-ass heroine: yep

This UF had all the landmarks of my preferred stories. And I can't deny it delivers.

My somewhat lower mark is linked to some confusion and heroine character development that is not always coherent.

There's some world-building, easily integrated into the story as Kat's background. But some things weren't clear. Vamps and weres have tainted blood (and this is repeated over and over), but what exactly th...more
Coucher de soleil
I did not like this one. Which is a shame, really, because there were some fun ideas in the book and the initial world building was pretty well done. The origins of the main character, as well as the origins of her abilities, are dealt with in a decent way and show that this story had potential.

Bad points:
(i) This book cried out for a good editor. There were numerous grammatical mistakes, some spelling mistakes, as well as numerous instances where the wrong word was used in a sentence.

(ii) The w...more
My English Review

Mon avis en français

I was immediately intrigued by this book when I first saw it on a blog. I have to say I'm not used to read Urban Fantasy stories featuring a heroine and written by a man. I therefore was very curious to see if it would make any difference with the other books I had the pleasure to read. And it’s true, there are some dissimilar points. I know it's the first book of a new series and it really establishes the whole universe and the characters, but I think this n...more
Jess the Romanceaholic
As sexist as I am when it comes to authors (yes, I admit, I'm prejudiced against male authors. Bad Jess.), I was very pleasantly surprised by this one.

Absolutely no romance (booooo lol), but the action was great, and I loved the politics and betrayals and even the interesting dynamic Kat has with Ethan (though I'm annoyed that a certain plot point there was TOTALLY just brushed to the side).

It had a very "Underworld" type vibe, which hey, I loved Underworld so there ya go.

The snippet at the end...more
I was hesitant to start this series because from my experience, a male writing from a woman's POV is a tricky thing to do. I attempted to read another popular series that's in the same fashion as this one and it was a train wreck. I fully expected that heroine to scratch her balls and hock a loog, she was that manly. Kat Redding, while tough, isn't manly in the sense that the author used an interchangeable character, where she is a she on paper but could easily be switched out for a dude. Kat wa...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
This book more than lives up to it’s kick butt cover art in terms of menace; fans of a darker, grittier brand of urban fantasy will love E. S. Moore’s TO WALK THE NIGHT. Kat Redding stalks through the underbelly of a changed but recognizable version of our world, striking fear in the hearts of the predators that prey upon ordinary humans. It was almost impossible not to imagine Kate Beckinsale’s leather-clad form as Kat, but unfortunately, no scruffy and handsome leading man appeared to fight by...more
Text Addict
Page 44: The main character is being stalked by somebody after leaving a bar, and I just. don't. care.

I could take the infodumping (I've seen worse). I don't mind werewolves and vampires, at least in theory (I've read some good books featuring them). I could live with the garden-variety urban-fantasy writing (I've seen much worse). Vigilante anti-vampire vampire with her very own techno-Igor? Okay, sure, let's see how it goes.

It's the world-building. I'm kind of a world-building connoisseur, I...more
Novela tirando a mediocre sobre la eterna lucha entre vampiros y hombres lobo donde la prota es una vampira tipo Blade, a la que apodan Lady Death, que se dedica a cargarse "nidos" de vampiros (usease compis) a diestro y siniestro. "Contratada" de aquellas maneras, (digamos que se hacen un favor mutuo XD) por una secta llamada The Luna Cult (no haré comentarios) tendrá que hacer frente a un "nido" de vampiros controlado por un tal Conde Tremaine (aqui los titulos de nobleza son como las pegatina...more
To Walk the Night is the dark, gory first installment in E.S. Moore's Kat Redding series. I did find myself somewhat bored for a little bit, as there is so much world building in the beginning. I call this my first book blues. Most Urban Fantasy series that I love suffer this, but I appreciate all the fascinating world building... Really pays off in the books to come. I'll definitely be reading Kat Redding #2.

The plot really hits off about halfway through, and then the story really flowed. This...more
I gave this book two stars because I liked the beginning and the very last fight of the book. Unfortunately, the middle 4/5ths ruined it for me. I think the author and by extension the character needs to pick up a dictionary and look up the word 'choice'. I do not think it means what she thinks it means. If I have to read the sentence 'But I have no choice', I will have no choice but to roll my eyes and cringe. I think it's used at least 20 times in this book. Every time the character has any st...more
To Walk the Night is the first book in the Kat Redding series by E.S. Moore. A few decades ago there was an Uprising; vampires and werewolves let themselves be known and changed the world. It is not safe to go out after dark. Vampires and werewolves hunt and in the world E.S. Moore has created, they aren't cute and cuddly, they are monsters that prey on those that are weak and pure of blood.

Vampires form Houses by enslaving both Pureblood humans to feed on and werewolves to fight for them and d...more
A leather clad vampire named Lady Death who slays werewolves and other vampires.
Wasn't there a series of movies about this?

Now I expected there to be a passing resemblance based off the blurb about the book. Yet what I didn't expect were the sheer amount of issues that would leave me wanting to throw this novel across the room. Yes, there were parts to the novel that were enjoyable, but for the most part I couldn't get over the glaring issues with the story.

It all started with a pure silver ka...more
The following review is from

I was really surprised to see that To Walk the Night doesn’t have even four stars on GoodReads or Amazon. It proves to me I can’t always go by ratings. As far as I’m concerned, this was a five star book. It’s skillfully written, exciting, and fast-paced.

Kat is a great character with lots of interesting facets. She’s worried about what killing is doing to her as a person. She fears what she will become. Yet, she continues to pro...more
This is the first novel in the series of Kat Redding, a vampire bent on revenge on her own kind to protect humans. With the help of a human (Ethan) that helps keep her supplied in silver weapons, plus other things (guns, motorcycles, home security) she takes on the courts of other Vampires, who control Purebloods (humans) and Werewolves in a modern-day society.

In this first installment, Kat is approached by a conclave of werewolf devotees (the Luna Clan), led by a sorcerer of unknown ability/pow...more
Paranormal Haven
Kat Redding is a vampire who hunts vampires and werewolves. Those she kills call her Lady Death. When a member from the werewolf cult asks for help in destroying a vampire house, Kat agrees. The only other option is that the vampire house takes over the cult, and grows stronger.

This is a very dark story. Vampires and werewolves came out years ago, and took over the night. They are not sexy vampires who go around seducing women. They only seduce and kill in horrendous ways. The story takes place...more
All her weapons are made of silver, which kills vampires and werewolves alike. She can walk into a vampire’s house and slaughter everyone who is there. Her name is Lady Death; well, that’s what her enemies call her. Just her name can make the fiercest vampire cringe in fear for their life.

Since the uprising, Pureblood police didn’t meddle in vampire or paranormal affairs. They have left the supernaturals to take care of their own. Kat Redding is a vampire herself; she kills other vampires to pro...more
Lucy Dosch
Kat Redding is a vampire that hunts vampires. This is the time after the Uprising, when vampires and werewolves made their presence known and declared themselves rulers of the night and the humans (Purebloods) began to hide in their homes after dark. Kat has made it her mission to destroy the Vampire Houses who prey on those foolish or desperate enough to be out after dark.

Now the Luna Cult, worshipers of werewolves, want Kat’s help to destroy the power hungry House Tremaine and free their lead...more
To Walk the Night by E.S. Moore
Urban Fantasy - Jan. 3rd, 2012
4 ½ stars

This amazing new Urban Fantasy will feel somewhat familiar but will dazzles fans of the genre as a vampire named Lady Death seeks vengeance on vampires.

Kat Redding was turned into a vampire against her will. She killed the vampires responsible for her brother’s death and now seeks to prevent other vampire from causing further harm. A vampire killing machine, Kat is determined to protect all humans and leave none alive who mig...more
Fangs for the Fantasy
Kat Redding is known as Lady Death to the vampires. Armed with silver, illegal since the Uprising when vampires and werewolves drove humans into virtual hiding at night, she preys on the predators, saving the lives of the Purebloods, the untainted humanity, as much as she can.

But Kat is one of the tainted herself, a vampire desperately struggling to control her own hunger and anger. A drive that she cannot restrain and still has her leaving bodies in her wake; even as she tries to prey on the hu...more
Kat Redding, aka Lady Death, is taking down the Vampire houses one by one. Freeing the Purebloods that are strong enough to live and exacting her vengeance on the very things that transformed her into one of them. With her trusted housemate, Ethan, Kat is decked out in all the high powered weaponry that she needs to follow thru with her mission. Her bond with Ethan runs deep. They were captives together under a vampire who transformed her and her brother, Thomas. Ethan was able to escape with hi...more
Kat Redding, Lady Death, to some is haunted by what she is and very angry about it. She was not happy that a vampire turned her and killed all her family at the same time. She takes this out on the Vampire houses that prey on Pureblood humans and enslave werewolves. She goes into their houses and kills all who are there and most in this world do not know who or what she really is. She has kept her location and identity as safe as she can, but when a werewolf cult finds her and asks for her help...more
A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
Kat Redding is a vampire and werewolf hunter. She and her brother Thomas hunted down rogues, killed them and lived to do it again. Until one night, they were captured. Thomas’s fate was terrible and Kat was turned into one of the things she hated most, a vampire. After a time, she managed to break free killing everyone in the Valentino Vampire House, but saving one man, a Pureblood named Ethan, one of the humans the vampires fed on. Grateful beyond words, he stayed with her, helping her in any w...more
Review originally posted on my blog: A Book Obsession..

Most vampires live for the hunt and see humans as nothing more than prey, but not Kat. She loathes what she has become and protects the purebloods from the creatures that would harm them. She fights her very nature tooth and nail, and has become quite good at killing her own kind. She's known as Lady Death and is on every vamp's most wanted list. She's always worked alone, but that must change for she's about to go up against a Count who is...more
Monica Williams
I actually wanted to start this series much sooner than I did, but I mistakenly bought book 2 so I had to wait to get my hands on book 1. I am so glad I waited. This series is great! I have had a soft spot for tough heroines in supernatural fiction since I discovered Laurell K. Hamliton's Anita Blake series when I was in HS. Like Hamilton's world this an alternate version of our own reality in which vampires and werewolves walk among humans. Humans are only safe in the daylight and at night the...more
I can see the future and it says that this new series will be a hit!

OK, I really can’t see the future, but I sure do have high hopes for this great new series! Pulse pounding and new, To Walk the Night is action packed! I will say though the foundation work was a bit slow, but once that was built and the action started - POW - what a kicker. Now Mr. Moore can hit the ground running, propelling us into a unique universe where the outlook might be dismal, but there is still hope for the future.

Under the shadow of night, there is a hunter that vampires and werewolves fear the most. Known only as “Lady Death,” she kills everyone that resides in the most prestigious of vampire houses and no one knows her true identity. For Kat Redding, she has earned the deadly title the hard way by facing the demons that have made her one of their own, a vampire. She has been brought a new challenge by the Luna cult, a group of werewolves that enlists her services in helping prevent the vampire House of...more
I discovered this on Kobo one day and thought it sounded interesting. It was cheaper than alot of the other books so I thought I would give it a shot.
The world has gone to hell. Vampires have taken over sort of they control the night. Humans or purebloods are still around but unless they have a death wish stay to the daytime leaving the night to vamp's and were's.
It's not a long read I read it in just under a day but it was good. The main character Kat Redding was made a vampire against her will...more
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Author of the Kat Redding urban fantasy series and the YA horror e-novel, LITTLE DAVID LOST. When he's not writing or reading, he can usually be found feeding his online gaming addiction or listening to loud, obnoxious music.
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