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Bull Run
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Bull Run

3.41 of 5 stars 3.41  ·  rating details  ·  762 ratings  ·  147 reviews
Newbery Medalist Paul Fleischman's fictional treatment of this Civil War battle is an intimate and sweeping portrait of this period in human history.

Northerners, Southerners, generals, couriers, dreaming boys, and worried sisters describe the glory, the horror, the thrill, and the disillusionment of the first battle of the Civil War.

Supports the Common Core State Standards
Paperback, 128 pages
Published March 31st 1995 by HarperCollins (first published 1993)
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Okay, this is partly the fault of Paul Fleischman and partly the fault of my teacher. I had this book as a summer reading assignment and it reads like it's written for much younger readers. The characters have no personality, and are all annoying. And there are too many of them. I think the ones that annoyed me most were Shem Suggs not only because of his weird name, but because of his weird obsession with horses. I have a bestie who is obsessed with horses, and its not annoying at all. But this ...more
Mrs. Van
Common Core Reading Standard 5.RL. 6 states "Describe how a narrator's or speaker's point of view influences how events are described. Paul Fleishman's book provides a perfect opportunity to address this standard. This historical fiction novel presents narratives based on the experiences of the civil war representing sixteen different viewpoints. Stories are told from the points of view of males and females, northerners and southerners, blacks and whites, and youths and adults. Students can expl ...more
Sam B
Bull Run is a historical fiction novel that uses different point of views of characters to tell a story. This is a very creative way to tell a story, however, the book can be very annoying and frustrating to read because the reader keeps jumping around from character to character. I found it hard to read this book because the reader often forgets about a character and is forced to go back and read about that character again and again. This book is also very short and doesn't really satisfy the r ...more
Oct 04, 2007 Lizzette rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone
this book is o.k, it tells you different characters perspectives, but it's really boring. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't get bored easily.
In this piece of Historical Fiction, award winning author Paul Fleischman takes us back to the Civil War and its many perspectives. In this novel Fleischman looks at the civil war from 16 very different points of view. The book is conveniently formatted into 1-2 page chapter, each by a different character. The diverse set of fictional characters (and one real one)eight Northern and eight Southern, black and white, male and female, describe their personal experiences with the start of the Civil W ...more
Derek P.
Bull Run by Paul Fleischman, is a historical fiction novel and a story. It portrays the lives of many people who were connected or directly involved with the famous battle. Some people talk about their horrific experiences within the battle or how it affected them. These stories are mostly very grim or sad. I rated this book 2 stars because I enjoyed the history behind it. I believed the author portrayed the battle correctly. What I didn't enjoy about this book was the characters. I thought most ...more
Amber M
Genre: Historical Fiction
Awards: Scott O'Dell Award
Grade Level: 5-6

Bull Run would be a wonderful book to read to the students while studying about the Civil War. This book is told through 16 different characters. Different personalities and positions offer students a variety of characters with whom they can identify. For a follow up activity I would ask the students “How did reading different accounts help us to understand the war?” I would have them write a short essay for this question.
This book was, surprisingly, good. When I first picked the book up, I thought that it would be like every other historical novel..... boring. I really only read this book because I had to. This really goes to show you that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

The book starts off at the beginning of the Civil War.... the Battle of Bull Run.(hence the name) It changes from multiple points of view (POV). In the beginning of the battle, spectators were amused by it, they had picnics and celebrat
Gabby Marchica
I really liked this book because I was able to learn about an event in America's past that I didn't know before. Some parts were sad, happy, adventurous and that is why it's such a great story to read during your middle school years. I really like the structure of this book as well.

Bull Run by Paul Fleischman tells about the first main attack during the civil war. It is told from the point I view from sixteen different characters and each one is different. For example, some are from the union,
Ethan Bell
This book was very confusing. Bull Run had 16 different characters, 8 of them were from the North, and 8 of them were from the South. I thought it was hard to keep track of who was who. Sometimes, I would find myself thinking about a different character and reading about a different character. Also, I would find myself thinking a character was from the North when he was really from the South, or vice-versa.

Bull Run by Paul Fleischman tells about the first main attack during the civil war. It is
I was helping my son with a Civil War project for school and picked up this book for him. Well, after reading the glowing starred reviews inside the front cover, I started reading it myself and found it to be a jewel of a book. It is brief, but powerful. The story of the beginning of the Civil War and the Battle of Bull Run is told from the perspectives of 16 different people. I thought that it was very effective, poetic, and engaging. It would make a great addition to a classroom discussion of ...more
Dylan Witzig
Bull Run by Paul Fleischman explained how some characters during Civil War times lived life. Some of them were blacks disguised as whites in the war, also some were at home in slavery. Some other characters were fighting for their countries freedom and others were generals in the War. This book explained what life was like during those times in many different ways.

This book was a good book. I would rate this book a four stars out of five because although the book was good, it was very hard to ke
Lola Draper
For the moonth of Febuary I read the book "Bull Run" by Paul Fleischman. This book is a story and it is also a novel. This book is interesting because it has different charaters all at the same time frame. There are 16 very different stories inside of this book. The Characters have different characteristics like black or white. The little things makes this book different than otheres. The characters are telling about the event of Bull Run. They have different points of view about the fight. I ra ...more
Jonah Covert
"Bull Run" by Paul Fleischman is an okay book. I would definitely not give this book a thumbs up. I'm not saying that this book was bad, it's just not good. Their was too many characters. It was hard to keep track of all of them. If the characters weren't so spread out it would have been better.

"Bull Run" by Paul Fleischman was about the battle of Bull Run in the Civil War. It is from the point of view of 16 different people who were their at the time. Most of them were soldiers. Some of them in
After reading this book, and Seedfolks, I find myself really enjoying stories told from multiple perspectives. I think this will be a useful book for my Humanities unit.
Grace Fitzmaurice
In my opinion, I don't really think the book kept me on the edge of my seat. I honestly had a difficult time staying in the book because it felt like it dragged on and it didn't grasp my attention.
This book was about the Battle of Bull Run brought to life by sixteen different points of view, Northern and Southern, male and female, and black and white. Slaves, people in the army, painters, etc. also contributed to the story.
This book wasn't very interesting for someone to read for fun but I d
Susie White
In Bull Run, Fleischman depicts the epic first battle of the American Civil War from 16 different characters. From Confederate generals, to slaves, to a girl in Minnesota whose brother fought for the Union, almost every imaginable angle during the time of the event is displayed. The book describes the victory of the Confederacy and how no one expected the war to last as long as it did. I found the story to be very helpful in understanding the Civil War but a bit complicated to keep track of each ...more
Holly Beck
For this month's book I decided to read "Bull Run" by Paul Fleischman. "Bull Run" is an actual event that did happen but the characters are not real, which makes this book fall under the historical fiction genre. Paul Fleischman gives voices to 16 completely different narrators. Narrators that are old or young, black or white, Northern or Southern, and male or female. This book tells a brilliant story about Bull Run with many different point of views. The reason I rated this book 3 stars was be ...more
Isabella Procopio
I did not like the book Bull Run. It was very boring and not very exciting. I honestly did not like how it was a diary page for everyone's story. I just wish that it was just a story.

Bull Run, by Paul Pleischman, was baout Confederate and Union soldiers fighting in the Civil War. They each wrote a journal page on their experience in the war. They wrote about many different things. For example, Vigil Peavy, a confederate soldier, wrote about being knoked off his horse in battle.

I recommend this b
Sienna Kloss
For this month's book I read "Bull Run" by Paul Fleischman. This book is in the genre of Historical Fiction Novel, because it is about a real historical event that happened but it uses made up characters to tell the story. the book "Bull Run" is about blacks and whites, wives and husbands, and soldiers and colonels. This book is set in the time of the Bull Run war where the characters in the book are writing journal entries. I rated this book a four out of five stars because I thought it was in ...more
The book bull run is a current book about, different kind of people who have suffered or have had good tmes in there past. Some of the people in this book were in war,there were also women who have worked as slaves for there chieves. So these people who have suffered in the past had a chance to say how they felt, what did they do in their lifes as they were younger.

Anyways... this books main characters are about Tocy Boyce,General Irvin Mcdowell,and Gideon Adams.These three men how they felt t
Bull Run by Paul Fleischman is a book I give 2 stars too. This is because I have many complaints about this book. First, This book jumps from one character opinion's to another making it confusing sometimes. It would be eaiser if Paul wrote the comp...more Bull Run, By Paul Fleischman is a book I give 2 stars too. This is because I have many complaints about this book. First, This book jumps from one character opinion's to another making it confusing sometimes. It would be eaiser if Paul wrote ...more
Daniel Daponte
Bull Run by Paul Fleischman is a novel about the first major battle of the civil war as told from 16 different points of view. Told in vivid detail this novel is great at capturing the spirit of the people during this time (or at least what I think they were like). The authors style makes you think of a theater play in your head which is an interesting way to present a historical event. Paul Fleischman also finds a way to capture all of the different types of people through the characters which ...more
Brittany Davis
Junior Book Log
Title: Bull Run
Author: Paul Fleischman
Category: Fiction Choice #2
Source: Textbook pg. 5

This is another novel I read with my fifth grade practicum students and I absolutely loved this experience as well. The teacher had actually bought a tape with this book, but instead of a normal voice this tape had a different voice for each character. The characters also spoke as that person might, whether it be a black man from the North or a plantation owner in the South. The author tells ab
I'm rating this book with four stars because of its historical relevance. The point of view from sixteen different people powerfully depicted the many sides of the beginning of the Civil War conflict. From a reader's point of view, though, the book was a challenge to follow. I had to look back and refresh my memory on many of the characters in order to maintain the flow of action. Still, I could see this book used effectively with middle grade students in a readers theater format.
Tawny Audi
For my book report, I read the book, "Bull Run." The author of this book is Paul Fleischman. "Bull Run," is about the war Bull Run, but it is broken up into many different, almost like, diary entries. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 star rating because, even though it was interesting, there would be certain diary entries where I would get to the end and have to read it all over! However, I did enjoy the book and would recommend to any age group over 9.
Reily Riemersma
This book is about one of Americas most historical periods of time. a time that changed America forever. the civil war. the north against the south. good versus evil. We clearly all know that the north wins which ends slavery.

The illustrations of this book were very well done. it gives you a perspective of what everything was like back in that day. it gives you a real incite of what was going on. The pictures are well drawn and in detail.
I read the book "Bull Run by Paul Fleischman. This book was based on a true story so the genre of this book is nonfiction. It was about the battle of bull run. I liked this book because it was something different, the author wrote the point of views of other characters. He made it so you can see what other people thought and how they saw it. So each chapter was a new person. I would rate this book a 4 stars out of 5!
Robert Smith
A great book for middle schoolers in our area (Manassas, VA)! It feels likely to pique curiosity for these students in multiple directions (social studies, geography, name study, icon design). However, while the structure of the story provided a promising premise, it did not seem to develop into a complete ending. Yes, we learn the outcome of Bull Run, so from a social studies perspective it helps to achieve its goals. I just hope teachers are able to use it as a jumping point to meaningful lear ...more
Eric Thomas

Paul Fleischman delivers an intriguing nonfictional telling of the events leading up to, and the battle at Bull Run. It's the recollections and journal entries from both Union and Confederate soldiers and citizens that tell of the time in the Civil War when the nation first really understood what war really was versus the glorious spin they had originally been placing on it. New insights are given such as how Stonewall Jackson got his name. Was it because of his stalwart
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Paul Fleischman grew up in Santa Monica, California. The son of well-known children's novelist Sid Fleischman, Paul was in the unique position of having his famous father's books read out loud to him by the author as they were being written. This experience continued throughout his childhood.
Paul followed in his father's footsteps as an author of books for young readers, and in 1982 he released
More about Paul Fleischman...
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