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dancergirl (WiHi #1)

3.59 of 5 stars 3.59  ·  rating details  ·  550 ratings  ·  133 reviews
Ever feel like someone's watching you? Me, too. But lately it's been happening in my room.

When I'm alone.

A friend posted a video of me dancing online, and now I'm no longer Alicia Ruffino. I'm dancergirl. And suddenly it's like me against the world. everyone's got opinions.

My admirers want more, the haters hate, my best friend Jacy, even he's acting weird. And some stalker

Paperback, 248 pages
Published November 15th 2011 by Harlequin Teen
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Dancergirl was a realistic and suspenseful read. I couldn’t put it down once I started!

Ali has spent most of her life dancing. It’s her passion. She works at the local dance studio so she’s able to take all the free classes she wants. She never imagines the thing she loves most would end up turning her life upside down. While at a park concert with her best friend, Jacy, Ali’s filmed dancing. One of her film geek friends catches her, doing what she does best, and loads the video up on the intern
Oh wow! For a book that I had no expectations, I ended up really enjoying it! I love when that happens. The creepy premise is what made me want to read this. A girl being stalked because of an online video - count me in!

dancergirl (very hard to not put a capital D *twitch*) starts off smoothly and brings us into the life of Alicia - Ali - who is just a regular girl with a passion for dancing. Ali is your average high school girl who thrives on popularity. Which is why she's fine with the video t
As a huge fan of dance, I admit that there is nothing I've wished for more than even a smidgeon of rhythm in my step so I could glide across a glossy stage like I'm having the time of my life, but alas, all I'm good for is carrying in the watermelons. In fact, I'm such a bad dancer that I'm not even allowed to sit in the corner; I have to stand in the back to gawk. Still, I love being an observer of the sport because dancers are amazing! I could watch them bust a move for hours. That said, I've ...more
Paula  Phillips
As I prepare to wind down from the 24 Hr Readathon, I bring you Book #7 - a good number to finish on as it's my favourite number. Are you a fan of mystery and suspense ? Feeling in the mood for a bit of stalkerish fiction ? Meet Ali , all she has ever wanted to do was become a dancer and what started off as fun entertainment - a school friend Charlie filming her dancing and posting on Zubu which is like the equivalent of Youtube ended into a game much more dangerous as somebody else is filming A ...more
C. Purtill
There are so many ways for me to read this book: as a dancer, as a teacher, as a YA writer. As a dancer, I loved Ali's passion for the art form. Anyone who dances will understand and empathize with her need to express her creativity, her inner soul through movement, as well as the sheer joy she feels moving her body. As a teacher, I feel like I got an insight into the many pressures a young dancer has in her life, things I may have forgotten about. And as a YA writer, well, this was a page-turne ...more
The beginning of dancergirl was a bit slow and confusing, especially with her best friend Jacy and the characters not being introduced clearly for us. However the story finally took off, with Ali's dancergirl videos and the emerging of a peeping tom/stalker.

Alicia, Ali, who is our female protagonist is a contemporary dancer. The dancergirl videos started because one of her classmates "Charlie" videotaped her while she danced. The videos went viral; enters the stalker. I wasn't that happy with Al
Review also posted on my blog: The Book Barbies

My aunt said a very true thing once. She pointed out how when she watches CSI or any crime show/movie she knows who the bad guy is five minutes into the movie/show. But, the anime/cartoon Detective Conan (which is better known as Case Closed. It was dubbed in Arabic in Saudi Arabia- Detective Conan is the Arabic translation) is unlike the high end movies/TV Shows because Case Closed/Detective Conan keeps you guessing until the last 30 seconds of an
"The sick feeling that someone's staring at me. Only I'm not on the subway. Or the bus. Or even a park bench. I'm in my bedroom. Alone."
A creepy beginning prologue. I was hooked from the very start. Ali Ruffino loves to dance and one day even dreams of Julliard or a career in dance. So when her film buff friend Charlie takes some footage of her dancing at a party and posts it onto Zube she decides to go with it. A little fame and recognition for her dancing can't be so bad, can it? Then after 50
Alicia Ruffino’s friend posted a video online of her dancing and now acquaintances and strangers know her as “dancergirl”. At first, Ali enjoyed the attention, but the vibe quickly changed from admiring to unwanted. Ali is sure someone is taking this dancergirl thing too far and feels like someone is always watching her. Thrown into a world of fear and paranoia, Ali, along with her friends, struggles to figure out who the voyeur-turned-stalker is before it is too late.

The characters. Ali is a pr
Michelle (Much Loved Books)
I have seen Dancergirl on a few other blogs and was at first reluctant to request a copy. But after hearing a lot of positive things about it I went ahead and requested and got accepted.

From the moment I started Dancergirl I was hooked and even though it isn't my typical type of book to read I devoured it, I could not put it down. Dancergirl follows Ali who is caught in a film by a friend at a concert. The film is then posted online and Ali becomes a huge hit and gains the title Dancergirl. More
Stalkers happen to be one of the things that scare the bejeezus outta me. That, and the end of the world. And Ghosts. And The Dark. And a lot of other things.

No kidding. So when I saw that dancergirl was about a stalker I was like: YAY! lol, I Love a good scare :3 But dancergirl was just... Okay.

Don't get me wrong, dancergirl wasn't half bad, but I remember when I read Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolar, I would go to bed all freaked out!

With dancergirl I found it very predictable who
Johaleesi (formerly JJiReads)
I loved this book so much. On a personal level, I identified so much with the characters in this book. Alicia Ruffino, the main character, is a girl of mixed-heritage living in Brooklyn, NY. She spends her days as a regular high school student and her afternoons as a modern dance student. She lives with her single mother who works as a nurse and therefore works nights, so Ali (Alicia) spends a lot of time alone at home. This hit close to home. I lived between Dominican Republic/New York/Miami mo ...more
Have you ever felt that feeling that someone is watching you like if they had ex ray vision when you're alone? Suddenly things turn out to go a bit too far and you find out that someone is behind your back.
Dance girl by; Carol M. Tanzman illustrates a teenage girl named Alicia Ruffino who loves to dance. She is into the flow of the music, the movement into her dance that she loses herself. Charlie a friend of her films her dancing alone for a video he’s filming. At this point the video just we
“A friend posted a video of me dancing online and now I'm now longer Alicia Ruffino. I'm dancergirl—and suddenly it's like me against the world—everyone's got opinions.

My admirers want more, the haters hate, my best friend Jacy—even he's acting weird. And some stranger isn't content to just watch anymore…”

Ali agrees to let a friend post a video of her dancing online because it may help her get into a dance program at Juilliard someday. No big deal, right?

But within days the video has gone viral
The Good:
-Realistic premise
-Cultural references
-Jacy going commando (that made me smile [and relate])
-Imperfect hero
-Readable (in one sitting)

The Bad:
-Flashbacks to Center Stage, the ballet movie, esp Cisco as the womanizer.
-Dance terms that I didn't understand
-Undeveloped side characters which were too one-dimensional
-The mom's total uninvolvement in the daughter's life (which considering that the mom was an immigrant was truly hard to believe!)

The Ugly:
-The Stalking
-The typical, let's-f
Alexa Haldimann
Dancergirl, by Carol M. Tanzman, is a realistic fiction/mystery about a girl named Ali and the scare she goes through when realizing she can’t trust anyone. I think the author was trying to teach me that throughout life situations are going to come up and knowing who you can and can’t trust will be a challenge. I loved this book because the suspense that was portrayed was carried throughout the entire book until the very end when an unexpected event occurs. I would recommend this book to anyone ...more
It's strange to say I 'liked' this book because of the issue, but it's very realistic to what's happening with the younger generation. I could see this happening. In fact, I'm sure something similar to this has happened. It's a bit scary when you think about it, especially with the overwhelming amount of information we put out there on the internet, for anyone to track down. To track :us: down.


Okay, now I'm scared and I'm deleting my Facebook page.
Если честно, книга на 3,5, но раз надо выбирать между 3 и 4, то 4.
Сюжет нетипичный, затягивает, хорошая загадка - кто же этот сталкер.
Плюс, довольно хорошая задумка, ведь сейчас каждый может попасть на знаменитый видео портал и стать его звездой или посмешищем.
Абсолютно не понравился конец, хоть именно такого я и ожидала.
Sylvia McIvers
Carol M. Tanzman brings modern issues to life with Dancergirl. How much of what you see on the Internet can you believe? If 'shyboy' is taking a video of 'dancergirl' without her knowledge, is that OK? Should people object on behalf of dancergirl’s privacy, or is shyboy really a romantic dude who should be encouraged? What if shyboy and dancergirl are carefully posing the videos – dancer Ali knows her friend Charlie is videoing and posting the clips? Does that make it OK, or are thy scamming the ...more
Cathy Smith
I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. I very much enjoyed this book. It explained the dangers of posting things online and some bad things that could happen when you do. Ali and Jacy are great characters, but I do not agree that she waited to tell her mom what was going on until the end. And there were no repercussions that I could see. Most parents would have grounded her or done something. Single parenting is hard, but your child must have guidance. This girl was discipli ...more
Linda Nieves Pérez
"dancergirl" es sobre una chica, Alice. Ella ama bailar y lo hace por sobre todas las cosas. Ella es feliz bailando y no lo oculta. Un día, un amigo de ella sube un video a YouTube en el que sale ella bailando sin que se diera cuenta de que la están grabando. Ella no le da importancia: algunas personas opinan que no sabe bailar, otras le dicen que tiene buen ritmo y otras aman su estilo.
Ali sigue su vida normal y pronto su amigo vuelve a subir otro video en el que ella está bailando en una fiest
A Canadian Girl
Based on the tone of the novel, the characters’ actions and the important message of being careful of what you post online, Dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman is a book that I think is better suited to teens on the younger side. As Ali, the main character, can attest, anything that gets put online becomes open to public opinion. Tanzman however chooses to forego dwelling on cyber-bullying, and instead gives Ali a mysterious stalker as the biggest consequence of having a friend post an online video o ...more
I started reading this book with absolutely no expectations whatsoever. All I knew was the basics, it was a thriller where the main character is a dancer who starts to get stalked after some of her dances appears online. To me this felt like a new topic and was one I did not pick up very frequently, but I was looking forward to getting stuck in.

Alicia is a teenage girl whose life revolves around dancing. It feel from the beginning of the book that Alicia has a fear of being spied on or watched.
Crystal (Kris)
Review copied from original post at Imaginary Reads.

dancergirl is a chilling story: because of the plot and the realness of the story. Today, the Internet is such a big part of our lives, and many people don’t think twice about posting videos of themselves online. Ali thrives on stardom and protests little before allowing Charlie to shoot more videos of her (after posting an initial one without her permission) to post on Zube, an online video site in the book.

There is enough dancing in the book
I'd heard basically nothing about this book before I got it on NetGalley, so I didn't have all that high expectations. The description sounds okay, but not the kind of book I'd go out of my way for. However, I ended up really enjoying dancergirl - I loved the mystery and the characters!

I have no idea why I don't read mysteries more often - I love the suspense and guessing who did, and they're always so much fun, but I just never seem to read them. Anyways, I really liked the mystery aspect of da
Shannon (aka The Tale Temptress)
Ali is a beautiful dancer, and it seems only natural that one of her friends would have the bright idea to videotape her dancing. When the video is uploaded to the internet and begins to receive an enormous amount of attention, it kicks off a series of events that puts Ali in danger.

I liked Ali as a character. She was driven, loves her art, and I am always intrigued by people who can do things that I can't. So it was really interesting getting to see into the world of aspiring and professional d
E. Anderson
I was a wee bit surprised when this thrilling new novel by Carol M. Tanzman didn't get an Edgar nod. This is the sort of book that defines the rush of reading mysteries -- the page-turning have-to-know-what's-next, the multiple suspects and the twists and turns as different characters are eliminated from suspicion, the wonderfully compelling main character. And, most chilling of all, the fact that this story could happen to you or to someone you know.

In DANCERGIRL, high school dancer Alicia earn
Jennifer Wood

I found this to be an intriguing story. The idea of a stalker and the things that happen to Ali are very realistic. I can see them happening. I like the way Ali grew as a character and the ending was a satisfying one. Her character, along with best friend Jacy, were nicely developed. I was a little disappointed that the other characters weren't developed as well. Her friends were a mixed bunch, and there were some insights into their personalities, but they leaned toward the flat side.
The choice
The premise of dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman is what most attracted me to read the novel. There really aren't many things more intense than a stalker situation. On top of that, this book focuses on dance and I love a good book about performing arts. (Granted, I love a good book about basically anything.)

dancergirl had exactly what I expected and more. Not only was there a creepy stalker situation and a lot of dance, but there were also fully realized relationships. Every relationship from the b
Ooh creepy stalker & dance, really liked it! This book really creeped me out because I am so paranoid and having a stalker would suck. This book was kind of intense because of the stalker aspect and there were parts that kept me on the edge of my seat. I also didn't figure everything out right away which is nice. I felt bad for Ali because of what was going on with Jacey. I had an idea what was going on with him, but I was glad when I figured things out and understood why he was acting the w ...more
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Carol Tanzman is the author of the contemporary YA novels DANCERGIRL and CIRCLE OF SILENCE, published by Harlequin Teen. Her first novel, THE SHADOW PLACE was an ALA Quick Pick book. She is an award-winning theatre director, a nationally recognized arts educator, and has been honored (twice) by the Bravo Awards. She also loves to swing dance!

DANCERGIRL and CIRCLE OF SILENCE are contemporary thrill
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