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Gil Marsh
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Gil Marsh

3.03  ·  Rating Details ·  91 Ratings  ·  43 Reviews
Good looking, athletic, and smart, Gill Marsh is the most popular kid at Uruk High School, even though he is only a junior. When Enko, a new kid from Montreal, shows up, Gil is wary. Yet Enko is easy going and matches Gil's athletic prowess without being a threat. Soon, the two become inseparable friends, practicing, studying, and double-dating.

Then suddenly, to everyone'
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published February 28th 2012 by Random House Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2012)
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Feb 11, 2012 TheBookSmugglers rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
I am currently kind of obsessed with retellings of mythological and/or historical works (it’s my New Thing) and when I heard about Gil Marsh, a Contemporary YA retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh, I immediately placed it at the top of my Most Highly Coveted Books of 2012. The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the earliest known works of literature and it follows Gilgamesh, the oppressive king of Uruk in ancient Mesopotamia on an epic journey to become a better king and to understand the nature of death ...more
Angela Fristoe
Feb 17, 2012 Angela Fristoe rated it did not like it
Shelves: ya-books
I feel horrible about writing a review on a book I couldn't read all the way through (although I did get halfway and then skimmed the rest in hopes that it would get better). Gil Marsh sounds interesting. The cover looks interesting. The concept of basing it on the story of Gilgamesh is interesting. Gil Marsh is anything but. From page one I was bored. The writing was dry, events told to us as opposed to shown, and I felt like the author was striving for a high literary style and fell far short. ...more
Aug 13, 2011 Chelsea rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
In A.C.E. Bauer's stunning retelling of The Epic of Gilgamesh, you are thrown into a modernized version of the continual search for the answers of life. Reanimating the oldest recorded story seems to be a very daunting task, but Bauer does it with ease.

We follow Gil Marsh through his reign over Uruk High school (nice play on name of Gilgamesh's kingdom) and his meeting of Enko at the beginning of this book. The two boys seem to butt heads at first because they rival each other so closely.
Aug 03, 2011 Isamlq rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I had no clue that this was a play on The Epic of Gilgamesh. There is clever use of elements from the original, but this modern version is one that paints a story of friendship, grief and coming of age, with the teensy magical thrown in.

I didn't feel a connection to Gil at first. When he is introduced, he is blessed but when he reacted the way he did... well, it read to standard. With a new guy showing up how should the 'king' react? Magnonimity masking insecurity some jealousy leading to territ
Amy Lignor
Feb 26, 2012 Amy Lignor rated it really liked it
Very rarely does a book come along that turns out to be nothing like what you thought you were about to read. This is that book. Although the very beginning looks just like another ‘high school trauma,’ with Gil Marsh being the perfect specimen of ‘man’ walking the corridors, the very deep meaning and beauty of this book arrives a short time later.

Gil is what you would call ‘that guy.’ People love him, he is uber-popular, he is the cross-country runner who can outrace everyone who steps beside h
Maggie Gautschy
Mar 11, 2012 Maggie Gautschy rated it it was ok
Gil Marsh has an interesting story. The premise dragged me in, caught my interest. The writing, however, fell flat. The emotions Gil says he feels seem fake. He goes on a quest out of love for his best friend, but you never really feel that love. Gil and Enko's relationship spans about two chapters, and it's not very detailed. We're supposed to take it on faith that they had this great love, but I never really felt it.

Gil's quest itself was also not very deep. It gives us a nice look at Canada,
Alexia Purdy
Oct 11, 2011 Alexia Purdy rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I read this a bit ago, for a blog tour and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Gil Marsh is a teenager who just lost his friend Enko. Him and Enko didn't always get along, but they'd become best friends having so much in common and then Enko is ripped from Gil's life, dying from an aggressive form of cancer.

To find resolution to the emptiness Enko has left behind, Gil travels through Canada, to find the maker of a ring that belonged to Enko and visit his grave. ON his journey, he meets many peop
Feb 10, 2013 Deborah rated it really liked it
This is a modern take on Gilgamesh. The character Enko in this story represents,Enkidu, the beast and Gil represents Gilgamesh.

It's a story of a two boys who had a connection through their love of running. Tragically one boy dies and the other is left to deal with the loss and finally picking up the pieces and moving on.

It's a quick read and any student who has studied legend of Gilgamesh will enjoy the comparison.
Mar 19, 2012 Michael rated it really liked it
All heroes die. What makes them heroes is that their stories don't. This retelling of Gilgamesh may be the first truly heroic tale you run into all year.
Jul 08, 2011 Louisa rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Good book, a bit sad, and I knew she was going to scam him, and yeah, pretty good!
Aug 13, 2011 Heidi rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Originally reviewed here.

As evidenced by the reality that the two 2012 titles to get top ratings from me have been Cinder and The Humming Room, I am clearly a fan of retellings. There’s something so wonderful about seeing a new take on an old story, I love the newness and the familiarity wrapped up in one neat little package for me to enjoy. Sadly, Gil Marsh did not fit the bill.

Gil Marsh was pitched as a contemporary retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh, possibly the oldest epic recorded tale in
Brandy Painter
Originally posted here.

It is hard to write a review for a book when I have the sort of reaction to it that I had for Gil Marsh by A.C.E. Bauer. I was disappointed in it, but not through any fault with the actual writing. This is one of those cases where the author's vision for her story did not match my expectations as a reader. Keeping this in mind I'm going to try and split this into two parts.

For Readers Unfamiliar With The Epic of Gilgamesh
This is a story about a boy who is grieving for his
A Book Vacation
I am sorry to say that, while I had high hopes for this novel, I actually struggled with it for a few different reasons. First, I found it to have a somewhat forced pacing and it just didn’t grab me. Events seemed to happen in a very quick succession without giving the reader much time to digest the information. For instance, one moment Gil and Enko hate each other, and the next moment they’re best friends, but I personally never felt like the story gave rise to these events. They just seemed to ...more
Feb 28, 2012 Joli added it
Going into this story I didn't have any expectations of what I thought this story would be like as a retelling because I wasn't familiar with the ancient story of Gilgamesh. I must have skipped over that one. But from reading the book summary, I did have an expectation that this was going to be a story about friendship, loss, self-discovery and growth. Unfortunately it didn't measure up to the standard I had set for it. That may be a bit unfair to the story, but I had very high hopes. I just thi ...more
Feb 29, 2012 Becky rated it it was ok
I really, really wanted to like this book. A modern retelling of the epic of Gigamesh? What a neat idea! I teach sixth grade social studies (ancient history to the Renaissance) and am always looking for ways to bring the older stories to life for my students. I hadn't run into any modern versions of this story yet, and was pretty excited. Initially the novel did have promise, but it never truly delivered on it.

For one thing, I never felt as if I really connected to the characters. I didn't find
Elizabeth B
Aug 09, 2011 Elizabeth B rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jan 22, 2012 Jen rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: arc-s, male-pov
*It's always a struggle for me whenever I have to write a less than favorable review because I know the author has poured their heart into their work and I don't like to be the one to say I didn't like it. However, I do believe in giving my honest opinion and I will do my best to share it while being respectful of both the author and their work.

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House for the chance to read this book.

The cover is what originally caught my attention and made me want to read this s
Aug 02, 2011 Lauren rated it it was ok
Shelves: netgalleybooks, 2012
When I first heard about Gil Marsh by A.C.E. Bauer I was instantly intrigued. It sounded really interesting- an emotional and bittersweet contemporary read that I would just adore. However, as it turns out, Gil Marsh was just not for me, sadly enough. Gil Marsh tells the story of Gil Marsh and Enko, two best friends at Uruk High School. However, everything changes when Enko suddenly dies and Gil falls apart following this death. First, let me talk about the things I did enjoy about this book. On ...more
Feb 23, 2012 Pam rated it did not like it
Shelves: 2012-read
GoodReads Synopsis: Good looking, athletic, and smart, Gill Marsh is the most popular kid at Uruk High School, even though he is only a junior. When Enko, a new kid from Montreal, shows up, Gil is wary. Yet Enko is easy going and matches Gil's athletic prowess without being a threat. Soon, the two become inseparable friends, practicing, studying, and double-dating.

Then suddenly, to everyone's shock, Enko succombs to an aggressive cancer.

When Enko's parents take his body and return to Canada, G
Merrilyn Tucker
May 11, 2015 Merrilyn Tucker rated it really liked it
Gil is a popular high school student and a star on the track team. When Enko showed up, Gil felt immediate competition within himself. Enko was a far better runner and he got the attention of the girls! Enko's only problem seemed to be that he was covered head to toe in hair: hairy knuckles, knees, back! Gil called him Beast Man, but the nickname never caught on because the students all liked Enko. When it finally came to fisticuffs between Enko and Gil, Gil realized that he actually liked Enko. ...more
Torrey Goelz
Jan 21, 2014 Torrey Goelz rated it liked it
This book,”Gil Marsh” by A.C.E. Bauer, should not be brought on board of this spaceship. This book has very little historical and scientific value. Although, it does have quite a bit of cultural information, if you are looking at Quebec’s culture. I don’t think the story of Gil losing his friend and running away from his house to go try and find an immortal man, to try and bring Enko back from the dead is really one of the two million most important books ever known to man. Another reason I woul ...more
CJ Blake
Jan 08, 2012 CJ Blake rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: arc, books-i-own
Ok...this is my fourth attempt to write this review. I don't know why this book bugged me so much, but it did. Plus, I hate criticizing writers work harshly and I don't know how to write this review constructively.

On page 41 when Enko dies I had had it with this book and could not read another page.

There was so much wrong with this book...I don't even know where to begin. I felt like I was reading a book about two boys who were lovers not friends (which would be fine if that is how the book was
Mary Louise Sanchez
Apr 21, 2012 Mary Louise Sanchez rated it liked it
The premise of Gil Marsh is that it is a contemporary telling of a 5,000 year old story, the Tale of Gilgamesh, where the Sumerian king loses his best friend and goes on a quest to bring him back from the dead.

Gil Marsh is the king in this story because he reigns over his high school with his blonde good looks, atheticism as a runner, and his smarts. When Enko comes to town from Montreal as the new guy, there is some apprehension on Gil's part because Enko is a fast runner and becomes well lik
Feb 04, 2012 cecilia rated it liked it
I admit that it has been a long while since I read Gilgamesh, and so I may not be the best expert on the matter. Yet I have to say that GIL MARSH more confused than enlightened. The author followed the original story in its sparity of details, and I think that is where this modern-day story lost me. Gil and Enko’s friendship seemed underdeveloped to warrant Gil’s impromptu Canadian trip, and then his trip – inevitably doomed from the start – did not make much sense to me. I did not believe that ...more
Jun 13, 2012 Jill rated it it was ok
Shelves: young-adult
I wish authors - especially new ones - got do-overs. That's what editors are for, but with an increase in self-publishing, I'm seeing more and more drek that actually could be redeemed. This is one of those.

This book is based on the story of Gilgamesh ( get it? Gil(ga) Marsh?) and that's what it felt like - an outline of the myth that the author used to superimpose modern day details for a young audience. I know the point is the journey, but in order to care about what happens, you have to get
Dec 12, 2011 Angie rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Based loosely on an ancient tale of Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu, this is a story of two high school friends and the loss one suffers, leading him to a quest that takes him through parts of Canada. Get ready for a little French, readers.

This story is pretty good, although I think exclamation points should probably only be used in dialogue. Something gets lost in using them for narrating the story; perhaps what's lost is the author's assumption that the reader is well-read enough to know when
Ken Kugler
Apr 26, 2012 Ken Kugler rated it really liked it
Gil Marsh, by A.C.E. Bauer, is a retelling of the tale of Gilgamesh. It is set in a high school. Gil and Enko are thrown together and at first Gil does not like Enko but they grow to be the best of friends. When Enko gets sick and dies, Gil goes on a personal quest that takes him to Quebec to make peace with the death and to find himself. The struggle to do good and understand bad is central and watching the struggle is fascinating.
This book did start a little slow but built up to a entrancing
Gil is fast, smart, popular. Then Enko moves to town from Montreal and he is even faster than Gil, as well as charming, and funny. Gil feels threatened by Enko; they get in a big fight but then become the very best of friends. When Enko becomes sick and dies, Gil sets off on a quest to visit Enko's grave in Montreal but he does it without his parents knowledge or permission.
A current day rendering of the Gilgamesh epic saga.
Sep 13, 2013 Ingrid rated it it was ok
I didn't finish this. It was just so dull, and I don't have enough free time to read books I don't care for.

Basically, this was a modern retelling of Gilgamesh which is an ancient story. The idea was kind of neat, but it was so boringly executed. The sentences were short and childish, and there seemed little depth. It was just plain boring, really.
Mar 04, 2012 Michelle rated it did not like it
I couldn't finish the book. I didn't connect to the voice, nor to the writing. I struggled with the storyline of this retelling of Gilgamesh. To be fair, I didn't particularly favor the original. I felt that this retelling had promise, based on the synopsis. A few scenes made me uncomfortable, and I would end up skimming through the story.

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't connect to Gil Marsh.
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I have telling and writing stories since childhood. I took a short break to write dreadful poetry, and then a longer one while I worked as an attorney, writing legal briefs and telling stories about my clients. I have returned to fiction, and published two middle grade novels, No Castles Here (ALA Rainbow Book; Kirkus Review starred review) and Come Fall (CCBC Choices Book; Publishers' Weekly star ...more
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