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Cold Hands, Warm Heart
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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

3.8 of 5 stars 3.80  ·  rating details  ·  479 ratings  ·  105 reviews
Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body. In her fifteen years of life, she's had more doctor's appointments, X-rays, and tests, and eaten more green hospital Jell-O than she cares to think about. Fourteen-year-old Amanda is a competitive gymnast, her body a small package of sleek muscles, in perfect health. The two girls don't know each other, don't go t ...more
Paperback, 253 pages
Published November 1st 2011 by Walker & Company (first published March 31st 2009)
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Cold Hands, Warm Heart is such a hard book to rate. I had moments where I thought, 'oh, this is mediocre, come on, pick up' and then on the other hand I had those 'whoa, this is intense and emotional' - it's not a book that you read to be entertained by so much as to learn from. I've decided to stick with a rating somewhere in between and give it a 3.75.

I liked Dani, she was a cool kid. She was genuine, I could sympathise with and for her, and the thing I loved was that she was never 'oh, poor
John Clark
Dani has been limited her entire life, thanks to a heart that grew on the wrong side of her chest and could never pump properly. She's rolled with most of the limitations, but can't help but wonder whether she'll die with a bucket list of 'nevers'.
Amanda is an accomplished and focused fourteen year old gymnast. They've never met, but their lives are about to intersect after Amanda misses part of a routine and suffers a serious brain injury.
When Amanda's parents and her older brother have to f
Absolutely loved this! A book that makes you think about life in different angles and what it means to be you. I laughed and cried at the same time! A definite read for those who liked My Sister's Keeper.

Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body. In her fifteen years of life, she's had more doctors' appointments, X rays and tests and eaten more green hospital jelly than she cares about. Fourteen year old Amanda is a competitive gymnast, her body a small package of sleek muscles,
Ages 11+ (except for those pesky three pages where the hospital-bound teens play a game of "fucked or foolish")

14 year old gymnast Amanda is dead after a freak accident on the uneven bars. 15 year old Dani is barely clinging to life, victim of a heart that has been malformed since birth. 16 year old Tyler, Amanda's brother, isn't sure how to cope with the suddenness of his sister's death. Milo is on the wait list for a second liver transplant, after he screwed up the first one he got by drinkin
Oh. Just, oh wow. That was definitely not what I was expecting from this book when I picked it up. But after finishing it within today I have not had a book that has hit all the right marks in a while. This book had so many feels within it, I just felt that it was written with such a beautiful eloquence to it. The topic, the way it was portrayed, absolutely amazing. image

Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her chest, leading to life full of doctor’s appointments, procedures and con
I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I initially expected to because (I admit, I do this) I judged it by its cover and its title. Which really seemed like a mediocre, cliche and just a typical YA book but as I progressed, I liked it more and more.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart is about a teenage girl who is on the waiting list for a heart transplant. But surprisingly it is not all woe and depression with her which I found instantly refreshing. Instead, she falls in love with the boy next door - to he
Richie Partington
03 April 2009 COLD HANDS, WARM HEART by Jill Wolfson, Henry Holt, April 2009, 256p., ISBN: 978-0-8050-8282-1

"And I'm only alive here today and talking to you here today because a young man said to his mom, if anything ever happens to me, I want to be an organ donor."
-- Phil Lesh, whose liver, ravaged by Hepatitis C, was replaced with a transplant in 1998. (Anyone who has attended a Phil and Friends concert has heard his "Donor Rap.")

"People struggle, people fight
For the simple pleasures in their
(I have to rewrite this three times because I keep pressing the back arrow accidentally.)

One of the books that I would classify under 'alright'. It's not my fashion to read short reads, but since the exams are at the corner I decided to take this one up.
I am not sastified of the length. I don't think it's enough after reading the end of the page, but then again, it's a quick read... what do I expect?
Also, about the plot, there's no conflict, no cliffhanger, no suspension to read the next page.
I have always been a little freaked out about the whole idea of organ transplants. Urban legends abound with tales of the donor's personality traits showing up in the recipient. One of the teens who is waiting for a transplant talks about a movie she saw where a pianist loses his hands in an accident, and his replacement hands are from a murderer. The pianist then goes on to become a murderer as well. This has always been my fear. This novel, aside from the one anecdote, is not about anything cr ...more
Beth Dean
Nov 08, 2011 Beth Dean rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: no one
Not my favourite book in the world by quite a bit. It was way too into the meaning of life and then in the next paragraph BOYS LOVE SEX and then HEART DEATH LIFE WHY? WHEN? it's a lot to take in one quick jump. I have no experience with the organ donation world but I have to say it sounds beyond shite. I've been very ill, (scarlet fever, glandular fever and tonsilitus = no breathing= not healthy) and this did help me understand more how hospitol is like another world, whilst you are there all yo ...more
Dani has had fifteen years of surgeries, x-rays, docotor’s appointments, and her favorite hospital class jello, all because she was born with her heart on the wrong side of her chest. She is more than ready to live the life of a normal teenager, but it will never happen until she has a new heart, but getting one isn’t easy at all.

Amanda has been a gymnast for almost her whole fourteen years. She’s one of the best with her sleek muscular very healthy body. On the biggest day of her career though
found an old ARC of this in the house...obviously it's been published at this point, but what i read was the galley.

dani needs a heart transplant, but the only way to get one is for another person to die. enter amanda, who falls during a gymnastics competition and is declared brain-dead, leaving her family to agonize about organ donation. ultimately, amanda's organs give several people a new chance at a healthy life.

wolfson does a great job educating her readers on everything involved in the pro
Dani, the main character, was relatable but I felt her purpose was strained a few times. She was more a representation of an organ recipient than an actual person. While Wolfson ventured into controversial issues like organ donation and the views of different people and different religions her characters managed to seem shallow sometimes. We don't really get to know Amanda except later in the book when her brother finds lots of documents she's written about their relationship so we never very sy ...more
Abby Johnson
Amanda is a star gymnast. Dani struggles to walk across a room. They've never met. But they're about to become more intimate than most people can even imagine.

Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body. It's a failing heart, a broken heart, and there's only one option if she's going to see her sixteenth birthday: a heart transplant. When Amanda breaks her neck in a gymnastics accident, Dani receives the ultimate gift: a donor heart.

In Cold Hands, Warm Heart we get Dani's story, b
this book has a different subject and it gives you the perspective of the people who lost their family and people who needs a transplant. i have always think that it is really difficult to give the organs of someone that you really love and thats why not a lot of people wants to donate the organs of their family when they die. this book gives me a nother thinking about organ donation and how can exist live after death
©lukisan athirah espada
Death is so mystery, we do not know when it will comes. This book opens my eyes that even we already dead and makes our loved ones sad enough to remember that we had gone, and never be alive back, but we still can make a good deeds by donor our organs to other people. Why?, because of our organs can shines someone life. Like one person is dead, but it can save many people lives. Wasn't that good that even we were dead, our organs still functioning in someone else body?. It such a waste if the or ...more
My son's 7th grade summer reading and by a local author from Santa Cruz. It started feeling a bit like the Fault in our Stars though it was written before it...(and I loved) but delved into the feelings of transplant recipients and a family of a donor and what they were going through. Think that it will be great discussion for his class this year. Maybe they will let me sneak in....
Right from the very first scene when Tyler's sister dies, this book tugged at my heart strings. I could feel the pain and heartache of Tyler and his family, the frustration and worry of Dani and hers. I learned a lot about what life might be like waiting for a transplant, and the pain and joy of connecting with a loved one who is already dead. The book is not about a interpersonal relationship between Dani and Tyler, but rather about how two opposite experiences -- one that inflicts long-lasting ...more
Canadian Reader
This is a fairly quiet book that opens up the world of organ transplants for teenagers. The author provides the perspectives of three teenagers: Dani whose enlarged and malfunctioning heart is on the wrong side of her chest; Milo a liver transplant recipient who blew the first organ donated to him and who awaits another in the hospital room next to Dani's; and, finally, Tyler, the brother of Amanda the young gymnast who has died in a freak accident at a competition and whose heart is to go to Da ...more
Cold Hands, Warm Heart was a tolerable read but straining itself from the “I am about to trash it” side. While the idea is innovative, it lacks the finer details.

There was so much going on. It had about 5 different points of views, 3 side stories, and a romance, a funeral, a revelation, and a whole bunch of other stuff thrown in. There was no definite cohesion and nothing but a thin thread connecting all the stories together. At points the author gets overly descriptive for some of the character
Amanda Holmes
I am currently reading the book Cold Hands, Warm Heart by: Jill Wolfson. This book is about two girls. The fist girl's name is Amanda and the second one is Dani. Dani has sort of a disorder. She is 15 years old and her heart is on the wrong side of her body. She has had a lot of doctor's appoitments, x-rays and a bunch of other stuff and she is tired of it. On the other hand Amanda is 14 years old and she is a very good gymnast. Her coach Dave says she is his top performer. She is really healthy ...more
Holy smokes. My favorite book of the summer! This book is the story of Tyler's little sister, Amanda, the perfect and smart gymnast whose name means "worthy of being loved," who suffered brain death after a subdural hematoma during a gymnastics meet.

Meet 15-year-old Dani, who just wants to pierce her ears and cut classes and eat junk food like other girls her age, but who was born with a weak heart on the wrong side of her body and it's just about given up. She is now at the top of the transplan
Wolfson seemed to have done a lot of research about transplants for writing this book. When Amanda dies suddenly during a gymnastics meet, her parents decide to donate her organs. Two of teens waiting for organs receive organs from Amanda, including Dani a 15 year old with a congenital heart defect. There is also an 8-year-old bratty but lovable girl who receives a liver transplant and a teen boy who awaits a second liver transplant because he didn't follow the rigid protocol with his first tran ...more
Shonna Froebel
This teen novel focuses on fifteen-year-old Dani. Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her chest, and has had numerous health problems related to her heart since then. She is at the point where she has moved to the top of the list of people needing heart transplants. We see her outlook on life and how she reacts to the reality of a transplant.
We also see things from Tyler`s viewpoint. Tyler is seventeen and his sister Amanda dies as a result of a freak gymnastics accident. We see ho
Lari Don
This is a wonderful book. It is an "issue" book about organ donations and transplants, but the people are so well drawn and the story so compelling that you don't notice, or don't mind, that it has a message as well. It's the story of a heart. The story of two girls who 'use' the heart, and their families. It's also the story of how ill health can affect personality, and become a way of life. There is a wonderful comic scene at a transplant support group, which I read with wincing recognition, a ...more
A story about a girl who needs a heart transplant, but really about a great deal more. I don't want to give too much away, but I loved the way the author wove together the stories and lives of so many people. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body and now it is threatening to give out altogether. Amanda is a fantastic gymnast with a super-athletic body and her whole life ahead of her. One day their world's collide and Amanda's death is a gift of life for Dani and several other people. And then everything Dani has always known and believed about herself is changed forever. She must come to terms with the new life she has been given, with a little help from the boy in the room next ...more
In John Green's vein of love between teenager patients, this explores the world of transplants and the ambivalence of regaining life at the expense of another's death. sweet and heartbreaking.
Ashlyn Rae (TeenageReader)
Cold Hands, Warm Heart was really deep! I haven’t heard about Jill Wolfson until her book was recommended by my library. I’m really glad that I took this recommendation because I would have missed out on a lot. Jill Wolfson can really make you feel her characters, like you’ve been best friends with Dani since the first grade. She’s not one of those authors who crams a complicated story in less than 300 pages because you’ll understand Cold Hands, Warm Heart from start to finish and it’ll leave yo ...more
Christina Cuevas
This book is a good book because it is realistc, because it tells how two girls go thru cancer and they don't knw each other but they eventually find out about each other..
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