Farm Anatomy: Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life
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Farm Anatomy: Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life

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What's the difference between a weanling and a yearling, or a farrow and a barrow? Country and city mice alike will delight in Julia Rothman's charming illustrated guide to the curious parts and pieces of rural living. Dissecting everything from tractors and pigs to fences, hay bales, crop rotation patterns, and farm tools, Rothman gives a richly entertaining tour of the q...more
Paperback, 224 pages
Published 2011 by Storey Publishing, LLC
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The best part of this book are the charming illustrations -- they are detailed, but whimsical, and the author uses them to illustrate every subject in this book.

However, as a handbook for homesteading or farming, this book just doesn't include enough information.

I would recommend this for fueling those homestead daydreams, but I wouldn't start here if I were looking for in depth information.
Julia Rothman presents a delicious visual catalog of farm work wtih beautiful illustrated collections of pigs, tractors, milking devices, hay bales, crop rotations, squash, eggplant, etc. This book is good for browsing or daydreaming, and provides the vocabulary of the farm if you're unfamiliar. The author created the book because her husband grew up on the farm and she was trying to get closer to that, which is sweet. As a result, the information is not advanced or technical; it's pretty access...more
This reminds me of the Richard Scarry word books I liked as a kid, only from a farm angle. Parts of a horse, barn styles, edible flowers, etc. A little bit of everything, as well as some DIY and how-to info, from recipes to establishing a compost heap. Some of the how-tos are pretty sparse -- I would seek out further information before attempting to can veggies -- but this was a fun book to read/look at (great illustrations).

The biblio at the end is long and full of resources.
This book is really fun to look at and is full of interesting information and beautiful illustrations. I could see myself using some of the recipes, but many of the more generalized how-to's are just not specific enough in their directions. For example, there's some information about canning but it doesn't mention anything about adding liquid to the veggies once they're in the jar. It does, however, mention pushing a spatula around to get rid of air bubbles so...there must be liquid in there, ri...more
This illustrated book gives simple and general information and instructions of living the rural and farm life. It's not supposed to be exhaustive, and that's why I like it. She gives enough information to be familiar with the subejct and to do your own research if you wish to know more.
This is an unusual book to say I've "read" -- while reading is involved, there's also quirky, lovely artwork on every page. The book isn't a farming manual for those really engaged in, say, backyard chicken raising, but in the way she presents the information she shows us the depth of knowledge that's been accumulated in the human race over the ages of agriculture. Ironically, some of this knowledge (presented in a high level survey here) is vanishing as we increasingly consume from a mass marke...more
a nice basic book as an introduction to agriculture. think of it as a dictionary with pictures for someone with a non-ag background. if you want to farm there are several books that will provide more information but for general information this is a great starting point.
I love the illustrations in this book and think it has great potential to be a super-helpful reference book for me in the future. It happens to include beautiful diagrams, recipes, and glossaries of things we all might have known at one point, but are losing as we move increasingly towards urban life. In that respect, great!
I found the book failed to articulate the author's stake in the project, though. Rothman briefly explains how she and her partner went back to the family farm, and she provid...more
This is a very informative book with quirky, fun illustrations that give great visual aids to explain the basics of Western agriculture. I came across this book on a friend's side table and have been picking it up every time I am over. Always more to learn, and the more you flip through it the more that it is gained. I feel it is rather important to understand where our food comes from and how it is down. This book covers meat cuts, seed gestation times, primitive and modern equipment, among man...more
Cute artwork, and joyful to pick up and read a page or two at a time
Beautiful read and pictures for all ages! Lovely
I really enjoyed looking at this book and reading the captions around the pictures. Julia Rothman's colorful artwork gives this city girl a better farm vocabulary. It is just like a kids vocabulary book where you are introduced to something and then given pictures to cement the meaning. In this farm book examples incude different styles of barns, types of farm geese, how to rotate crops, good bugs and not so good bugs.

More and more I like to have an art book or picture book in my current reading...more
beautiful book, and not too cute, with actual useful information for the farm fan. my guys (4 and 2) are obsessed with the pages about tractors and balers and such, but there's lots of fun bits about animals, planting, harvesting, barn styles, different combs on roosters etc. it's really lovely and all hand drawn and lettered, no boring text. i don't know if it's supposed to be a kids book or just a curiosity, but all of us are having a lot of fun with it.
This nonfiction book is truly delightful. It is a little of this and a little of that about farms and farm life. Some things will bring fond memories and other things will cause you to say "I had no idea.". The illustrations are informative and plentiful, and recipes and how-to guides are included. I think I would like to own this book so my grandson, age four, and I could sit and look and talk while going through the pages for years to come.
You do not need to be a farmer to enjoy this book. The facts and illustrations are so delightful that I want to wallpaper a room in my house with the pages of this book.

Um, gush.

And there are recipes, too. Not to mention tips on predicting the weather, how to make simple knots, and how to identify popular quilt patterns (but that's not all...).
The author is an illustrator, and her book of pictures is both whimsical and informative. Filled with many informative captions, I learned so much about farm life from the anatomy of a bee to how to make cheese. It's not the typical narrative style as it's mostly pictures, so it's an awesome book to read a few pages at the end of a long day. Unique!
Jennifer DeWitt
I have a dream of one day owning a farm. This book only made that dream seem like a real possibility. Julia Rothman is a delightful artist. This is a must-read if only for the delightful illustrations. Also full of helpful tips, recipes, and basics of life on a farm. It seems that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck it can be done.
I'd say 'perused' more than read... This is not a traditional cover-to-cover read; full of beautiful illustrations, tidbits and how-tos, recipes and more.

A definite recommend for anyone interested in where food comes from, anyone who keeps a kitchen garden, or has any interest in farming, and definitely for anyone with a love of illustration!
Wonderfully illustrated book about farm life, though not terribly deep on any particular facet. Great book for kids, I'd wager.
Really lovely book with whimsical drawings covering the breadth of "country life" - from soil and crops to animals and yarn, this book covers many topics with basic descriptions and explanations of each drawing. It is a delightful, colorful work which would make a great artistic gift for a fellow gardener or farmer.
Josh Lee
Very impressed, got this book for my son and then I couldn't end up putting it down. Being a family farmer and being from farmer stock for many many years I pretty much knew all the information in this book - however it is still engaging and entertaining and is a perfect starting point for any young future farmer.
Andrea Wright
Oh my god this book is awesome!!!! If you are reading farm stuff and realized how bored you are and need something brighter then this is the book for you! It has wonderful drawn colored pictures and actually alot of useful information. It's the farm chicks book to go to. I will be buying a copy to keep on hand.
Henri Moreaux
Farm Anatomy is a heavily illustrated book which covers a lot of general information on farming with common animal types, crop types and some recipes thrown in as well.

It's not a farming manual per se but rather a good introduction to the base topics involved in becoming a small land holder.
Good overview, however, I found some recipes to be incomplete.
I was already crazy about Rothman's illustration style, but the way she has arranged the info here makes my brain hum. It reminds me a lot of Gregory Blackstock's "collections", which also thrill me with visual pleasure plus bring insight into an interesting mind plus teaches something new.
do a book like this. maybe an illustrated guide to the people and places in the neighborhood growing up. or a tour of a cemetary w imagined little biographical anecdotes. or of elevator machines and bits (but interesting!) like the mo better kate williamsons "year in japan"
This book is filled with beautiful illustrations. As suggested in the subtitle, The Curious Parts & Pieces of Country Life, this book is like an illustrated glossary of farm vocabulary. Anyone who is rural-life-curious or just a lover of words would enjoy this read.
Beautiful book. I disagree with some of the information, but I'll chalk that up to artistic and cultural differences (I'm from a Midwestern, not an Eastern farm). But lovely illustrations, charts and graphs. I'd love to frame some of these pages.
Beautifully illustrated and fun to pore over. Not at all a comprehensive book about farming or homesteading, but a lovely collection of art and information. I would love to frame quite a few of the pages of these books to hang in my house!
Cute and interesting if you have had no connection to rural or farm life. Not a handbook, the practical advice is not sufficient to actually farm, but a nice look at rural life with great illustrations and interesting facts.
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