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Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health
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Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  545 ratings  ·  79 reviews
In Clean Gut, Alejandro Junger, M.D, New York Times bestselling author of Clean and creator of the world-famous Clean Program, delivers a complete toolkit for reversing disease and sustaining life-long health. Inside these pages, Junger offers a groundbreaking new program that attacks the root causes of illness and helps us to restore our own amazing healing capabilities.

Hardcover, 256 pages
Published April 30th 2013 by HarperOne (first published March 13th 2012)
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Dr. Junger's book, "Clean Gut," makes a lot of sense. His study of the gut has shown that most ailments and diseases originate there and cause problems in various parts of the body, such as asthma, allergies, and heart disease. I have found that to be true in my own life. I started experiencing gut problems when I was 14 and since then have experienced all sorts of problems- chronic fatigue, random pains in my body, breakouts, severe sickness, the list goes on.

Despite the fact that I really did
Jun 27, 2013 Erin rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: health
3.5 stars. I think other books have explained some of the "whys" better of why you should do an elimination diet (as well as why you're eliminating what you're eliminating, besides "these are inflammatory--avoid"), but I thought it was fairly straightforward. It might have been a little TOO simplified, but this is from someone who has read a ton of paleo books/cookbooks in the last year.

These elimination diet books are generally the same: most of our food is toxic, the gut is a good indicator of
Same claims as paleo, but less scientifically explained (if you really dig into paleo stuff) and even more restrictive. I agree with his main premise; toxic diet, root of all health evils, inflammation bad, etc. I just can't do the diet.
Sue Bergman
I disagree completely with the spiritual beliefs in this book. That being said his premise on our gut being our second brain made a lot of sense. He points out that 90 percent of seratonin is made in the gut. Inflammation all over the body (systemic) leads to disease. I will not do the diet but it just reaffirmed that the natural supplements that I've been on for a couple months are helping my leaky gut heal that is a result of not knowing I had Celiac Disease for ten years. My chiropractor told ...more
Þór Hauksson
I hate diet books. Not because they're all useless or necessarily unhelpful, but because most of them are an over-hyped, prententious and scientifically shaky sales pitch. Someone is always selling you something and making money in the process from their breakthrough never-before-discovered secret that promises instant fatloss and blissful health.

Then why do I keep reading them? Because I firmly believe that a sensible diet is at the core of sustainable health and each year I try to fish at leas
I like his story, how he came to practice functional medicine. I haven't heard of functional medicine before. The concept makes sense. I hate doctors who give you a bag of antibiotics to deal with a dysfunction. There are so many things that go into why we get sick in the first place. Prescription medicine is not the only solution to our health problems.
However his 20 day "diet" into a Clean Gut is not very practical, especially for those of us living in Third World countries. There's a long li
Alejandro Junger does it again! Packed with a wealth of information on how to eliminate the root cause of illness, but done in terms that are easy for anyone to understand. Junger's passion for health and helping others is evident throughout the book. His positive attitude shine through and inspire! Great recipes and resources as offer the support needed to change your lifestyle.
Life-changing. These are the health practitioners of the 21st century.
I read this book as 'ongoing' information as a guide ....
I'm already seeing a Functional Medicine doctor...(getting support -instructions -tests -follow-ups -etc.)
I have a rare disease of the colon called Hirschsprung's Disease. (which was never mentioned in this book) -- yet --to be honest --its pretty damn hard to find many adults living with this.

I also have Hashimoto's disease and Intestinal Permeability.

Healing 'years' of a damaged colon is a challenge --
Major Food and lifestyle restricti
I believe in the idea that disease comes from within but not mentally at a place to cut out so much. Easy to read and thankfully not to technical. Wanted more recipes and suggestions on smaller ways to incorporate this process.
Very interesting and enlightening read. It definitely highlighted some warning signs for me as my family has a history of bowel disorders. Some things I can't seem to get my head around though - such as Junger's belief in 'mucoid plaque' that the rest of the scientific community seems to have disproved. And I do wish that when people talk about toxins they would start talking about what specific compounds they actually mean (although I have been told by other professionals that toxins mean indig ...more
**Gut reactions**

Talk about having a gut reaction.

According to _Clean Gut’s_ author Dr. Junger, the most common diseases and chronic health problems of today—including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, allergies, autoimmune diseases, back pain, infertility, and gluten sensitivity—have their origins in gut dysfunction. In a nutshell (or would that be gutshell?), modern life is not so gut-friendly, and we’re constantly being bombarded with toxins, triggers, and other stressors that wre
Kimberly Wolkenhauer
A good and easy read. I am finding that there are few practical differences between various modern approaches to fixing our problems with foods. Low carb, avoid certain trigger foods. The possible triggers vary some between the different approaches but nevertheless, they remain functionally the same. I also note that they all seem to write endorsements of each other's books. Lol.

Great advice by Dr. Junger. Anyone following it is sure to feel better, simply because of all the crap you WON'T be e
Dr. Junger claims that most diagnosed ailments from chronic pain, heart disease, digestion issues, depression, extra weight, allergies, inflammation, etc. can be traced back to an injured and irritated gut. He does a good job of explaining how the gut works and how it gets ill or compromised. It does make sense and is believeable, even though I may have gotten a bit lost in the biological explanations here and there. He then has a 21 day eating plan with supplements that if followed, will clean ...more
That most if not all ailments start in the gut makes a lot of sense. I plan to do the cleanse and change some nasty habits I have, but I wonder who has time to make shakes every morning for 21 days unless they do not work or have a personal chef! I know I am always rushing out the door in the morning, and the hardest commitment of all for me to make is to get up even 20 minutes earlier (I promise myself to try!). I also don't want to give up my gluten-free oatmeal altogether since I believe that ...more
Katy Compton
I read the book and started the diet. Doing this for medical reasons because I have stomach issues, not to lose a couple pounds (but I won't be sad if that happens!) I do have issues with the diet, especially if people decide to do this indefinitely because unless you're allergic or sensitive I don't think you should ever have to cut something completely out of your diet. Everything in moderation. But I am going to review the book:

It was a somewhat easy, fast read. Not too long. I do wish he wou
Camille at Go Breathe Go
This book is a game changer. The connections the author made between chronic diseases and other common ailments to gut (dys)function is groundbreaking. I especially loved the end of the book where he talks about the cycle of emotion eating and how it prevents us from having lasting change. I don't eat emotionally but I can relate to other behaviors I do that mimics the same reasons he gives for emotion eating. I'm recommending this book to everyone I know because EVERYONE needs to read this book ...more
John Esterly
Clean Gut builds on the work of Clean, this round focusing on rebuilding the digestive system and healing the gut. This book gives quite a few more pointers on proper food for digestion and outlines a 28 day gut repair plan, similar to the elimination diet described in Clean. More focus is given to digestion and supplements in this plan, however. Fans of Dr. Junger and Clean will love the book. It reads quickly - nearly half the book is recipes and references. Many of the recipes are included in ...more
Well-written, clear, easy to understand. I'm officially two weeks into the three-week cleanse (although I started following the dietary recommendations a week or two before I managed to track down all the supplements), and I've noticed a very marked improvement in my gut symptoms. My IBS-like issues are not gone--but they were severe, and I expect that I'm going to need some additional intervention--but they have been significantly reduced. I'm very pleased with the improvement and wouldn't hesi ...more
I have his other book, Clean, and we've followed his cleanse once a year for the past few years. This is a newer cleanse he came up with so we tried it this fall. I actually like this one better because you can eat a salad for dinner instead of just a juice. There are also some great recipes that we'll definitely make when not on the cleanse.
There's very little research cited in this book and I felt like he was just going off anecdote much of the time. The information was poorly organized and repetitive and at least 1/4 of the book was really just personal memoir (how he came to understand why proper gut function is essential to overall health).
I have a problem with my body dumping oxalates when I eat foods that are really good for me, like spinach and chard. When this happens I feel absolutely terrible for days - short-of-breath, irritible, panicky. Most people can process oxalates out of their gut, but others absorb oxalates through their intestines, causing inflammation. I read that it might be possible to "fix" a leaky gut by eating certain foods, so I am giving it a try to see if I might be able to process oxalates in the future. ...more
Good program and lots of great info - I just wished it were edited better. There was a lot of info repeated several times and the same words repeated from one sentence to the next. But other than that I enjoyed the book and got a lot out of the health info.

The idea is that often times disease, lack of well being, depression and/or anxiety is caused by an imbalance in your gut caused by various factors. The clean gut program follows the logic of any diet your transitioning into. Add juicing, smoothies, take certain supplements and eliminate trigger foods for 3 weeks. This allows for a stomach cleansing/detox. The big trigger foods are often dairy, gluten, night shade vegetables (inflammation), alcohol, caffeine, and processed sugar
Randy Ross
Good book - especially if you haven't read anything on gut health previously. I have, so this was a bit of a refresh for me. Still - there's a lot of good info in here - and it's reassuring to know that I'm doing everything right so far.
Although the research base for this book is mostly based on action research and his own health experiences, Junger raises important questions as he posits what he believes are the foundational principles of a healthy diet.
Lisa Fillip carlo
I have a problem when a doctor promotes clean eating meaning no processed foods and then says you can't eat real eggs. You must eat egg substitute. Really? Egg substitute is processed eggs.
Mikey Sklar
Easy a life changing book. I was already on the prescribed diet and continued to be blown away by this book. The lengthy list of medical issues caused by a gunked up gut are terrifying and with a little effort avoidable.
Skip Chapters 1-5. Crux of the book in Ch 6&7 with author repeating much of the information from the first chapters in these. Hoping that the physical book, rather than the audio, has some evidence rather than anecdotes about the effectiveness of the program. Really intrigued by the approach and agree that personal experimentation with what works for you is the way to figuring out the path to health. Plan to try the 21-day program so that I can recommend it to my patients. I would like evide ...more
AdultNonFiction Teton County Library
TCL Call#: 616.3 Junger A

Madeleine - 2 stars
I have to admit I ended up heavily skipping through the book. If you don't know anything about your digestive track this is the book for you; if you do, it's quite tedious.
The suggestions seemed kind of obvious in light of any other current cleanse book out there.
Still, if you are a serious gut sufferer, I think you'd get some value out of this book. There's a variety of recipes and specifics about supplements. Of course, you can always go to his websi
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Dr. Alejandro Junger was born in Uruguay. He graduated from medical school there in 1990 and moved to New York City for his postgraduate training. He completed three years of training in Internal Medicine at NYU Downtown Hospital and three more years of fellowship in Cardiovascular Diseases at Lenox Hill Hospital.

His drastic change in lifestyle and diet from his move to New York City soon reflecte
More about Alejandro Junger...
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