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Star Wars: Riptide
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Star Wars: Riptide (Star Wars Legends)

3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  865 ratings  ·  56 reviews
Anyone can escape danger. No one can escape the truth.

When a ship full of Sith warriors arrived in Galactic Alliance space, the fight to destroy it accidentally uncovered a hidden menace: a long-hidden group of clones, secretly created as insidious weapons capable of wielding the Force and heedless of the differences between light side and dark side. Now the clones have es
ebook, 336 pages
Published October 25th 2011 by Random House Publishing Group (first published January 1st 2011)
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Star Wars novels seem to run just two ways; either they are poorly written or fantastic reads. Riptide is one of the latter. It is non-stop action from nearly the first page. From that point you actually find yourself caring what happens to the characters. If you are a fan of the Star Wars universe or even if you just enjoy a good book, I can not recommend this one more highly.
I don't know why I inflicted Riptide on myself. I mean, I knew that it would be a quick read, but that's about all it had going for it. It is the sequel to Crosscurrent and give some closure to the story there. But Crosscurrent was awful and it was quite clear that the story wasn't going anyplace good. That's definitely the case. Having read Riptide, I am here to warn away other unwary travelers.

Once again, Kemp relies on cheap plot devices and derivative tropes to fill the time between the beg
Alexander Draganov
Great "Star Wars" novel, which cements Paul S. Kemp as one of the best "Star Wars" authors, up there with Drew Karpyshyn and James Luceno. Jaden Korr, the great Jedi who defeated the evil spirit of Marka Ragnos, is chasing a group of extremely dangerous clones of some of the greatest Jedi and Sith in history, including Mara Jade and Lumiya. In the same time, a pair of deadly Sith assassins with unique ability is chasing him. And they are all going to a place of death, in which a great menace is ...more
Star Wars:Riptide continues where CrossCurrent ended. A ship of mad clones escape a secret Thrawn Era cloning facility followed closely by Jaden Korr, his new apprentice Marr, and Captain Khedryn Faal. The mad clones forgo a mental and biological illness a plague they believe will be cured by an entity know to them as "Mother." Unknown to all the One Sith have an interest in one of the clones, the last of the Thrawn scientist's experiments The Prime (Solider). All three factions converge and del ...more
I found this to be overall more fun to read than its prequel Crosscurrent, since we're now working with established characters and a complex plot already in motion. Kemp's style is weak but definitely tolerable, and the characters are nice but shallow. (Mostly we get to hear over and over how much everyone likes each other.) I like the way that different parts of the Expanded Universe are combined in unusual configurations, and I always like to see novels about compelling characters who didn't o ...more
Brandon Beckham
The sequel to Star Wars: Crosscurrent, Riptide continues the adventure of Jedi Knight Jaden Korr, his new apprentice Marr, and spacer Khedryn as they pursue a ship of mad Jedi clones. Along the way, they encounter a brother-sister team of Force-suppressing trackers who will stop at nothing to capture both Korr and the clones.

Overall, the book is not as exciting as other books in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Both it and its predecessor lack the frenetic energy and suspense that other novels
Michael Alexander Henke
Fast paced, action packed, and an entertaining read. This is the second book by Paul S. Kemp in the series, and I've enjoyed it so far because it's a bit different from the other Star Wars novels. You won't find any of the main characters here, no Han, or Leia, although Luke does make a brief cameo. These novels focus on Jaden Korr, who was the protagonist from the Jedi Academy game so many years ago. That's one of the things I really enjoy about the Star Wars Universe, random characters from ot ...more
this book was a very entertaining read, although it did lack some depth. i am a HUGE star wars fan, so my opinion may be a little biased, but the action throughout the book had me hooked. the writing, especially the dialogue, was pretty cliche. I didnt mind too much, mainly because i had my attention more on the plot as a whole, but i know others will find it annoying. the characters all were somewhat predictable in their actions, but again, i didnt really care too much. I read this more for the ...more
Phillip Nguyen
I liked the continuation to Jaden Korr's story. While the part with the mindshear and the body switching seemed a bit of a stretch for me, I did enjoy this book. With the focus of the story switching between Jaden, Soldier, and the Umbaran twins, it was a nice change of pace. Learning that the clones each had very simplistic names and were influenced by a real like "Mother" was a nice touch. I wish they had explained the cloning facility a little more as it had so much Jedi and Sith DNA so it wo ...more
It's been a while since I read the first Crosscurrent but it seemed like a lot more fun than this one. Mr. Kemp is still doing the whole every-exciting-thing-crammed-in thing; this time with clones, the One Sith and fan-favorite dead characters; but this time it doesn't quite work so well. The clones got pretty tedious pretty quickly. I hope that the characters he introduced will become part of the main series of books, but I doubt it.
This book continues the story of Jaden Korr and picks up where "Crosscurrent" ended. I had forgotten a lot of the earlier plot, but the action involves Jaden (with the help of Khedryn & Marr of the spaceship, Junker) chasing down clones who can use the dark side of the Force. There's also a shadow group of the One Sith adding complications to the chase. I especially liked the battle in space which had Jaden using his lightsaber & an escape pod against a scout space vehicle. The story end ...more
Katrin von Martin
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Jürgen Willmann
Der zweite Roman von Paul S. Kemp über die Abenteuer des Jedi-Ritters Jaden Korr ist am 16. Oktober 2012 als eBook und Taschenbuch erschienen und führt die Geschichte aus Gegenwind weiter. Jeder, der Gegenwind noch nicht gelesen hat, sollte hier nicht mehr weiterlesen, da Dunkle Flut der zweite Band der Jaden-Korr-Duologie ist. Eine Rezension von Gegenwind findet ihr hier.

Jaden Korr jagt die kranken Jedi-Sith-Klone mit seinen neuen Freunden Khedryn Faal und Marr Idi-Shael. Dabei werden Sie verfo
This was a very well written book in my opinion. Its great for the people who like the Star Wars saga and want to learn more about what happens after the second death star meets its end. One of the things i liked most was that Paul S. Kemp made it so when one story line was starting to make sense he would switch to some one else. The whole book your moving through the universe of Star Wars and this book will keep you interested till the end. Its a good book and i recommend it.
This was a book I was looking forward to do much, and I loved it for the most part, but the last 50 pages just lost me. I'm a fan of Kemp, but it seems like he lost his notes and had to extemporaneously finish the novel. I have no clue what Mother was supposed to be, and the twist ending with Jaden seemed unnecessary. And please, I know the One Sith are important in the Legacy era, but do they have to show up in each novel that comes out?
Shane Mcgonigal
A good book but not as good as it's prequel, Crosscurrent. It did expand a little more on what was started in the first book and the ending just blew me away. I won't spoil anything other then the fact that it was a very neat idea. I was hoping for another book that was as good as Crosscurrent and I was only slightly disappointed. There's some good action in it, but it doesn't quite have the same feel as it's prequel. Overall, a good book.
Duane Hanley
The book was an overall enjoyable quick read. Kemp has somewhat of a weak plot in this book, which makes me hope for a sequel. Maybe a final book could turn this weak installment into a good saga. It would be nice to see the character Jaden Korr being explored in depth. Kemp could take the character in many directions. I would be anxious to read another book based on this character.
I'm not a fan of Kemp's Star Wars novels, but this was much better than the 2 he wrote previously. Though not billed as such, Riptide is a sequel to Crosscurrents but stands well on its own. It is, clearly, a "middle" book and I'm looking forward to the next installment. At least, I hope there's another book in the works because otherwise part of the plot will just be hanging.
Riptide is the follow-up to the novel Crosscurrent, also by Paul S. Kemp. I was not a fan of Crosscurrent as I found the storyline involving a Jedi from the galaxy’s past interacting with a current day, Luke Skywalker-trained Jedi to be unappealing, Additionally, I found that in the first book, Jaden Kor was an extremely boring character who seemed to simply question again and again his role and goal as a Jedi. However, that being said, Riptide was MUCH better than its precursor.

In this novel,
If I could give this book a 2.5-star rating, I would. The story-line was interesting but extremely brief. Also, the character development was shallow and dissatisfying. I enjoyed the battle-scenes and usage of various force-powers and abilities; however, the overall feeling I was left with after reading the book was that of disappointment.
If you ever needed to know the difference between the Jedi and the Sith then this is the book for you!
It was a good read, but a bit confusing in places: two clones of the main character and all three in the same room? I want to know if there is going to be more to this story, or if this was just the second of a two-fer.
Riptide continued the story of Crosscurrent very nicely.
The clones have escaped, and are going mad with some sickness, except for Soldier (who I really liked). Meanwhile, the One Sith are trying to copy Jaden's memories, and stick them in his clone and infiltrate the Jedi. This is to be done with the help of two Umbarian twins who can cut off beings from the Force. Jaden and his friends are chasing the clones.
Riptide is even better than Crosscurrent, with the Rakatan space stati
It's good, though it has its faults. It basically requires that you have read Crosscurrent. Also, and this is my main complaint, it has lightsaber physics that are completely made up and donot fit with anyother continuity anywhere. And these convenient physicmajor plot device throughout the book.
A great quick read from Kemp, bringing back the mystery and mysticism of the Star Wars expanded universe. This book verges on horror, with a very 1930's pulpy sci-fi feel as well. After the latest nine book series, this one reminded me why I like Star Wars novels at all.
It was an good read.

I appreciate the trend of following characters from videogames into novels, and the story was decent as well. I didn't really like the ending, but presumably it will be discussed in some future (as of yet unannounced) sequel.
It would have probably gotten a 5 star if it didn't, to my eyes anyways, ended so abruptly and unresolved. It's like when the Soprano's ended in...
James Mcalister
Very poor and dissapointing based on Kemp's other Star Wars efforts, Crosscurrent and Deceived.
Brady Clemens
The ending was interesting, but the overall storyline wasn't too great.
This was fairly enjoyable. I liked it much better than Crosscurrent.
Jeffrey J
A great second half adventure to Jaden Korr's story.
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Bestselling speculative fiction author, creator of Egil and Nix, Erevis Cale, drinker of scotch, smoker of cigars, amiable dude. :-)
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