Wicked All Day
Liz Carlyle
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Wicked All Day (Lorimer Family & Clan Cameron #5)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  1,050 ratings  ·  81 reviews
"Miss Zoë Armstrong is beautiful, charming rich--and utterly unmarriageable. So, while she may be the 'ton's' most sparkling diamond, her choice of husbands looks more like a list of London's most unsavory fortune hunters. Since a true-love marriage seems impossible, Zoë has accepted--no, embraced--her role as society's most incomparable flirt and mischiefmaker...until in...more
421 pages
Published 2009 by Pocket Books
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Feb 20, 2010 Eastofoz rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Readers with the patience of a saint
Does this book ever suck the big one from start to finish and god knows I really tried to like it because it came well-recommended and seems to have made some best of 2009 lists. I don’t know how that could happen when everything and the kitchen sink appear to have been thrown in and the h/h are barely together throughout the novel. Maybe the reader is more forgiving if they read the other books in the series I don’t know.

Stuart and Zoë have known each other since childhood. She’s good friends w...more
I have a love/hate thang with Liz Carlyle.

LOVED her first 2 books - My False Heart and A Woman Scorned. In fact, one of the reasons I read this bk was because the Stuart and Zoe are children of the H/Hs in those books. I would recommend that you read those bks first before tackling this one.

On the other hand, later bks like The Devil You Know and Two Little Lies were wallbangers. I almost gave up LC for good after reading those. A common school of thought on LC - and one that I share - is that...more
Wicked All Day tells the story of Zoë Armstrong and Stuart Rowland, the Marquess of Mercer. Zoe is the illegitimate daughter of Elliott Armstrong, the Marquess of Rannoch and Stuart's parents are Jonet Rowland and Cole Amherst of A Woman Scorned. You can read Elliott's story in My False Heart.

Zoë Armstrong is resigned to her fate as an "unmarriagable" woman because of her illegitimacy. At 23, she has had marriage proposals, but mostly from men looking to cash in on her dowry. Caught in a compro...more
Jan 05, 2010 Theresa rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Theresa by: AAR
After reading Seton's review, I realized I picked up a book in the middle of a "sort-of" series... "sort-of" because reading the previous books isn't required, but it would appear I missed out on a lot by not having read the previous books.

Pet-Peeve # 1: Spoiled, bratty, whiny, self-pitying, occasionally TSTL heroine. OMG, I just wanted to smack Zoe around throughout this book! I didn't like her AT ALL.

Pet-Peeve # 2: Robin (hero's brother and part of the love triangle) was sort-of cool until t...more
Fena değildi,tadımlık bir kitaptı benim için.Bayan karakteri anlayamadım bir türlü,aynı şekilde hem erkek kardeşi hemde baş karakteri de:)Size iyi şanslar benden daha çok seversiniz umarım:)
I was disappointed in this book. I thought the story could have been intriguing and fun to read but sadly two of the main characters were so dumb that it make the whole thing unpleasant. I loved the hero of the story and thought his character was very well developed and full of depth. Unfortunately the heroine and the younger brother spent 99% of the book being selfish and stupid and I just couldn't make myself care about them. I would have much rather smacked them and told them to grow up! By t...more
I'll start by saying that I'm a huge LC fan I've read practicly all her books and loved most but sadly this one was not one of them .. I didn't like it at all it was boring empty and far too long for the plot not that the plot was that interesting and did I mention boring?? Lord , I was skeeping pages and pages and didn't seem to have missed Much the caracteres were depointing at best and irritating and annoying otherwise . Zoe was a big faillure to me I mean I used to like her in ther other LC...more
Seviyorum bu yazarı Yanlız Benim Ol kitabınıda sevmiştim bu kitabınıda sevdim. Zoe'yi zaten o kitaptan bayağı merak ediyordum.

Kitapta en beğendiğim şey ailelerin tutumu oldu. İki tarafın aileside mükemmeldi ya hele ki Zoe'nin üvey annesine bayıldım malum Zoe gayri meşru ama Evie kendi çocuklarından ayırmamış ve kızın hep iyiliğini düşünüyordu genelde bu şekilde olmaz işleyiş o yüzden ayrı bi güzeldi.

Romanın bütün kahramanları çok iyiydi gerçi. Kızımızın en yakın arkadaşı Robin Robinin abisi Merc...more
I loved this one to bits, even if it took me some time to warm up to the heroine. Zoe, our heroine, is wild because she's been spoiled by her father to compensate for her illegitimacy. However, she goes a step too far when she gets caught in a compromising posion with her childhood friend Robin Rowland, and they are forced to be engaged and set out on a visit to his family home. One problem - Robin is in love with someone else. Wait, that's a minor problem - the real problem is that Zoe can't he...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
A Must Read for fans of Liz Carlyle! Some of the scenes in Wicked All Day are amongst the beautifully written in romance that I have read, especially the scene between Robin and his stepfather. Still at times the story seemed to sag under Stuart's charater. Although it wasn't perfect, it is a great read.
*The story is great on it's own but will be enhanced if you have read at least My False Heart and A Women Scorned.
I don't re-read books often, but I thought I'd go for a sure thing to make long-haul air travel less tedious. And it worked. This book is about the children of characters featured in earlier stories, so they're young and perhaps more foolish. They get into a sorry mess and then get untangled in a satisfying way. Not sure why this one clicks best for me out of all the Liz Carlyle books I've read, but there you go.
J. Ostrowski
Ah, another author to add to my short list of writers who do historical romance refreshingly well. Wicked All Day contains thorough, deeply welled characters embroiled in realistic hardships. I was tempted to tears of sorrow and tears of joy. And that, for me, is the indication of refined talent.
Short review: After reading incredible good The Earl's Mistress, I rushed straight to other Liz Carlyle's book, but this one was not so good. Plot had potential, but didn't go anywhere and seemed to drag on, a bit slow. And Heroine just annoyed me. In the end it didn't look like she learned anything.
It felt like, you wonted to shake her and shout loud: "Hey, some people have real problems. Wake up
and stop your moaning!" I guess this will be hit or miss author for me.But that's life.
Perfect! Everything that a romance should be, in my opinion.
I like this book because it is a soap opera in the best of ways. Stuart, Robin, and Zoe misbehave so badly and repeatedly hurt themselves and each other with their stubborn insistence on screwing things up to no good purpose. Yet all three manage (oh so barely) to stay in the readers' good graces, so that when they sort out their incredibly messed up baggage you cheer rather than roll your eyes. This is very much a wallpaper romance, but I could not even care I liked the character drama so much.
Il y a maintenant presque deux ans, j'ai reçu à l'occasion d'un swap un roman de Liz Carlyle. Et je n'ai pas tout de suite su quoi penser. J'avais déjà lu deux romans et une novella de cette auteure, et mon opinion d'elle avait dégringolé en même temps. One Little Sin était moyen, Two Little Lies m'avait semblé plutôt mauvais ; quant à la novella qui se trouvait dans l'anthologie The School for Heiresses, je l'avais carrément détestée. Après trois ratés, je n'étais pas prête à la tenter à nouvea...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Review courtesy of Romance Junkies:
Miss Zoë Armstrong has always known that there was something different about her and she has come to terms with that. She figures if one can't be good, then one might as well enjoy being bad. After five seasons of flirting, dancing, and turning down numerous marriage proposals, Zoë is starting to grow weary of her life. And all that will soon come to an end, for Zoë's father is determined to marry her off. It is after one of her arguments with him that Zoë real...more
Aşk Sarmalı Liz Carlyle

Orjinal adı: Wicked All Day Goodreads puanı 3,79 Benim puanım 5/3

Tam iki buçuk yıl sonra Liz Carlyle sanırım yayın evi unuttu bu yazarı sonra tekrar gündemine aldı..
Çok özlemişim..İlk kitabı Yalnız Benim Ol daha çok polisiye ağırlıklı idi..İkinci kitabı Aşk Sarmalı daha duygusal bir hikaye idi...
Bazı yerlerinde sinir olduğum zamanlarda oldu..Özellikle Zoe'nun iki erkek hem de kardeş olan iki erkek arasında kalmasına sinir oldum benim anlayışıma biraz da ters geldi...Bir de...more
This is one of those few times that I wished I had listened to the reviews and that I hadn't actually spent money on this book.

I thought I would enjoy this book because so many reviews had mentioned how flawed the characters were, and that was what primarily drew me to this book because I'm so tired of reading about oh-so-perfect hero and heroines. I consider myself a reader that generally has a high tolerance for inherently flawed characters because all people are imperfect in some way. However...more
Kay Bolton
I reviewed on my blog back in May 2011, after borrowing it from the local library (see my Blog Post #123):

A very quick review on this one ..... as in a rush to get it back to library (overdue bad me!!). A 3 *** Star rating as in my opinion not quite as good as others (no George Kemble or real jeopardy either) and actual content a wee bit thin on the ground. In my humble opinion I think she missed the chance to write a real winner with the jealous mistress causing a lot more harm along the way.

Kitap çok çok çok çoooook güzeldi. Kaliteli Historical diye ben buna derim işte. Kusurlu bulduğum tek nokta Zoe'nin karar vermekte çektigi güçlük. Yadırganmaya, dışlanmaya öyle alışmış ki kendini birilerine kabul ettiriyormuş gibi görünecegini düşündüğünden karşılaştıgı teklife evet diyemiyor, içindekileri saklıyor. Bu kısımda yazar biraz daha az takılı kalsaydı iyi olurdu ama böyle de güzeldi, okudum ve çok begendim. Umarım Pegasus ısrarla bu yazarı bekletmeye devam etmez. Yoksa çok şey kaçırac...more
Merve Şen
Ben pek beğenmedim şahsen. Hele kızın yaptıkları deli etti. En yakın arkadaşıyla basılması falan. Ve de neredeyse kitabın sonuna kadar da devam etti itici olaylar. En sonunda kurtarmaya çalışmışlar ama olmamış yani . Diğer kitabı gibi sarmadı. Ama istiyorsanız deneyin; zevk meselesi sonuçta.
Though a wealthy heiress, Zoe Armstrong will never be fully socially accepted due to her bastard status, so she's decided to fly in Society's face and be as outrageous as she can get away with without her father banishing her to his estate in the wilds of Scotland. The problem is, she's caught her cousin, Lord Robin Rowland, up in her latest scandal, forcing an engagement between them that effectively ruins their lifelong friendship. Even worse, it is Robin's older brother Stuart who has always...more
This book had such potential, but most of the characters were self-destructive; there is such a thing as too much drama. None of the characters handled their respective situations (Stuart and his possibly pregnant mistress, Zoe and Robin's indiscretion and their love for other people) in a realistic or appropriate manner. I was looking forward to her story since I enjoyed Phaedra, and earlier Frederica's story, but this didn't live up to her normal quality of writing. Zoe was bold in Tempted All...more
Loved this book! I especially liked the two brothers -- Robert & Stuart -- very different in temperament and their outlook on life which was dictated in large part because of their aristocratic station and responsibilities. Both were gentlemen and honorable, and their difficulties in relationships were painful to read but rewarding to see them resolved. Liz Carlyle, at least in this book, demonstrated to me that she can write a truly engaging story with multiple characters and a plot that ha...more
Zoe Armstrong lets impulsiveness get the best of her, gets caught in a compromising position with her best friend, and finds herself shipped off to the country with both of their extended families in tow as they are forced to prepare for a marriage absolutely no one wants to happen.

At this point, I would have expected hijinks to ensue but this a more serious book so despair and angst ensue instead. I thought the story was a bit longer than it needed to be, but otherwise an interesting and satisf...more
Amanda dalon
3.5. love the hero....hate, hate, hate the heroine. she never "made up" for her behavior, and never really changed.
Mar 08, 2010 Anna-Lisa rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Anna-Lisa by:
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Dear Readers,

The awful truth about novelists is that we are mostly dull, introverted homebodies who only write in order to live our fantasies vicariously. I came to writing rather late in life, and I’m still amazed I can get paid for doing something I love, and that I get to stay home while I do it.

My favorite comedian Steve Martin once said, "I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and ca...more
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