Mozarto muzikos poveikis
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Mozarto muzikos poveikis

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With a subtitle of Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit, the casual reader might jokingly ask if the book could also improve chances for world peace, bring free and open elections to third world countries, and give your wash whiter whites and brighter brights. Don Campbell's premise is, however, reasonably straigh...more
Paperback, 336 pages
Published 2005 by Vilties oazė (first published October 1st 1997)
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This is a hilarious piece of 1990s culture that is a relic of the hysteria over classical music as an IQ-boosting, tumor-shrinking, purifying cure-all (more recent studies suggest that there's nothing special about classical music - any music that puts you in a good mood will boost your IQ, because being in a good mood increases your IQ). The book relies almost solely on anecdotal data, and the scientific studies that are cited are vague. I read this book for my research on the relationship betw...more
I gave this a bonus star for sheer entertainment value.

In the eighth grade, I did a science fair project on the effects of music, and read this book. Although many good points are brought up about the benefits of music, the fluffiness and lack of scientific evidence for many of his arguments rendered this book wholly unconvincing. Although the concept of the benefits of music does hold merit, I would not recommend this book if you wish to gain definite, factual information.
Feb 03, 2009 Gina is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
I'm learning how I can use sound to help me on a daily basis.
Nikki Nielsen
The phrase 'Mozart Effect' is now well known thanks to this book by Don Campbell. It refers to the idea that particular sounds, tones, and rhythms (including but not exclusively classical music) strengthen the mind, unlock creative chambers in the brain and can even help the human body heal itself. Going into this book having spent more than half my life being a piano teacher probably makes me a little biased, but I believe in the power music can have over us and I have seen first hand the 'aha'...more
Charlie Canning
A fascinating study on the effects of sound on human development

Campbell's book is a fascinating study on the effects of sound in general and music in particular on human development, intellect, psyche, creativity, and mood. His findings are based on the research of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis (1991) of France who contends that listening to Mozart promotes the development of the brain, learning, and health. According to Tomatis, the fetus is capable of hearing at the four and a half month stage and th...more
this is an excellent book concerning the interpretation of music in all its genera's which spans the notes of each individual style from prayer drums, , & tribal dances
then on to the pomp & circumstance of classical music yes the explanations can go on and on as is said in the book,, music can drum out evil spirits, sing the praises of the virgin Mary, invoke the Buddha of universal salvation, enchant leaders & nations
captivate, soothe, resurrect & transform.
the speech of angles...more
I need to get this back to the library, so it's on hold.

So far, there have been a lot of inspirational, but not necessarily scientifically verified, stories about how music has helped people. It has been slow reading. I am hoping for more practical uses in my life & home. There has been very little of that so far, but future chapter titles and headings look promising. So, I'll probably check it out again in the future and continue.

******* Later (finally checked out again and finished)

No such...more
Campbell is very subjective in his descriptions about the powers of music to aid in healing, but as a musician (and occasional hospital patient)I've been wondering how it is that those who pursue a degree in Music Therapy wish to base their livelihood on it.

At any rate, I enjoy the reminders that listening to music is very important to the psyche, and it can have quite an effect on our day to day living. I used to listen to baroque organ music in my dorm room to fall asleep despite noisy roomma...more
This was written in 1997 which is not that old, but I'd be interested in finding out what the medical profession has learned about music and healing since then. There is also a distinct absence of web sites mentioned and too many cassette tapes ARE mentioned which dates this a bit. Nevertheless, this is an enthusiastic though probably biased endorsement of the effect of music on the human brain. While it is clear (to me) that music certainly does influence behaviors and conditions, am not sure t...more
I enjoyed reading about the many therapies for many different disorders that are very "fringe" right now. If you are looking for scientific proof, this is not the book. It is mainly full of anecdotes about how some sound therapy or another helped to heal. If you are at your wits end and looking for some relief of a condition after exhausting other avenues, this might serve as a good resource. Really, only a limited portion of the book was about music.
Ruth Bonetti
This book is an ear-opener! Campbell really proves the value of listening to music, even better, of playing it. I like the way he integrates wide ranging research with clues to enhance quality of life: e.g. 'When we listen to a good singer we breathe deeper, our muscles relax, endorphins flow.'

While some medico types may look askance, I find this book wholly convincing of the power of music. It should be obligatory reading for health practitioners.
This book confirmed what I have experienced in my own life i.e. the power of music to heal and strengthen the mind. Well presented though somewhat repetitive at times. The kernel of truth here is something that the world has generally come to realize (I hope) but for those who have doubts they need to not only read this book but also practice some of the life changing recommendations found therein.
Alona Perlin
I liked it. However, I thought the book was going to focus more on the music on Mozart and its specific healing effects. Instead, it focused on how music in general has a healing effect on the body and its varying conditions and diseases. It had examples of how people were treated with music therapies for various physical, mental and emotional situations.
Rosemary Daly
I found this book very interesting. My father adored Mozart and as a result, we listened to the works of Mozart since we were very young. It was interesting to learn that his music, as well as the music of Bach, Vivaldi, etc. have such a great impact on our conscious and subconscious minds. I highly recommend reading this book.
Luis Villasenor
If you want to know what the Mozart effect is according to those that believe in it then this is a good book. However, if you read this book you must read what is written about the opposite. Very interesting read. Would not recommend it to anyone who is not willing to do the researh for both sides.
The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit is very helpful when researching about the Mozart Effect and the impact classical music has on individuals. I used this as a source for my writing arts essay, and it came in handy.
Read the first 5 chapters or so. Interesting tribute to music, but its scientific claims are not convincing. Very anecdotal. It motivated me to gather and learn lullabies. Probably nice reading for anyone who loves music, but beware of Campbell's sincere, but unproven claims and his sales pitch.
I think I'm not going to finish this book for awhile so I'm taking it off my currently reading list. It seems to be a good book, but as I've heard a lot of controversial things about it and whether its really effective, I'm going to shelf it until I can do more research and the interest returns.
I have wanted to read this ever since I heard that listening to classical music can raise SAT scores. So far, the book is good for a musician, but really is written for a non-musician. I skimmed quite a bit of the beginning but the examples and stories are fascinating.
This books is being used for the book group for my new ward in the Baltimore area. I'd heard of it before, let's see if I like it.

This book was interesting. He makes most of the points with anecdotal evidence. It was okay, just a little repetitive and not very compelling.
Music is wonderful medicine for the body and soul. This book gives accounts of how healthcare professionals use music to deal with everything from anxiety, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. It's a great, informative read

This book is great! It really teaches you about mind over matter and how music can affect a persons mind. I am inspired to listen to more classical music and less head banging music! Hahahaha
This book talked more about healing then strengthing the mind. I was looking for Alpha learning type information.
It talked about various recording you can buy and I plan on getting them through my library.
The first few chapters of this book were well worth reading, but by and large the book was not very informative. After the first chapters, it got technical and failed to hold my attention.
A great book that discusses the power of music to inspire and heal. Music plays an important roll in our health, education and well being.
I love listening to and playing Mozart, but the cynical part of me says the author has a gimmick and is trying to make a buck.
Used this book for my High School Junior year AP English project, borrowed it from by piano teacher. Fascinating!
interesting ideas about music. I especially enjoyed the chapters about healing.
this book give me inspiration to experiment my music collection for my private meditation
worth the time. /skip what doesn't apply but keep your mind open.
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