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Red Harvest
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Red Harvest (Star Wars Universe)

3.47 of 5 stars 3.47  ·  rating details  ·  2,734 ratings  ·  302 reviews
'Death Troopers' was the first time the Star Wars galaxy entered the realm of horror. Now the horror continues in a whole new adventure bringing Sith and Jedi both face to face with the undead in the dark times of the Old Republic.
Paperback, 255 pages
Published 2012 by Arrow (first published December 28th 2010)
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Crystal Starr Light
Zombies, Blood, and Gore, Oh My!

Darth Scabrous is cooking up a little potion that is supposed to be the Fountain of Youth, of sorts. He hires Whiphid bounty hunter, Tulkh, to get a Murakami orchid from the Jedi. Tulkh does this, but also picks up Jedi Knight, Hestizo "Zo" Trace. But Scabrous' mixture doesn't quite create what he wanted...sure, the poor Nicktr is immortal, but he's also a Living Dead out to kill whomever stands in his path. *Gulp*

NOTE: I received the NOVEL form via Amazon's Vine
"Listen to me," Trace told him. "I don't know who you are, but I am in possession of a very special set of skills. If you bring my sister back right now, unharmed, then I'll let you go. But if you don't, I promise you, I will track you down. I will find you. And I will make you pay."

Ugh, no thank you. I've already seen Taken, I don't want to read Taken with Lightsabers.
Emmett Spain
When your novel is based around a “people in constant and immediate peril” concept, you need to care about the characters. You don’t need to like them all, but you need to at least care. The story is predicated upon these people being under threat, and if you don’t mind whether they get filleted or not, then you’ve got nothing.

With that in mind I present to you Star Wars: Red Harvest – a book that trades interesting characters for overwritten descriptions and more gore than you can poke a large
Scott Rhee
Joe Schreiber continues his fun zombie-filled "Star Wars" series that he started in "Death Troopers" with "Red Harvest".

More of a prequel than a continuation of the events in "Death Troopers", "Red Harvest" takes place in the legendary period known as the Old Republic, thousands of years prior to the events of the "Star Wars" films.

The story is set on the wintry-cold planet of Odacer-Faustin, which is the location of a Sith Academy. Lording over the school is Darth Scabrous, a tyrannical and t
Following the success of last year's "Death Troopers," "Red Harvest" gives us another zombie/"Star Wars" mash-up.

This time instead of zombies attacking and eating the brains of storm troopers, it's the Jedi taking on zombies. And not just any Jedi, mind you but an isolated training camp of Sith apprentices. On the surface it seems to have a lot of potential for a lot of fun and mayhem within "a galaxy far, far away." But just like "Death Troopers," "Red Harvest" comes up just a bit short for a l
Good lord someone please stop this man from writing more Star Wars Novels. Lets face it kids, this book sucked for many reasons. The Sith Academy is now on some new ice ball planet. Training sith with no balls. Sometimes these acolytes seem more in tune with the light side than the dark. Whats up with acolytes or initiates who can use Force Lightning one minute and cant handle a training blade the next. Light Sabers seem to be nearly non existent in the book with maybe a maximum of half a dozen ...more
Read this and more reviews on my blog.

A Zombie-Horror Star Wars book? Now i have read everything!

Red Harvest is set in 3645BBY (before the destruction of the First Death Star). Red Harvest is meant to explain how to virus in Death Troopers came to be. Personally i found it a tad weird the premises of it, but at the same time it made complete sense. By having Darth Scabrous wanting to become immortal, much like Emperor Palpatine, i found it extremely easy to understand the Sith thinking.

There has ever been a more amazing cover than Red Harvest's. Those epic Sith eyes, creepy red tones, and general murderous intents are what drew me to this book. I have no idea who that is, but I will found out, and I will love him. That Sith is one badass. He's going to rule the entire book, make Jedi fall beneath his blade, and rule planets. He's going to-

Wait, who is that again?

After reading the book, I'm still not really sure. Why did the cover lie to me so convincingly? I knew this was a ho
Brad Wheeler
Joe Schreiber's first Star Wars novel, Death Troopers, was a breath of fresh, fetid air in the Star Wars community. Rather than trying to emulate the Star Wars movies like most of the novels, it instead emulates a George Romero film in the Star Wars universe. It was great; I loved it.

In his second novel, Schreiber goes a bit too directly back to the well. The gradual infection of an isolated group (in this case, students at a Sith academy, rather than the crew of a Star Destroyer) leads to a run
Red Harvest was a fascinating book in a lot of ways with strange aliens, a brother & sister Jedi team and a Sith master who wanted nothing more than eternal life -- but it came at a price.

Red Harvest comes after "Death Troopers" by Joe Schreiber, but it feel Red Harvest is the superior of the two.

Darth Scabrous runs the Sith Academy on some dirty planet. Apparently the Sith guys have academies to train their students just like the Jedi Academy does on Courascant. (Yes, I'm relatively new t
Sam Ang
Jun 02, 2012 Sam Ang rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Star Wars
Shelves: sci-fi, horror, star-wars
The full article of this review is available at this link:

A long long time ago, there was a ship filled with the living dead in a galaxy far far away. The captivating story of a ship full of Imperial dead shambling around was novel in the sense that the popular sci-fi franchise never tried to accommodate horror elements into it. At least never did it seriously. That was Joe Schreiber's Death Troopers (which was also another book shared in my previous artic
How bad a writer is Joe Schreiber, the scribe behind "Star Wars: The Kids Like Zombies These Days, Right?" So bad as to include his area RedBox as his muse. Notice, if you will, this little nugget as one Jedi discovers his sister is missing:

"Listen to me," Trace told him. "I don't know who you are, but I am in possession of a very special set of skills. If you bring my sister back right now, unharmed, then I'll let you go. But if you don't, I promise you, I will track you down. I will find you.
If zombies weren't popular, this book wouldn't exist. I've read pretty much every Star Wars book and this one is on par with some of the worst Star Wars ever written, such as Darksaber and the Crystal Star. It's a mediocre zombie story set in the Star Wars universe.

Death Troopers was alright, because it worked in a scientific explanation that works in the Star Wars universe. The writing of this book is just plain lazy, especially with the concept of how the zombies came to be.

If you like zombies
I'm not real sure about this book. I found the concept and the idea of zombies in the Star Wars Universe to be interesting. I'm not sure that it was developed as well as it could have. I was excited to hear about a mostly Sith book especially about their Sith Academy even though I wasn't sure how it would work. There is an unknown Jedi from the Agricultural Corps involved however. I actually got involved and liked some of the Sith acolytes. I enjoyed getting to know what they were going through ...more
This book, while not exactly a literary masterpiece is well written and enjoyable to read. Even more importantly, it is an interesting new direction for the Star Wars franchise, combining the Knights of the Old Republic era with zombie horror.

I am fairly new to the Stars Wars novels (though I have always been a rabid fan of the movies and video games) and to zombie horror as well, but I have developed an interest in both in recent years. I was skeptical about this combination at first, but afte
Feb 08, 2011 Angel rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Star Wars fans, zombie genre fans
Up front I will say that I think this was a lot better than his previous book, Death Troopers, which I also read. Having said that, it is a book I liked, but it was not a great book. Nice popcorn kind of entertainment. I don't really have much negative to say about it. I did find the zombie as result from an experiment to be interesting, and a nice touch in the Star Wars universe. As I have said before, SW franchise is pretty good about taking whatever is trendy, in this case, zombies, and adapt ...more
Schreiber continues the Star Wars Zombiesque feel with "Red Harvest". This story takes place before "Death Troopers", but it give insight on where the idea of the infection came from. What I really enjoyed about this story was where it took place. You get to see the home of the Sith training facility. Being able to see the young Sith apprentices going through their daily routine along with the young Jedi who has an unusual connection to the force was something I had not expected. This story is g ...more
Red Harvest was a much better book than I thought it was going to be. Having read Death Trooper and being a little disappointed with the direction they took with the book, this zombie Star Wars book delivers what I really wanted. No main characters that were "safe" because they were in the Star Wars movies and they had to still be in them. Pure zombie carnage seen from different people's views. Plus the sweet Star Wars universe. Yes Jedi and Sith were in full force. Schreiber did a much better j ...more
Many people have already compared Red Harvest with Schreiber's Death Troopers. The consensus is that if you are interested in zombies and Star Wars, read Death Troopers. The characters are easier to identify, the setting is easier to identify, and the adventure progresses. Those qualities are lacking in Red Harvest.

Schreiber does try to create the environment. An ice and snow planet as the setting for a zombie horror is a good, common, tactic. However, such an environment usually keeps inside, n
The jest of this book is there is Sith Lord who is searching for a way to increase his power (anyone else not surprised?), but instead of delving deeper into the force he is pursuing botany! He discovers some force sensitive flower and BAM! Suddenly the students (that he conveniently abducts from the academy he is supposed to be running) he gives his concoction to dies, but comes back to life! However, the disease running through him is force sensitive. That's about as nice of a twist as the sto ...more
Kitten Kisser
First I want to make it clear that I don't play the Star Wars games & I am not familiar with them AT ALL. Second I loved the Star Wars movies when I was a tiny tot. I didn't care for the 3 that came out a few years ago. I read one book & thought it was much better than the newer movie & it made the movie make a lot more sense. Third I love Zombies.
Star Wars junkie I am not. That said, I don't mind putting Zombies in the mix one bit! I have no idea how accurate this book is in stickin
Simon Ford
This zombie story set nearly 3,5000 years before DEATH TROOPERS.

A Sith Lord looking for immortality at any cost, a sentient flower and an academy of Sith teenage pussies, not really an ideal plot or set of characters to work with or root for.

The Tulkh character reminded me of a more chatty Predator alien than anything else and yes, the script segment taken virtually word for word from the film "TAKEN"

The Sith students ran around the place like Scooby Doo extras and ended up like victims from ev
David Roberts
I am reviewing the Star Wars novel Red Harvest by Joe Schrieber which is a very good story which I bought from kindle. Unlike a lot of the Star Wars series this book doesn't contain any of the major characters like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader etc and I think it gives the author a bit of freedom & does make a good story. It's one of the better stories in the series. The plot starts by following a trainee Sith warrior who is challenged to a sparring match by the Sith champion and puts up a g ...more
Rose Moore
A zombie-Star Wars crossover novel, Red Harvest was actually quite a pleasant surprise.

The premise is simple enough: a Sith Academy on a lonely planet, a Sith Lord running it who has an obsession with immortality, a sentient flower that is required for his experiments, the Jedi who is the flower's keeper, and the bounty hunter hired to bring the flower to the Academy all come together in a gloriously gory novel.

There are more than enough space flights, alien creatures, lightsabers and mentions
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
wasnt expecting a star wars book to rip off the movie Taken...

while on a Force "phone call"
"Listen to me, Trace told him. I don't know who you are, but I am in possession of a very special set of skills. If you bring my sister back right now, unharmed, then I'll let you go. But if you don't, I promise you, I will track you down. I will find you. And I will make you pay."

vs the movie Taken, on a real phone call
"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I
Zombies and flowers, a very strange star wars book but it was alright.
Carrie Hickman
Ugh, this was a great idea (Sith zombies) and a cool beginning, but at the end, it all fell apart. The characterization was absolutely awful, especially with the main characters. When dealing with horror, the most important aspect is the characters. The Walking Dead is able to work because we care about the characters, we want them to live and learn, and kick more zombie butts later. Here, everyone was about as flat and 2D as a saltine. Zo was annoying and weak. A plant-psychic Jedi should've (o ...more
Star Wars meets zombies. Honestly, you could take the Star Wars out of this book and it'd work just fine, which really isn't a good sign.

I think Red Harvest was supposed to be scary... maybe? Honestly, this paints a totally different picture from everything I've ever seen from the Old Republic era. Where as the Sith we're more familiar with tend to have their violence tempered by their calculating natures, everyone in Red Harvest had no such quality to hold back their violent tendencies. Never b
-Yo, yo, dudes. Listen. What if,… euh, what if there were zombies in Star Wars?
-Dude. Wow. That shit would be so deep. You know what? You should make a book about that.

I imagine this was the conversation between Joe Schreiber and his friends while in the stoner circle. The result was the book Death Troopers, a book which got good reviews. Schreiber thought he could double his success by writing another zombie Star Wars combo. Unfortunately, the result is a disaster.

The main character, Zo, is a b
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