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The Journals of Sylvia Plath
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The Journals of Sylvia Plath

4.17 of 5 stars 4.17  ·  rating details  ·  1,069 ratings  ·  75 reviews
Sylvia Plath began keeping a diary as a young child. By the time she was at Smith College, when this book begins, she had settled into a nearly daily routine with her journal, which was also a sourcebook for her writing. Plath once called her journal her “Sargasso,” her repository of imagination, “a litany of dreams, directives, and imperatives,” and in fact these pages co ...more
Paperback, Abridged, 384 pages
Published May 11th 1998 by Anchor (first published 1982)
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Michael Yes, very much so. The unabridged journals have, I think I read, four hundred pages of more material.

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The individual is an independently acting, and responsible, conscious being--rather than what labels, roles, stereotypes, or preconceived notions the individual fits. This is what existentialists will tell you.

This year I've decided to add diaries and journals to my list of memoirs I love reading because while some prefer the philosophical observations of researched psychology, anthropology, and even social biology, I prefer examining the unalterable part of humanity that we deem the human cond
Jan 07, 2009 Cherie added it
I share a slightly less articulate piece of Plath's soul.
"The most terrifying realization is that so many millions in the world would like to be in my place."
Solange te parle
Traces d'une femme qui peine, et s'en sort bien.
"The most terrifying realization is that so many millions in the world would like to be in my place."

I'm not sure that you can really rate someone journals. Isn't the entire point of them to write down your own thoughts? By rating something like that, it's like saying that their thoughts aren't as important as your own. It's someone's life.

On that note, I obviously rated this a 5. I can't say that I loved every aspect of this. But at the same time, I wish I would have grabbed the unabridged ver
May 19, 2013 Szplug marked it as intermittently-reading
I have to admit to feeling a sharp pang of guilt at perusing what were private journals never intended for the prying eyes of the outside world. What's more, every indication is that this edition pales in comparison to its unedited successor, which bore no trace of the interfering and subsuming hand of Ted Hughes, for reasons both obvious and personal, and included, among others, that which editor Frances McCullogh obliquely refers to as the nasty bits—still, it's the only copy that was up for g ...more
Just a note, this is the abridged version Ted Hughes published before his death, and does not include all of her journals. Despite his claim to have destroyed the rest, there is now available a full version of her journals with the parts that Hughes excised restored. If you want the full story (I hear some of the restored material is critical of Hughes), find the newer version rather than this (though it could be interesting to read both as a comparison).
Üç Aylık bir sürüncemeden sonra Nihayet bu gün Sylvia Plath- Günlükler bitti.
Kitabı bitirdikten sonra içimde derin bir boşluk açıldı. Altını çizdiğim, şu noktalarda mutlaka yazmalıyım, şunun üzerine mutlaka düşünmeliyim diyerek döneceğim her satır altı bana hala farklı pencereler açıyor ama bunu istemiyorum. Çünkü kitabın sonuna doğru okuduğum yayıncı notu sanırım ruhumu burktu;
15 Kasım 1959’dan sonra;
“Günlüğün son bölümünden geriye sadece iş notları kaldığı için, bu bize Plath’ın aslında, ha
La scrittura è un rito religioso: è un ordine, una riforma, una rieducazione al riamore per gli altri e per il mondo come sono e come potrebbero essere. Una creazione che non svanisce come una giornata alla macchina da scrivere o in cattedra. La scrittura resta: va sola per il mondo. Tutti la leggono, vi reagiscono come si reagisce a una persona, a una filosofia, a una religione, a un fiore: può piacergli o meno. Può aiutarli o meno. La scrittura prova delle emozioni per dare intensità alla vita ...more
If I had known that there was an uncensored version of this available, I would have read that instead. These journals are very well written and eye-opening, but are also sanitized and purged of any strong hatred or eroticism, and especially of any negative criticism towards Hughes.

All the sections containing praise towards Hughes have been left intact, but anything that is so much as harsh or unfavorable towards him has been erased, marked with an elusive [omission]. The 1962-63 section prior t
Claudia Giromondolibri
Comprendere una persona è piuttosto difficile, tanto più una figura complessa come Sylvia Plath. Ho letto diversi suoi lavori: poesie, alcuni racconti e il suo unico romanzo. In generale, attraverso la lettura, si può provare a capire di più il personaggio dello scrittore, soprattutto quando sono in buona parte autobiografici, come negli scritti della Plath. Eppure, è stato solo attraverso i Diari che ho letto ciò che realmente provava Sylvia Plath e ciò che pensava. Qui si possono leggere le su ...more
Stephanie Sun
Mar 21, 2013 Stephanie Sun marked it as to-finish  ·  review of another edition
Putting this aside for now. Very interesting though and glad some random Amazon reviewer steered me here away from The Bell Jar. Lots of vividly cyclical thoughts and creepalicious animal imagery. Many hours spent crying at her therapist's. So glad I missed the fifties.



This is a very different kind of women's TRUTH book than Lean In.

She just very lustily described a rock:
"Lying on my stomach on the flat warm rock, I let my arm hang over the side, and my hand caressed the rounded con
Bir günlükten fazlası olduğu kesin. Öncelikle bir edebiyatçının, bir şairin günlüğünü okuyorsunuz ve bunu kitabın çoğunluğunda hissediyorsunuz. Tatlı bir kokusu var gibi.

Sylvia P.'ı "Daddy" şiiri ile tanımıştım ve hikayesi beni çok etkilemişti. Onu hep aşırı melankolide boğulmuş ve bütün bunlara pes etmiş biri olarak görmüş, ve -kendime olduğu gibi- ona da acımıştım. Halbuki günlükleri okuyanlar onun her sabah yeniden başlamak için elinden geleni yaptığını görecektir, tırnaklarıyla tutunarak sav
I still can not describe how much I love this woman. The way her mind worked is just amazing to me, with every word she typed she nailed clever and clear. I think this book (more of a journal) gives me really high expectations and despite the fact that sometimes I would say the same thing that Sylvia (and yes indeed I feel very much indentified with her) creeps me out I still fell that this book among with The Bell Jar are one of those that I will read over and over again and I will recomended t ...more
"Mad call I it, for to define true madness,/
What is't but to be nothing else but mad?/
But let that go." (Hamlet 2.2 92–99)

Sylvia Plath is yet another example that mental anguish generally accompanies staggering genius. In today's society, doctors would pump her full of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, lithium, antipsychotics, and everything else under the sun that makes the rich richer, dulling the passionate minds of those that need someone to listen, not prescribe, and to empathize, not t
Hakan Yaman
Tutkularını, ihtiraslarını, kıskançlık ve hayal kırıklıklarını kendi penceresinden zaman zaman Lautreamont'a yaklaşan bir üslupla anlatıyor Sylvia Plath. En az onunki kadar marazi bir dünyayı ve varoluşu okuyoruz Plath'in satırlarında. Sonra karanlık dehlizlerden yüzeye çıkıp, hoşlandığı genç erkekleri, kendine has melankolik üslubuyla anlatırken buluyoruz onu.
Sylvia Plath'in "Günlükler"i, Katherine Mansfield'in güncesinden sonra okuduğum en güzel günlük...
My best friend bought me this book for my birthday rather than the unabridged one. I am grateful for the gift but it was difficult to read knowing that Ted Hughes took journal entries out to most likely make himself look better. It bugged me a lot. Her writing is fantastic and Sylvia remains one of my favorite writers but I know there was a lot missing from this edition. It did take me a little while longer to read this than most books because you have to really digest what she's saying to get t ...more
The sad thing - well, no, the great thing is I don't think I will ever finish this book. It's my rainy day, melancholy, feeling totally uninspired as an writer, want to crawl into the floor boards and sleep until things get better book. And, comforting enough, there hasn't been that many of those times recently (well, except the feeling completely and utterly a failure as a writer, but what can one do?)
I absolutely adore this woman. Had I known there is a non-edited version of this out there, I would have rather read that one.

This is not coherent. But then again, when are one's thoughts, ever? Depression, feminism, oppression, the feelings of not living one's life to the fullest; just some of the main themes going through and through her head. The journal entries jump from being happy and content to being absolutely miserable and wanting to just lay in bed all day.

I feel horrible how she felt
Το βιβλίο χωρίζεται σε 3 μέρη στο πρώτο είναι τα καλύτερα διηγήματα της Πλαθ …κάποια πραγματικά με ξετρέλαναν, κυρίως όσα ανέφεραν περιστατικά από το ψυχιατρείο το ομώνυμο διήγημα «ο κυρ Πανικός και η βίβλος των ονείρων» και «Οι κόρες της οδού Μπλόσσομ» …εξίσου υπέροχα «το κουτί των ευχών» και το «Μία σύγκρισης» τα υπόλοιπα κάποια ήταν συμπαθητικά κάποια με άφησαν παγερά αδιάφορη. Σαφέστατα η Πλαθ για μένα είναι μεγάλη ποιήτρια και καλή διηγηματογράφος. ‘ Ύφος απλό, πρωτοπρόσωπη αφήγηση, όχι ιδι ...more
I dropped this book because I had so much on my plate to read. I got to page 178. I found a lot of her prose to be interesting but at the same time overly self-aware, sometimes in a very young-adult angst sort of way. There were many times that I became frustrated at her lack of forcefulness and her self-allowance to the relegation of certain gender roles and expectations. I understand that she grew up in a different time and place and was handicapped by her disorders but nonetheless it was frus ...more
Sto leggendo questo libro di 433 pagine da più di un mese. L’ho intervallato ad altri dieci libri e non l’ho ancora finito. Non fa per me questo modo di leggere, io sono sistematica: inizio un libro e lo finisco. Non mi piace abbandonarli, e ancora meno mi piace leggerne diversi contemporaneamente, ma stavolta ho fatto così.
Non sarei mai riuscita a leggere i Diari di Sylvia Plath in modo continuativo, regolare, sistematico. Troppo dolore, troppo dolore vero. Perché qua non si parla di fantasie m
La scrittura è un rito religioso: è un ordine, una riforma, una rieducazione al riamore per gli altri e per il mondo come sono e come potrebbero essere. Una creazione che non svanisce come una giornata alla macchina da scrivere o in cattedra. La scrittura resta: va sola per il mondo. Tutti la leggono, vi reagiscono come si reagisce a una persona, a una filosofia, a una religione, a un fiore: può piacergli o meno. Può aiutarli o meno. La scrittura prova delle emozioni per dare intensità alla vita ...more
Denmark Foor
In this book I could not really find a purpose for writing it but the point of view of this book seems to be in first person. The audience she is trying to reach would most likely be younger people. The style of this book is in journal form, so It is just journal entry's that she had written down on a certain day of her life. The theme of this book would be that you should never let someone try to treat you badly and that you should not listen to what people are trying to get you to do. I belie ...more
Have started reading this again! :) I left it unfinished about 4 years ago i think... The level of empathy and sympathy I feel towards her is scary... I guess it was getting to the uncomfortable bits where it was actually painful to read. :)

If you have the Sylvia-like personality, namely if you are a creative-type, sentimental perfectionist, then reading this makes you grin every five minutes or so, or maybe it's just me... I don't know! I get all butterflies-in-stomachy when she says stuff like
very obviously, the unabridged version of her journals is better. however, this one sheds some light on sylva's relationship with ted hughes; seeing so many omissions that may not be flattering to him gives me a sick feeling to my stomach, and for that reason, this version is important to me too. it's different, darker, sinister when you know that a husband is framing his wife's life and thoughts this particular way.
Guillemette Allard-Bares
A rather fascinating read… I came in with slightly misplaced expectations, as The Bell Jar stirred me to the very depths of my being and thus I came to Sylvia Plath's journals expecting something quite similar. Clearly it couldn't be the case—this is no fiction, no novel, and her thoughts and soul are laid bare here instead of ordered and fictionalized. Journals will be scattered, sometimes unsettling, but very revealing. I felt such closeness to Plath, her journey as a writer, her struggles wit ...more
Christine Fay
These journals are extremely well written, thought provoking, descriptive, detailed, and just plain excellent writing. If the purpose of a journal is to justify a life, this indeed has accomplished that goal. As a woman, especially, the reader can identify with the life choices that Sylvia had to make. Would her career suffer if she got married? Would she be satisfied as a housewife or end up being resentful of her husband’s going out into the world? It is obvious from these writings that Plath ...more
Basically this book is about Sylvia Plath falling in and out of depression. She also expressed her views on various issues. I enjoyed this book, it was well written. To be honest, I think she complained too much sometimes but well she could write whatever she wanted in her journals. Who am I to judge? Another thing that kind of bugs me is that I didn't know this is an abridged version. Definitely need to read the unabridged one.
I chose to read this as a joke to myself: "I never went through that adolescent phase of reading the works of depressing female poets." Really, this was a good read; it did expose many of her different mental states throughout a specific period of her life.

I'll admit that I am jealous - I wish that my journals could read so beautifully. There's a whole paragraph in which she describes the joys of picking one's nose... And rather than being disgusted, I could only think to myself "Good for you,
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Sylvia Plath was an American poet, novelist, and short story writer.

Known primarily for her poetry, Plath also wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar, under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas. The book's protagonist, Esther Greenwood, is a bright, ambitious student at Smith College who begins to experience a mental breakdown while interning for a fashion magazine in New York. The plot paralle
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“Can you understand? Someone, somewhere, can you understand me a little, love me a little? For all my despair, for all my ideals, for all that - I love life. But it is hard, and I have so much - so very much to learn.” 2103 likes
“I have never found anybody who could stand to accept the daily demonstrative love I feel in me, and give back as good as I give.” 1166 likes
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