Crossed, Vol. 2: Family Values
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Crossed, Vol. 2: Family Values (Crossed #2)

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A global outbreak has turned the populace to homicidal maniacs… but some people were just born evil.  The surviving members of the Pratt family are about to confront the evil within themselves.

In one terrifying moment, civilization crumbled.  An outbreak of insanity swept across the planet, turning millions of people into the homicidal maniacs k...more
Paperback, 176 pages
Published October 4th 2011 by Avatar Press (first published September 16th 2011)
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Duck and cover’s time again for Baby Rage to launch an anger bomb at another literary louse...

What a massive failure this was.

A wise person (aka David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap), once said, “There’s a fine line between stupid and, uh….clever.” Well this book crossed over that line, kept moving passed worthless, and ended up pitching tent in the middle of SUCKville. This book’s only redeeming quality is that it reiterated to me how wonderful a writer Garth Ennis is, as his presence...more
Crossed is amazing!!!!

Volume One I in what Garth Ennis wrote.

Crossed is not your normal gorefest of a comic. Yes, it is popular for showing panels that sicken and horrify readers, but what writer Garth Ennis managed to capture with his words in Volume One was the depravity and viciousness of the Crossed. We not only feared them, but we feared what they represented.

Volume Two...not so much.

I loved what David Lapham was going for with his words - the idea that some humans are just born e...more
I'm not sure I understand the vitriol directed at this sequel to Garth Ennis' original Crossed, not when it's essentially more of the same. Sure Family Values ups the ante by making the major characters part of a large family so when those infected with the Crossed virus(?) inevitably find them, rape, murder, mutilation and incest follow. Actually, the incest was already there as revealed in the opening few pages of the first issue ...

As abhorrent and sickening as incest (and rape, mutilation an...more
Gross. Very.
I had trouble with the rating, because it really creeped me out in the worst way and I kinda hate it, but then again, that's what it's meant to do. And it is a page-turner.
My own personal rating would be two stars, but considering the intentions of the story, genre and everything, it does deserve more than that.
I almost gave four stars - maybe it would deserve them. I think my judgment might be clouded here.
Seriously though, I will definately never read it again and hopefully forget...more
Elh R'
Ok, first of all, I don't know what to think about this vol., it have some good ideas, like the first story arc, for example, with the patriach christian father that rape his daughters (even without he being crossed).

The second story arc, is not that good and is only violence, gore-porn, and snuff graphics without a message. Yes, the art is amazing, some scenes very shocking, but, it lacks something ... it lacks deepness, something to say.

If you liked the first vol. of Crossed (written by Gart...more
Chris Puzak
Crossed is like Walking Dead on steroids. I liked Garth Ennis's volume more, although this definitely took things up a notch in the depravity department.
Can hardly believe I found a copy of this at the local public library--this is some seriously sick stuff...
Too gory. Gore overtook plot details. Also a bit too much incest for my liking.
I loved the first volume, and was excited that the second volume had come out. But as I got into this one, I just wasn't enjoying it as much. Then I realized that it was because Garth Ennis hadn't written it. This was ok, but just didn't have the same excitement as the first volume. The focus is on a Mormon family and how they react to the Crossed, but at times it seemed to be making fun of the Mormon church. And I really feel like there was no solid resolution of the plot by the end of the book...more
I have to say, if you're not down with watching graphic depictions of all sorts of atrocities, don't read this book. Seriously, go find anything else. This particular volume depicts rape, incest, child deaths, and too many other things to mention. It's not the most absolutely graphic stuff you'll find in this vein, but it's fairly disturbing. Since so many of these volumes can be read as stand-alone reads, it's reasonable to expect that this might be someone's first foray into this series.

That s...more
Sick, twisted & raw. Anyone who can't handle extreme images of violence and depravity should give this a wide berth. But then again you probably never made it through volume 1. The story here deals with a family and how they deal with the sickest parts of the world, before & after the Crossed.

I won't lie; there are images here you will never, ever, be able to unsee. However, the story is intriguing, if not a little repetitive. (Anyone thinking that a story like this won't have the famil...more
Conal Cochran
I'm a pretty big fan of the franchise in general, and I'm delighted that this sack of crap didn't kill it off. It's all of the series' worst impulses (gratuitous shock piled atop itself until it becomes schlock, mealy-mouthed platitudes about Who The Real Monsters Are and Is Life Worth It If You Have Nothing To Live For) rolled into one. The whole incest thing gets tiresome extremely quickly, and while there's one good, stomach-churning gag involving a reverse return to the womb (even this, thou...more
Jun 28, 2014 Timo rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: comics
Crossed as idea is brilliant.
But this edition had some pretty fucked up things as expected and some great scenery art, but overall, this one just didn't work.
This is definitely in the "I can't get back the last 2hrs of life" comics.

Just relentless incest and horror without any of black humour and satirical comment Ennis made - the crossed are no more extreme than in the first volume, but they are just mindless evil rather exagerations of the worst of human of nature. No development of the back story, vulnerabilities or eveolution of the crossed either.

No problems with artwork, but nothing standout either.
The only reason I'm reading the second one of this series is because Garth Ennis wrote the first one. It is freakishly disturbing what these creatures are capable of doing, and somehow they scare me WAY more than the thought of zombies ever could. I don't recommend it to anyone with a weak stomach, or really... anybody at all. The only real literary merit this book has is that it's kind of a neat survival story. Other than that, it's just messed up.
Michelle M
Not quite zombies, something passed in bodily fluids causes people to become utterly depraved, ala Reavers from Firefly. Garth Ennis is a masterful storyteller, but he goes places it's hard for me to go. I read his stuff sparingly, with long stretches of mental palate cleansers in between. (He's not listed as an author on this volume, but he wrote vols 1 and 3, and it's his world so it counts.)
What a disappointment. Coming off the first installment of this series, I was excited to read the next. But where the first had a purpose to the disturbing madness that moved the book along, the second seemed in it for simple shock value. Shallow characters, a mundane plot, and poor dialogue. Read the first one twice and skip this.
Meezan Ali Mir
I don't know why I keep coming to this . . . . .. this . .. . . . this madness. The first book traumatized me for days. I come back to this thinking that the shock will be over now and its probably not going to be as disturbing as the first one. Well .. . . I was wrong. I probably will be needing therapy after I finish the 3rd one.
I can honestly say that this is one of the most fucked up graphic novels I've ever read. I thought that the first trade of Crossed was dark, but Family Values made me feel like I should take a long, hot shower after reading it. You should probably avoid this comic if you're triggered by depictions of rape, incest, or excessive violence.
I went ahead and got vols 2 & 3. These are just too much for me. Incest, patricide, rape, child murder.....just too over the top. I could probably handle the horror if there was an evolving story arc, but each volume is the complete tale of a new band of survivors, so it seems totally gratuitous.
Alex Sarll
Essentially 'Zombies vs Fritzls'. Fundamentally unnecessary, and not as clever as it thinks, but interesting to read something which even Garth Ennis - creator of Crossed and not a writer generally considered soppy - considers 'a bit much'.
Dean Venture
Flows a lot better than the first and is much sicker. Didn't think it could be but it was. Twisted as hell
awful, just awful. where ennis' gore and depravity usually serves a purpose and is balanced out by character development this garbage felt like pure schlock. Wondering if I should even bother reading volume 3 now
Though not written by Garth Ennis the original writer of Crossed, this one's well written.

In fact on pure shock value I will give it a higher rating than the earlier Crossed.

Just as harrowing and disturbing as the first volume, but I think they were doing that just to be doing it, which dilutes the quality of the story.
Disappointing, shallow storytelling from a writer who proved he has much stronger chops in STRAY BULLETS.
Renee Nicole
This is the sickest, most vile, disturbing thing I've ever read.

And I loved it.
Kristina Kauffman
I liked the first one better. This was more graphic. I will keep reading them, although.
Okay I thought volume 1 was grim but this is a step too far. Just gross.
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